Civil Disobedience

More Political Violence!


This time, the alleged Democratic assailant seems to have a functioning left hook:

Read about the foofaraw, involving Forsyth County, S.C. GOP Chairman Nathan Tabor, here.

If this is "actual" violence, who is going to be blamed for the "atmospheric violence" allegedly spurring it on?

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  1. Um… that lady’s scream at 1:41 is fucking brilliant. Saw this on Drudge the other day and laughed out loud.

    1. Notice how fast these anti-goverment twits scream for the police?

      1. I’ve missed you.

      2. There is nothing anti-government about the conservatives that love their police and military.

      3. They’ve been calling for the disassembling of law enforcement?

      4. I think I’m safe in saying that most libertarians think that stopping violence as it occurs is a valid application of police force.

        But nice work conflating conservatives with libertarians with anarchists.

        1. An unjustly disarmed and imprisoned innocent victim of intra-prison violence is betraying no principles when he summons a guard to protect him from violence by another prisoner or another guard; opposing his incarceration does not automatically commit him to martyrdom.

        2. But nice work conflating conservatives with libertarians with anarchists.

          ‘scuse the caps

  2. “This is all Bush’s fault”

    Tony, is that you?

    1. +1

      My money’s on Max.

  3. Nathan’s a good guy and his wife is lovely. Kudos to him for keeping his cool.

  4. If this is “actual” violence, who is going to be blamed for the “atmospheric violence” allegedly spurring it on?

    Who else but libertarians? In fact, I believe that was the reason England revoked the passports of 3000 known hooligans to keep them from going to the world cup.

    1. Yeah, I’d say the libertarians

      … or BUSH!

      1. Because everyone knows Bush was a well known Libertarian.

    2. Didn’t help much, did it? Tie, bitches, tie.

      1. Yeah, stick that in your vuvuzela and blow it!

        1. Now we must destroy the hopes of Slovenia.

          1. Perhaps we should unleash a hooligan or two (NSFW).

    3. Libertarians are the Jews of the 21st century. Won’t be long before we’re forced to wear yellow torches on our clothes.

      1. I already wear an invisible hand everywhere.

        1. Top hat, tails and heels for me.

    4. Too bad there aren’t 3000 hooligans there now, beating up everybody with a vuvuzela.

  5. We inherited this atmospheric violence!

  6. First comment on the Winston Salem newspaper editorial is something to the effect “but it was okay to bomb Iraq”. WTF? Does anything ever not relate to Iraq for these people?

  7. Just another case of Teabagger violence /sarc

    1. I’m generally passive.

  8. When the Republicans return to power, I plan to sockpuppet the same comment on every story or editorial critical of them no matter how valid the criticism with the following comment

    “Yeah, but it was okay for Obama to let all the oil ruin the Gulf Coast”.

    If they won’t come up to your level, go down to theirs.

  9. who is going to be blamed for the “atmospheric violence” allegedly spurring it on?


    Philosophically, he’s the anti-Hegel: anti-coherence, anti-systematic, anti-political, etc. He angrily abandoned the scholarly life to become a crazy teabag-style driftin’ white-trash anti-academic sloganeer. He was an apologist for The Jews. He apotheosized “Hyperboreans,” like Sarah Palin. And he hugged a horse.

    Who do you picture when you picture someone hugging a horse? A retarded kid (whose?), or Ronald Reagan.

    Issue Weigel the talking points!

    1. Mister, would you please help my pony?
      He’s down and he ain’t gettin’ up
      He coughed up snot in the driveway
      And I think his lung’s fucked up

      1. I saw them recently. They sound great.

        Did a cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” that tore the roof off.

        1. Good to know… I’m on the fence about seeing them on the 25th; I think I’ll have to get myself a ticket.

  10. …involving Forsyth County, S.C. GOP Chairman Nathan Tabor…

    I believe it should be “Forsyth County, N.C.”

    1. Same difference… In fact, when I’m president there will be no north or south states. One Dakota. One Carolina. One Virginia (now with more hillbillies!).

  11. Threadjack.

    Smear piece on Ron Paul in WaPo:…..04881.html

    1. Paul has supported gold for over 30 fucking years. He has stated his opposition to the Fed, and his fears of inflation numerous times. Only someone completely ignorant of economics (such as WaPo reporters) could be surprised that he would move most of his money into gold and gold stocks.

      1. And if he didn’t have money in gold, they would criticize him for being a hypocrite.

  12. I wonder what David Weigel’s take on the Etheridge incident might be.

    1. Mr. Fist,

      Weigel is just trolling for one of those new government created media jobs coming down the pike.

      On a more serious note, isn’t it comforting to note how easily a former Reason employee offers his neck up to the boot of our betters.

    2. Wiegel take? Easy: That’s quite a hug!!

      1. Lookie, lookie, a new sub-meme with elected officials acting strangely. How clever.

        Pardon me, but would you happen to have any Grey Poopon?? Oh, splendid!

  13. Come see the violence inherent in the system!

    1. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

  14. I’d of gone all Amber Lamps on his ass.

    1. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. The full vid of the fight, that is.

  15. It looked more like a jab than a hook to me. And I’d hardly call that functioning or even serviceable. A functioning jab landed with some element of surprise as the initial blow should at least have the capacity to knock an opponent to the ground.

  16. What a bunch of impotent old pussies! Bitching about big govt and then screaming for police to come save their asses. I guess those “Don’t Tread on Me Flags” mean something else to this crowd. I miss the wingnuts from the 90’s – they actually had some fight in them. The idea that this new crop is dangerous is ridiculous. Just a bunch of whiny geezers afraid of someone else dipping into their supply of govt bennies. Awesome punch though! And despite the crowd, ALL OF THEM were too chicken shit to mix it up. They don’t even have strength in numbers! This is why I’m proud to be a liberal and a Democrat. Our activists, and our politicians, get shit done. The other side just bitches and moans and hopes someone else will be around to do the dirty work. It won’t ever happen, but if the “tea partiers” wanted to duke it out with their political opponents it would be a pretty short fight. All they’re evidently good for is shouting slogans and carrying water for their corporate overlords. They lack the courage and strength to actually fight for anything – from Dick “the Chickenhawk” Cheney down to these old pussies, they just seem really, really weak. All hat and no cattle. “Sir, sir – I asked you not to touch my property” SMACK! “Sir, sir – excuse me, I don’t appreciate the fact that you pushed my wife. You already hit me, and that’s on camera” “The police want to speak with you” What a grade A pussy!!!

    1. Mitchum? You sound more like Birchum.

    2. What a bunch of impotent old pussies! Bitching about big govt and then screaming for police to come save their asses.

      The use of force or deadly force in self-defense is a last resort. That’s why there’s a non-violent conflict resolution component in my concealed handgun license class. If police officers are handy, let them handle the situation.

      Plus, there’s a whole lot of big government we could get rid of before we start eliminating street-level law enforcement.

    3. Fighting back makes the agitprop look less convincing. We wait until the cameras are off to enact revenge.

    4. Yeah, I’m sure if someone in the crowd took your advice and beat up the black guy that you’d be praising him for his toughness instead of joining the chorus of “VIOLENT RACIST TEABAGGERS!” Or maybe you’re a disingenuous dipshit who worships the Democratic Party.

      But please keep indulging in your fantasy of the tough, get-shit-done Democrats. Someone’s gotta watch the Ed Schulz show.

    5. Yes. Because you latte libs are *so* strong and manly. Please. You use your black underclass for street violence, and the (largely conservative) military and police for your government’s violence. You yourselves are atesticular needledicks. Go read McSweeney’s and watch some Wes Anderson, chump.

    6. SO the next time I see a bunch of liberal Democrat protesters, I can shoot them? You’ve got yourself a deal.

  17. It won’t ever happen, but if the “tea partiers” wanted to duke it out with their political opponents it would be a pretty short fight.

    Very short, since there’s always seem to be a few tea partiers who are actually armed.

    The tea partiers seem to understand that in a civilized society, if you’re punching, you’re losing.


  18. One more thing – it’s fucking brilliant that this took place in South Cackalacky. One black guy wades into a group of old white folk, clocks one, and they’re too scared to do shit. “POLICE, POLICE, POLICE!” Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Their mammies and pappies are probably rolling in their graves. Not only is there a black guy in the white house, but their children grew up to be too chicken shit to defend their wives and property even when the odds were at least 10 to 1. Talk about a Civil Rights Victory!

  19. Hey RC – I don’t think those guns are actually for defense of any sort. I think they’re more for show and compensation for small dick syndrome. Like those big, mean pick up trucks they also have a hard on for. FWIW – I never did buy into the “domestic terrorism” angle from DHS. These people are pussies, through and through. Guns or no guns, they’re impotent.

    1. You have an obsession with penises and impotence. I know you think this is giving you the upper hand in the argument, but you’re actually betraying deep seated fears of inadequacy.

      Have fun losing big in 2010.

    2. Gus I don’t doubt that there are really democrats as dumb as this “Mitchum” character…but I think that this may be a agent provacateur.

      1. You just wish he was a fake, don’t you Gabe?

    3. Hm, since you believe that guns are substitute genitalia, what does that say of your desire to castrate everyone?

  20. No, it’s just that the conservatives are smart enough to know that assault and battery is a jailable offense and they have jobs and families to worry about. The liberals are irresponsible know-nothings who don’t care about their families and haven’t had real jobs for most of their lives. I’m guessing that’s a category you’re familiar with.

    1. They also have no bank accounts or property that could be forfeited in a judgment against them.

  21. Good points NAL. There always seems to be young hoodlums like Mitchum on the chat boards who equates violence with politickin’, and it just ain’t how it works. Don’t they also knows that black folks are genetically breeded to be strong and brawny from years of field work, hence their physical superiority? Bah! Get off our lawns! I just shit myself! I’m going to call my grandkids agin and hope they don’t screens my call out, but I’ll be back!

  22. The big reason that the folks the left wing guy hit in the video did not clober him was likely that they had assets. when one has assets, they can be lost in a court fight. The guy who threw the punch was probably judgement proof.

    1. And employment proof.

      1. Nah, he was probably some government employee of some sort.

  23. Violence begins when the ignorant realize they lost the debate and see how impotent and foolish they are.

    1. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. — Salvor Hardin

      1. It’s easy to denounce physical violence if you aren’t very good at it. – Matt Ruff

  24. Platitudes like that are for weakling pussies.

  25. I would have destroyed that clown.

    Police, my ass.

  26. I am turning on CNN right now. I hear they are having a new special prgram tonight on “The Rise of the Violent Extremist Left”

  27. These extremist leftist Obama supporters seem to be misogynistic womyn haters. Apparently it is seen as good in their culture to beat womyn.

  28. The violent dude bears a remarkable resemblance to that DC cop who pulled a gun on those kids who were throwing snowballs at his car this last Christmas.

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