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Myths about the Tea Party movement



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  1. Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. I want to like it, but something is telling me to hold back.

    In any event, hope y’all have a great weekend.

    1. it’s that he forgot the “I” in both “prairie” and “privileged”

      1. The eye is in “prairie” (granted very hard to see).

        “Privileged” is misspelled. Perhaps on purpose, to emphasize the the ignorance and bigotry the speaker as an ironic device.

        Slightly amusing.

        1. eye = I. Was reading a chart while posting. Probably an RC’z law somehow.

        2. I see the latter “i” but not the former no matter how hard I look

          1. Same here.

            The misspelling of pra[i]rie was the first thing i noticed. But I missed privleged completely.

            1. See below comment to Tulpa.

        3. There are two I’s in PRAIRIE. But it’s nice that you try to take the best possible view of other people’s work, even when they don’t deserve it.

          1. Heh, you are right. I’m a ‘tard.

      2. See, I was thinking that may have been purposely done. Not sure.

      3. Looks like he almost forgot the “I” in POPULISTS the first panel. Look at the difference in letter arrangement between the two panels’ POPULISTs — the one in the first panel looks like it was added in after the word was already written.

        1. Perhaps it’s a gestalt/grok submission.

      4. I’m not going to give him a hard time over the mistake. I’ve worked as a political cartoonist for student newspapers for many years. When you have to draw each letter and center each line yourself, sometimes a few letters get lost along the way. It has happened to me several times. Usually I catch it after I’m done and have to fix it in photoshop.

        Try writing out a sentence by separating it into 3-4 lines. Now start lettering in the center outward to the left and right of each line. It can happen. When cartooning, the left brain can switch off and the right brain is switched on.

  2. I came. I saw. I chuckled.

  3. True but not really funny.

  4. Would have been more entertaining if you’d thrown the word “racist” in there about fifteen times.

  5. More Liberal icons needed: lattes, NPR swag to complement her ‘do, some obvious and obviously false slogan on the lampshade…

    (Everyone’s a critic!)

  6. Maybe some SEC types who have fap fap noise markers and a house burning down around them. I would’ve laughed at that one.

  7. I give this marriage another three months.

  8. Why is the rational person holding the Times? That confuses me.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. +10

  9. Not a peep of protest from angry white men with racist signs until the black guy moved into the white house. Coincidence.

    1. Anyone else hear a baby crying?

      1. I thought it was a rhino farting.

        1. Maybe it was a baby rhino crying from gastrointestinal pressure.

    2. If only John Edwards or Hillary Clinton had been elected President, then all these angry white men would have been a-ok with the spending.

      1. That’s a really great reply, Coldstream, and should be our standard quip when confronted with the “Ray Butlers Snark.”

      2. If Hillary had been elected President, then all those angry racist white men would be deemed angry sexist white men.

    3. Don’t feed trolls, I know, but you must have missed the backlash against *white* Republicans over the bailout by their constituents during the closing of the Bush years. But hey, why let historical fact get in the way of a pat and tendentious theory that allows you to feel smugly superior while your side loots the country?

      1. Trolls have no agenda, silly. It’s a sickness.

      2. Maybe you didn’t notice the election results last fall

        1. To whom was that addressed? If to me, your point is what exactly? If to Ray Butlers, it makes sense.

          1. It doesn’t really matter. Neither of you make a lick of sense.

    4. Sort of like the people who never said a word when they were writing plays about the assination of the President and Craig Kilborn was showing a picture of the President saying “assasins wanted” and John Glenn was saying that the President was “just doing that Hitler business again” but now think that everyone owes the President and his office respect.

      1. Perhaps so, but where was the Astroturf? lol. It doesn’t matter since the topic is the anti-Obama protesters who should be held accountable regardless of what happened in the past.

        1. Held accountable for what?

    5. Not a peep of protest from angry white men Republicans and Republican-leaning independents with racist political signs until the black guy Democrat moved into the white house.

      I know that simple partisan hypocrisy doesn’t let you class your opponents as fundamentally evil, but reality doesn’t much give a shit.

      1. Nothing evil about racist signs. Got it.

        1. There’s something wrong with them. Of course there are very, very few of them. In my personal experience of two tea parties, there have been none. And I have the photos to prove it. In general there have been very few, it’s just that those few get a lot of attention.

          But don’t let that stop you from stereotyping all who disagree with you, and judging them on that basis. Nothing wrong with prejudice at all.

          1. Ray Butler needs no proof. Ray Butler needs no critical thinking skills.

            Ray Butler is the Law.

            1. LAWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  10. So much unrealized potencial in this one, race was not even mentioned.

    1. In the coastal dialect, my experience is that “redneck” is synonymous with “racist.” I.e. racism is a necessary condition in order for one to be called a redneck.

      1. It must be regional. For some ‘redneck’ is merely a term for rural working white person. Red from the sun beating down on the back of their neck all day. For others, it’s a racist insult. Have you ever heard of anyone who wasn’t white called a redneck? Often, a person that says you should not use a word that is deemed to be racist is perfectly happy to do exactly that when it come to ‘rednecks’. I liken it to the word ‘nigger’ (or ‘wetback’) which I believe can be a racist insult or not depending on context, who is saying it, and who it’s being said about. Things like this make for all sorts of interesting conversations.

        1. “Have you ever heard of anyone who wasn’t white called a redneck?”

          I’ve heard of nonwhites being called “redskin” — and presumably that includes the skin of the neck.

        2. Don’t forget the brand new derogatory term “teabagger”.

  11. Horrible. D

    1. I thought it was a roseacea ad

      1. Ditto.


  13. As though having money precludes one from being a redneck…

  14. So…I’m trying to start a trend of calling anyone that uses the term “Teabagger” a “felcher”. Who’s with me?

    1. I’ve been calling them teabaggies.

      1. You don’t mean ‘teabaggees’, as in the recipients of a teabagging?

    2. I’m going with pig-fucker myself.

    3. Call them Mr. Bucket (it’s #11).

    4. Antiteabagers = felcher? Sounds right to me.
      Keith ‘the felcher’ Olbermann. Yep, sounds perfect.

    5. I use Obamatons or the Olbermenschen

    6. I call them Douchebaggers.

  15. Is this a shot a Bill O’Rielly? If it is, Barry Goldberg is going to eat your lunch on-air.

  16. Wake me if something interesting develops with the bags in the tea party.

    This week’s Friday Funnies is a submission to Highlights “How many mistakes can you find”.
    1) Missing I
    2) Another Missing I
    3) Tea party defender reading NYT
    4) Tea party critic not playing the race card
    5) Wall and ceiling disappear
    6) Beady eyes and pointy nose / cro-magnon forehead and Jewish nose

    1. And real people don’t even look like that!

      1. +10

    2. Also the NYT has a horizontal fold, not a vertical one.

      Clearly the artist spends so much time developing the plot and dialogue of his work that the visual presentation is given short shrift.

    3. Goofus votes along party lines every time, because he wants to beat back the evil party of NO.

      Gallant researches the issues, and chooses the candidate he feels has America’s best interests in mind.

      Also, zaaaaany jokes on Page 7. This month’s Highlights!

      1. Don’t miss:

        Aloysius runs for Congress!

  17. The myth about Friday Funnies being funny was busted a long time ago.

    1. What about yours?

  18. I know it’s fun to think Tea Baggers are educated well-earning people. And some undoubtedly are. But the truth is that moat of them are dumb backward cretin ignoramuses who at best are laughable. Read Ron Rosenbaum’s column in Slate.

    And I thought this magazine was called Reason for a reason.


    1. People who believe in the Constitution are cretins now. At least BHO isn’t one.

      I would think the people who want something for nothing, at the expense of their fellow man, would be the cretins. What a funny world it is.

      1. You’re confusing lepers with parasites.

        1. And cretins. Whatever.

        2. I always thought there was something leperous about parasites.

      2. Yes, you would think that, but you’d be wrong. Again.

        What does “believing” in the Constitution have to do with anything? Everyone believes in the Constitution.

        It doesn’t take cretins like the Tea Baggers to understand the Constitution and what it means to this country.

        I didn’t vote for Obama. Nor will I in 2012. But to liken him to Hitler is, as Rosenbaum writes in his Slate column, beyond ignorant, it’s offensive to those who actually lived and died under his regime.

        Either the Tea Baggers are ignorant of this or they simply don’t care.

        Regardless, they shall remain cretinous laughable buffoons until they get their facts (and philosophy) straight.

        I’m mean, at least pretend to be semi-evolved, eh?

        1. Just out of curiosity, do you say the same thing to those who likened Bush to Hitler? Like it or not, comparing your enemies to Hitler is a staple for everyone in the political arena. To pretend otherwise and get your panties in a wad is to remain a cretinous, laughable buffoon.

          1. My guess would be: No.

        2. But to liken him to Hitler is, as Rosenbaum writes in his Slate column, beyond ignorant, it’s offensive to those who actually lived and died under his regime.

          as if you (and Rosenbaum) know better. so far haven’t noticed anyone born before 1945 complaining about being offended.

          I lived in the Soviet Union from 1971 to 1991, and I’m absolutely not offended by the word ‘Obamunism’. actually, I think it’s pretty well deserved.

          p.s. in the USSR, there also was only one ‘straight philosophy’.

          1. I’m not offended by the word ‘Obamunism’ either. That’s not what I said. You must be a Tea Bagger. Poor thing. I’ll type slower for you: Likening Obama, George W. Bush or my neighbor to Hitler is, again, beyond stupid, it trivializes the whole notion of what tyranny really is.

            Listen, people are free to be as ignorant as they want. But don’t start comparing a health care bill to, oooh, the USSR. Grow up. Think for yourself.


            1. I’m not offended by the word ‘Obamunism’ either. That’s not what I said. You must be a Tea Bagger. Poor thing. I’ll type slower for you: likening The Supreme Eternal God-Emperor Obama (PBUH) to Hitler is, again, beyond stupid, it trivializes the whole notion of what tyranny really is.

              Listen, people are free to be as ignorant as they want. But don’t start comparing a bill to nationalize all land and industry and establish a set of bureaus to manage all capital for the glory of the people’s Party and the God-Emperor to, oooh, the USSR. Grow up. Think for yourself.


              [This message has been analyzed and validated by the Ministry of Truth.]

              1. You forgot to include The Supremely Stupid But Adorable Stooge-King W. (DUH).

                1. Let me guess dee, you feel at least slightly better than most other people.

                  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

            2. Actually, typing slower doesn’t make him stupid, it just makes you stupid.

        3. We’re all technically equally “evolved”

    2. And I thought this magazine was called Reason for a reason.



    3. So what? It’s also the case that “moat” of the general population are dumb backward cretin ignoramuses. They’re just also less educated and have lower incomes than the median Tea-Partier.

      1. At least my misspelling was a typo, unlike the “above average” Tea Baggers who want to put an end to “Fasism” and like to call Obama a “Neggar.”

        How adorable.

        1. I’ll concede to being adorable so long as you construe by silence that I’m correct.

          1. OK, I’ll construe by silence that you’re correct. Whatever that means. You win. Yay! Now let’s kick that Fasist Socalist Nazi Neggar out of office! Whose with me?

            1. I’m only with you if we kick the white half of the president out of office too. Wouldn’t want to be racist, after all.

    4. “moat of them are dumb backward cretin ignoramuses who at best are laughable. ” [citation needed]

      Especially since the actual data contradict you.…..phics.aspx

      Fun excerpts from the link:
      “Tea Party supporters are slightly more likely to be male and less likely to be lower-income. …
      In several other respects, however — their age, educational background, employment status, and race — Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large.”

      Please, keep demonstrating your superior reason.

      1. Wow, a poll. Guess I lost that argument.

        1. At least you’re enough of a grownup to admit it. A sad proportion of people cling to comforting, but unfounded, notions even in the face of conflicting data. It’s nice to run into someone rational for a change.

          1. That’s why he reads Reason!

            Har dee har

    5. Most, not moat. Ignorami. Never begin a sentence with a conjuction. Ron Rosenbaum is a hack.

      That is all.

  19. A question that will plague mankind for the next century.

    Just exactly who are the Tea Partiers?

    1. Ashamed Republicans.

  20. Shame on Chip. Did he write this for Fox News? Don’t forget this same poll showed really big percentages think Obama is a muslim and not an American.

    1. That would be big percentages “of the public at large” that thinks he is a muslim.
      Those ignorant, racist progressives…


    1. I do NOT wish you a good morning, you scrooge.

  22. Redneck…a term originally assigned to pro-union W.Va miners…typically democrats, because of the red bandanas they had around their neck. And some of the miners were black (ethnically).

    It’s amusing to then hear the uninformed idiots like Garafalo now attempt to combine the term “redneck” and “racism” in yet another display of implied revisionist history.

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