Let's Meet on the Corner of Obama and Fillmore


The people of Orlando, who kindly bequeathed to America great cultural institutions like Wet N' Wild and Splendid China, have decided that it is, at long last, time to name a street after President Barack Obama. According to this report from News 13, a team of clever "Orlando leaders" decided to rectify this injustice by immortalizing the prez with his very own parkway, connecting two isolated city exurbs. Buddy Dyer, the city's porcine mayor (who should definitely not be confused with Budd Dwyer), decided that millions should be spent on the Obama Parkway so that Orlando can keep families intact: 

"Building these reliever roads is important for people being able to get to work or home and being able to save 10 minutes they can spend with their families. In this particular area John Young (Parkway), Kirkman (Road), I-4 always have congestion."

Ten minutes is all it takes to keep your child from growing despondent, from finding refuge in the music of GG Allin. And is this construction money which being provided by the very man it seeks to honor?

But why name it after a sitting president? The city commissioner who proposed the name admitted to News 13 that it's all an elaborate scam to meet President Obama. "One of my dreams would be when we get ready to cut the ribbon that our president, presidential limo and seal would be the first to travel along Presidential Barack Obama Parkway." Dare to dream.

Full story.

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  1. Someday, Tampa is going to nuke Orlando.

    1. Daytona Beach has first dibs.

      1. Yay! Mutually assured uninhabited beachfront property!

      2. Well, okay. But we get to nuke the survivors. And, of course, we will annex the radioactive remnants of nearby Disney World.

        1. No, the Mouse must die. The ears cover the devil horns!

          Just more proof that Orlando is the lowest spot in FL, all the loose shit seems to roll down there.

  2. OH wow, neve really thought about it that way before.


  3. I would suggest naming the street after a good president, like Grover Cleveland – after all, nothing named Cleveland could possibly suck.

    1. Um… you might want to rethink that, Mad Max.

    2. That’s just nasty

      1. Have you tasted my starfish?

      2. I agree

    1. I would agree if the road was a one way road to Chicago….

  4. And the wingnuts think they can defeat Alan Grayson here?*

    * Grayson = founder of IDC Telecomm and multi-millionariare not impressed with Teabagging Rednecks.

    1. The same wingnut Alan Grayson who said that anyone who uttered the phrase “drill, baby, drill” should be put in prison for it?

      You have an odd sense of hero worship, shrike.

      1. Yeah – that is right.

        Rhetorical flourish is a bitch.

        You won’t divert me. The DRILLBABYDRILL crowd are fucking idiots who don’t understand the ecosystem.

        BTW- I am an E&P investor. I support drilling since 40% of my worth is tied up in GOM drilling.

        1. So… people who said “drill, baby, drill” SHOULD be put in prison, just like Alan Grayson suggested?

          1. Of course not.

            Jeez. don’t blow us up.

          2. What, you didn’t figure out that shrike is a typical liberal who thinks free speech only counts when one criticizes everyone right-of-center?

            1. Eat my ass. bitch!

              1. No one can out-fag me here!

                1. I hate Mormons and niggers!


                  I hate dogs too!

          3. Just the ones that carry signs portraying Obama as a witch doctor, or spit on Congress people, or scream racist epitaphs. I think once we get them cleaned up, the rest that are left should learn to behave themselves like civilized human beings.

    2. Alan Grayson. The only guy on the planet that has the ego to call himself an economist when he had a bachelors degree.


      The guy is an egotistical wingnut.

      1. I’m compelled to add he’s at least a smart egotistical wingnut.

        1. Grayson has a huge ego for sure.

          Founding a Fortune 500 company and being elected to Congress will do that.

          I just want to see a smackdown debate w/ Grayson and some Teabagger.

          For fun.

          1. The same Grayson who demanded having his name spelled out in huge red neon letters on his office windows – at taxpayer expense?

        2. We would have to define what now appears to be your favorite blue team term. The term that is rapidly become a measuring stick for the level of partisan stupidity in any given individual.

          If would just want to see Grayson get his ass handed to him I can line up a list of libertarian minded people. Lets start with the Chair of the Department of Political Science for Duke.

          I’m guessing it would be an interesting discussion. I would particularly look forward to Grayson’s charts.

          1. If you would…

            dear god I’m losing my mind, or I can’t type, or both

          2. Or Walter E. Williams, for that matter. Put Grayson in a three-way chat with him and Herman Cain. They’d reduce him to a whiny hypocritical rich kid who hates rich kids inside of five minutes.

            Then, he’d run off to MSNBC and crow about how he gave those Uncle Toms their whippin’.

            1. Cain and Williams?

              Are you serious?

              We don’t need ballboys when the home-run king is batting……

              1. I am white, but Herman Cain is a house nigger.

                Fuck him.

                1. I call foul! I hate niggers more than you do!

                2. Cain is a hell of a lot smarter than you seem to be Shrike… In fact, you seem to be a raving loon.

              2. http://econfaculty.gmu.edu/wew/

                Yeah, Williams is just a dumb-assed Uncle Tom.

                1. house niggers – paid like the King of the Rednecks – Rush Limbaugh.

                  Walter and Herman – two paid slave niggers.

                  Fuck you too.

                  1. …but I’m not a racist!

                    1. I hate niggers too!

            2. Don’t Walter and Hemann deserve a bigger challenge than that?

              1. Those stupid house niggers don’t hold a candle to the power and glory of Alan Grayson, peace be upon him.

                By the way, I’d still vote for John Edwards.

                1. Wow, so you’re racist and can’t learn from experience. Nice.

              2. Let those two hook-faggots debate me then!

                I will do that on Fox fucking News (peace be unto the Rupert faggot life).

                Fox News is for fucki9ng faggots!

          3. Fine. Go for it.

            Grayson is hip and smart.

            Put your dumb bitch Palin on this…. lets see that “debate”.

            Grayson is a capitalist second to none in that crap district.

            1. “Grayson is a capitalist”

              Then why is he a liberal?

              1. Why is Buffett a liberal?

                Why is Gates a liberal?

                Why is Soros a liberal?

                You fucking idiot -don’t answer.

                1. Um… because they’re traitors, shrike.

                  Especially Soros, who made much of his fortune short-selling world currencies.

                  1. Let me elaborate:

                    People like Soros, and all the others shrike mentioned, know that eventually Americans will be pushed and prodded and programmed to revolt against capitalism. Which is why these men are sucking up to the current administration – so they can continue to exist in that future state.

                    And tools like shrike lap it up.

                    1. I suck the dick of Soros. He rules amongst capitalists.

                    2. I suck his dick too!

                    3. Dude, you copied and pasted that shit from Free Republic or one of the clones. You’ve been huffing on that anyone to the left of you is a traitor bullshit. You’re the one who lapped it up, but in fairness (oops you don’t like that word, do you) it’s on every site that plays into team red/team blue shit. Let me guess, you’re one of those people who talk about what a great free, liberty loving, capitalist society we used to have until that Obama guy came along, and ruined it.

                    4. No, ONNTA, I don’t frequent FreeRepublic – they don’t like libertarians there.

                      Bonus: I failed to vote for anyone named “Bush”.

                      Try again, prick.

                    5. I like how he accused you of cut’n’pasting something with no proof, FIFY. Typical cowardly move.

                    6. I can name a few Republican traitors, as well, if it will make you happy, ONNTA:

                      Newt Gingrich
                      Mike Huckabee
                      Lindsey Graham
                      John McCain

                      and about 300 more, if I cared to type their names.

                    7. TLG,

                      Don’t take things to literal, I like a laugh as much as the next person, but please try to think a little.

                    8. “Dude, you copied and pasted that shit from Free Republic or one of the clones.”

                      Your words. Now, I’m not fighting FIFY’s battles for him, but a little fairness on your part would be called for. Offer up the proof, or keep making baseless insinuations.

                      He does have me beat on the Republican voting record, though, as I did – reluctantly – vote for Ron Paul in the primary… breaking a twelve-year streak of NOT voting for Republicans. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

                    9. IT was a comment based on the FACT, or the very real occurrences, that you can hear that type of shit on sites like Free Republic all the fucking time.

                      I’m not going to tell you to Not Think or be Obtuse, but i don’t really recommend it.

                    10. Look, dude/ette, I can get some of where FIFY is coming from… the Rs and Ds, for the most part, are hell-bent on turning America into a weak version of Orwell’s worst nightmare. Can’t deny that.

                    11. Actually, I’m not sure where he is coming from, except if you stray to far it’s grounds for treason. You have an Orwellian point, but the real criminals work through the government, they are not the government.

                    12. Straying from the bounds of the Constitution IS treason… and most politicians are criminals.

                    13. “if you stray to[o] far it’s grounds for treason”

                      You have NO idea how right you are.

                    14. Thanks Janet, that has been giving me trouble lately.

                    15. I don’t think you understand what I mean by treason – it involves speaking ill of my boss, hint hint.

                    16. i could so hug you right now, but you’re a girl.

                    17. Are you really sure about that?

                2. Because they all use the system to increase their wealth. They all rely on my money taken from and distributed to their holdings to become richer.

                  That’s why.

                  They all hold major stakes in corporations that get more from government than they put in. You would think a fucking accountant would know that.

                3. Why is Gates a liberal?
                  [cite please]
                  You mean because he gives a lot to charity? That hardly makes him a liberal (see http://abcnews.go.com/2020/sto…..amp;page=1)

                  Also, it’s hardly news that a lot of the super-rich are left of center, this is hardly new (ought to put to rest the lie that the Right is dominated by a bunch of shady billionaires, but who needs consistency anyway) — people who are already loaded don’t need to worry about obtrusive government making it harder to make a living, or taking away a disproportionate chunk of what they have earned for themselves.

                  1. Don’t know about Bill Gates, but his father opposes any changes in the estate tax since he makes his living as a lawyer helping people avoid paying it.

                    I think you’ll find a lot of lawyers and accountants are in the liberal camp because they wouldn’t have jobs without all the regulations and laws.

                4. Because they can afford to be.

              2. shrike has an odd sense of who is a “capitalist”, that’s for sure.

                1. Capitalists FINANCE activity which promotes PROFIT!!!

                  Dems rule there!

                  1. You know, without divulging too much personal info, I happen to know a lot of securities industry types. Many of them are Dems for tribal reasons (esp. those from ethnic groups with longstanding ties), or because they oppose Repubs on social and foreign policy issues (as do libertarians): none of them are left of center on economic issues, and I get the impression that a lot of them are pretty pissed at Obama’s turn to the left (may be their own fault for wishful thinking) — this is also reflected in the numbers: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/…..-coffers/.

                  2. Dems HATE profit. The only reason they tolerate commerce is simple: They have to have it to finance their vote-buying schemes. If they could find a way to hand out welfare without huge corporations footing the bills, they’d shitcan them in a heartbeat and we’d be just like the old Soviet Union.

                    1. Dude, take your weak talking points, and shove them up your ass.

                      Hello Reason, look at the type of people that are lapping your shit up. Is Mr. FIFY a tea party libertarian or republican, or did he just go to public school, you decide.

                    2. Neither, prick. Never been to a tea party, never will, and I don’t vote for Republicans.

                      You’re a weak bitch.

                    3. Take note: Onnta is one of those who refuses to acknowledge how Democrats use taxpayer money to bribe people into voting for them… then calls that truism a “talking point”.

                    4. TEAM BLUE!!!1!

                    5. I am nigged out on froo-berries!

                      Lick my assohloe,angels!

                    6. TLG,

                      Where have i denied that? I was commenting on Mr. Fifys republican sounding talking points, but he’s not a republican, who knew? NOw he was harshing on buffet, soros, and gates being traitors because they are liberal.

                      I know it’s hard, but do try to keep up.

                    7. Anyone who cozies up to the Democrats is as much a traitor as anyone who snuggles with the GOP.

                      Happy *now*?

                    8. I’m not the one mindlessly repeating braindead republican talking points. In other words, I’m not repeating shit Rush Limbaugh has said ten million times. Glenn Beck too, but he has a ways to go before he can catch up.

                    9. I don’t listen to those, though I do check in to see if Williams is subbing for Limbaugh, which is the *only* way I will tune in to that station at that particular time.

                      Again, nice try, and kudos for calling me a liar, on top of everything else.

                    10. Then you might want to do something about sounding like them.

                      Just saying

                    11. I’m a capitalist, ONNTA. I’m also in favor of personal liberty, which is why I refrain from voting for Republicans OR Democrats.

                      How about you?

                    12. Hate to break it to you, but we’re never going to live in a country without government. See, some people, and I’m one of them, can see some use for it. I may not like a lot of things it does, but a lot of people don’t really have a sense of what’s going on. I blame our media which does a poor job of informing the public, actually, i think they do it on purpose. If i had the magical whammy stick, I’d break up the corporate media. We’ve reached the point where they are doing actual harm, but i just wanted to frost your Wheaties a little further. I also stand with a strong safety net and for the most part, prounion. Both which protect life and liberty, it may not be your definition of liberty, but I ditched the absolutist narrow path long ago.

                    13. I’m a minarchist, ONNTA. And I think if we must have politicians, they should be tossed in prison the moment they stray from their Constitutional bounds.

                      BTW, Hugo Chavez has the same view of media as you do. Sorry, that’s how I see it.

                    14. “BTW, Hugo Chavez has the same view of media as you do. Sorry, that’s how I see it.”

                      Which means exactly nothing. That’s how i see it, saying Hugo doesn’t scare me, cause fear, or whatever. I don’t have to like him, care, or know him unlike a certain Mr. Moynihan. I will say one thing in his benefit, he’s a lot less evil and thuggish than the pro capitalist rulers they’ve had in that region. SSSSAYYYYY, maybe that has something to do with why he got elected or something.

                    15. Pay attention, then, because Obama’s FCC would dearly love to emulate Chavez.

                      I would add that Chavez is “a lot less evil and thuggish for now“, but it’s up to you to type it in your own words. Which you would, if you gave it some serious consideration.

                    16. If Hugo was pro capitalist our media wouldn’t even discuss him let alone strain themselves to find something to be outrages about. He’d be able to get away with murder. Good enough reason to take the media control from those people right there.

                    17. How dare you insult me! I *had* to nationalize the media in MY country, because they dared speak out against me!

                    18. We’re hanging on your every word, Mr. Chavez. Now, please tell our stenographer how you took over the media in your country, and how we can bypass the Constitution here in our country, so we can emulate your sage wisdom.

                    19. Oh hugo, you know how to hit my buttons.

                      (blows kisses)

                      I think you’re kind of funny, and less of an evil than say…….MOYNIHAN.

                    20. I’m dead, but thanks for the mention.

                    21. Guess in order to be a libertarian, one has to sound like a Democrat, no?

                    22. Not really, but damn, what kind of libertarian sounds like Rush Limbaugh, or one of the FR clones.

                  3. I think it’s important to make the distinction that to be a capitalist, you FINANCE activity which promotes PROFIT with you own (personal, corporate, etc) money rather than with money extracted from complete strangers under the threat of incarceration.

                    1. Which is why, to repeat: I don’t support Republicans OR Democrats, Cunctator, because neither of those parties meets my tough standards.

                      ONNTA appears not to get that.

                    2. Didn’t Chavez get elected the same way Obama did – by bribing the poor with handouts for life and bitching about the free market?

                    3. Obama said he loved that free market, loved it so much, he’d put it back to bed unmolested. Get over the auto bailout, Obama isn’t the worse thing to happen to this country. He’s not great, but maybe there’s hope he’ll get better. It’s nice having a president who doesn’t bow to the multinationals, it’s a nice change. People are so used to turning a blind eye to corporate abuse that seeing someone speak out like is jarring, but it’s needed. I want him to make sure BP is accountable for their neglect.

                    4. I’d prefer a pro-market, small-government, liberty-oriented president… but then, that’s not likely to happen, so the next-best bet is to have a president who at least isn’t hell-bent on turning this country into a socialist police state.

                      And that includes Republican presidents.

                    5. It’s nice having a president who doesn’t bow to the multinationals, it’s a nice change.


                    6. Like BP was gonna skate out on not cleaning up or paying people back. Sure-fire way to destroy a huge market for its products.

                      But, while we’re on the subject of the oil spill, explain the logic of turning down help from several countries for clean-up help and equipment… and why Obama shouldn’t be publicly shamed for turning it down.

                    7. Frankly TLG, it’s better than what the rest of the political, business, and market class has been saying to American workers, and workers all over, work harder for less. That has been going on for to many years.

                    8. Getting people hooked on handout heroin isn’t progress, ONNTA… it’s bribery.

                    9. Here, poor person… a free taste. Get yo’ ass high, m’man!

                    10. Being paid for your time, hard work, and value is not a bribe nor is it welfare, no matter how much you may wish it so.

                      I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. Good al Ayn, Atlas isn’t my favorite, that’s We the Living, beautiful book. Anyways, Hank Reardon’s employees were unionized that were also paid more than any other steel worker union or not. He paid his workers well because he expected them to be the best, and earn it, nuff said. Now, employers feel they are entitled to the best workers at peanuts. In this case, the employer has a worse entitlement complex than any person on food stamps.

                    11. Hell, then, let’s pay everyone the same wage. And give ’em all matching clothes. A nice earthy color, perhaps.

                      I specifically was talking about how liberals bribe voters with handouts, ONNTA. Wages are another issue, though it is impossible to guarantee equality of outcome. Sorry, it can’t be done.

                    12. Did “Oh no not this again” purposely name himself after peoples immediate reaction after seeing his handle?

                    13. “In this case, the employer has a worse entitlement complex than any person on food stamps.”

                      I can dispute that with my own situation: I work for a two-man company… myself, and the owner. He can’t afford his own health insurance, let alone buy it for me (which isn’t his duty, but that’s another story).

                      However, being as he is incorporated, thus being a corporation… that means he’s exploiting the worker – that would be me – and he’s got his boot on my neck.

                      Riddle me that, ONNTA.

            2. Be careful dis’n Palin, Shrike. I would bet money that she can kick your wimpy ass.

      2. “Alan Grayson. The only guy on the planet that has the ego to call himself an economist when he had a bachelors degree.”

        Not true. Ben Stein regularly makes the same claim.

  5. Another reason to have a moratorium on naming things/places after politicians until they are dead.

    1. Hey now!

      1. Tell me about it.

        Could someone please clean the jizz stains off me?

      2. You aren’t dead?

        1. We’re pictures. We don’t die. But tools like shrike do have a tendency to soil us with his seed.

  6. It is illegal to use federal money to name a public entity(building, highway, park etc) after an elected official who is still in office.

    1. But I can use STATE money! Fuck y’all!

  7. How do I say this delicately?

    Whether shopping for a home or just plain shopping, I suspect people may avoid addresses that are named after certain public figures.

    Perhaps it’s racist. I’m not saying it isn’t. I just think people from out of town who don’t know anything about an area other than the name of the street are less likely to want to go to some address on Martin Luther King Blvd.

    And cities in Florida may have a bigger issue that way than other cities. And maybe that’s wrong–I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just saying that you might not attract as many out of town customers, or you might not get as much money for your house if it’s on a street named after certain public figures.

    Maybe this is a sign that things are changing–I sure hope so!

    1. His election to the presidency wasn’t enough of a sign?

      1. A sign that Americans will, indeed, vote for a black man? Yes, Tony, Obama deserves that slice of credit… but that’s it. And he damned well doesn’t deserve to have streets named after him. No one does.

    2. Chris Rock had a line in one of his shows that was, basically, that if you are on MLK Blvd., you knew what part of town you were in.

  8. Yep. The first third world-ism was the “this construction paid for with TARP funds” signs, starting to name things after an idolized leader is another. Common sight in Latin America.

  9. good one imposter shirke.

    Wear you bollo and suck me off like LArry Craig of David Vitter would!

    1. Thanks for the bolo-tip, shrike.

    2. Dude, I let you get away with the ignorance for god-knows-what reason, but it’s a friggin’ bowler, not a “bollo”.

  10. I’m going to troll with shrike some day.

  11. I read this headline as “let’s meet on the corner of Obama and Failure” and thought “yeah that sounds about right”.

  12. Appropriately this intersection is just south of the sewage plant (where the local polling place is).

  13. Fucking morons.

    1. How can there be shootings in Chicago? Guns are illegal there.

  14. “Obama said he loved that free market”

    Dude… politicians lie. And the higher the office, the bigger the lies.

    1. Those who voted for Obama all assumed he was lying to the other camp and not to them.

  15. am i the only one disturbed by the gg allin reference by moynihan?

  16. nope

  17. Hey! Pay attention to me!

    1. Wanna snuggle, shrike? I have a fresh picture of Chairman Mao we can enjoy…

  18. Chavezians 6:66 And lo, Obama said He loved that free market, loved it so much, that He gave Himself, His own Begotten Self, to be its Lord and Saviour.

    1. Engelslessians 6:66 For it was Obama, in His Glory, who passed His hat among the moneychangers, and thus did He divvy up the shekels to the starving masses so they might have an extra crumb of bread that week, and He saw that it was good.

  19. The city commissioner who proposed the name admitted to News 13 that it’s all an elaborate scam to meet President Obama.

    That’s why I named my driveway “Lobster Girl Lane.”

    1. I figured someone would beat me to that.

      1. Huh, you said “beat”.

  20. Just want to say what a great blog you got here! I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

  21. This guy is going to get his wish. Obama is far to big a egomanic to pass this up and we all know he has no problem travel blowing tax dollars for photo ops. But just think he will bless them with 30 minutes of Tall Tales for the Teleprompter.

  22. Budd Dwyer set a high bar for all politician to strive for.

    1. No shit. I remember seeing that live on TV. I was in college at the time, living in Bethlehem, PA. My roommate was a politics junkie, so he was watching the news conference to find out what Dwyer’s big announcement was going to be. Next thing you know, the guy’s brains are dripping down the wall behind him. We just looked at other like, “what the fuck?”.

      And then the news people replayed it over and over all day – but they would stop the video right after he puts the gun in his mouth, but let the audio continue. So you could hear, but not see, what he did next. The did that four a couple hours that day.

  23. Good call with the reference to Budd Dwyer. When I first saw the name Buddy Dyer, my immediate thought was, “didn’t he blow his brains out?” You immediately clarified that.

  24. Well, we need a few things that aren’t named after Reagan.

  25. Seems pretty cool to me, except it may not work they way they wanted. I everyone will want to drive down President Barack Obama Parkway for the fun of it, and it will increase traffic. Oops.

  26. didn’t National Airport in DC get named after Reagan long before he died?

  27. Orlando does have great cultural institutions like the Orlando Philharmonic, the Orlando Ballet, the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays, the Florida Film Festival and Enzian independent theater, and the oldest Fringe Theatre Festival in the United States. It’s home to great independent dance, performance art and visual arts groups, and great food and bar scene… all far away from the fanny-packed tourists wandering I-drive. Don’t let the tourist traps in the belly of the beast color all your thoughts about this little city, which I consider the Southeast’s best-kept secret.

  28. This is the most useless article ever. People name things after famous people. Governments allocate money to road construction. Not a shocker…

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