Reason on The TV: Katherine Mangu-Ward Discusses Whether President Obama is a Radical on Russia Today


On April 9, 2010, Reason senior editor Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward appeared on Russia Today's The Alyona Show as part of a panel to discuss whether President Barack Obama is a radical and other political issues of the week.

Approximately 8 minutes.

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  1. Alyona calling KM-W stupid?
    Damn girl, stand up for yourself.

    1. Well if you are on a two person panel and the first guy says that Obama has grabbed a shovel and is digging us out of the mess we are in and you let that comment go unremarked, maybe you deserve to be called stupid.

  2. OK, I wasnt paying attention.

    Someone explain again why “Russia Today” regularly hosts Reason writers?

    I mean, I think its great that anybody puts these dudes on TV. But there’s something I’m not getting about how this particular show became a regular pit stop.

    Secondly, will someone explain to me why Reason (the magazine) has to take gigantic 4 page ads from crackjobs at the “Twelve Visions Party”? I mean, ok, free speech, money is green, etc. I’m fine with that. But can they fit their insanity on one page at least? I hate opening the magazine at being shouted at with…

    the secrets to health, happiness, success, and love, the government dishonestly creates harmful illusions against this man’s efforts through THE MEDIA! The media that they control!!!! The Twelve Visions Party is the exciting puzzle piece to manifest that change we need because it will Make All The People Rich Including The Poor!

    I mean come on. Do the moonies not advertise? Hari Krishnas? Scientologists? I think if Reason is going to devote significant ad space for crazy ponzi-scheme religion cult weirdos, they might at least mix it up a bit.

    1. I’m not complaining; Alyona is really hot.

      1. So is KM-W but she dropped the ball here. She had a good start and then crumpled up and folded.The follow through was everything and she put the brakes on hard.I blame DC, fear of alienating her peer group and mar

  3. If Obama is a radical then that means that Bush was a radical too since Obama is following most of Bush’s policies with only some minor tactical and rhetorical changes

    1. DingDingDingDingDing, You nailed it!

  4. What the hell?

    Th appropriate response is “Obama is only as radical as Bush was only he doubled tripled and quadrupled down on Bush’s Bail outs and hyper spending, copied his policy on Iraq and Afghanistan and oh my gosh copied Reagan on disarmament.”

    There were so many win “Pox on both Republican and Democrat houses” possibilities and i am a bit disappointed Kathy missed nearly all of them.

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  6. They should have included someone with a dissenting opinion. Watching three people basically agreeing with each other is boring.

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