War on Drugs

This Is Your Country on Drugs


Another day, another wrong-door drug raid terrorizing an innocent grandmother:

An elderly Polk County woman is hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a heart attack when drug agents swarm the wrong house.  Machelle Holl tells WSB her 76-year-old mother, Helen Pruett, who lives alone, was at home when nearly a dozen local and federal agents swarmed her house, thinking they were about to arrest suspected drug dealers.

"She was at home and a bang came on the back door and she went to the door and by the time she got to the back door, someone was banging on the front door and then they were banging on her kitchen window saying police, police," said Holl.

Holl says her house was surrounded and she was scared to open the door.

Radley Balko's must-read column on this unconscionable and ongoing American outrage here.

Hat tip to reader Nick West.