It's Mother's Day! Have You Subscribed Your Mom to's YouTube Channel?


It's Mother's Day and kudos, props, and congratulations to all the past, present, and future mothers out there!

It's a perfect occasion to sign Mom, Dad, or yourself up for's YouTube channel. When you suscribe, you can get automatic notifications when new material goes live, so you'll be in the know the minute we got something to tell you. It's easy. Just go here now. While you're there, check out recent videos about last week's Los Angeles May Day protest against Arizona's new immigration law, a video on whether the Tea Party Movement is racist (short version: no), whether vaccines cause autism, and 3 reasons YouTube shouldn't censor Downfall parodies.

Or check out's number one hit (without a bullet, thank god!): Cop Brings Gun to Snowball Fight!, our you-were-there footage of last December's biggest news story apart from the absolute collapse of all that was good and decent about the world economy.

And remember kids, it's dangerous out there. And that saints and sinners and poets and preachers and even cops have mothers.