The Palinites and the Paulians


Why can't we all just rally behind Sam Adams?

The biggest (though not the only) limit to last week's CBS/New York Times Tea Party survey is that it didn't distinguish the movement's armchair sympathizers from the people who actually go out and join the rallies. Politico and Edison Research have filled part of that gap by polling the participants at the Tax Day Tea Party on the National Mall. They found

a distinct fault line that runs through the tea party activist base, characterized by two wings led by the politicians who ranked highest when respondents were asked who "best exemplifies the goals of the tea party movement"—former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), a former GOP presidential candidate.

Palin, who topped the list with 15 percent, speaks for the 43 percent of those polled expressing the distinctly conservative view that government does too much, while also saying that it needs to promote traditional values.

Paul's thinking is reflected by an almost identical 42 percent who said government does too much but should not try to promote any particular set of values—the hallmarks of libertarians. He came in second to Palin with 12 percent.

When asked to choose from a list of candidates for president in 2012, Palin and Paul also finished one-two—with Palin at 15 percent and Paul at 14 percent.

In general, those who turned out for the April 15 event tended to be less culturally conservative than national Republicans.

Asked to rate their level of anger about 22 issues on a scale of one (not angry at all) to five (extremely angry), the issue that drew the most anger: the growing national debt. The least: courts granting same-sex couples the right to marry. Twenty-four percent said they're "not at all" upset about gay marriage.

An important caveat: One Tea Party rally, even a national one, is not necessarily representative of every Tea Party rally. Dave Weigel notes that Ron Paul "was the most prominent speaker whose involvement in the rally was announced beforehand," which was sure to increase the number of Paul fans in attendance. There are regional differences as well, and I'd love to see similar surveys conducted at other protests around the country; I suspect the Tea Parties in Utah will be more Palinite in orientation, while a New Hampshire demo is likely to be more Paulian. Finally, it's important to remember that there are gradations of opinion here, with Paul and Palin serving as symbols representing the libertarian and conservative ends of the spectrum but with many ralliers falling somewhere in-between.

All that said: Even if the proportions in this poll turn out to be atypical, all the evidence I've seen suggests that the categories it identifies are the strongest segments within the movement. If there's a lesson here for outside observers, it's that it's unwise to generalize about Tea Party opinion as though the protesters have identical platforms. There is more than one current in this sea.


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  1. Palinites, Paulistas

    Well at least they’re ALL for jury nullification!

  2. I love Ron Paul, but is he even going to be alive in 2012? 2016?

    I realize he’s rather unique in hewing to ideals far more honestly than most (nearly all) politicians, which is thrilling, but libertarians hoping to continue “the rEVOLution” really need to start looking for other leaders to put out there sooner rather than later.

    1. We are. Rand Paul comes to mind, and a personal favorite of mine is Peter Schiff.

      1. As a Connecticut resident I am 100% behind Schiff. The guy doesn’t treat you like an idiot and understands that he has a job to do. I really like the guy. I don’t think he’ll win, unfortunately, and we’ll get another scum-of-the-Earth politician, but I can hope, right?

        1. So his crappy views on foreign policy are okie dokie because he was right about the economic crisis?

          Give me a break.

    2. I’d like to see him get behind Gary Johnson.

      1. How much more behind Johnson do you want him to be? I would think pushing him for the presidency would be about the right amount.

  3. This dichotomy within the TP movement is driving the media nuts. The local paper was upset that the local ralliers did not identify a national leader or take specific stands on a whole host of issues. This “veils” the real intentions of the TP movement.
    But how does one herd cats? While I try to emphasize libertarian principles to my fellow partiers, there is no way I can get away with writing libertarian issue papers for them, any more than I will let them get away with proclaiming socially conservative views as the foundation of the TP movement. Methinks this whole thing is a temporary alliance that will split apart eventually, much like the libertarian/trad alliance came apart in 1969. The split catalyst is likely to be the fight over the 2012 Republican nomination.

    1. It is exactly a temporary alliance. It is pretty pointless to argue about gay marriage when the country is going bankrupt.

      The media also sees everything through the lens of the 1960s. Protest movements are supposed to be well coordinated by politically attuned elites like the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 1960s were. The media has never seen a truly decentralized spontaneous protest movement. So they don’t believe their eyes. They just know there is some political force pulling the strings behind the scenes because that is what would be going on if it were a leftwing protest movement.

      1. Your kidding, “well coordinated by politically attuned elites like the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 1960s were”, that’s nonsense.

        The media was just as befuddled by the anti-war protest in the 60s, if not more so (since they can always blame it on Palin). Less by civil-rights since they had King and X, but ‘politically attuned elites’ seems like a big stretch.

    2. You mean there wasn’t already a split in the ’08 nominating process? To say that the GOP looked a wee bit unaligned during the first 1-2 months of that process would be an understatement. And then an awful lot of Bush voters just stayed home for the general. Hell, the only thing we can agree on even now is that the blue team has been terrible the last 1.5 years, but we can’t even agree why.

      1. The big split is between the people (the few) who get it that people are pissed off and want this crap to stop and the Charlie Crists and Mitt Romneys of the world who are like “heh I know it is great to hate on Obama and all but that doesn’t mean we should actually stop stealing if we ever get the chance does it?”

      2. “Hell, the only thing we can agree on even now is that the blue team has been terrible the last 1.5 years, but we can’t even agree why.”

        This is totally correct. However, I wouldn’t discount how powerful of an effect this will have on the future of politics.

        The larger the government is, the more its sprawling tentacles will be involved in daily affairs; there will be more reasons for people to dislike it. I don’t think it really matters if team red or team blue are in charge.

        Limiting government seems to be the only structural way to dissolve the powerful Coalition of No.

  4. it’s unwise to generalize about Tea Party opinion as though the protesters have identical platforms

    Sez you. I stand by my unfounded presumptions.

  5. Is this any indication that maybe Ron Paul will actually “play to win” this time and possibly win the nomination with Sarah Palin as VP again? Highly unlikely. I think that Someone else will have to step up and insert Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury. What a perfect position for him. If the conspiracy kooks were anywhere correct, Ron Paul would have to be assassinated before getting close to the senate confirmation hearings.

    1. …insert Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury…

      What are you smoking? RP did not even work at Goldman Sachs. Our financial masters always come from GS.

  6. Phew! That’s the first teabaggers-riven-with-disunity poll-and-column teamup I’ve seen in almost a day. I was getting worried about that storyline.

    The poll is skewed, too, by location. Thirty-six percent of respondents were from Virginia, Maryland or D.C.

    Right. That notorious Beltway hotbed of libertarianism, skewin’ shit. I believe it.


  7. This can only be settled with a fight to the death.

    I’ll bet on Paul. You have to practically kill a skinny to get them to stop fighting, and. as an obstetrician, he knows exactly where to punch a chick for maximum damage.

    1. Yeah, but Palin would show up armed and would fight dirty. It would be a good cage match though.

      1. She probably has about 100 pounds on Paul too.

    2. Wasn’t there a scene in Old School like this?

    3. Small problem, she is a pretty tough chick. And Dr Paul is not exactly spry.

      Besides, doesn’t Andrew Sullivan have her uterus under glass in his office?

      1. But Paul has all the metaphysical powers and awesome privileges of being a white, male heterosexual.

        1. Ron Paul has the Glaive! He cannot be defeated!

          My God Krull was terrible. It pains me even to reference it.

          1. Oh God it was. It wasn’t even kitschy terrible but fun like Zardos. It was just awful on every level.

            1. Zardoz is a great film, you philistine. John Boorman is a deranged genius. Though seeing Sean Connery, shortly after winning Mr. Universe, in a red leotard thingy, is quite disturbing.

              1. Oh yes. Zardoz FTW.

                You have to see it uncut. So many people see the cut version on TV and don’t understand what the hell is going on, because so many important plot points are communicated while tits are on the screen or something.

                OK, the costume design leaves something to be desired.

                1. Not sure “Zardoz” makes that much sense even with nothing cut out. But it is a great movie. I always end up having to explain the plot to the people I watch it with after the movie ends.

                  1. Yeah, even the full version is obscure at times.

                    But the cut version [at least the cut that showed on TV when I was a kid] expunged the fact that none of the immortal men could achieve erections [a surprisingly important plot point] and also cut out the explanation of how Connery would access the tabernacle because that bit of voiceover occurs during a sex scene. Among other omissions.

                2. I have only seen it on TV. And yes I spent the whole movie staring at tits and wondering what the hell is going on.

                  1. Trust me, even if you’re not staring at tits, it makes no sense.

                    1. It’s not THAT complicated, guys.

              2. I like how Boorman used his own daughter for a nude armor-sex scene. Psycho.

          2. How could you…I mean really Epi-center.

            You are beneath comptempt, however Lysette Antony was super hot, and if I am not mistaken, has held up quite nicely.

            Aside from that, you are a festering boil for invoking that movie.

            1. Some things must be faced, and Krull is one of them.

              1. Could I just nail Pelosi instead? (Yes you at home, it’s that bad!)

        2. What are these powers you speak of? I dont have a septagon on my chest with “WMH” emblazoned on it.

          And she has the cleavage factor, and I assure you, obstetricians are boob men. A prolonged flash, a short skirt muff shot…and then a coup de grace to the groin. He goes down like a Vermicelli Jerry.

        3. He has The Male Gaze. Too bad Palin was a former beauty contestant rather than a radical feminist, as The Male Gaze can strengthen beauty contestants, while killing feminists outright.

        4. Hello? TRON Paul?

      2. you’d be suprised. I’ve seen him cycling around town quite a few times. For an old guy, he can move.

  8. Here’s the problem: if people are going to join a movement and refer to it by a name used by a collective then it’s a little disingenuous to later complain that you’re being stereotyped by the label you choose to affix to yourself.

    1. Yes, because “teabagger” is self-applied.

      1. It was originally, when they were mailing tea-bags to congress. The libs latched on to that as proof of something (i guess that they aren’t in their 20s) and as a way to mock them without having to take their complaints seriously.

        1. It was originally, when they were mailing tea-bags to congress.

          No, they never self-applied a sexual term to their protests. They were “Tea Partiers” like those of the Boston Tea Party, NOT “tea baggers” like friends of Andrew Sullivan.

          1. http://www.reteaparty.com/2009…..tea-party/

            I don’t think anyone above 30 knew what ‘teabagging’ was slang for a year and a half ago, when this all started most of the youngsters were still in trawl to Obama. No, they didn’t mean it a sexual way (nice straw man though), but they still coined the term (and self identified as such).

    2. So just because you can call a group a name or it calls itself a name, it is okay to generalize and stereotype everyone in that group.

      Please Dan, take your white supremacist and racist thinking elsewhere.

      1. So what’s the point of joining or self-identifying with a group if you don’t wish to share in that group’s collective identity?

        1. Simple. Go in the woods and go fuck yourself. Careful though, a helminth like you might actually be able to pull off parthogenesis.

          I didn’t think I would see a more deplorable “person” than MNG round here. You have more than adequately sufficed.


          And John, et al., please quit feeding this ignorant stool pile (or Shit Facktory as the Gobbler would say).

          1. Sorry. Couldn’t resist that one.

          2. The trolls here are outnumbered by the troll-enablers, who are far worse and really should know better.

    3. You were more entertaining when you were posting as “David Mathews”!

      You’re all going to die you know!

    4. Right, which is why you can’t complain that as a Progressive, you’re viewed as a racist and eugenicist.

      1. Except nobody besides the fringe right thinks that about progressives, while most of the country sees conservatives as being racist – which is why guys like John are so defensive about it.

        1. I am pissing in your mouth.


          1. Please do not feed the troll!

  9. Whatever the actual make-up of the Tea Party talking heads at NPR never miss a chance to point out that the crowds are whiter, older and male-er (just made that up) blah, blah, blah.

    1. That is because older white males have no free speech rights. It is a little known fact of Constitutional law. There is also the “blathering beltway liberal who has a newspaper column or TV show” exception to this rule.

    2. It’s the language of collectivism. It’s all they know.

      1. Hey, we gotta eat too.

        1. True. Here’s a nice steaming dookie. Enjoy!

  10. Never really thought about it that way before but it does make sense.


  11. When asked to choose from a list of candidates for president in 2012, Palin and Paul also finished one-two

    I do not, to be honest, consider this to be good news.

    1. If a Palin/Paul or Paul/Palin ticket ever one, there would be some kind of mass suicide in the legacy media. So there is that.

      1. Are you kidding? The media would have a lot of fun with those two idiots on the ticket.

        Plus it would be a cakewalk for Obama.

        1. In 2012 when we are on our third year of 10%+ unemployment and the deficit is at two trillion and Obama is trying to pass a VAT to keep the country solvent, I think in the words of Pro Liberate a well spoken duck will be able to defeat Obama. The chances of Obama getting a second term are somewhere near those of the Pirates winning the World Series.

          1. One can only hope John.


            1. Why not? Could it be any worse?

              1. Yeah, it could be worse. See the Bush administration, the very people who caused all the problems that Obama is trying to correct.

                1. SHUT UP DANNY DEVITO

                  1. You’re really on a roll. TWO awful movie references, I mean atrocious.

                    1. Howard the Duck isn’t awful, it’s terrible. You need to understand bad movie gradations.

                    2. Lea Thompson dude.

                      Lea “I can’t even act in a sitcom vehicle written for me” Thompson…

                      Lea “I can’t color by numbers, much less act by them” Thompson….

                      Need I say more?

                    3. She has very full and heavy bosoms.

                2. “…the Bush administration, the very people who caused all the problems that Obama is trying to correct making worse.”


          3. I thought I said an intelligent bicycle.

          4. unfortunately, I’m of the belief that there will be deficit reduction, but it just won’t be credible.

            It’s Obamacare: raise taxes immediately, give the benefits in 2014. It gives the gubmint a couple of years of the income side without having to worry about the payment side of the equation. Sadly, its fairly politically genious and doubtful that whomever the pubs nominate (especially were it Palin) would have the economic literacy to point that little fact out.

          5. “a well spoken duck will be able to defeat Obama”

            do you mean another Obama?

  12. There’s no comparison. Can you imagine Palin having the courage to stand up in front of an audience and knowingly say things that audience will be appalled at the way Paul did at several GOP debates in 08? Ms. “All of them” can’t even be imagined doing that.

    1. Good observation.

  13. …while also saying that it needs to promote traditional values.

    These dumbfucks will be the downfall of the tea party movement, as they would have it fold into the Republican Party.

    No politician, absolutely none, past or present, exemplifies the movement. This is strictly taxpayer-level. If the partiers stick to the lowest common denominator of smallest possible government intrusion and eschew any would-be interloping politician/fuckface (Paul included), they might be successful keeping Washington at bay a little.

    (Of course, they’re going to have to vote for a politician of their choice, they just have to remember to immediately turn on him when he’s in office.)

  14. Values? That’s the only difference they could find between Paul and Palin? Does the term non-interventionism mean anything to anybody?

    1. Are you suggesting that killing innocent people and destroying countries has something to do with values? That is just crazy talk.

  15. Keep on yucking it up while “progressives” wipe their brow and breathe a sigh of relief at anti-statist gridlock.

  16. These dumbfucks will be the downfall of the tea party movement, as they would have it fold into the Republican Party.

    Exactly; the “movement”, since it is completely incoherent, will be swallowed up by those ever-practical Republicans who say a split vote will keep Obama in the White House. Then the RNC will nominate some completely unelectable moron, and Obama will get re-elected.

    Yay, Republicans!

  17. “If there’s a lesson here for outside observers, it’s that it’s unwise to generalize about Tea Party opinion as though the protesters have identical platforms.”

    Sorry, but if the data doesn’t confirm my preconceptions, then the data must be wrong.

  18. You can’t teabag a nation without me!

    1. Oh really? Wait, what planet are you from?

  19. This is good. With no clear leader yet a consistent theme/concern about taxes and the size of government, the TP’s resonate with a majority of Americans. Eventually the Democratic Party will have to give up on its demonization of the Tea Party movement and give more than lip service to the issues they present…

    Or not

  20. I will give Palin another chance if she makes two statements:

    1. “The Bush record was atrocious and I was wrong to defend it.”

    2. “Those times I prayed for help fighting witches, holding hands with that guy who burns witches in Africa, I didn’t really mean it.”

    1. You forgot 3) The temperature of Earth’s core dropping to -273 Kelvin.

  21. Ron stood before Sarah wearing nothing but the folds and wrinkles of his 75 years. But his manhood was erect, as hard as it ever was in the 1950s.

    Sarah slipped her glasses from her face and twisted her mouth into a grotesque parody of a wry smile. She struggled out of her blouse, slowed down by armloads of cheap jewelry and fumbled buttons. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Ron’s erection. It was Texas-sized, hopefully a tight fight for a vagina pried wide by a series of children. She clawed at her pantyhose to free her throbbing sex for him. She was wetter than she had been in a decade, the dry lack of response for Todd’s clumsy pawing and squeezing a thing of the past. Her dampness filled the small, dark office. Ron breathed it in greedily and slapped his turgidity sharply, making his penis bob expectedly.

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    Sarah came up for air, tears running down her face, dragging long black trails of mascara down her chin and neck. Ron leaned in for a rough kiss, his tongue jamming in and out of her mouth. Pulling back, he spit in her mouth.

    She broke away and Ron motioned her up and over to a chair. Sarah got on her knees and spread herself wide for him, a whispered fart escaping as she did. Her genitals gaped like a ragged wound.

    Ron punched her right in the cunt and got to work.

    1. O.O

      I’m not sure if I should be complimenting you on your narrative (The Trainwreck Award), or leaning over a toilet bowl, throwing my guts up.

      Nicely done. I don’t think I’ve read anything more disturbing in quite a long time.

      1. “baby-gnawed”

        Unfuckingbelievably awesome!

      2. Steff, this the udder genius that is SugarFree.

        I’m always in awe of his slashfic; his remarkable acumen for depravity it unmatched. If the Saccharin Man went back in time and showed this stuff to Homer, it would be the reason Homer went blind.

        SF, kudos!

    2. It was Texas-sized, hopefully a tight fight for a vagina pried wide by a series of children.

      RC’z Law is pleased. Very pleased.

      1. Stupid impulse to rhyme. [grumble]

        1. Prima donna.

    3. So does Palin end up on top of the ticket or what? Help me out here.

    4. last line is a winner! awesome!

    5. This is strangely tender for a SugarFree story. Where’s the poop?

      1. I’ve been trying to work poop-free. It became a crutch.

        1. By the way, you really missed out by not playing with David Mathews last night. He’s by far my favorite new troll.

          1. I was out of town most of the weekend and missed a lot of threads by the look of it.

  22. Your tax dollars at work.

  23. Lea Thompson dude.

    Here’s one for you: Jennifer Jason Leigh.

    Who singlehandedly made what could have been an inoffensive-to-okay movie (The Hudsucker Proxy) completely and utterly unwatchable. I fucking hate her, and every movie she has ever been in.

    (And, no, I don’t feel any better now.)

    1. Dude, you are on crack.

      Her Hepburn caricature of a performance is one of the best things about Hudsucker. [And that is an awesome flick, so that’s saying a lot.]

      Leigh was so hot in that flick that they’re lucky the sets didn’t burn down around her.

      1. And you hate Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Hitcher and Rush? COME ON.

        1. Kansas City, eXistenZ, Last Exit To Brooklyn ?

        2. Last Exit To Brooklyn?

      2. I always had it bad for her. She had the perfect teenage body in Fast Times.

    2. My favorite actress!

    3. I fucking hate her, and every movie she has ever been in.

      I was going to make a list of her best pictures and I realized she is great in the ones that suck too.

    4. She was in a film that took place in the dark ages, during the flag. Full-frontal nudity with the camera slowly paning from her face to her knees. She has a delightful camel toe.

      1. Flesh and Blood. She takes the power from a rapist by starting to rape him right back!

      2. Flesh and Blood (1985)

        “After the success of Conan the Barbarian, the 80’s saw a glut of Midevil adventure movies, but none of them stand on the same ground as Flesh and Blood. No movie, at the time, was more unabashedly filled with gore and nakedness.”


        1. No movie, at the time, was more unabashedly filled with gore and nakedness.

          Except, of course, for Ladyhawke, an Erotic Journey: The Director’s Cut.

          1. If including the cartoon genre, HEAVY METAL.

            Google it folks.

            1. Do you honestly think the commenters here need to google Heavy Metal?

              1. Just on the 0.01% chance no one has. And for lurkers as well.

                1. I shall speak for all lurkers–we’ve seen Heavy Metal. Many many times.

                  1. What’s Heavy Metal?

  24. Joe Arpaio was the keynote speaker at the Arizona tea party last week. I’d like to hear Reason comment on that.

  25. Joe Arpaio was the keynote speaker at the Arizona tea party last week. I’d like to hear Reason comment on that.

    Speaking solely on my own behalf, I have this to say: EAT SHIT AND DIE ARPAIO, YOU FUCKING EVIL POISONOUS TOAD.

  26. Jennifer Jason Leigh makes Joan Cusack look like a Superstar of Thespianism, if you catch my drift.

  27. Leigh was so hot in that flick that they’re lucky the sets didn’t burn down around her.

    First Dan T, now this; I really need to go do something productive.

    1. I’m completely serious.

      I think I read somewhere that they had to rebuild the Clock Tower and Tim Robbins’ office a couple of times after she singed them.

  28. The Democrats have so successfully tarred the group with the “teabagger” label that the merest mention of it — even among people who tend to share many of the ideas it claims to represent — induces spit and venom. Which means right off the bat they’ve no chance with large segments of the population.

    1. What will never change about the teabagger is his ability to find a liberal conspiracy to blame for every problem they will ever have.

      1. They’re not conspiracies… they’re facts.

      2. Yeah, I would suppose their major complaint is with liberal policies. Your point…?

    2. Fortunately for the TP and GOP, the Democrats have also successfully tarred the DNC with the label “merger of the worst aspects of the Bush security state with an economic policy that is fundamentally retarded where it isn’t blatantly corrupt.”

      1. But those are features to them, not bugs.

  29. My writeup of the Oahu Tea Party Rally:


    Scenes from the 2010 Tea Party Tax Day Protest Rally

    I didn’t know what to expect at the 2010 Tea Party Rally at the state capitol,
    never having been to one before. I’d heard liberal commenters and reporters
    derogatorily describe “teabaggers” as a bunch of racist old white Republican
    men, but confirmation bias is a bitch ? people tend to see what they want to
    see, point the cameras at the people and signs in a crowd that match their
    preconceived narrative, and block out inconvenient bits that cause cognitive
    dissonance and wreak havoc with their most cherished beliefs.

    So, when I arrived at the rally, I meandered through the crowd ? the entire
    crowd ? trying to see them as individuals, and not bit actors in a collective

    The first impression that struck me is that this was a flag-intensive bunch.
    People carrying flags ? people wearing flag shirts ? flag hats ?-flag pants —
    flag ties, some with little flag tie tacks in case you somehow thought they
    might be ambivalent about the whole patriotism thing. Mostly American flags, but
    some yellow Gadsden “Don’t tread on me” flags. No rainbow flags, though. Not
    that kind of a crowd.

    People gave speeches about flags. I talked with (well, more like “listened to” ?
    politicians loooove to speak) Representative Kim Pine, who had gotten into a
    pissing match that day with Senator Will Espero over the cause of the demise of
    Pine’s flagpole bill, though I was distracted by her stylish and
    expensive-looking snakeskin (?) shoes. I’d heard Will Espero give his side
    earlier that day. Apparently there are two eerily similar but parallel universes
    existing in Ewa Beach, with no apparent points of overlap between these two
    separate realities. Flagsflagsflags.

    But enough about that rot. Let’s go down the MSM liberal talking point
    checklist, “a bunch of racist old white Republican men”:

    “A bunch of” ? maybe so. I’d guess there were perhaps 1,000 attendees, jammed
    solid into the area from the Capitol steps by the Father Damien statute out to
    the roadway, with people overflowing on the edges, and hanging out at the
    capitol railings overhead.

    “Racist.” No visible indications of that whatsoever. No racist signs, no ethnic
    slurs, nada.

    “Old.” Nope. The crowd ran the gamut, from the adorable pre-teen kids waving
    signs to passing cars honking back, to elderly people, and every age in between.

    “White.” No again. An ethnically diverse Hawaii crowd, perhaps more Kailua than
    Kalihi in average melanin levels, but a crowd that would look conspicuously out
    of place at, say, an Iowa cornfeed.

    “Republican” ? quite a few. Definitely a center-right skew. Lot of Charles Djou
    T-shirts, Republican politicians, a blue and red Reagan T-shirt with the slogan
    “Right” mocking the Obama “Hope” poster. But also libertarians and objectivists
    (a black “Who is John Galt” sign, a speaker quoting from “Atlas Shrugged”) and
    Constitutionalists (an Oath Keeper T-shirt on someone with a military-grade
    physique and haircut).

    “Men.” Men, women, and at least one T-girl.

    The speeches: hmmm, how do I put this tactfully? Rick Hamada ? quit hogging the
    damn mike. Seriously, STFU. Let other people speak. OK, not so tactful. One does
    one’s best. 😉

    The Tea Party movement is supposed to be a grassroots, leaderless
    non-organization. This lack of top-down, command and control order was most
    noticeable at the microphone, where allegedly 2 minute speeches often ran waaaay
    over, blatantly ignoring the moderator who kept breaking out an orange “Wrap It
    Up” sign. It’s not Congress, folks. Give a speech, not a filibuster.

    Applause lines: mentioning the flag (natch), Glenn Beck, homeschooling, cutting
    taxes, cutting spending, cutting taxes AND spending. Did I mention taxes or
    spending? If not, my bad. 😉

    The three best speeches IMHO were all delivered back-to-back by the three
    teenagers who took the mike (disclosure: I’m not totally objective, since one of
    them was my daughter). They wowed the crowd, especially the freshly scrubbed,
    insanely articulate and polished homeschooled kid, Ryan something or other, who
    is clearly Going Places. And, if my normally tomboyish daughter’s gushing
    comments on the car ride home was any indication (“He’s sooo cute and smart! And
    such pretty blue eyes!”), Ryan is on the verge of getting hisself a new
    girlfriend, whether that’s his intention or not.

    Ryan, if you’re reading this, four words of advice: Run far. Run fast. The
    Rasmussen women, once they put their crosshairs on a man, are
    Terminator-strength relentless. They do not stop until they have fulfilled their
    objective. Unless you like tall smart blonde sassy Valkyrie tomboys, in which
    case slow down and let her catch you.

    That is all.

    1. That’s quite enough.

  30. There’s only one person on this video i would assume may lean Ron Paul. THe rest are typical, and probably racist.


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