Climategate Heads Up


The Independent Climate Change Email Review panel is scheduled to release its findings tomorrow. Earlier reviews have exonerated the climatologists involved of wrong-doing. In advance of tomorrow's report, The Guardian quotes climatologist Mike Hulme:

"The release of the emails was a turning point, a game-changer," said Mike Hulme, professor of climate change at the University of East Anglia. "The community has been brought up short by the row over their science. Already there is a new tone. Researchers are more upfront, open and explicit about their uncertainties, for instance."

And there will be other changes, said Hulme. The emails made him reflect how "astonishing" it was that it had been left to individual researchers to police access to the archive of global temperature data collected over the past 160 years. "The primary data should have been properly curated as an archive open to all." He believes that will now happen.

More openness is all to the good. Tomorrow, we'll see if the game changes or not. Stay tuned.