Pakistani Deputy AG: Death to Zuckerberg!


Pakistan's enlightened and forward-looking deputy attorney general wants Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg prosecuted for blasphemy for hosting a page (later removed) promoting "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day." If convicted of being the Jewish owner of a social networking site that possesses insufficient respect for the Muslim prophet, Zuckerberg would face the death penalty. All of this is symbolic, of course; I wish the religious fanatics in the attorney general's office (peace be upon them) luck in extraditing the CEO of Facebook. The Register has details:

Last month, according to English-language Pakistani newspaper The News International, a Pakistani High Court judge summoned the police after lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed an application for a First Information Report (FIR), claiming that the owners of Facebook had committed a heinous and serious crime under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code. In essence, an FIR launches a criminal investigation. But no charges have been filed.

According to the paper, Section 295-C of the penal code reads: "Use of derogatory remark etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet, whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation, or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable for fine."

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  1. I don’t even get a mention for linking this earlier? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE

    1. Koman Coulibaly enjoys your pain.

  2. Oh yea Muhammad Azhar Siddique? You, that other Mohammad and Allah can all kiss my tan ass!

    Still looking for pole dancer pattern material for a hijab.

    1. I took a shit in Mecca on ce.

      1. Which common era was that?

        1. The shitty era.

  3. What the hey: THREADJACK.

    SCOTUS rules that text messages sent by a public employee on the employer’s equipment, and paid for by the employer, aren’t private after all, This overturns an unusually boneheaded 9th Circuit opinion, which stated that the city could not discipline a SWAT cop who used his city-issued pager to send naughty text messages.

    Read all about it.

    1. I’m hearing that the decision won’t affect private employers.

      1. What? Private employers should have more say over their workplace than that!

        1. Just because the Fed doesn’t mandate it for private employers doesn’t mean they can’t adopt their own similiar, or more stringent, policies.

          “No cell phones in the office, people. You Bill, stop texting on your iPhone or you’re fired!”

          1. True, we aren’t even allowed to use cell phones or pagers at my work so it’s much stricter.

  4. I’m hearing that the decision won’t affect private employers.

    Nah, there’s good dicta saying the same reasoning would apply to private employers.

    1. Koman Coulibaly laughs at your puny dicta.

      1. Puny dicta, private employer…

  5. They should take a page from Western anti-FOS activists, and not ridicule themselves. Thanks to SPLC and such, you can report raysizum and have anyone banned. Thanks to de-Nazification laws, you can report anti-Semites for Holocaust Apology. Thanks to Western religious fanatics, you can report noodietee and have all content removed. Thanks to lazy parents and police, UK and Spain users can report any friend request as a Creepy Pedophile.

    Pakistanis should update their methods of infringing FOS. Blasphemy trials are so 2nd millennium!

    1. Oh, and – thanks to the RIAA, you can report about anything for copyright and have it down in minutes. They should copyright Muhammad’s image. It would be such a riot!

      1. Look, I might have a lot of intolerant, violent fucksticks in my ranks, but I’m not going to lower myself to the level of Scientology.

        1. Bar. Setting it Low. etc.

  6. They don’t intend to extradite him. This is just the modern way of putting out a hit on someone. They just let all deluded, self-absorbed young muslim men in the world know they will be hailed as great heros if they murder Zuckerberg.

    Isn’t it nice that foreign governments can make credible threats to kill specific American citizens and our government just shrugs. Kinda makes me wonder why we keep them around.

    1. They don’t just shrug. Drone attacks, baby!

      Oh, but not on our “friends” in the pakishity gov’t. Dang.

  7. I could take death, or terminal imprisonment, but a fine? That’s simply going too far!

  8. Do they wait for you to pay the fine before they execute you?

    Seems like a helpful loophole.

  9. The group’s still there, it wasn’t removed permanently. Just a temporary glitch.

    1. The orignial group had about 90,000 members. I can’t find that group. Please link to it so I can join it.

  10. I suspect that a lot of people can get behind the whole “death to Zuckerberg” thing because of what he’s done with Facebook privacy settings. Maybe they and the Pakistani Mohammedists should have a talk.

  11. It must really suck to worship a god who can’t even defend himself, much less his prophets. No wonder these guys are so testy!

  12. Zuckerberg’s a bit of douchebag, from everything I’ve heard about him, but I fully support “everyone draw mohammed day”.


  13. Mohammed? I fucked him.

  14. Whew! I really dodged a bullet this time!

  15. This is the slippery slop. Once we stopped drawing Mohammed in response to death threats, we get death threats for planning to draw Mohammed.

  16. So why are we sending Pakistan a billion dollars in aid from DC each year?

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