It's Mother's Day! Have You Subscribed Your Mom to's YouTube Channel?


It's Mother's Day and kudos, props, and congratulations to all the past, present, and future mothers out there!

It's a perfect occasion to sign Mom, Dad, or yourself up for's YouTube channel. When you suscribe, you can get automatic notifications when new material goes live, so you'll be in the know the minute we got something to tell you. It's easy. Just go here now. While you're there, check out recent videos about last week's Los Angeles May Day protest against Arizona's new immigration law, a video on whether the Tea Party Movement is racist (short version: no), whether vaccines cause autism, and 3 reasons YouTube shouldn't censor Downfall parodies.

Or check out's number one hit (without a bullet, thank god!): Cop Brings Gun to Snowball Fight!, our you-were-there footage of last December's biggest news story apart from the absolute collapse of all that was good and decent about the world economy.

And remember kids, it's dangerous out there. And that saints and sinners and poets and preachers and even cops have mothers.

NEXT: Congratulations to Radley Balko, Winner of WPA Maggie Award for "Forensics Fraud?"

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  1. Yey, Mothers Day. Mom’s ROCK!


    1. German Skillet-Baked Pancakes

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      Preparation1. Preheat the oven to 425?F.

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      1. For the record, I do know that “preheat” is grammatically incorrect. One can heat an oven; one cannot “preheat” an oven.

      2. Anon bot gotta eat. Or does it?

      3. I’d save the recipe response for the trolls. We know the privacy bot is at least in favor of freedom of speech.

        1. Good point.

        2. I also see no reason to insult our future overlord.

    1. OMG, I laughed out loud. That’s probably wrong, but…!!!


      1. I don’t blame you for laughing. Unfortunately, I’ll be homeless in a matter of days. My fear and bitterness keep me from taking good care of myself. No joke.

        1. Oh dear – I do hope you have some friends/associates to turn to.

          Much as Reasonoids are individualists, there are times many of us can use a (voluntary 🙂 assist.

          Good luck.

          1. Almanian’s advice is priceless.

            Deep thanks for friends. The times I’ve helped mine meant nothing, the times they helped me meant everything, the world.

            Good luck, Brian.

        2. If you don’t have friends or associates to turn to, you might start looking into shelters, as unpleasant as that may sound now.

          It would also be a good time to start looking for a job, although, with the understanding that if you want one, you aren’t going to find much above restaurant work / quickie mart clerk right now.

    2. If that was real, and not some parody piece of conceptual art — dude, get over it. Get a job, get a life, and quit whining. Life ain’t fair, but you can either have a ‘tude or deal with it.

      1. If my best isn’t good enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you about that.

    3. 8 My son, hear the instruction of your father,
      And do not forsake the law of your mother;
      9 For they will be a graceful ornament on your head,
      And chains about your neck.

      20 Wisdom calls aloud outside;
      She raises her voice in the open squares.

  2. I just realized I could do this, since my 79-year-old mom not only shocked me and got onto the interwebs last year, she got a Mac.

    Thanks for the offer, Nick/Reason!

  3. Cops don’t have mothers – they are reptile/human hybrids cloned in laboratories for the benefit of the oligarchy.

    1. I thought that was just me.

  4. I think my mom would disown me if she knew my political views. fucking MSNBC.

    1. There are still people who watch that chanel?

      1. chanel #5?

        1. Sorry, forgot an “n”. Channel – MSNBC.

      2. I think its only my mom. a

  5. Anyone know whatever became of that cop?

    1. Fuck that guy. That’s what.

  6. We would like to thank all the little people out there who have made this sham holiday what it is today. There’s one of you born every minute. Thanks again!

    1. from this morning:

      Some of the things your mother has done for you in the span of your life:

      – fed you
      – washed you
      – wiped you
      – kept you safe from monsters
      – kept you safe from Uncle Frank, who has been forbidden from coming within fifty feet of a child
      – helped you buy a car
      – helped you pay the tickets you acquired while driving said car
      – helped you get the aforementioned car out of impound when you somehow “accidentally” got towed when you didn’t use the money she gave you to pay those tickets
      – lied to the cops about knowing where you were the night of October 14, 1998
      – let you crash in her basement until you could “get back on your feet”, which turned out to be a period of 7 years

      Total list of things you’ve done for your mother in that same time frame:

      – macaroni pictures
      – given her an ulcer
      – introduced her to several fine members of law enforcement
      – given her nothing but flowers on Mother’s Day

  7. My mom doesn’t have the intertubez. What channel is Reason.TV on Shaw cablesystems? What package is it part of?

  8. In other news, F?hrer Obama does not like new techologies that enable people to get information outside of the tradional media outlets:…..UFXbffoObg

    1. Shocking. He’s probably also blaming new technologies for the inflation rate hitting 30%.

      Oh, that was Venezuela. I get those guys confused.

  9. The losertarian anti-police shtick is the most disgusting part of the whole cult. Rent-a-cops and private black-shirt style police would be so much better. Thank God you mother fuckers are but pimples on the ass of politcial thought. Go suck Ron paul’s cock. And happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Chicken Paella
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      Serve it with some big clusters of lemon without peeling like decoration.

  10. Is this Max person actually Michael Medved?

    1. You’re assuming it’s a person.

    2. I believe Max is someone’s master’s thesis work in performance art.

    3. Medved? Why are you pulling him from the sewer’s depths to place him on such a comparatively lofty perch?

        1. The thing about Medved is he is actually good at his former job of being a movie reviewer. It is when he gets into almost any other topic that he falls flat.

          1. Great movie critic and political hack.

            Can’t recall the topic when I first heard his radio show, but I recall thinking he sounded almost reasonable. One of those moments when Republicans were pretending to favor reduced government size and power I imagine. Didn’t take long after that to figure out he was shilling for the party be they right or wrong. That type of team spirit is fine with grade school sports, is anyone really effected by which junior high school ball team wins or loses? Politics is different, we all suffer the consequences. Team spirit in US politics serves only to keep the one party’s two party charade going.

  11. Hey, I want to save the ta-tas as much as anyone, but the gorram Race for the Cure has roughly every street I can possibly travel on blocked off today. Can’t you have a meaningless ostentatious display of support for a cause without disrupting the lives of us prostate-bearers?

    1. Just curious, are you like a boy named Sue, a very rare sort of chick one with a prostate gland, or a member of some creepy cult in which you present the prostate glands as part of some kind of sacrificial ceremony?

  12. My 93 year old mother has been using computers since pre-Internet times, yet over the past few years she has gotten to the point she can’t remember how to send an email most of the time. We’ll see if she even manages to open the happy Mother’s day email I sent her without encountering tremendous difficulty. Subscribing to a You-Tube channel may be a little too much to ask at this point.

    Nice thought though. If you had suggested it ten years ago she would have understood and even appreciated it.

    1. Before the Internet, how did people download music onto their Ipods?

      1. They used to buy music. Really.

        1. Yes we did. And the really advanced music listeners took advantage of the cutting edge technology offered with 8-Track tapes. If you ever tried using a vinyl record player in a moving automobile you’ll understand just how important that new technology was at the time. A few years later anyone who bought music on an 8-Track was considered to be a moron. Cassettes took their place, then compact disks, and eventually mp3 players and down loading music onto iPods. Doubtful the iPods will ever be popular though, too much money for a device with a name that sounds like an egg laid by a space alien.

  13. Mother’s day is always a great holiday for me, because I love her very much. For me, it is always very traditional, I’m looking for the right greeting or quote on the site happymothersdayquote, after food buys it several gifts. Of course, on this day I have to spend it with her and so my wife and I go to congratulate our mothers.

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