Fight The Hate: You've Got to Admit, The iPod and Ear Buds Were a Nice Touch…


Via Instapundit comes this link to a pre-2008 Democratic primary season ad from future Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama. As Instapundit notes, "seems like ages ago, now." That's putting it mildly. Any commercial that awakens faint tremors of Hillary Clinton nostalgia means something has gone terribly wrong.

Vid is from YouTube via Riehl World View.

Update: Oliver Willis at Media Matters notes, as did at least one commenter below earlier today, that the ad above was not an Obama campaign ad but a freelance effort by Phil de Vellis (misspelled at MM for some reason). The LA Times reported on some minor squabbling between de Vellis and his employer at the time, a firm called Blue State Digital, which had done work for the Obama campaign. Apologies for my mistake.