Equal Time for Pogo


It's been a good year for strange political ads. But I'm not sure I've seen anything that outweirds this effort (warning: not really safe for work) that the Anarchist Pogo Party put together in Germany five years back:

The German public broadcasting network ARD was apparently required by law to air the ad uncensored. Now there's a country that takes its equal time rules seriously.

[Via Roderick Long.]

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  1. The best political ad ever 🙂

    1. Now, you see, this is what I’ve been talking about.

  2. Mein Gott im Himmel. And these are the same people that almost drove their forces all the way to Moscow.

  3. WTF did I just watch?

    1. The future of the Tea Party movement.

      Now pass the canned dog food and the axe, I need to teach this random 10 year old about tits and group sex.

      1. Hardly. It’s clearly a left anarchist party.

  4. This add reinforces what I learned from living in Germany for a year and a half:

    Germans sure are a crazy bunch.

  5. Well, it did its job. I now have the urge to shave my head, move into a punk rock house, and be so fucked up that I appear on a video shirtless wearing what I assume is a Mexican Wrestler’s mask.

  6. It’s the Party Party: What’s the problem?

    1. Yeah, except for the awful music, I’d vote for them.

  7. Finally something that makes sense.

  8. Ahhh, I begin to understand the mental state required to bail out Greece.

  9. Is it a coincidence that this is posted directly after the cruise advertisement? Or are you trying to tell us something?

    1. They really are going to link up with the hedonism cruise!

  10. German’s – the fat americans of europe

    1. I thought that title belonged to the British?

    2. Canade = the annoying Scandinavians of America

  11. Lamest anarchists since Chumbawumba.

  12. Lamest anarchists since Chumba Wumba.

    1. On an unrelated note, when I first submitted by comment with “Chumba Wumba” being one word (which would be the correct spelling of the band’s name) it got blocked as spam. You win this round, spam filter!

      1. Chumbawumba, while claiming to be anarchists, are in favour of increased government arts funding.

    2. Thanks for reminding me of that godawful “I get knocked down, manamananagain” song. Hearing that everywhere was just one more reason why 1997 sucked.

      1. “manamananagain”

        You mean “But I get up again” right?

        1. Seriously?

          1. including name thing is pretty old.

    3. Years ago, a Hastings books’n’music store here went out of business, and they had approximately fifty copies of that gawdawful Chumbawumba CD… marked down to a dollar… and STILL no one bought them.

      I did buy one, but I gave it to a buddy who has a Wall of Shame. He parked it right next to a Jim and Tammy Faye vinyl.

  13. It’s obviously a Spoonerian objection to government monopoly of the mail system. Duh. I guess you just have to be a fellow anarchist to get it.

    1. Or live in the Land of Beer and Chocolate to get it.

  14. Germans are crazy mofos.
    They let kids drink at 16, but not drive until 18.
    They drink Fanta.
    Their most popular sport is Handball.

    1. Don’t fuck with Fanta mate.

      1. I haven’t even seen Fanta in years in the parts of the USA I’ve been, it apparently having been displaced by other economy brands of drink. It did succeed for a while at something few other economy brands did — placement in/of vending machines. ISTR Fanta Orange’s taste resembling that of baby aspirin.

    2. Fussball called. They want their place in German society back.

      1. Fu?ball called they want their spelling back.

        1. Didn’t feel like looking up the alt code.

    3. Letting kids dring before letting them drive always seemed reasonable to me. What’s wrong with that? Letting kids drive at 16 and drink and 21 seems to lead too much more problems. Though kids are only allowed to drink beer and wine at 16, spirits are allowed at 18 (not that that has ever stopped anyone).

    4. Yeah, but that’s what we in North America call team handball to distinguish it from the court (Irish) handball that we usually mean by just “handball”. It’s like soccer using hands instead of feet, basketball with the goal on the ground, or water polo without the water.

      1. I should have mentioned that it’s fun, though, especially for those who want a team ball game that doesn’t require the high development of specialized skills the way some similar games do to be competetive, nor is there as much running required as in many of them. The goalies do need to be quick, though.

  15. NIce! Now that is what I am talking about!


    1. That got me right on the funny bone, yeah!

  16. That got me right on the funny bone, yeah!

  17. I totally wish to subscribe to their newsletter.

  18. Whoa, you guys, they have a Myspace page. And it’s everything you would hope for: annoying music that plays automatically, cool customized layouts, plus all the crazy you would expect. Europeans are so cute.

  19. You know, I’ve seen that ad before, but Salon linked to it as a Rand Paul campaign ad.

  20. Anarchists? Bah! Based on this vid, they aren’t much more extreme than your normal everyday middleaged Hausfrau during Fasching. And much more tame than the stuff that goes on during the Volksfests…

    1. Well, the party alwayws says they’re not anarchists but pogo-anarchists. Completely unrelated ideology.

  21. “I have seen the enemy…

  22. “We have lamed the quote, and he is us.” Fuck me, I suck.

  23. Makes me wish that I had taken a picture of the burka-bedecked schwarma joint situated next to a S&M-advertising sex shop . . . Stuttgart, Germany. Bought the greatest white elephant gift ever . . . a white elephant thong . . . guess what sheathed your “trunk?” Also, I didn’t realize that overweight blow-up dolls had a customer base.

    1. Everything has a customer base in Germany.

      1. This.

        Everywhere I go, the Germans are already there, and they’re usually involved in the some of the weirdest shit imaginable.

    2. Doner kebabs are the best thing about Germany. Can’t find one even remotely close on this side of the pond.

      1. This, ladies and gentleman. Motherfucking THIS.

        I’m in Korea trying not to get bombed. Among other vacations I’m going back to Germany in Sept. I’m going to eat nothing but doner.

      2. I’m kinda partial to their beer . . . cheaper than water. Likewise, you can’t find anything like it in the US.

        1. What do you have against L?wenbr?u? 🙂

          1. Other than it tastes like shit?

      3. Damn straight! If I didn’t have a good-paying, secure (at least as far as I know) job, two (soon to be three) kids to put through college, and six-figure student loan debt I would open up a D?ner joint here in Chicago. Gyros would be a thing of the past.

      4. The best thing about the Wasatch Mountains are the Donner kebabs.

    3. Maverick – where is it? I’m in Stuttgart, and more than willing to get a pic. Plus, I’d just like to see this place…

      1. The hazy memory (lots of mulled wine and beer) that I have is that this particular doner place is near the Royal Hotel (Marienstrause and Sophienstrause)–possibly on Sophienstrause. It’s easily walkable from Schlosplatz (New Palace area). A couple of other landmarks nearby are Sophie’s Brauhaus and Biddy Early’s Irish Pub–both are worth checking out. The adult store is easy to spot–it had a large mural of a barely clothed S&M couple. But, this was over two years ago . . .

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