New Poll: Voters Don't Like Health Care Reform, But Don't Want It Repealed Either


Politico reports on recent poll data about the new health care law: 

The Quinnipiac polls, conducted in three states across the past month, all find likely voters to have complex and contradictory views on these repeal lawsuits as well as health care reform itself.By a slight majority, likely voters tend to oppose the health care reform law. But they also tend to oppose the repeal lawsuits as a "bad idea" that would, for a sizeable portion of voters, make them "less likely" to support a given candidate. In short, voters simultaneously don't want to health care reform but don't want to challenge it either.

I suspect mixed messages further reduce the chances that we'll see politicians make significant efforts to repeal the law. But the unpopularity of the law in its current state might be enough to build support for some significant reforms.

I argued that ObamaCare was unlikely to get more popular after passage here.

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  1. Repeal the law or face extreme consequences when it helps to bankrupt the U.S. Like people with torches extreme.

    1. I can envision the day that America is screaming for its bailout, using the look how much we’ve helped the world angle. Although China’s been bailing us out for years.

      1. Seriously, who the fuck is gonna bail us out? China can’t afford the totality of our bills, they’ve only been helping with a portion. Europe is fucked. And nobody else on the planet has money….cept maybe the Middle East.

        That’s when the alien’s show up, to bail out the entire planet. Too bad us humans suck at Fine Print. The interest rates on interstellar loans are…well, stellar. Then Earth gets foreclosed on and we’re all homeless.

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        1. I resent being implicated in the worthless rantings of some socialist nutcase.

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          1. Oh shit, It responded to John at the bottom of the thread. My god, it has gone sentient, but its spelling has suffered, at least.

          2. I resent being compared to Max

            1. Sorry, but if it’s any consolation, your posts are much more entertaining than max’s.

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      1. red food coloring? Kind of a disappointing source of the color for something called “red velvet”.

        There’s got to be a red liqueur that would work…

  3. WOW!! You really nail things Max!! Nice thining!!

  4. Ugh, but unfortunately entirely what I predicted. There’s a pretty short window to repeal.

    The nature of our system makes passing new legislation much harder than repealing it (since repeal requires passing something else) in any case, even outside voter preferences.

  5. They may simply fear what may come to replace it.

  6. Further proof that polls (and their legally binding cousin, elections) are an insane way to conduct policy.

  7. This, coupled with the story yesterday about the “socialism”, “capitalism”, and “family values” poll, shows that most people just don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

  8. I should be on Reason’s parroll. Without my provocations, some of these goofy posts wouldn’t get more that 20 comments. You fucking market worshipers have never figured out how the market actually works, have you?

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      1. That sounds pretty good, actually. Do you think fresh corn on the cob would work? Or would it get to mushy?

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        1. Onion-onions have more water than leeks, and scallions/greenonions have more flavor. Other than that, i don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      3. That’s chicken corn chowder.

  9. I’m sure the confusion in those poll results has nothing to do with the phrasing of the questions.

  10. Reason needs registration. The number of trolls has gone up alarmingly lately.

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        1. Are there that many ways to say “Isn’t he dreamy?”

        2. I guess we need more posts about boobies to attract the riff-raff.

        3. Quality, Tony, not Quantity.

        4. The silent majority is called such because it’s… silent.

          Not that libertarians are such, though. Or have claimed to be.

    2. Eh, that doesnt really help, Politico has registration and its littered with retarded trolls.

      1. I think people are getting bots and trolls confused.

        Registration only stops bots (for now). Trolls are losers with WAY MORE than enough time to fill out a stupid registration form.

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  13. Of course, the Politico article is misleading spin. The writer does her best to suggest running against HCR if a bad idea, according to the poll. But what the poll actually shows is that people don’t want to courts to overturn it.

    In other words (surprise, surprise) a majority doesn’t want activist courts. Which is not the same as saying a majority wouldn’t support legislative repeal, or at least massive overhaul.

    1. But what the poll actually shows is that people don’t want to courts to overturn it.

      In other words (surprise, surprise) a majority doesn’t want activist courts having a fucking clue that overturning unconstitutional laws is what courts are supposed to do.

  14. People what change, even though they have no idea what it is, or should be. It’s just a word to induce excitment these days.

  15. If the lawsuits are successful, they won’t repeal ObamaCare in its entirety — only the insurance mandate.

    If that happens, private health insurers will be out of business within two weeks, and we can say hello to socialized medicine to save us from “market failure”.

    Call me complex or contradictory if you want, but I oppose the lawsuits for that reason.

    1. Tulpa, private insurance is dead anyway, regardless of the lawsuits. Dead by design, of course. Self-insured companies are already saying they plan to drop their coverage and pay the fine when the day comes.

      I support the lawsuits; they can’t really make things any worse, and who knows, we may get a Court saying that there are limits to the federal government’s powers after all.

      1. “I support the lawsuits; they can’t really make things any worse

        I hope you fucking knocked on wood after that.

  16. We are surrounded by invincibly ignorant asshats…we hate this thing, but don’t you dare remove it. Pogo was right.

  17. Typical American views. American politics have made me come to the conclusion that you treat this country like a job. You make your money then look for greener pastures. People just use the government to screw over each other and their own future generation, then point the finger elsewhere when the scam blows up.

    1. I’ve almost reached the point of thinking it’s actually outright immoral to create offspring in this country.

      Or maybe I already have.

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