Stinking Canadian Leads "Los Suns" to Victory in Basketball Game, Denounces Arizona Immigration Law.


Multiple MVP award-winner and known Canadian Steve Nash helped the NBA's Phoenix Suns beat the San Antonio Spurs in a playoff game last night. To acknowledge the Suns' many hispanic fans and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the most blatantly anti-American holiday since St. Patrick's Day and Columbus Day combined, the Suns donned jerseys that read "Los Suns," the clearest sign of sports-related cultural surrender since the Anaheim Amigos took the floor in the old ABA.

Worse than the (admittedly home-court) drubbing Los Suns has dished out to the Spurs so far in the playoffs is the franchise's stance against Arizona's new immigration law:

"I think the law is very misguided. I think it is unfortunately to the detriment of our society and our civil liberties and I think it is very important for us to stand up for things we believe in," Nash said of the bill. "I think the law obviously can target opportunities for racial profiling. Things we don't want to see and don't need to see in 2010."

Amare Stoudemire and Alvin Gentry also expressed their support for the decision with more of a focus on supporting their neighbors. "It's going to be great to wear Los Suns to let the Latin community know we're behind them 100%," Stoudemire said.

There's no question that this public move will receive considerable backlash in this state and likely among many Suns fans and perhaps even sponsors.

The idea of wearing Los Suns jerseys reportedly came from the managing partner of the team, a filthy businessman who only sees the color green and who is every bit as filthy as Canadian superstars in a sport that has lost too many goddamn jobs already to furriners from the North, South, East, and West. Here's hoping that a real red-blooded team that is 100 percent American (love it, leave it, just don't eat it on a tortilla or put cilantro on it) takes home whatever idiotic trophy the NBA winner gets. In other words, go Celtics, an Irish-only squad bravely not afraid to traffic in crass ethnic stereotypes in an ultra-P.C. world. Indeed, such bravery is almost enough to make people think of the micks as white. And by people, yes, I mean white people, whose ranks I expect to join someday.

To recap: Arizona, whose new law remains stunningly popular with freedom-loving volk from Flagstaff to the Sudetenland, bravely stepped in where the feds had abdicated its constitutional function to pass a law aimed at combating a crime wave that doesn't exist and is attributed to a steadily decreasing number of home-invasion mariachi bands from Anthony Quinn's ancestral homeland. The brave and misunderstood and constitutionally reverent legislators in the Grand Canyon State didn't want to have to act but goddamn it the frontier ain't no place to wait on goddamn Washington to step up to the plate and start doing its jobs of busting dishwashers and cracking on landscapers. How else are we going to get the economy and government spending under control if we don't kick out low-wage workers and stimulatize things via hepped-out police spending? Why, if former Gov. Evan Meacham, who once defended himself against charges of racism by calmly explaining that he picks blacks for positions when they are the best applicants for "the cotton-picking job," weren't already dead, this all would have surely killed him.

The Arizona law, despite proposed modifications (now less overtly nausea-inducing than Chi-Chi's old fried ice cream dessert), is still an awful piece of junk, encouraging the less-than-kosher antics of the world's toughest pink underwear salesman and downright un-American to boot (I'll tell you what, I never felt so goshdarned American as when I was driving around 1970s Waterbury, Connecticut with my non-English-speaking wop grandfather who would shout at blacks in Italian that they should go back to Africa and get a job already).

None of this is to make light of the serious problems posed by immigration—which historically include a booming economy (perversely, immigrants swarm to areas with opportunity and forego dead zones such as the Rust Belt); the enrichment of a national culture that prides itself on its syncretism (pizza, chop suey, birthday pinatas made in China, kids with names like Siobhan, Dingus, and Caitlin); the slowly diminishing ha-ha-ha of ethnic jokes (when is the last time you got a really good Polish joke?), and the decline of affirmative-action-based organized crime (yes, the Asians are very good at this too, goddamn model minorities, isn't it enough that they now are so good at the SAT that they are discriminated against in college admissions?), and much more.

And none of this is to suggest that Los Suns deserve to win a national title. Or that the Memphis Tams didn't deserve to be brought into the NBA much more so than the current set of "Grizzlies" imported from the North Pole and now playing (if you can call it that) in that fabled Mississippi River town.

Read Reason's 2006 Reality-Based Guide to Immigration Reform.

NEXT: The Failure of Surveillance Cameras

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  1. So, stereotypes are allowed if they are used with humor to skewer a policy that you don’t like?

    1. James, please have somebody explain the concept of ‘humor’ to you.

  2. I don’t get it. Who am I supposed to be made at here?
    The filthy, moose-worshiping cannibals that live to our north?
    Or the incoherent columnist?

  3. Good stuff, Jacket.

  4. (when is the last time you got a really good Polish joke?)

    There were some completely tasteless but nonetheless solid performances on the threads related to the Katyn airplane crash

    1. I remember that!

  5. Way to go, Nick! Self-serving, cynical, money-making publicity stunts aimed at the unsophisticated rabble should be celebrated.

  6. Condescension – a great way to win friends and influence people, particularly when unrelated to the facts.

  7. Pulleeze. If you are going to drag Memphis into this, at least go with my favorite non-PC team the Memphis Chickasaws. Their nickname – the Chicks – didn’t help either.

    Add in bonus points for a logo that is very similar to the one at the University of North Dakota (which gives the PC crowd a bad case of vapors).

  8. Pulleeze. If you are going to drag Memphis into this, at least go with my favorite non-PC team the Memphis Chickasaws. Their nickname – the Chicks – didn’t help either.

    Add in bonus points for a logo that is very similar to the one at the University of North Dakota (which gives the PC crowd a bad case of vapors).

  9. (when is the last time you got a really good Polish joke?)

    I forgot about them.

    My second-hand info is that TV shows (and comedians who work on TV) don’t do Polish jokes because “legal” won’t let them. They’re the Scientology of nationalities, lawsuit-wise.

    My first-hand experience is that one recorded joke that can be mistaken for a Polish joke is enough to get you a couple threatening Polish stalkers, at least one of whom will hound you until your (or his) death.

    I look forward to Mexicans gaining the power to erase themselves from comedy, too. It is the American Dream.

    1. Whoa! Easy there, gringo. A beaner has to eat!

      1. Says the Honduran.

        1. Racist!

          1. Wouldn’t be the first line you stole.

        2. Jonathan Bornstein?

          1. Nice.

            1. Have you ever heard the Honduras TV call of that goal? Holy crap!

    2. The only way to erase yourself from comedy is to get Mohammed’s “goo”, and only Rob Reiner knows how.

  10. I wonder if Nash carries his papers while playing? Because if a cop asks for them, he better have them on him.

  11. I think we should triple the immigration quotas. When I foated this idea at a Tea Party and on the Campaign for Liberty websight, the folks in both places liked the idea. The people making a fuss about Arazonia’s attempt to enforce immigration laws should redirect their attentions to raising immigration quotas and making legal immigration quicker.

    1. You’re right. the people making a fuss about the authoritarian nationalistic crap going on in Arizona right now should ALSO make a fuss about other authoritarian nationalistic crap. Finally, someone makes some sense.

  12. “To recap: Arizona, whose new law remains stunningly popular with freedom-loving volk from Flagstaff to the Sudetenland,”

    Way to Godwin yourself there Nick. Seriously, if a left blog talked about tax cuts being supported from Flagstaff to the Sudetenland” you and Cavenaugh would have a case of the vapors. But, I guess it is okay to Godwin people as long as it is on your side right?

    1. When the laws you are discussing have more than a passing resemblance to the Nuremberg Laws, then, by definition, it’s not a “Godwin,” you mendacious ass.

      1. Fuckin’ A!
        John — just get bent. Seriously, dude. You conservatives seem to be every bit as humorless as the liberals you so love to hate on.

      2. They in no way resemble the Nuremburg Laws. The Arizona Law does nothing but have the state do what the feds already have the power to do. Further, the power to control borders is something every other country in the world has the power to do. If anything, our enforcement of immigration laws is lax compared to the rest of the world.

        The reason why Godwin is a law that is invoked so often is because things like the Nuremburg laws were real. And they did things that are just unimaginable. Things that are beyond anything anyone who has spent their life in this country has ever experience. You don’t throw around that term lightly. It diminishes the real crime of those laws. It pisses on the graves of the victims of those laws. And it makes you a douche.

        You people need to get bent. If you think the Arizona laws are in anyway like the Nuremburg laws, you are either profoundly ignorant or profoundly dishonest. Either way you are adding nothing to the debate by making the point or the joke and need to shut the fuck up.

        1. you are either profoundly ignorant or profoundly dishonest

          Why can’t we be both?

        2. Go home, John. MNG is worth three of you.
          Hell, on an immigration thread I might trade you straight up for Dan T. (but only if they throw in a Mexican landscaper. And Hitler.)

          1. Yeah. You people are engaging in some real deep argument and thought. Comparing US immigration laws to the extermination laws of Nazi Germany is such high level thought. No CN, on immigration threads you are Chad. I haven’t even stated an opinion on the law. I am just calling you a douche for claiming the holocaust is happening in Arizona. You can dislike the law and still see that.

            1. I suggest reading John’s posts out loud in the voice of South Park’s Mr. Garrison.

              1. Bastard. I’ll never be able to stop doing that now.

                1. You go to hell and you die!

              2. All your hyperbole are belong to me.

              3. And John, I admit I probably shouldn’t have thrown a “Fuckin A!” to The Expatriate at that point. I don’t actually agree with him, except in that he disagreed with you. If you can’t see that Nick was doing the “distortion for funny” bit, fully aware that no, this is not really Kristalnacht — although it shares enough to make an over-the-top comparison funny — than you really are humor-impaired and can’t be helped.
                God. I hate having to explain this crap to the hoi polloi. Take it as a sign of love, John, that I made the effort.

                1. And I take back what I said about Dan T.. I can see how that would hurt. (But not Hitler and the Mexican Landscaper.)

                  1. LOL. For the record I think having local cops shake people down for passports is a really bad idea.

                  2. Dan T. was too far, dude. I’m sure that John’s wife doesn’t vomit in her mouth when he gets home and his kids don’t cry whenever he tries to touch them.

                    1. At my house my wife cries and the kids vomit on me.

                2. I realize Nick was making a joke. It was a bad joke and I called him on it. Nick has legitimate point to make about the Arizona law. I don’t think they are helped by calling those who support it Nazis even by joking implication.

                3. Actually, now that I re-read the post, I probably DID agree with The Expatriate on that one. Fuck. This is what happens when you start second-guessing yourself on a H&R thread. As God is my witness, I’ll never do it again.

              4. You SON OF A BITCH. Evil, evil genius.

                “I’m not a racist, but Mr. Hat is.”

                “White power! White Power!”

                1. What the hell have I spawned? God forgive me.

                  1. God forgives. I do not.

        3. Wow, that was the most sanctimonious twaddle that I have read in a long time. If you knew anything about the Nazis, other than watching Band of Brothers and masturbating, you would know that the Nazis didn’t just wake up one day and start killing people. They slowly acclimated the population by passing laws that dehumanized certain ethnicities, by forcing them to wear certain badges, or carrying papers that purported to show their “blood purity” or lack thereof.

          Now, I realize that, I, being an effete, college-educated, New Englander “cosmotarian,” tend to use polysyllabic latinate words, so perhaps you do understand my argument. For your benefit, I’ll restate it in clear, monosyllabic Anglo-Saxon:

          1. so you are opposed to federal laws restricting immigration into the US, and believe they inevitably lead to boxcars full of people being transported to the gas chambers?

            1. I’m actually opposed to the entire concept of the nation-state, but that’s a discussion for another time. However, to answer your question: in short, yes.

              1. Then you are an idiot. Canada enforces its borders to. Do you think they are on the road to Nazism? What about France and Britain? By your account every country in the world is going to kill off its population of undesirables. My God it is a miracle that true genocide has only happened maybe a half a dozen times in the horrible 20th Century. And I guess the Khmer Rouge didn’t kill those people because they were communists. Nope, the Khmer Rouge (and Stalin and every other mass killer for that matter) did it because they enforced their borders.

                Stupid is out early today.

                1. “Stupid is out early today”

                  So are people who don’t know the difference between to and too…

                2. And Mexico enforces its Southern border in ways that make Arizona look like Libertopia.

                  1. And Mexico is an example we should aspire to, of course.

              2. thanks for clearing up where you are on the political spectrum

              3. “I’m actually opposed to the entire concept of the nation-state, but that’s a discussion for another time. However, to answer your question: in short, yes.”

                i actually have a fair amount of sympathy for that approach, as the relatively free movement of people and goods has made the US great, and continues to enrich the lives of its people

                i also like the society we have built: i like that provocatively dressed women will have sex with me (more often would be nice, though), that my gay friends can live openly, that my nieces can choose to be doctors or housewives if they want, you can get a divorce if you don’t like each other, etc

                mass immigration from radically different cultures would change that; for example, bangladesh and indonesia have 400m people, and probably 100m of those would come here if given the chance, something which over time would radically change this country, so i think that practically there has to be some kind of restriction

                one big advantage we have is that our immigration “problem” is with a culturally similar group, which integrates pretty well

                hispanics like alcohol, sexy women, dancing to great music, humor, and working incredibly hard to succeed, all of which are a ok to me; europe is in a much tougher situation with its immigrant population

            2. Opposing a law because some things contained in it (ie, having to show papers to prove your citizenship) is not the same as opposing the objective of the law (reducing illegal immigation, presumably).

          2. You are an unbelievable idiot. Yeah, the Germans started by making people of certain ethnicities identify themselves. But that was everyone including citizens you fucking moron. Every country in the world requires resident aliens to carry their visas with them at all times. And every country in the world enforces its immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens. Are they all headed for putting people in ovens? Indeed, is the federal government by having CBP and ICE enforce the immigration laws and giving CBP the power to ask any person for whom there is reasonable suspicion that they might not be a citizen produce proof of citizenship the new SS? If so, they are a pretty shitty SS since they have been operating for about 70 years and still haven’t managed to kill off the inferior races.

            And as far as my knowledge of Nazi Germany, I think my knowledge will do just fine. Clearly you don’t know shit about anything that wasn’t in the Howard Zinn books you read in college. Because if you knew anything, you would know the Nazis also started out by advocating euthanasia and eugenics and killing off the insane and the sick and the handicapped. It wasn’t about making aliens have a VISA.

        4. Except that the Arizona law isn’t about state’s rights, it’s about foreign policy. I mean, if they wanted New Mexicans to prominently display their DLs on windshields, they could do that, but what would be the point?

      3. That “Nuremberg” law has been on the books since, as I recall, 1940.

        1. Yeah. It’s just like FDR to sign a law like that.

  13. What is the Canadian-equivalent term for “coyote”? Wolf? Badger? Beaver? (heh) Leafer?

    1. Winger.

    2. Fur trader? Or is that just for female white slavery trafficking?

      1. Way late but funny as hell.

  14. Um, is something wrong here?

    1. To clarify, I was making a technical comment. Hit & Run has been messed up for me off and on for a day or so. Especially this morning.

      1. I’m getting various Oops! messages from google as well.

      2. Me too. Probably the damn Mexican hackers pulling a denial-of-service.

      3. Yeah, my computer keeps having difficulty down loading the reason blog.

      4. I blame Balko’s post from yesterday.

        1. It’s the server Mexicans.

      5. I blame John and MNG agreeing the other day. A great disruption in the Force like that cannot be contained.

        1. Millions of posts cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


  16. “volk from Flagstaff to the Sudetenland”

    nice nazi reference, because of course slaughtering millions in death camps is EXACTLY THE SAME AS enforcing previously existing immigration laws, and in no way does your statement trivialize what was done in europe in the 1940s

    1. Nice ignorance of the lebensraum-esque policies that led to the Mexican-American War, and the genocidal wars against the Apache, and in no way does your ignorance change the fact that the same collectivist “blood and soil” Volksgemeinschaft ideologies that formulated Nazi polices are at work here in 2010 Arizona.

      Now please do us a favor and die a slow, painful death from brain cancer.

      1. Fuck you. You ignorant slut. Nothing that happened in the American SW even approaches the Holocaust. Mexicans lived there before the treaty of Guadalupe and lived there afterwards. We did not forcibly remove them like Hitler wanted to do to the Eastern Europeans.

        Further, if the US is Nazi Germany, why are Mexicans continuing to come here? There were not a lot of Jews or Poles looking to move to Germany in 1939.

        Beyond that, even if it were true, which it is not, the Arizona law has nothing to do with what happened in the 19th Century. It is allowing the State to do what every federal government in the world already does.

        So bend over and choke on your cock and die. And whatever you do, don’t come back to this country and pollute our gene pool.

        1. John = Dan T. of the right.
          Or Hitler.
          Or that really annoying bitch on Dancing With the Stars.

        2. What are you doing to do, Mr. Internet Tough Guy? Come to my house and beat me up?

          Nothing that happened in the American SW even approaches the Holocaust. Mexicans lived there before the treaty of Guadalupe and lived there afterwards.

          First of all, Mexicans do not equal Apaches. I thought you could read. English isn’t your second language, is it? By the way, look up the Greaser Act, if you can find a translation in the primitive pigdin that you speak.
          We did not forcibly remove them like Hitler wanted to do to the Eastern Europeans.

          Second, would it have been ok if Germany conquered its neighbors but not displaced them? Because, that’s what you seem to be arguing.

          Further, if the US is Nazi Germany, why are Mexicans continuing to come here? There were not a lot of Jews or Poles looking to move to Germany in 1939.

          Again, the US doesn’t equal Arizona. Will you stop with the equivocation?

          And whatever you do, don’t come back to this country and pollute our gene pool.

          Wow, that sounds a lot like something a Nazi would say, don’t you think? I’m certain the irony of that escapes you.

          1. No I just want stupidity out of the gene pool. It can be all colors of the rainbow, black white brown and beige. I just don’t want stupid people breeding.

            1. John 5.6.10 @ 10:39AM

              Nazis also started out by advocating euthanasia and eugenics and killing off the insane and the sick and the handicapped.


              1. As did the progressive movement in this country. Margaret Sanger was big on aborting the undesirables and sterilizing the ‘tards.

                1. And they loved the Nazis in the 1930s. The Nazis got a lot of love from sections of the country that later liked to pretend never gave such admiration.

              2. heh heh.
                Hoist, meet petard.

        3. “There were not a lot of Jews or Poles looking to move to Germany in 1939.”

          That premise would make a great comedy feature film.

          1. …the kinvolk kvetched
            “Chaim, move away from there”
            They said “Mecklenburg is the place that should contain-a-ya”
            So he loaded up the mule and he moved to Pomerania…
            …The Malchow Chosen
            (cue Earl Flatt’s Klezmer solo)

            1. [ slow clap ]

        4. I doubt his cock is big enough to choke a goldfish, but I digress.

      2. i am actually not comfortable with the arizona law, as additional powers given to police officers to hassle ordinary people are easily misused

        what bothers me is the casual use of nazi references to any policy or program which someone disagrees with

        it really does trivialize the unique nature of what occurred in nazi-controlled europe, and in doing so makes it easier for something like that to happen again

        plus, your comments make no sens:

        1) the people pushing these kinds of laws are as far from collectivist as possible

        2) the “apache” are not the target of the rules, hispanic immigrants are; you may want to re-read the legislation if you are unclear on this point

        3) when people start talking about “lebensraum-esque policies that led to the Mexican-American War” i feel some sympathy for hispanics displaced in that period, but i feel more sympathy for the indigenous peoples slaughtered and displaced by the hispanics

        4) and, as always, calling for the death of people who you disagree with politically is always lovely

          1. see what we mean?

        1. and, as always, calling for the death of people who you disagree with politically is always lovely

          MARG BAR MELMAN!

        2. what bothers me is the casual use of nazi references to any policy or program which someone disagrees with

          I have a problem with this too. But not because it trivializes Nazi Germany–I don’t think it really does that.

          My problem is that it trivializes the argument being made. You may have a great point to make. But the minute you pull out the Nazi comparison, most people just roll their eyes and quit listening because it’s easily recognized as extreme hyperbole.

      3. Since Manifest Destiny preceded lebensraum, shouldn’t lebensraum be Manifest Destiny-esque? Or was there a serious current of expansionist thinking in what would become Germany prior to 1845?

        1. I don’t think so. The Germans always felt land locked and a little paranoid and not without good reason. Napoleon ran all over Germany. And before that Louis XIV, the Hapsburgs and Swedes did the same thing. But, most of what happened prior to 1872 was just Germans wanting to have a single government and get rid of all of the petty Royalty sucking up resources. Further, not all the Germans really wanted to even unify let alone go out and conquer Europe. The Swabians, Hessians and Bavarians were not that wild about being dominated by Prussia.

          I think the whole “lebensraum” idea came out of the defeat in the First World War. Germany didn’t have access to the open ocean and didn’t have enough farm land to feed itself during the war. So, Hitler’s solution to that problem was to kick the Eastern Europeans off of their land and use it to make Germany self sufficient.

    2. Democrats are so concerned about the welfare of illegal immigrants they are making cheap political speeches. Rep Shelia Jackson-Lee (D-TX) gets a thumbs up from me for sponsoring HR 264 which would double diversity immigration slots from 55,000 to 110,000. She introduced the bill on 1/7/2009. A year later, not a single fellow Democrat has cosponsored the bill. There are a couple of bills in the process to make it easier for people with American family members to immigrate, but the Deomcrats’ record on diversity slots is as bad and the Republicans’ record.

      1. Ugh, more worship of “diversity.” How about more immigration slots for people who have marketable skills, education, and speak English, regardless of what they look like?

    1. Curse you and your joke handles, Something!

    2. That is a kick ass movie. I wish they showed more of the motorcycle with a machine gun though. That is cinematic genius.

      How great is America that a guy like Danny Trejo exists.

      [On being promoted from a $50/day extra to a $350/day boxing coach:] “How bad do you want this kid beat up?”

      [After being told the actor might hit back:] “For $350 a day, give him a bat. I used to get beat up for free.”

    3. Pure awsomeness.

      Why the hell can’t the Hollywood whiners do this stuff more often, instead of assaulting us with their puusified mewling cries of empathy and Very Concerned Expressions?

  17. Hmmm, most of the commentators above seem to favor shrinkage….of civil liberties. Are you sure you’re on the right blog?

    1. Maybe you should wait to see if any civil liberties are actually, you know, being “shrunk” before you eulogize the death of freedom in America. Like maybe after the bill goes into effect? Can you wait that long?

    2. What about the non-existent civil liberties of the people whose property and lives are actually at risk?

      You don’t have much “liberty” if you have to sit at home with a gun all the time, protecting your life and property from armed criminals. If leaving your home means that you’re going to find illegals squatting in the place when you return. I don’t care if the unsigned author of this piece wants to make jokes because the crime rate is falling, the fact is: These things are still happening.

      The author is not being reasonable in his humor. If armed members of the drug cartels, fueled by our Federal government’s irresponsible war on drugs, come across the border and harm American citizens, or their property, we need to call them what they are, armed raiders, and respond in accordance to Article 4, Sec. 4 of the United States Constitution.

      Rule of law amigo, rule of law. Res publica.

      A certain amount of government imposed law and order makes everyone more free.

      Libertarian doesn’t mean anarchist. We have different terms for those political belief systems for a reason.

    3. i do not like giving the police discretionary powers to hassle people, and the reality is that people will be hassled more depending on their appearance

      but it is also not very libertarian to be forced to pay for the expenses of people who get a free ride in many ways

      the solution is better controls a the border, not trying to hunt down illegals based on appearance

      plus more immigration from a wider range of countries, and based on the principle of choosing people who help the economy

      1. And don’t forget — no tax cuts until the welfare state is dismantled!

        1. Good point. Libertarians should never let short-term expediency run contrary to our long-term goals. Otherwise we’ll just compromise ourselves into oblivion.

  18. To acknowledge the Suns’ many hispanic fans and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… the Suns donned jerseys that read “Los Suns,”

    Empty gesture. I won’t be impressed until the announcers hablo Espa?ol.

    1. That would be “hablan”

    2. Is the year 2000 soon enough for you?

      The Suns become just the second NBA team to have games broadcast on television in Spanish, along with Miami. However, Phoenix’s 20 games give the club the biggest Spanish television package in the league. The Heat has 13 scheduled regular season games on Spanish television for 2000-01.

      Who’d have thought that the Phoenix Sun marketers of the second most popular team sport in the world would try to appeal to hundreds of thousands of local residents whose first language is Spanish?

      Think, google if necessary, then comment.

      1. I meant the in-stadium announcers.

        1. hell – they do it in English, Spanish, and Polish at chicago fire games…

          i think it’s cool as hell. love hearing foreign languages.

          1. You mean English?


  19. where does it stop? are they now going to be enforcing travelling in NBA games…

    1. + 3 steps

    2. I hereby decree: Win!

  20. Jesus. I love Nick’s rants. I feel like I just got out of a revival meeting!
    Bring it on, Satan!

  21. I think the jerseys were to be worn for cinco de mayo (part of the NBA’s latino marketing campaign) but were made into a protest after the SHTF. The Spurs wore Los Spurs jerseys a few times over the years and should never again because their record with them is horrible.

    Go Spurs.

    1. reading helps. fuck.

  22. Somewhere, underneath all the layers and contortions of sarcasm, there’s an actual argument being made. I think. I could be wrong.

  23. To acknowledge the Suns’ many hispanic fans and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo…the Suns donned jerseys that read “Los Suns”

    The Suns translates to Los Soles in Spanish. Los Suns is as maladroit as having the Germans in Hogan’s Heroes speaking a mixture of English and German idioms.

    1. The NBA addressed this. They said that spanish-speaking fans already called their teams los Suns or los Spurs and don’t actually translate their team names.

    2. Or FC Bayern Munich.

      1. Look at many of Argentina’s teams. “River Plate”, “Boca Juniors”, “Newell’s Old Boys”, “Arsenal”, “Argentinos Juniors”, “Chacarita Juniors”, “Racing”.

      2. That is an odd one. We call it Bayern Munich in English. But the Germans call it Bayern Munchen. Their logo says Bayern Munchen.

    3. My German Grandparents did that. You got a problem?

  24. Well done signore Gillespie.

  25. We came for the perks but we stayed for Los Suns!

  26. Fuck arguing. Sometimes you just gotta rally the troops.

  27. “Suns” is a proper noun representing the name of the franchise, therefore it doesn’t get translated. Thus it is completely valid to Spanishify the name as “Los Suns”.

    When Spanish language announcers called Bulls games (fer instance) they didn’t say “Miguel whatever-is-the-closest-translation-of-Jordan”. They said “Michael Jordan” in varying levels of accent.

    It’s most apparent in soccer where the Spanish-language announcers try their best to ensure the non-Spanish name sounds relatively close to how it should in its native language. Alternatively, they use crazy drawn-out Spanishified accents, but keep the gist of the name. Thirdly (and maybe most popularly), they use a shorthand or nickname and exaggerate the hell out of it (e.g. “Gooooch!” or “DaMarcoooos!” or “Lan-don!” (usually followed by a spit if the announcer is a Mexican national)).

  28. Fuck arguing.

    Blog commentary runs on arguing. Would you take that away from us?

    1. No. But you also need the jerks who do nothing but crack wise.

      1. Yeah, those guys are huge jerks.

        1. No shit, Epi.

    2. No, but you must show your papers before you may argue.

  29. So does this mean that I can sneak into Suns basketball games without a ticket and if they demand that I show them a ticket I can cry racism?

  30. Wow. That was a strange read.

    How do you guys know this is from Nick? I just see an unsigned editorial.

    1. It was signed when it was first posted.

      1. Then unsigned through sheer embarrassment?

        1. At one point, when I looked, fully half the first page’s worth of articles got de-signed.

          Probably due to a general squirrel strike.

          1. Just the Greek squirrels.

      1. Too lucid for Cavenaugh.

        1. And I’m wide awake.

          1. This was a bit of a tipoff, too –

            I’ll tell you what, I never felt so goshdarned American as when I was driving around 1970s Waterbury, Connecticut with my non-English-speaking wop grandfather who would shout at blacks in Italian that they should go back to Africa and get a job already.

  31. What exactly is wrong with trying to secure the border? I’m cool with immigrants, we need more people with the drive to better themselves. That being said, I want them here legally. Securing the national borders is one of those things the federal government actually should be responsible for, but they’ve abdicated that responsibility.

    1. The status quo keeps millions of American residents dependent on Democrats to avoid deportation or detention. So, the Democrats will complain about efforts to enforce the law, but they will never actually raise the immigration quotas.

      1. Why raise quotas, we already have more then a million a year immigrating to the US which is more people then any other country in the world.

        1. Raising the quotas would allow more people to immigrate legally. This would reduce traffic along the illegal immigration routes, taking income and power from the smugglers.

          1. Except that many of the people crossing the border illegally are people who couldn’t get in legally, due to criminal records or whatever. So you still need to secure the border.

    2. But we built that physical wall and gave Boeing a shitload of cash to develop an electronic one. It must be im-fucking-possible to surreptitiously cross the US/Mexico border by now.


  32. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People?


    1. Yes. And in the Orgin of Species, Darwin said that humanity is made of 3 races, “Civilized”, “Barbarian”, and “Savage”. Niether viewpoint is relevant to today’s discussion.

      1. Speak for yourself. I am a proud Barbarian-American.

        1. Darwin would call me biracial. I’m 1/4 civilized and 3/4 barbarian. 🙂

      2. read the post

      3. Culture matters. The culture of the peon and the jefe does not belong in the US.

        1. We prefer master and slave, straight up.

  33. There was also a San Diego Conquistadors in the ABA.

  34. who would shout at blacks in Italian that they should go back to Africa and get a job already).

    Steve Nash is in fact African.

  35. Off topic: We’re having a little “hat trick” celebration in our office today for helping the Innocence Project get three wrongly imprisoned men released in our state (The latest released earlier this week after serving 30 years for a rape he didn’t commit.)
    Hat trick. Get it? The editor just passed out gimme cap for the celebration. There goes another year’s raise.
    Worth it, though.

    1. Excellent news CN.

      What the hell are you on today?

      1. I’m high on life, JW.
        And Testors model glue.

        1. helping the Innocence Project get three wrongly imprisoned men released in our state

          How did you help them?

          1. He is the third man to be freed in connection with the Dispatch project, Test of Convictions, which was first published in January 2008. The series exposed flaws in the Ohio DNA-testing system, reviewed more than 300 cases with the Ohio Innocence Project and then highlighted 30 prisoners, including Towler, as prime candidates for DNA testing.

            1. good show!
              “symbol for ‘likes this'”

  36. I am getting real tired of outsiders (non-Arizonans) lecturing us regarding this issue. I don’t like the law myself because it will be ineffectual and led to profiling of Hispanics.

    That being said, to diminish the impact of illegal immigration (and the drug war) on this state just shows how obtuse Libertarians are on this issue. Shootings & Shootouts are very common in this state. We are on the top or close to the top on the list for Kidnappings.

    Eventhough Reported violent crime has slightly gone done in this state, just imagine how much lower it would be without this problem. Especially in the southern part of the state, people are scared to leave their homes. Citizens have been brutally murdered for the crime of being at the wrong place/time.

    Then there is the smaller government argument. The Welfare State in Arizona has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, the stupid voters in this state are set to approve a 2% “Temporary” Sales Tax increase to pay for it.

    Lastly, how will adding upwards to 20 million of mostly poor immigrants with large, extended families to our welfare rolls led to a smaller, limited, and more cost-effective government.

    This answer is obviously it won’t. This scenario would lead to the financial collapse of the United States-not that we are not close to that already

    This is the contradiction with Libertarians. Do you want a Smaller, Limited Government or Open Borders?

    You cannot have both.

    1. This is the contradiction with Libertarians. Do you want a Smaller, Limited Government or Open Borders?

      You cannot have both.

      But Daddy! We waaaant it! We waaaaaaant it!

    2. You cannot have both

      Well, yeah, you can. But it would require the dismantling of the War on Teh Druggz and the dismantling of the Welfare State. Granted, your lowly state has not the power to fully end such national policies, so I can sympathize with your position. But Libertarians with an eye on federal policy are not mistaken in their commitment to open borders when coupled with these other policies. That said, I think in the time-space continuum warping event of a genuine Libertarian control of the federal gov’t, Libertarians first priorities should be the WoD and Welfare State dismantling because the success and appeal of the open borders policy is absolutely dependent on that.

    3. Actually, if Mexicans were really at the teet of the welfare state, it would be a means of eventually sucking that beast dry sooner than later as an impetus for a dismantling that should be occurring but does not given the interest of parties that benefit from the current arrangement (blood sucking social worker vampires and their union representation).

      A modern day, ‘starving of the beast’ if you will, or as my granny use to say,’ ‘tough titty’, said the kitty when the milk ran dry.’

    4. That being said, to diminish the impact of illegal immigration (and the drug war) on this state just shows how obtuse Libertarians are on this issue. Shootings & Shootouts are very common in this state. We are on the top or close to the top on the list for Kidnappings.

      There is that, the kidnapping business. However, it is easy to identify a day worker from a gaucho. The tats scream ‘keep an eye on me, copper!’ because those cowboys are fucking idiots. The only real problem in dealing with them is police incompetence, not knowing what to look for, and the Mexican population doesn’t tend to be as docile (‘yes, officer, sir, sir. What can I do for you, your lordship’) as the native stock of Americans.

      1. you are wrong. the ‘hollywood’ style gang bangers are not the ones kidnapping and shooting at anyone in their way. it is the human/drug smugglers who are trying to turn az into north sonora. unfortunately they look a lot like the immigrants who just want to live and let live. this law is stupid. but are we surprised that the “solution” offered up by politicians completely misses the mark and instead creates more problems? if you want to get an understanding of why this happened, read up on the drug wars in mexico, that is right in our backyard, and it’s spilling over, despite what the former he/she gov. said.

        1. It is not really Hollywood. In Hollywood, thugs are seen walking in slow mo in smoke filled rooms, like Romero zombies. Real thugs are more like your fast zombies, like in 28 Days Later.

          Also, I don’t live in Hollywood. Our biggest immigrant crime problem is with M-13 gangbangers —


          They all have tats. Two brothers were shot to death at a local Mexican restaurant because one was stupid enough to tell a M-13 Lieutenant who was walking by his tats were fake. Unfortunately, that guy ran M-13 operations in Charlotte. Unfortunately for M-13, their guy was a hot head.

          Both types of individuals are a common sighting even in my neck of the woods, but if you can’t tell the difference, I would recommend avoiding all swarthy complected individuals until you learn.

          Are you absolutely certain that the kidnapping and drug cartels that work in Arizona are not thuged up like every adult delinquency organization in the world today? Symbols and tats are a really big deal with all of them these days.

          1. look, i totally get the whole thug gang situation. i was born and raised in los angeles. i know live in the phoenix metropolitan area. the ‘coyotes’ operate in the city i live in, they sometimes use houses in my neighborhood as drop houses. while there is a gang problem here, it’s the cartels that still control az. btw, as bad as ms 13 is, the cartels might not be tatted up but they are no less brutal.

            1. Tats are an issue not worth haggling about, obvious from your post you get that.

              Both drug trafficking and human trafficking are criminal activities that feed off of interdiction and prohibition. I don’t think even a comprehensive immigration bill would solve this problem any more than the last one did in ’86 because of the niggling and bureaucratic interest in maintaining things as they are. Nothing less than a comprehensive liberalization of American federal law that includes drug legalization, ease of migration, dismantling the welfare state, and ending minimum wage laws just to name some of the more necessary components of Reformation will prevent the South West from turning into a hell hole.

              It is not the Mexicans themselves that are the impetus of this transformation you are witnessing; it is the political and social climate that is not conducive to the cooperation born of markets that are necessary for civilized conduct to occur that is the source of your problems. You get rid of the socialistic crutches, and a productive capitalistic society is the only choice you have if you mean to thrive.

              You really cannot separate out liberalized immigration from the other factors that make up a successful productive society. The few refutations of that don’t really stand up to the evidence.

              Some will point to Japan. Well, when the ports were opened up for the first fifty odd years, Japan was opened up to immigration whether the oligarchies liked it are not. Those were the most important years for the transformation of Japanese society into the modern power house it is today. Her nativist tendencies that occur periodically have cost her dearly both in the ’40s and currently where it has proven difficult to get out of a protracted recession. The industrial oligarchies and an aging population not receptive to youthful immigrants is a threat to their long term prosperity, just as not allowing able body Mexicans to work is a threat to the efficient use of available resources necessary for productivity gains (the source of prosperity).

              Our nativism has given us the Rust Belt, and it has given us black markets where they would not otherwise exist.

    5. yes you can.

      apart from that, tl/dr.

  37. Oh wow, who would have thunk it. that is amazing stuff dude.


  38. You guys pointing out Nazi references are like Dog the Bounty hunter. Except he’s hunting down criminals, and you’re hunting down…tangential Nazi references in Hit and Run.

    Anyway I thought it was a perfectly fine reference for a rant, a mechanism for accusing supporters of racism (not of having genocidal wet dreams).

  39. Hey Reason, I resemble these remarks!

  40. What is up with your change in last name, Lou? Did you take your domestic partner’s surname?

    Thomas Sowell had a recent column regarding the phenomenon where achievement is resented to a greater degree than inheritance. You have to wonder where much of the recent cycle of anti-Mexican animus comes from given there is no uptick in violence in Arizona related to them. I have a suspicion that when Mr. and Mrs. Layed-Off drive by the construction zones, or they get gas at the local station and see a Mexican working at a job that they could have but instead of applying for they keep cashing in on the two years of unemployment insurance they have been extended in hopes of landing another job in one of the nearby but half deserted office parks. It certainly breeds resentment to be reminded of one’s own weaknesses and self imposed limitations.

    1. Funny, that middle of the paragraph sentence ran on and one, but never completed its task. Eh. Win some, lose some.

  41. As with many other issues, this keruffle comes down to theory and practice.

    In theory, AZ is just attempting to put some teeth into a 70 year old federal law that the feds won’t enforce themselves, for various reasons.

    However, it is important to remember what the road to hell is paved with (other than TARP funds).

    In practice, the law will be “enforced” by that public-sprited and “professional” group that Radley Balko is so fond of reporting on.

    And that is where the theory will go to shit.

    1. EVERY law is enforced by those professionals you sneer down your nose at – should we repeal ALL the laws?

      Nice logic.

      If the Feds no longer like the immigration law, they have the power to repeal it at the Federal level. Absent that, STFU.

  42. I don’t even get the multiple layers of sarcasm. You lost me at “hello”….

  43. Hey Steve shove your b-ball and your non-citizen opinions up your Canadian ASS you fucking ball jockey. I have yet to meet a b-baller that was intelligent. Here is an idea take your fucking team to Mexico and see how much they pay your worthless asses. Steve your opinion is about as meaningful and worthy of consideration as that of the millions of ILLEGALS opinions about our immigration laws that is they mean nothing to citizens of this country. We don’t tell Canada and Mexico how to enforce their laws so STFU and go play with your ball. I hope the people of AZ boycott you and your team.

    1. Actually, I wished the Mexicans had more humane immigration laws that did victimize poor Guatemalans, and I wished they did not have laws that discourage foreign ownership of means and foreign investment. These laws designed to keep the oligarchy in place that are justified with a thin veneer of socialism (always the case). But wishes are like horses and I ride on neither.

      1. Scratch the ‘that’ in the second to last sentence. Decided to change the verbal emphasis and edited too lazily.

    2. If you don’t like America than you can giiiiit out!

      1. You only like America, Los. Where is the love?

  44. Thanks for this. I need reminders from time to time as to why I’ll never be a Libertarian.

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