Fight The Hate: You've Got to Admit, The iPod and Ear Buds Were a Nice Touch…


Via Instapundit comes this link to a pre-2008 Democratic primary season ad from future Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama. As Instapundit notes, "seems like ages ago, now." That's putting it mildly. Any commercial that awakens faint tremors of Hillary Clinton nostalgia means something has gone terribly wrong.

Vid is from YouTube via Riehl World View.

Update: Oliver Willis at Media Matters notes, as did at least one commenter below earlier today, that the ad above was not an Obama campaign ad but a freelance effort by Phil de Vellis (misspelled at MM for some reason). The LA Times reported on some minor squabbling between de Vellis and his employer at the time, a firm called Blue State Digital, which had done work for the Obama campaign. Apologies for my mistake.

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  1. Considering that virtually any Democrat was going to beat McCain, how many people wish it would have been Hillary instead of Obama? I do. And that is no endorsement of Hillary.

    1. I’ll second that.

      1. I think that the Obama presidency is better characterized by Orwell’s Animal Farm than 1984: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    2. That’s why I voted for Hillary.

      1. That’s like choosing between being boiled to death in oil, or in water.

        1. That could be taken two ways. Both are correct.

          1. You know, for a woman her age, she’s kinda cute. yeah, I would do her…
            And I think all the jokes and invective about her would be so more entertaining than what we got now.

          2. Either way, you get boiled to death. Which is like choosing between Republicans and Democrats.

            The two bowls of shit analogy works, as well.

            1. >> The two bowls of shit analogy works, as well.

              Dog or Horse?

    3. Let me see if I can put this nicely. Are you fucking insane? No, apparently I couldn’t, but in what parallel dimension could Hillary have beaten McCain? A huge chunk of the middle despises Hillary and would vote for just about anyone else; a lot of the Left regard her as far too right-wing and would go for a third party, write someone in, or just stay home. Blacks, pissed about Obama, might very well have stayed home. Plus, a lot of people just shuddered at the thought of Blowjob Bill back in the White House, even as “First Gentleman”, if that’s the phrase.

      Virtually any Democrat could have beaten McCain — but not Hillary.

    4. I appreciate the irony. It took Bush 2 to make me appreciate some of the good qualities of Bill Clinton, and it took Obama to make me appreciate some of the good qualities of Bush 2 and Hillary. Now I wonder how bad our next president would have to be to appreciate anything about Obama.

      It would be really nice to finally get a president that is clearly better than their predecessor, like Reagan vs Carter, instead of a succession of ever worsening disasters, like we seem to be getting.

      1. “It would be really nice to finally get a president that is clearly better than their predecessor…”

        Obviously yur not offering up the right sacrifices to the President Gods.

    5. I would have preferred Gravel or Kucinich, if only for entertainment value (which is all I can reasonably hope for from politics these days).

    6. With Hillary, the dems would not have had the race card to bludgeon the populace with. It was too valuable a weapon pass up. Hillary would have had a MUCH harder time ruining the country.

  2. I never want to see another picture of the woman, and I never want to hear another speech by our Fearless Leader.

    I want a president with a blank cartoon face and a voice only dogs can hear.

  3. This was a fan-created ad, not one created by President Obama’s staff… see, it is missing the all important disclaimer…

    1. The guy worked for Blue State Digital. Everybody knew he was doing it and despite his claims, he DID use their equipment and was getting paid by Obama at the time. I’d say that’s astroturf.

  4. I’d much rather have Hillary right now.

    1. Yeah? I bet if Jimmy Dean heard you say that you’d be on the receiving end of a gold old-fashioned West Texas butt-kicking.

  5. That commercial takes on a whole new meaning when seen from the eyes of an obamazombie.

    Hate to admit it, but Hillary would’ve done better.

  6. Sexiiiiiist!!!!

  7. In what way would Hillary have been better? I can’t tell them apart.

    McCain would have been different but I don’t think he’d have been any better.

    Ron Paul was the only candidate that wasn’t a fiscal moron. So as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t make the slightest difference because we’re doomed.

    1. In what way would Hillary have been better? I can’t tell them apart.

      Health care reform. After getting beaten bloody on this last time she was in the White House, she wouldn’t have pushed it.

      What would she have done instead? No idea.

      1. Considering the health care bill that Hillary campaigned on is virtually indistinguishable from Obamacare (mandates, etc), I don’t see why that would be the case.

        1. Considering the health care bill that Hillary campaigned on is virtually indistinguishable from Obamacare

          You need better glasses. The new version keeps all the costs an inefficiencies of socialized medicine, provides few of the actual benefits, and adds all the inherent problems of our current/old employer-based system. It’s a massive chimera of fail.

      2. I just don’t think Hillary would have gone all in on health care the way Obama did. Maybe so, but I seriously doubt she would have put every single nickel of her political capital into that fight.

        1. Are you kidding? Of course she was going all in. It would be vengeance/payback/whatever for last time. Bill rolled with the punches, but Hillery is on a mission. Never forgive, never forget.

          1. Sorry Warren, but the strawman of Hillary you’ve made up in your head and the reality of Hillary aren’t even close to each other.

            Hillary’s number one goal upon getting elected would have been to ensure that she was elected again in 2012. She would never have forsaken a second term as President on the altar of Health Care reform the way Obama has, she enjoys the position and power too much for that.

            Would she have floated a health care reform bill? Oh yeah. But she would have let it die in January with the Scott Brown election, not forge ahead to political suicide like Obama.

            1. Exactly. The Clintons seek power above all else. I’m not sure what the heck Obama’s seeking at this point — I have a feeling someone else is pulling his strings behind the scenes.

    2. McCain would have never done the stimulus and would have never run up a trillion and half dollar deficit. For all of his faults and there are many, he has always been consistent about cutting spending. He would have played off the Democratic congress and forced them to have some fiscal discipline.

      It is an interesting question whether Hillary would have done any better. She is a real Leftist. But she also has at least some idea of the left and right borders of what can and cannot be done. She does I think understand that bankrupting the country is a really bad idea. And that alone puts her somewhat above Obama.

      1. McCain would have never done the stimulus and would have never run up a trillion and half dollar deficit.

        Umm, wasn’t that McCain I saw interrupting his campaign to rush back to D.C. to support the big financial bailout? And wouldn’t bomb, bomb, bombing Iran require a lot of deficit spending?

        1. McCain would have only blew $1.2 trillion on nothing, not $1.3. He’s way different.

          ($100 billion may be a bargain for mitigating the risk of being a 70+ year old’s heart away from Palin presidency.)

          1. the stimulus was over $700 billion. Even in today’s money that is a lot of money.

            1. Remember a few years ago when $100 million was a jaw-dropping number? Now that barely makes you raise an eyebrow.

        2. “And wouldn’t bomb, bomb, bombing Iran require a lot of deficit spending?”

          We already paid for the Tridents years ago, so…. NO.

      2. Much of that big deficit came from the financial bailout and TARP, which John McCain voted for. The big difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain wouldn’t have pushed through a big health care bill (I think*).

        * The reason for the uncertainty is the memory that Bush passed Medicare Part D

        1. The stimulus was $700 billion dollars. McCain would have probably done TARP. But there is nothing in his past or his campaign to indicate he would have stimulus. Indeed, he didn’t vote for the stimulus, even though he voted for TARP.

          Libertarians don’t help themselves when they deny reality. McCain is what he is. But what he is not is someone who is likely to have supported the Stimulus as President. Jumping up down and screaming “blue team equal red team” doesn’t really answer the question or say much. WARREN!!

          1. Does voting for Bush’s stimulus bill in 2008 count as “nothing in his past”?


            1. There was NO Bush stimulus. If you don’t know the difference between TARP and the stimulus, keep your Dorito-stained typing fingers off the keyboard.

              Under Bush, there was TARP, but the stiumulus was pure Obamanomics. And TARP was not a (complete) financial trainwreck until it was used to bailout GM and Chrysler (mission creep), on Obama’s and not Bush’s watch.

              1. There was NO Bush stimulus.

                Then whose $600 check did I cash year before last?

                1. So you’re complaining because the “Bush stimulus” gave money back to the taxpayers?
                  In other words you don’t know the difference between a stimulus that sends money back to the taxpayers and one that prints/borrows money for government.

      3. McCain would have never done the stimulus and would have never run up a trillion and half dollar deficit.

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. “See why 2008 won’t be like 1984”

    Because the inauguration didn’t take place until 2009?

    Also, Apple added in the iPod and earbuds to this commercial in 2004 as part of the 20th anniversary of the Mac, so don’t give the douche who made this any more credit than they’re due.

    Much as I dislike Hilary, anyone else find it somewhat ominous that the point that they chose to smash her face in with a hammer was when she was talking about looking forward to an ongoing conversation and the process of the election?

  9. Hillary nostalgia? Uh, no.

    I don’t care for Obama, but that doesn’t mean I can even stand the thought of President Hillary.

    1. What does this mean? If we had a Poland-style crash and only Hillary was left to be POTUS, ould you leave the U.S.?

  10. The world is not safe as long as she’s out there. It’ll take a wooden stake.

    1. You can’t kill Satan with a wooden stake.

  11. Wow, now that is a class act dude, all the way!


  12. something has gone terribly wrong.

    This should be the tag-line for the Obama administration.

    “Miserable failure” : G.W. Bush :: “something has gone terribly wrong” : Obama administration.

    1. Nah, the tag-line should be:

      “What the hell did you people expect?”

      1. Freebies ’cause he’s got the Stash.

  13. Why is the hammer-throwing saboteur dressed like a Hooters waitress?

  14. Which raises the question:

    Why aren’t there more hammer-throwing saboteurs dressed like Hooters waitresses?

  15. wait a second….*using the liberal deconstructionism i picked up in college*: isn’t that ad, uhh, condoning violence against women or something? a phallic object being thrown at the first lady and an explosion ensues. etc. etc. violence against women! or something.

  16. Hugo Chavez in a pant-suit.

  17. This shows why Barack won. His rhetoric was decidedly Libertarian (lower taxes, ending the war, etc.)and ads like this were exactly the kind of ad you’d see a Libertarian make.

    But Barry’s campaign didn’t make it, because they’re a bunch of Socialsts and they wouldn’t get the symbolism. “What’s 1984 mean? The Reagan years?”

    I was certain that Hilary was going to get the nod, and she was going to pick this hip, young, inexperienced Mulatto Marxist from Chi(com)Town to be her VP, hence the grooming. Unfortunately for her, the only people who hates Hilary more than the RNC is the DNC.

  18. If McCain had won then clearly there would not have been the clearcut coatail effect that gave Obama a filibuster proof Senate majority (with a little help in Minnesota!).

    The ultimate counterfactual is that Palin would be President today. No tearing down America. No grandstanding closure of Gitmo. No threat of card-check, cap/tax, health-care takeover, tax increases, etc. We would still be in a world of hurt tho. With the dems poised to takeover in 2012. Its like lose- lose everywhere you look.

  19. Sure, Barack Obama is a disastrous collectivist appeaser, who lies about everything.

    But Hillary Clinton is EXACTLY the same…

    The facade of the Clinton ‘moderation’ is rather absurd.

    Hillary tried to Nationalize Health Care even.

    The Clintons lied about the genocide in Rwanda, gave us the biggest tax increase in US History, enabled Radical Muslim terrorism – even treated monstrous terrorists as a criminal matter, appeased Yassir Arafat and the nutty dictatorship of North Korea (Hillary would later call for more appeasement after it was revealed KIM was cheating), etc., etc.

    The Clintons even tried to block Welfare Reform.

    The reality is, Democrats as a whole, as shown by the nightmare of Obamacare, are all as baseless, deceitful, leftwing, as Mr. Obama.

    The DNC is a disaster, period. Delusions about Hillary Clinton, the sniper dodger, only blind many about the painful, ugly reality.

  20. I think Hillary is smarter. She seems to know how to study issues and educate herself on facts. She wouldn’t have let the Congress draft the legislation on health care, but would have studied the issues and had input. Also, not being black, she wouldn’t have the gutless Democrat Congress cowed. They would not have feared being called “racist.”

  21. The dominant theme re: McCain isn’t Republican or Democrat. It’s that he was a Senator (like too many of our candidates in 2008), he’d always been a legislator, and never an executive in any capacity. Senators have only one way of keeping score, and that’s by how much legislation they pass. A President McCain with a Democratic Congress would have wound up passing a lot of their bills. Maybe nothing quite as bad as the healthcare bill — what could be? — but it wouldn’t have been pretty. At least now we have the chance of having _Democrats_ reap the anger for Democrat style “governance.” And the fainter chance that a new breed of Republicans will actually learn something from it.

    A pathetic hope? Okay, but where there’s hope, there’s life.

  22. Hillary is a conniving Alinsky disciple, true. But, her husband is not, and the couple together is poll-driven and without principles. Which, in this formula, is a very good thing – Obama’s principles are pure – pure Marxist, pure Alinsky, pure ego. He relentlessly pursues an agenda with a final destination of pure statism.

    I feared and loathed Hillary, but she would have been quite better than Mr. Obama. And while McCain is Democrat lite, we would be in better short-term shape than we are now. The only silver lining is that the public now sees Democrats for the collectivist thugs they are. Our duty is to make sure that perception sticks for 2010 and beyond.

  23. I somehow think Hillary was better suited to govern in the moment than Obama is and that has shown big time. I find Obama’s presidency to be a carbon copy of the Bush years. I believe Hillary could have at least taken us past some of this crap without screwing up future generations even more. Obama inherited a mess and just poured gas on it.

  24. Don’t blame me, I voted for Huckabee.

  25. I stumbled upon this comment thread, and I must say it was highly entertaining. Very funny and informative– and a lot more pleasant than the Blue on Red deathmatch you encounter on most sites. That is all.

  26. like so many progressives, the Obamaniacs resort to violence to suppress oppositional free speech.

  27. I voted for Perot this time around, but I’m from Texas so it’s ok. 🙂 (kidding…)

    I am surprised at the tenor of President Obamas group of late. They are taking this short term loan to resolving differences with the Republicans when they should be trying to build a house. Just not ideal.

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