Can't Repeal ObamaCare? Defund It.


At a Health Affairs breakfast earlier this week, Texas Republican Rep. Michael Burgess argued that Republicans could take down the new health care law by refusing to fund it:

Burgess, a licensed obstetrician and the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, told attendees at a Health Affairs Media Breakfast that while repeal of the new law is unlikely; shutting down funding to implement it could be just as effective. Such a move is "an opportunity for those of us who think it's a bad product," Burgess said. He added that Republicans have not changed their opposition to the "badly flawed" Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the three months since it became law.

I've heard this idea floated elsewhere, but there are drawbacks to the strategy. First, it would allow opponents to say that Republicans are yanking health care money from children/the poor/etc. Second, it only works as long as enough Republicans who oppose ObamaCare are in charge.