Or Else They'll Have to Write a Strongly Worded Letter


As I blogged last week, the South Korean government has quietly suggested that explosive residue found in the wreckage of its sunken naval vessel clearly indicated North Korean involvement. Now, according to the Washington Post, the government in Seoul will formally charge Kim Jong-Il's dictatorship with the attack, which took the lives of 46 sailors.

South Korea reached its conclusion that North Korea was responsible for the attack after investigators from Australia, Britain, Sweden and the United States pieced together portions of the ship at the port of Pyongtaek, 40 miles southwest of Seoul. The Cheonan sank on March 26, following an explosion that rocked the vessel as it sailed in the Yellow Sea off South Korea's west coast.

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because South Korea has yet to disclose the findings of the investigation, said that subsequent analysis determined that the torpedo was identical to a North Korean torpedo that had previously been obtained by South Korea.

With the end of the failed "Sunshine Policy," it is unclear what, if any, response is forthcoming. As the Post notes, North Korean "artillery could—within minutes—devastate greater Seoul, which has a population of 20.5 million."

In other North Korean Are Crazy news, Zimbabwean scumbag Robert Mugabe plans to ship a "Noah's Ark" of animals to the malnourished prisoners of the Hermit Kingdom:

The British conservation group Born Free has joined the outcry against a plan by Zimbabwe to ship a "Noah's Ark" of wildlife, including two young elephants, to North Korea.

News reports last week said the animals, reportedly two of every species in Zimbabwe's 14,600 square kilometer Hwange National Park, are to be a gift from Zimbawean President Robert Mugabe to his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Il.

The title reference, from this brilliant scene in Team America: