State Subsidized Neo-Nazism


Matt Welch and I have both written at some length on the problem of providing state subsidies to the supposedly dying newspaper industry (see here, here, and here), proposed here in America by people like lefty academic Robert McChesney and lefty magazine journalist John Nichols. But while there are those that (rightly) raise the specter of government censorship of politically suspect material, the flipside of this argument—that the state, in an attempt at fairness, will provide financial support to content that many find objectionable—is often ignored. Case in point: The Swedish government, which provides piles of money to its newspaper industry, has just agreed to underwrite a neo-Nazi newspaper run by the deceptively named National Democrat Party. The Local has details:

A newspaper run by Sweden's right-wing extremist National Democrat party has been granted 2.3 million kronor ($319,000) in state press subsidies. The decision was taken on Wednesday by the Press Subsidies Council (Presstödsnämnden), which does not take a newspaper's political views into account when making decisions on state support.

The council ruled that the National Democrats' weekly newspaper, Nationell Idag (National Today), fulfilled the criteria necessary to qualify for operational press subsidies. For example, the council found that the newspaper publishes more than 1,500 copies, is primarily sold to subscribers, and publishes at least 1,000 column metres of editorial material per year.

Nationell Idag was granted 699,583 kronor for August to December last year, as well as 1.679 million kronor for 2010.

This in addition to what I expect are the rather modest profits made selling Holocaust denial and 9/11 conspiracy books on the National Democrat Party website. In the latest issue of Nationell Idag (PDF), an editorial writer stressed that "The press subsidy doesn't just mean 1.7 million kroner annually, but it's also provides recognition [to the National Democrats] and legitimacy." on why state funding of newspapers is a really, really stupid idea:

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  1. a neo-Nazi newspaper run by the deceptively named National Democrat Party.

    Deceptive? Sounds like they are trying to portray a more moderate image than National Socialist

  2. “The decision was taken on Wednesday by the Press Subsidies Council (Presst?dsn?mnden), which does not take a newspaper’s political views into account when making decisions on state support.”

    Well, there’s your problem right there. When we subsidize journalism here, we will make sure only mainstream viewpoints are subsidized. What is mainstream? I know it when I see it.

  3. So Democrats are Nazis? That would explain a few things.

    1. …right-wing extremist National Democrat…

      That combination of words hurts my brain.

      1. There does seem to be a strain of antisemitism in the Democrats these days. Hmmmm.

        1. I hate Illinois National Democrats.

          1. No kidding.

          2. I have the oddest desire to drive a car through a mall.

            1. I suppose that would qualify as the Buttheadedin Jihad Pro’L Dib.

            2. Today, they don’t even have to ask for the authorization to use unnecessary force…

              1. Nah, they caught Jake and Elwood a long time ago.

  4. “…but it’s also provides recognition [to the National Democrats] and legitimacy.”

    I just love these kinds of things…

    ‘Those evil Jew-gov’t slimeballs are liars and hypocrites and they’re plotting to destroy us decent white aryans with their evil conspiratorial ways. On the other hand, we’re proud to have thier fair and legitimate stamp of approval.’

    1. We all know that all newspapers are ran by a Jewish cabal plotting to take over the world. So obviously this a Jewish plot to discredit Swedeish National Democrats. Those tricksy Jews.

  5. Sounds like they are trying to portray a more moderate image than National Socialist

    Not even that. European socialists switched to calling socialism “economic democracy” in the early ’90s. (That’s when I noticed it, anyway.) So “National Democrat” means Nazi.

    No bamboozlin’ there.

  6. Is it wrong to find this very, very, funny?

    1. Not at all. I find it hilarious.

    2. I don’t think so. In fact, I can see the German gov’t trying to arrest the Swedish ‘Minister of Crummy Newspapers’ next time s/he hits Berlin.

  7. Our government funds most of the neo-nazi groups in the US already(FBI informants)…this is just the next logical step.

  8. Anybody who does not make their living off traditional newspapers already knows that government funding of newspapers is a really stupid idea. The only question is if that will be enough to stop it from happening.

  9. LOL, hey the money has to go somewhere right??


  10. Moynahan is an idiot. This would never happen in the US. The US is only going to give subsidies to newspapers whose message the government approves. Doesn’t that make everyone feel better now?

    1. Proposed newspaper subsidies are a variation on the Fairness Doctrine. Our Democrat-controlled government wants to make sure the “right” kind of information gets out there. But instead of saddling radio and TV stations with the bill, newspaper subsidies would soak the taxpayer directly.

  11. Well if a government is going to give money to extreme left wing/communist groups it might as well give money to neo-nazi groups.

    1. No reason a group can’t be both.

  12. It’s all worth it for the Prussian Blue album reviews.

  13. The next argument from the left will be that people have become too stupid to read and its the governments fault, therefore, the government owes them a living.

  14. What part of “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” do these a#$holes not understand?

    1. They are in Sweden, so they are not expected or required to understand the 1st amendment to the US constitution.

  15. The social-democratic Dala-Demokraten receives 16,861,000 kroner for 2010. It only has a circulation of 17,000. That’s a subsidy of 100 euros per newspaper reader.

  16. That whooshing sound you hear is Lonewhacko flying off to Sweden.

  17. So now Sweden is paying to publish a Tea Party newspaper? And with that kind of funding they could afford to ship it to the US and then they’ll KILL US ALL!!!

  18. When you look at the newspaper industry in the U.S.–made up primarily of union workers from the Communication Workers of America–does anyone doubt why they’re struggling AND why the Left is so interested in saving them?

  19. If the state has to subsidize dishonest anti-Semites on the left than why not honest anti-Semites on the right? At least neo-Nazis don’t claim to be anything else.

    “I hate these filthy neutrals, Kif! With enemies, you know where they stand, but with neutrals – who knows. It sickens me.”

    Zapp Brannigan

    1. “What makes a man neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?”

      1. Tell my wife I said, hello.

  20. At least Ron Paul didn’t take tax payer money for his neo-Nazi newsletter. Losertarians pay their own way.

  21. From the National Democratic website:

    Nordic virtues as honesty, helpfulness, willingness to work, a good attitude toward women and respectful treatment of animals…

    They want to protect puppies.

    The welfare has in a short period of time been destroyed, even though we went from paying 10% in taxes in 1950 to 60-70% taxes in the year 2005. If you believe this development was unavoidable, you are wrong.

    They think you can have a welfare system without crushing the economy with taxes.

    We want to make sure that the Swedes get credit for their work and their knowledge, we don’t want it to end up in some foreign business owners pocket. If Sweden is going to last against cheap Chinese products and Pakistani wages, we have to protect our welfare and prevent the international market from taking over.

    They oppose international economic competition.

    And finally, they think European Culture is superior.

    I don’t know. They sound rather left-wing to me.

  22. Stupid Europeons.

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