Alvin Greene, Supermajoritarian


Columnist Ron Hart, writing at the Daily Caller on Alvin Greene:

The nomination by his party of Manning, S.C.'s finest, Alvin Greene, is embarrassing to Democrats, and they reacted as they have been conditioned to do. They blamed Republicans. This Manning-churian candidate, the Dems say, was funded by the GOP. As of this writing, no theories have emerged to explain why 60 percent of his state's Democrats voted for him.

Whole thing here.

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  1. Ron Hart sucks.

    Always has, always will.

    That is all.

    1. Really, you didn’t get a chuckle out of this?

      As we all know, it would be unthinkable for the Democrats to run an unaccomplished young black candidate with scant credentials, shady funding, nefarious friends from a corrupt state and an almost non-existent voting record, for high office. If Alvin Greene is actually elected, can a Nobel Peace Prize be far behind?

      1. Definitely the best part of the article.

  2. The Republicans paid all of those voters to vote for him.

    1. But it was the Libertarians who hatched the whole scheme. EVIL!!!11!11

      1. I became a libertarian when I realized that we controlled everything. . .at least since the Guardians gave us our power rings.

        1. muwahahHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA!

        2. FTW, Pro Lib!

  3. The Dems reaction to this guy winning is bizarre. Did no one in the Dem hierarchy notice him before polling day? Personally, I think they are racists.

  4. Yeah, because Democrats would never dream of nominating an unqualified, inexperienced fellow to candidacy for high office just because of his race.

    Oh, wait…

  5. I really hope Al Green wins his election.

    1. Here’s my favorite Al Green video on youtube:

      Pretty cool to see him hit those notes effortlessly live.

  6. A big thank you to Ron Hart; I haven’t laughed so much…since I heard Al Greene had been nominated.

  7. no theories have emerged to explain why 60 percent of his state’s Democrats voted for him.

    Little plastic black dudes are overrepresented in Happy Meals. QED.

  8. I just want to take this moment to say that I’m the best man for the job. You may have not heard of me, but I am the best man for the job. Vote for uh… me, the best man for the job, for the uh… next election for whatever I’m running for.

    Paid for by the Republican Committee for Social Justice & Equality

  9. It’s not like he’s the only one. The opponent for Tim Scott in the 1st Congressional District in SC is Ben Frasier, a perennial candidate who has run 17 times for office and never won a primary– until this year, when he beat party favorite retired Air Force Reserve Colonel Robert Burton 56 to 44 percent.

    James Clyburn is also insisting that Frasier is a plant.

    Frankly, at this point, they have to blame the vote counting as well if they want a conspiracy theory.

  10. 60% of the 18% who voted, right? So, tops, we’re talking, what, 8% of the adults in SC? Geez. Big conspiracy.

  11. Completely OT: match at Wimbledom is 47-47 in the 5th set.

  12. no theories have emerged to explain why 60 percent of his state’s Democrats voted for him.

    A bit of googling:

    28.5% of SC residents are black

    Perhaps 95% of blacks vote for Democrats

    Obama got 45% of the vote in SC in 2008

    Alvin Greene was the only black Democrat on the ticket

    (0.95 * 28.5) / 45 = 60%

    Alvin Greene’s primary vote percentage = 59%

    Gee, I wonder if there was * some * voting along racial lines in that Democratic primary?

    1. See also: The S Carolina Dem Primary in 2008.

      Obama 56%
      Hillary 41%
      (The “Guilty White People” option- i.e. “No Preference”- got almost 2%).

      Unpopular white “establishment” figure vs unknown black guy… never saw that coming!

  13. Who hasn’t stood in a voting booth and thought, “The hell with it, I’m voting for the craziest jackass running”?

    Granted, this is how Reason trolls probably think we justify voting libertarian?

    1. They take themselves so seriously they would never consider doing that.

      They take their politics seriously as an expression of their personal commitment and compassion.

      They take Cats seriously.

  14. I always vote for the candidate with the bluest skin.

  15. I think they thought they were voting for Al Green, “I’m so Tired of Being Alone.”

  16. P Brooks remains a dick with ears and probably has a man crush on Hart.

    Great column, funny, insightful and on point.

  17. Saw Hart on CNN recently, never have seen P Brooks on there—wow, certainly would think such a blogger would be on national tv.

    I guess the problem is he would have to comeout of his parents basement and his twin bunk beds to shoot a spot. Oh well, they may cut him out of his house one day and the news will come to him.

  18. Look… Ron Hart’s mom has two sockpuppets!

  19. no theories have emerged to explain why 60 percent of his state’s Democrats voted for him

    A couple of theories…

    His opponent Vic Rawl was relatively unknown as well.

    1. Ballot position. Many primary voters, not knowing much about either candidate just picked the first one on the list.

    2. His name was more familiar sounding. Alvin Greene is a more common sounding name than Vic Rawl.

    Either way it doesn’t matter much. Both candidates would get trounced by DeMint

  20. Couldn’t it just be that among those who actually ran, he was the best the Democrats had?

    1. If I was an SC Democratic primary voter and also ignorant of the two runners, I might have voted for Greene in the primary if I saw his picture- he has this look of sadness about him, like his girlfriend just dumped him or like his dog just died. He looks like he needs a cheering up.

  21. Ron Hart’s columns are in our paper here in Texas and folks love him. I may be the only admitted libertarian here, but his humor is making many realize that they are libertarian too.

    P Brooks is a sad and envious old man who lives with his parents still.

  22. Funny article — I love the line about the Nobel!!

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