When Will Feds Start Listening? New ABC Poll Finds 56%—constant for 25 years!—Want Smaller Gov't That Costs, Does Less


Via HotAir's Ed Morrissey.

In another vulnerability for the president, Americans by 56-40 percent said they preferred smaller government with fewer services—almost exactly the average the past 26 years—but by a vast 77-15 percent thought Obama prefers the opposite, larger government with more services. That, plus concerns about the deficit, seem ripe for a 2010 campaign theme for the Republican Party.

If big government looks like a fruitful GOP theme, however, Obama, and by extension his party, have ammunition of their own. For one, many more Americans chiefly blamed the economy and the federal deficit alike on George W. Bush rather than on Obama, by 59-25 percent on the economy, by an almost identical 60-22 percent on the deficit.

We've said it before: The 21st century has failed to deliver on hovercrafts, jet packs, and smaller government! About the only thing it has delivered on is an increasing number of balding men with giant oversized heads (and even then, where are the silver jumpsuits?).

Read the latest ABC/Wash Post poll and, to paraphrase Jefferson, tremble when you realize your accountant is just. The short version? Obama sucks but he's better than the GOP was or are likely to be.

Is it time for a third party? No, it's way past time.