Friday Fun Link, British Elections Edition


The Silly Party and the Sensible Party, down to the wire:

Link via Dr. Frank. Who, come to think of it, is author of one of my five favorite songs about London.

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  1. You’ve made Viking Moose cry, I’ll have you know!

  2. Silly party?? Britain has a libertarian party?

    1. I was in the liquor store this evening, and on the TV there, some Brit was saying that one thing the Conservative and Liberal Dems had in common was a respect for the free market and the rights of the individual.

      I then purchased bourbon. I was going to anyway, but still.

  3. The Silly Party makes me think of Screaming Lord Sutch’s, PBUH, Official Monster Raving Loony Party……..oony_Party

    …which dovetails nicely with Lord Sutch’s history with pirate radio stations and micro-states, and micro-state heads literally killing each other over the stations–only to be tried in British courts and exonerated for self-defense.…..City_death

    Did someone else mention Screaming Lord Sutch around here recently? Why was I thinking about that? Maybe it was in the WSJ? I don’t know.

    …and now for something completely different.

    1. Yep, front page of the WSJ. Yesterday, maybe?

  4. I weep for your taint, Matt. The Urkobold will surely not abide this blatant rip-off.

    1. I plead ignorance! Which, if nothing else, should be believable….

      1. I’m sure the Moose will forgive. Though he demands. . .a sacrifice!

          1. Wake up!

            1. I did!
              [looks around]
              What day is this?

        1. or a shrubbery.

  5. The Urkobold is dangerous when aroused, but Viking Moose. . .well, we don’t like to talk about that much.

    A M??se once bit my sister.

    1. Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type makes me puke! You vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!

      1. Beware of Techno Viking Moose!

      2. Hey, I came here for an argument!

        1. Oh, I’m sorry – this is Abuse

    2. Your mother’s pussy smells of elderberries. So I fucked her a second time.

      1. Poor Jaime. He stopped when his vocabulary reached 200 words. “That was good enough for my ‘pa and it’s good enough for me,” he said, using up 10 of them.

        1. Plus the fact that is was actually his father that smelled of elderberries makes this even more disgusting.

          I guess any port in a storm, etc. etc.

  6. I am presently in behind the Great Firewall. I can see all the text on the page, even the comments, but the illustruation is block out. I am not able to complain about the FF’s.

    Sometimes I think we worry too much about government censorship. And then, I see where it can lead.

    Do I get a drink?

  7. Personally, I miss the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party.

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