New Poll: Voters Don't Like Health Care Reform, But Don't Want It Repealed Either


Politico reports on recent poll data about the new health care law: 

The Quinnipiac polls, conducted in three states across the past month, all find likely voters to have complex and contradictory views on these repeal lawsuits as well as health care reform itself.By a slight majority, likely voters tend to oppose the health care reform law. But they also tend to oppose the repeal lawsuits as a "bad idea" that would, for a sizeable portion of voters, make them "less likely" to support a given candidate. In short, voters simultaneously don't want to health care reform but don't want to challenge it either.

I suspect mixed messages further reduce the chances that we'll see politicians make significant efforts to repeal the law. But the unpopularity of the law in its current state might be enough to build support for some significant reforms.

I argued that ObamaCare was unlikely to get more popular after passage here.