The Greatest Candidate in America?


Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) offers up a perfectly plausible conspiracy theory: Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene, who won Tuesday's primary in South Carolina, is a Republican plant. Now look, it sounds far-fetched, but Greene, who is unemployed, held no campaign events, and has no website, dropped $10,400 on his filing fee and then, in the words of Newsweek, simply "disappeared." He recently resurfaced, having taken 59 percent of the vote in the primary and is raring to take on Senator Jim DeMint. Well, maybe "raring" is the wrong adjective (see video below).

Perhaps there is no "tea party conspiracy," as Clyburn suggested on a post-election conference call. Perhaps Greene was just lucky. But we can all agree that the man is almost certainly out of his mind. So why give succor to the conspiracy theorists? Just watch this train wreck interview, then you'll understand:

Update: Two more disastrous interviews. One with Shep Smith, the other on YouTube with an unknown interlocutor, in which Green mumbles about the unification of Korea and hangs up when asked about filing FEC disclosures.