This Is Getting Ridiculous


Houston Community College not only has its own police department, it has its own SWAT team.

(Via Scott Henson)

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  1. I’m guessing “Bring your Dog to School” day is not real popular.

    1. Yes, and neither is “Take Your Daughter to School Day”.

    2. Actually, you can bring your dog but he never comes home.

  2. Yes, ridiculous. But have you ever been to Houston? It’s not such a stretch of the imagination.

    1. I am now living in Houston, and I don’t see why they need a police force – they could just allow students to pack a piece.

    2. I live in Houston. What are you talking about?

      1. Must have turned around in the last decade. My experiences weren’t great.

  3. ROTFL, thats too funny. Do they have their own donut shop as well?


    1. Has the bot ever won a thread?

      1. I think it just did.

        1. I concur.

          anonbot— you are a sexy, ethereal creature.

          Lust. Caution.

      2. Winna!

    2. Lou is the man.

  4. In fairness, the guy seems to be in trouble for actually having the gall to fire cops who need firing. The tactical squad is over the top. But actually firing people for misconduct is not.

  5. They see me rollin.
    They hatin.
    Patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me ridin dirty.

  6. Next step:

    SWAT teams for kindergarteners.

    1. SSWAT teams for intellectually disabled students.

    2. SWAT for Tots!

    3. Next step:

      SWAT teams for kindergarteners

      Check with Balko. It may have already been done.

    4. I heard the Governator is making a new movie: Kindergarten SWAT.

      1. Y’never know when some five-year-old is gonna bust out an AK and start gunning down Little Timmy on the playground!

        1. If it is the “Timmy” of the “Crippled Children’s Fund”, I’ll help pay for the five-year-old’s bail.

  7. Guys, it’s only defensive… against roving biker gangs and stuff.

  8. It’s a community college. How much trouble can single moms, girls getting a nursing degree to find a doctor husband, and losers who drank their way through the last year of high school really be?

    1. They might be smoking dope. And they might have a welsh corgi that is a threat to the officers’ safety.

      If you read the article, it seems he formed the squad to respond to Virginia Tech type shootings, which is completely stupid granted. But, I don’t think he was having them out kicking down doors picking up parking violators.

      1. Yet. Just wait til they get bored or need to start justifying the existence of their department.

      2. But Houston Community College? The University of Kentucky has three cops, and one of them is always in the office to monitor calls. We haven’t had a riot since desegregation.

        1. Lazy ass hillbillies.

        2. I’ve been to Houston a few times, and at least back then it was the asshole of America (just on the other side of the ballsac that is New Orleans that dangles below phallic Florida). And if their community colleges are anything like Chicago’s (Harold Washington downtown always has real cops parked within a block), I can see the justification. Not that I agree with forming a SWAT team.

          1. When did you visit Houston? It has poor neighborhoods, yes, but it really isn’t particularly scary.

            1. About 8 years ago.

        3. Well, you know if Rand Paul is elected, they might need that SWAT team…

      3. Here’s a wacky idea, let the students carry on campus. But then, you don’t get to wear all your mallninja bullshit around, either.

    2. I don’t know, those ladies get pretty crazy when going for that MRS degree.

      1. Well, they do get pretty crazed from the chain-smoking to keep their weight in check for those next few precious months until they can hide in voluminous scrubs.

    3. Re: SugarFree,

      It’s a community college. How much trouble can single moms, girls getting a nursing degree to find a doctor husband, and losers who drank their way through the last year of high school really be?

      Those single moms and nursing students can be tough. I guess.

  9. I think Reason should have its own heavily armed tactical unit.

    1. OMG citizens militia!
      Call Janet!

    2. Considering the weaponry that has been claimed by various posters on this site over the years, I believe Reason already does.

    3. It’d debut on the SPLC hate group list at number one!

      1. Hell yeahzz!

  10. Good point. But if they don’t quite make it that long there’s always teaching: where fat single women go to take their sexual frustration out on kids they’ll never have.

    1. this was to SF @ 11:57

  11. My friend was caught smoking weed in our dorm. Actually, every pothead except me was caught. (Get prepared for a book on the awesomeness that was Smith 3.) He was with his girlfriend and they had just had sex, so she was naked. The cops made them open the door and she got behind the door with a blanket to cover herself. They got a possession rap because of some stems and seeds.

    Upon leaving, the cop menacingly told the girlfriend: If you hide behind the door when police come in, you WILL be shot.”

    Indiana University Police Department. Motherfuckers. I had a friend get a ticket for walking home (above age) drunk . He asked “What, would you prefer that I was driving?” He was responded with nonplussed eyes.

    I was also stopped by police biking the wrong way on a bike lane. I was biking the three houses over from my place so I could turn onto 1st. He refused to understand the situation and proceeded to yell at me about bike safety.

    1. You’re a regular Al Capone

    2. I have a friend who was a university cop at IU if I am not mistaken. I never heard of him writing a ticket to someone that was drunk. But he did arrest people for being drunk. And the reason why he did was the Department’s lawyers made a big stink out of letting drunk people walk home because if they later stumbled in front of a car or came to some other harm, the university would be sued for not arresting them.

      Not defending the cops on the ticket. But I think it is a good example of the flip side of being able to sue everyone for anything bad that happens to you.

    3. If you hide behind the door when police come in, you WILL be shot.”

      To which, the appropriate response would be, ‘if anything happens to me, pig, my family would kill you and yours.’

      1. Now, THAT’S a social contract!

    4. There is a plus side to campus incompetence. When I was going to Memphis State, the local university cops were such a-holes that the real cops wouldn’t run plates for them.

      The result was that I could pretty much park with impunity at any meter on campus. I’d get back from classes with a few tickets on the windshield and just laugh. Since the city cops wouldn’t run the plates I was the ghost Dodge Omni that couldn’t be brought to justice.

      I did once get semi-roughed up for being real drunk in the front yard of the frat house. I was 23 or something and when the cops rolled up every underage brother gave me his beer to hold. My drunken giggling as I insisted they were all mine pushed one of the campus cops over the edge. Luckily his partner was giggling too and pulled the guy off me before too much damage was done.

  12. They have to have a SWAT team to get all of that free government anti-terror and anti-drug money. Plus what cops don’t want to have military surplus weapons donated to them by the DOD.

  13. Well, it does make a warped amount of sense. I mean, yeah, Houston PD has a SWAT team, but they’re out serving warrants on pot somkers. You just can’t rely on them if something goes wrong, so HCC has to cover their bases. Plus, I’m sure HCC’s SWAT is trained to the exacting standards we’ve come to expect from the HCC system in general.

  14. Off topic, but worth noting for anyone interested in how the most recent chapters of Chicago’s firearm ban saga have unfolded. First, the reporter that received a shamefully crude answer to a question he posed at a press conference with Mayor Daley shares his thoughts in this week’s Chicago Reader……

    His article had probably already gone to press by the time this happened…


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