At Least Gary Gilmore Asked to Have His Eyes Donated…


More great news from Britain's National Health Service, which used to be considered a sign of a superior civilization every bit as much as Shakespeare's plays. Turns out that the state has turned body snatcher and has been grifting organs from unwilling donors.

The error, which affected 800,000 people, happened when details concerning the body parts that donors do not want to be removed was deleted from the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Some people specifically request not to have their eyes or heart removed after their death even if they are happy for other tissue to be donated. But these details have been wiped from the records of 812,000 people over the course of the last decade  –  although the mistake has only just come to light.

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And while we're at it, there's never a bad time to check out The Adverts' great ripped-from-the-headlines hit, "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," as timely now as it was 32 years (!) ago:

And for those who need it, here's the Kinks singing "National Health," which suggests more than a few ways to trim medical costs. As did George Harrison at one point, pushing Transcendental Meditation as the best way to slash medical costs. And then there's the Doobie Brothers, who have never met a sickness, disease, or tumor that "the music" couldn't cure.

Indeed, the one unalloyed good about ObamaCare might just be that there is no "listen to the music" mandate, though if Michael McDonald replaces Kathleen Sebelius and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter ever takes over Defense, we're all screwed. And now listen to "The Doctor" and look forward to the day when you go deafer than Helen Keller: