Obamacare: It's Totally Going To Work! Trust Us!


Or maybe not.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has already missed as many as four deadlines under the law—not on any major regulations—but still a worrying trend, critics say.

Congressional staff and industry representatives have also been asking HHS for a timeline specifying when it will issue the numerous regulations required by the law. They were shocked to find the agency has not produced such a document, one aide said.

The issue is important because vast industry sectors are trying to plan their own implementations of the health-care law and most of the details remain in bureaucrats' hands, leaving a vacuum of uncertainty about the final burdens the law will impose.

The missed deadlines include creating task forces on breast cancer and Alaskan health care, publishing a list of new authorities granted under the law, and setting a schedule for a Government Accountability Office study and financial audit.

More on Obamacare's early troubles here and here.

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  1. Paging Dr. Groovus…

  2. Major regulations like the ones called for by this bill typically take CMS at least 5 years to finalize. HIPAA took 7 years.

    The notion that CMS would be cranking out rules within months, in an area where it has virtually no in-house expertise (private insurance regulation) is laughable.

    1. HIPAA was a long time ago. Today the government work force is smarter and more educated than the private work force, and the massive health care law is so clearly written, that any day now the whole system will just fall right into place.

      1. and only cost a nickel…

      2. IMO, he’s right RC. CMS and HIPAA laid the groundwork, and Teddy Kennedy’s HMO legislation has already been firmly entrenched in employer sponsored insurance. I don’t think months per se, however, I think 18 mos. to two years is not an unrealistic implementation time frame. I’m of the opinion it will be rushed through sooner, barring legal challenges, the only saving grace here. Yes, I am cynical.

      3. I would say two years at an absolute minimum, unless of course they just vomit out some crap restatement of the statute to get Congress off their backs. If they really try to write up detailed rules, submit for public comment, respond and revise per the comments, then two years is optimistic. Very optimistic.

        And, of course, the law will keep changing. There’s already talk of a big fix-it bill early next year.


    2. Seriously, it’s hard to believe that anyone expected these deadlines to be met. Has Congress never dealt with one of these massive federal agencies before? Deadlines are just incentives to make people work; they aren’t intended to be met.

  3. Threadjack:

    Since Radley hasn’t given us a nut kick this morning, check this out.

    80 year-old guy in Chicago uses a handgun (illegal in Chicago) to defend himself against an armed intruder in his own home at 5:45 in the morning. The intruder shot at him, missed, and the old guy shot and killed the intruder.

    Now the Chicago officials are trying to decide whether to charge the old guy. They’ve already taken away his gun.

    Meanwhile, that shitheel Daley basically tells a reporter he’d like to shove a bayonetted rifle up the reporter’s ass.

    A class act all the way.

    1. I heard the quote, and the word “bayonette” was not used. But he did literally mention shoving a gun up the reporter’s ass. It’s good to be the king, I guess.

      1. The article states that Daley was holding up an old rifle with a bayonet on it when he said it.

    2. The old guy is now twisting in the wind about whether he will be prosecuted. And the police of course took his gun. Daley is really a first class piece of shit.

    3. only if the reporter would have enjoyed the experience of having something shoved up his/her ass…

  4. Was the a more foreseeable disaster than this one?

  5. They were shocked to find the agency has not produced such a document, one aide said.

    Oh yes, shocking. How long before this incompetence is chalked up to market failure and that single payer is the only solution>

    1. sage, why must you be so pessimistic? Just because you’re probably right doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t delude ourselves as long as we can. It’s the human way!

      1. I guess the bright side is that the incompetence is in our favor this time. I’m sure they’ll try harder, though.

    2. Is it really a debate that single-payer would be better than the regulatory pile of crap we currently have? Sure, there’s still a healthy debate between single-payer and free markets, but both are superior to the existing mess (made even messier by The Chosen One).

    3. I am more optimistic than that. The problem is how Obama sold this plan. If he had sold it as one last chance to save the market and played down expectations, I would agree. But that is not what happened. He sold it as “historic” and the “completion of FDR’s 70 year project” and so forth. One the baby Kennedys left a copy of the bill on Ted Kennedy’s grave. The 45% of the country who supported this piece of crap actually thought it was going to solve our health care problems. When it doesn’t and turns into a disaster, it will discredit single payer along with it. Most people who are not political heads think this is close to the same thing as single payer.

      1. When it doesn’t and turns into a disaster, it will discredit single payer along with it.

        Wrong, John. When the current system is FUBAR’d (by design) as a result of this…(trying not to rant)..legislation, then the “entitled” electorate will be screaming with torches and pitchforks for single-payer. In their minds, shitty rationed care is better than no care.

        1. No they won’t. Most of them think that this is single payer. You would be amazed at the people who thought that they would get health insurance the day after Obama care was passed. The Democrats are not going to be able to pull the Jedi mind trick on this one. Further, it will be doubly hard after the Canadian and UK systems go bankrupt.

          1. You would be amazed at the people who thought that they would get health insurance the day after Obama care was passed.

            No, John. No, I wouldn’t. I had to explain to patients it didn’t work that way. Day after this passed, my office was pummeled with this question.

            The Democrats are not going to be able to pull the Jedi mind trick on this one.

            You underestimate the greed of the entitled class and the idealism of the Millenials.

            1. Ditto. I had patients asking how quickly the government would be picking up their bills.

  6. Gaza humanitarian flotilla was delivering medicinal bulletproof vests.

    “During its searches of the Mavi Marmara on Tuesday, the military also discovered a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks”


    1. Gaza humanitarian flotilla was delivering medicinal bulletproof vests.

      Must be for their field medics…yeah. That’s it! For field medics and The Red Cross.

  7. A “vacuum of uncertainty” is a friendly arena for politicians and regulators. Settling the “final burdens” will be a loss of leverage. They’ll hold out as long as they can.
    It’s working fine.

  8. setting a schedule for a Government Accountability Office study and financial audit.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  9. As further evidence of how politicized health care would become under Obamacare, Politico reports that Planned Parenthood is pushing for a national mandate that insurers must provide free birth control. Over the objections of those who think that Americans should be free to seek out health plans consistent with their own moral or religious beliefs, or the dictates of their own conscience, Planned Parenthood (a backer of Obamacare) is launching lobbying efforts aimed at “getting no-cost birth control in the bill,” as it seeks to persuade Obama administration officials to rule that Obamacare requires private insurers to provide birth control — and to do so free of any co-pays or out-of-pocket costs. (Costs would instead be passed along through slightly higher premiums.) Meanwhile, a coalition including the Center for Reproductive Rights is seeking to find justification to extend this mandate to include free emergency “contraception” as well.


    1. I feel another rant brewing….

      1. Give in to your hate…

        1. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

          1. You know, the funny thing is, just the other night wifey and I watched the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” with Michael Caine and Steve Martin. The actor who played Senator Palpatine (and the Emperor) was Michael Caine’s valet/butler.

            1. I thought that was Joe Lieberman.

    2. I could get totally behind this if we could get a retroactive abortion for Planned Parenthood.

    3. Birth control is elective (as are abortions), and should not be part of any mandatory benefit package. Period. Discussion over.

  10. http://volokh.com/2010/06/01/s…..n-the-war/

    Great post. Very depressing when you think about the US today.

    1. “Work slowly,” “Act stupid,” “Cry and sob hysterically at every occasion,” and my personal favorite, “Be as irritable and quarrelsome as possible without getting yourself into trouble.”

    2. The Reich administration was already so bureaucratic that anything Allied operatives might have done was lost in the noise.

      Correspondence from one of those operatives: “Sorry for the delayed response. I had to fill out 27 forms in triplicate before i could take a break to write this. Please get me out of here, I’m going insane.”

  11. the “entitled” electorate will be screaming with torches and pitchforks for single-payer. In their minds, shitty rationed care is better than no care.

    But the Veterans’ Administration hospitals are totally awesome, and everybody should have the right to go there.

  12. It will be OK if citizens miss their deadlines… right?

  13. I wish I could be optimistic, and assume that the health care bill will either be invalidated through the courts, or fail miserably, and be legislated out of existence.

    If all was even remotely right in this country, the fact that the underlying premise of this bill doesn’t pass even a cursory glance at the constitution, should make the outcome a given. However since the constitution has been twisted and ignored more and more each year, I really think that is unlikely.

    On the legislative front, I’m depressed to realize that I agree with Groovus Maximus. I expect that when people start to realize that this government fix made the situation worse, many will clamor for another fix, and congress will be only too happy to comply.

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