The President Throws Like Girls Used to Before Title IX (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That!)


But seriously, dude, it's OK to say "You know what? I'm more of a basketball fan, and by the way I kicked Clark Kellogg's ass at H-O-R-S-E." Better that than STEPPING ON THE BASE LINE ON OPENING DAY, and then launching the weirdest filibuster since Jim Bunning when asked to name a single player from his allegedly favorite team:

At least he wasn't wearing mom's jeans this time, and/or orchestrating the most elaborate cover-up since Elvis joined the witness protection program. And next time, I want to hear more about his Blue Moon Odom phase.

[Link via The Corner.]

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  1. NCAA Womens College National Champianship tonight at 8:30 pm EDT.

    Stanford v. UConn. Whoooooooo hoooooo!

    1. Three of us care.

      1. Yes. That’s why Schools like Tennessee and UConn sell out 25,000 seat arenas.

        1. Yeah. And that’s pretty much it. Two teams.

      2. In trolling sport news that matter: Barcelona just raped Arsenal and Messi is unbelievable.

        1. I KILL YOU.

          Half of Arsenal is injured. They had to play Silvestre for God’s sake. This was inevitable.

          1. “And in other news, we have some of today’s sports scores:
            10 to 7
            6 to 12
            5 to 9
            And in a real thriller, 1 to 2
            After the break we’ll hear from Hank about the weather!”

            1. And here’s a partial: Stanford 3

              Now here’s Al Sleet, the hippy-dippy weatherman.

            2. Tonight’s forecast? Dark! followed by widely scattered light…

      3. Let me know when there is more than one good team.

  2. At least the other guy that was throwing the ball from the mound wearing our hat on opening day was Buehrle.

    1. I preferred his throw from the first base line, personally.

      1. That was an outstanding play by Buerhle.

        1. Best fielding play I’ve seen in a long time. Even after watching the video I couldn’t believe.

          No look, through the legs, thrown from the web of the glove and right on the money. I still don’t believe it.

    2. Obama has a better fastball than Buehrle.


      1. He might have a potential eephus pitch in his arsenal.

  3. Three of us care.

    The three players in the game who give a shit about it aren’t watching it on TV.

  4. Throwing a ball 60ft. 6 inches just isn’t that hard.

    This must be some sort of Andy Kaufann-style “joke.”

    1. To be fair, Obama doesn’t throw like a girl. He throws like a three-year-old.

  5. Someone didn’t have a dad!

    1. Maybe he should try it underhand.

      1. That works well for the other girls.

  6. Umm, Mr. President, you don’t step on the baseline when you take your position!

    1. Oops, shoulda reread Matt’s post after watching the vid.

  7. I’d like a president that reads a list of professional athlete arrests and investigations over the past year and then give a pick-me-up about how sports are character building…

  8. As a former member of a World Championship Major League Baseball team (and fellow Chicagoan) whose fallen on some hard economic times, I’d be happy to teach the president how to throw like someone who knows how. I’d do it for a modest yearly salary and one of those public sector pensions I hear so much about.

    I’ll even throw in lessons on White Sox players past and present, free of charge. What do you say Mr. President?

    P.S.: When I grab your arm to put it in the proper throwing slot, I expect _NOT_ to be shot by secret service.

    1. Whose = who’s = who has

      I hate my internet grammar.

      1. Wait. I thought Matt Welch reads through the post and corrects our grammar so there was nothing to worry about if you left dangling participle are the like slip by you. You mean there is a huge back catalog of our grammar mistakes as a public record for anyone to see for ever and ever, amen?

        I also thought he corrected the post where we were obviously drunk, high, or stupidly horny when we were writing them.

  9. And there’s no ‘n’ in Comiskey. I’ll teach you that too.

    1. And there’s no Comiskey/Kaminski Field/Park/Stadium in Chicago.

      It’s called US Cellular Field, normally shortened as “The Cell” or sometimes “The Joan.”

      For a self-professed “big Sox fan” he sure knows fuck-all about them.

      1. I think you misspelled Chomsky.

      2. Screw you iowahawk. i don’t care who pays for naming rights or what they want to call it.

        It is, was and always will be Comiskey Park! (There is no N in Comiskey)

        1. Also, there’s no crying in baseball.

          With pitching like that, Barry won’t even make the Special Olympics squad.

          I’ll be here all week.

          1. Wow. Just…wow.

        2. I hear a lot of people say this, and I don’t buy it for three reasons:

          1) It isn’t Comiskey Park, they tore down Comiskey Park to build this new thing.

          2) The old park wasn’t originally Comiskey Park, it was White Sox Park until the owner decided that simple name wasn’t enough to project his true greatness to the world.

          3) As hinted at in 2), Charlie Comiskey was a bastard of the highest order.

        3. I trust you feel the same way about Candlestick aka “the Stick” and Jack Murphy Stadium aka “the Murph” and Schafer Stadium aka….well, it never had a nickname, but the last game ever played there is surely “tucked” into every football fan’s memory.

        4. +1 Tom.

          my guess is that he’s got “red” glasses, and is looking for anything.

          or is just trolling.

          he is from iowa, allegedly. And we know what that means, he said knowingly.

          (actually – does it mean anything?)

      3. He said “what was then called Cominskey [sic] Park”. Which is still an unforgivable mistake for someone who claims to be a Sox fan – more than that, a “South Side kid”, even though he grew up in Hawaii and didn’t move to Chicago until he was in his twenties. The guy’s got a real fantasy identity going and no one calls him on it.

    2. He was probably thinking of Kerensky.

      1. I’m surprised he didn’t call it Alinsky Park.

      2. Marvin Minsky.

        1. All of your baseball are belong to us.

  10. Didja see it? That ball trailed a magnificent sparkly rainbow as it arced to the heavens, just like one of those 1992 NBC “The More You Know” PSAs.

    1. It’s funny it looks like he got taught how to _look_ like you know how to pitch, rather than actually being taught how to actually _throw_.

      The traditional but not overly done leg lift, the arm steady as the motion starts. It looks like he was given lessons by a movie director on how to _look_ like a pitcher (“don’t worry about it, will fix the result in post with a computer”).

      But his arm is bent at a weird angle, and inexplicably his wrist is bent completely parallel with the ground like he was holding a tray or something. Of course the ball went straight up in the air, that’s the direction the hand was pointing.

      1. His mechanics are indeed seriously messed up, but he still would have been OK had he just released the ball further into his arm motion. It would have been just as far off the plate, but it wouldn’t have rainbowed so much.

        1. The problem is with that wrist angle, it’s either going straight up in the air, or straight into the ground (unless he has a lot of practice) as he has to have his wrist snap forward violently to throw the ball at all. It’s like someone who has never thrown a curve before trying to throw a curve.

          As the body rotates forward, the hand has to be perpendicular to the ground, like you’re waving “hi” to someone.

          1. Wrist, schmist. The problem is the trousers.

            Last year he threw it into the dirt when he wore those JCPenney mom jeans; this year he tried to overcorrect with Dockers. He needs a coach who will start over and keep experimenting until he finds the right pants that work with his natural pitching motion — Roebucks, Rustlers, Haggar, Jaymar Sans-a-Belt, Gloria Vanderbilt, etc.

            1. What about assless chaps?

              1. The assless chaps are for the American People. Easy entry, ya know.

                I’ll be here all week.

                1. They might be teh comfortable if you wear them backward. If you’re a dude, though, don’t go for a jog.

  11. Did you like how I initially implied that I am a longtime Sox fan but a minute later (when I could not name a single Sox player) spoke about how I only started following the team when I moved to Chicago (at Cominskey Park)?

    Even I have to admit that my performance was douchey.

    1. I think he could have come up with Minnie Minoso — the only guy ever to take more balls to the chin than Rahm Emanuel.

      1. Steeeeeriiiiiike!

  12. If I had been the teleprompter in cheif I’d have said Luis Aparicio…Best answer. HOF minority shortstop…Venezualan/ black looking guy. That would have been perfect.

    1. Why no love for Chico Carrasquel???

      1. Welch, you ignorant slut. The only right answer is Ron Karkovice.

  13. Mr. President, The American People? are thankful you legislate like a girl.

  14. yeah, he’s a real south sider all right. Does he really have to lie about baseball? Aren’t there bigger issues to lie about?

    1. Yes and no.

    2. He obviously meant the south side of Oahu, but the sportscasters mistook it for the other south side. Give the guy a break. If you were forced into the media spotlight everywhere you went, you would have awkward conversations too.

    3. Correct. There are certainly much bigger issues and nobody would have a problem if he said that he’s been to busy to follow as much as he would like. Question is – why does HE find it necessary to lie? He appears to be trying to overcompensate?

      1. Because his fictional “Black guy from the South Side” identity is fundamental to him. He chose that identity for himself, even though he’s a mixed-race Kenyan-American from Hawaii/Indonesia. And the American doucheouisie bought it.

  15. yeah, he’s a real south sider all right. Does he really have to lie about baseball? Aren’t there bigger issues to lie about?

    1. No.

    2. Never miss an opportunity.

  16. He needs TelePrompters installed on the mound to remind him of the proper grip and release point.

    But seriously, either Obama’s PR advisors are the worst in the world, or he’s too stubborn to listen to them. They have to be able to find someone to teach the man how to throw a baseball properly, and they had to have known that the White Sox question was going to come up. Were it not for the rank obsequiousness of the mainstream media, he would go down as the most gaffey president since Gerry Ford.

    1. To be fair to Obama’s PR advisors, they did hire someone to teach him how to throw a ball. Unfortunately, it was Barney F.

      1. Wow. Just…wow.

    2. Tulpa, not that the two are mutually exclusive, but isn’t rather odd that Ford developed that reputation notwithstanding the fact that he was an All-American center for Michigan? He was, IIRC, pretty good on the links-he did not take a mulligan per hole as WJC did.

      1. Offensive linemen and golfers don’t strike me as being the most graceful guys out there.

        1. You’re clueless on this. The offensive line positions demand grace and precision as well as strength. And good centers have to be smart as well.

          1. The offensive line positions demand grace and precision as well as strength steroids.

            1. Um, I guessing that steroids weren’t really all that prevalent in the 30’s when Ford was in college. And offensive lineman (even the really fat ones today) are pretty agile, but back “in the day” when Ford played, they had to play both ways, and were definitely good athletes.

  17. If Obama really were a sports nut, maybe he would have rescheduled the Pittsburgh G20 summit, so that Kevin Rudd could have attended last year’s AFL Grand Final.

  18. I haven’t pitched a baseball in a long time. However, if I was given the opportunity to throw the first pitch, I would at least take 5 minutes to practice not throwing the 60.5′ like a retard.

  19. Matt! You missed the biggest angle on this…

    The president came into the booth during the game (which I watched). As you may notice, the president wore a White Sox cap during the pitch, so when he got to the booth, the commentators asked him who his favorite White Sox player maybe were…

    And he couldn’t name one.

    He couldn’t name one White Sox player.

    How do you go about pretending to be a White Sox fan and not be able to name one player?! And he didn’t even have to name anyone on the squad now; the way the question was asked, he could have named any player he might have remembered–he could have named anybody that’s ever been on the team!

    Fer Christ’s sake! He couldn’t name one?

    It’s like talkin’ to a chick about her favorite football team (which is invariably the Cowboys) and askin’ her to name two players on the team.

    …even they can name Tony Romo–they’ve heard of him. The President can’t even do the equivalent of that!

    The guy can’t name a player–past or present–on his own favorite baseball team!

    1. He knew the owner’s name (Jerry Reinsdorf), which is fitting. The Obama administration is all about wooing the top dog and trusting that he’ll keep the little people in line.

      1. Sorry, I guess I better clean my glasses. Somehow I didn’t see the last line of Matt’s post.

        But it’s still makin’ me laugh!

        The guy can’t name a player on his own favorite team?! What a phony!

        I mean, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a communist, but it doesn’t count in his favor either.

        I don’t know what it says on his birth certificate, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever actually been to Chicago.

        1. My favorite pizza is…Chicago style!

          1. Of course, the President was joking when he pronounced it “Chicagah.”

            1. Maybe he was trying really hard not to say, “Shoeless Joe Jackson.”

    2. breaking news: a pandering politician.

    3. All of them!

    4. Think of the poor intern that joins the White House fantasy baseball league.

      Imagine the confusion as the President and Hillary try to draft White Sox and Yankee players because they are such loyal fans. Hours would pass while they attempt to think of the name of an actual baseball player.

      I bet that there are at least 3 basketball players, 5 NFL players and a few wrestlers all drafted by that group of characters.

      1. Given how laid-back and cool Obama is, I’m sure the intern would feel completely comfortable telling Mr. President that he forfeited his pick for taking too much time.

      2. Sir, may I recommend Joe Nathan of the Twins? He saved 39 games last year. You can look it up on if you don’t believe me.

  20. Anybody notice how I always do that little trot up or down stairs (for the camera)? Especially when I get off of Airforce One – love to trot down the steps and do a snappy salute. I think it makes me look active and hip.

    1. Well, honey. You are hung like a horse.

      1. Woa, pony. I’m the one intimidating the big boys in the shower.

  21. At least he didn’t respond with “Jack Parkman.”

    1. What’s funny is, whenever I think which actor in a movie looked most like an actual baseball player, the answer is Charlie Sheen. Sheen looks like he’s played some baseball before.

      1. He had. Sheen played through at least high school. His pitcher mechanics were real (according to the Major League folklore, he could hit the low 80s on a radar gun).

  22. I believe you mean the White Socks.

    1. I know, Boss.

      For a site called “Reason” these guys sure can’t spell.

      1. these boys get nervous, when they type one letter off from sucks.

        1. Rahm, I don’t want to hear another goddamned thing about sucking

  23. I can’t name a single White Sox player, but I’m also not trying to convince the rubes that I’m one of them. So I guess that makes me morally superior.

    1. He’s not a man of the people.

      He wants to be. But he’s not.

      He’s not a blue collar worker. …from the south side of Chicago.

      He’s from Hawaii.

      1. So he says.

        1. I am. Just watch me name my favorite Hawaiian player …

          1. Benny Agbayani > Shane Victorino

            1. Shane also had the benefit of some hawaiian “punch” if you know what I mean.

          2. Brian Ching.

  24. “…and then launching the weirdest filibuster since Jim Bunning when asked to name a single player from his allegedly favorite team…”

    It was so freakin’ weird.

    The guys in the booth weren’t tryin’ to stump him or anything either–could there have been a more innocuous question?

    Who are some of your favorite players?

    If you asked somebody like Matt who his favorite players on his favorite team were, it’d probably take him a while to answer–’cause he’s juggling half a dozen names in his head.

    Even if you take Buehrle out of the equation because of his awesome, Golden Glove award winning performance yesterday (and who I, incidentally, had the foresight to start in my fantasy league)…

    I bet if you went on the Redline northbound into Chicago tomorrow morning and surveyed 20 random chicks, more than half of them could name someone who’s either on the White Sox or was on the White Sox.

    That’s right! I think he knows less than the average chick.

    No wonder he’s interested in fiddling with the Bowl system… He’s just discovered sports!

    1. “That’s right! I think he knows less than the average chick.”
      Makes him smarter than the average guy!

      1. “Makes him smarter than the average guy!”

        That wasn’t supposed to be a jab at women. Really.

        It’s just that this guy isn’t anything like what he’s makin’ himself out to be.

        This was sort of the Tom Cruise thing. Remember when he fired his publicist of ten years and decided to hire his sister instead? And then all of a sudden, Tom Cruise is jumping on Oprah’s couch and ranting to Matt Lauer about the connections between psychiatric industrial complex and the Nazis?

        Well this is what happens, apparently, when Barak Obama gets away from his handlers…

        He isn’t a regular guy from Chicago, who’s worried about the problems of working people like you and me. He isn’t a regular guy at all, and when regular guys ask him regular questions, the whole facade comes down and you can see him for what he is…

        A screwball.

        I’d say he was a knuckleball, but that might associate him with Eddie Cicotte–not that Barak Obama has any idea know who that is.

      2. “Makes him smarter than the average guy!”

        To any chicks women who may be reading this…

        Imagine if he was on “The View”, and said his favorite show of all time was “Friends”.

        And then someone on the show asked him who his favorite character was…

        And he couldn’t answer. ’cause he didn’t know any of their names. And it became painfully clear that he couldn’t say “Ross”, for instance, because he doesn’t know any of the characters on the show.

        Well this is like that. Only unlike “Friends”, The White Sox air 162 original episodes every season, and they’ve been on for 110 consecutive seasons.

        He really made himself look bad.

        1. “That wasn’t supposed to be a jab at women. Really.” Type faster. This trigger is getting heavier by the second.

          1. “To any chicks women who may be reading this…” Shoot the bastard.

            1. But you get the point, right?

              1. and the new classification, called the Ken Shultz;-)

        2. He made himself look like what he is – a bullshitter.

    2. I bet if you went on the Redline northbound into Chicago tomorrow morning and surveyed 20 random chicks, more than half of them could name someone who’s either on the White Sox or was on the White Sox.

      I would wager that most would name “Scott Podsednik”. All the female WS fans I know swoon over him. (he isnt’t on the team any more)

      1. “All the female WS fans I know swoon over him.” Swoon? That is so sweet!

      2. Sad thing is, I grew up in Rockford and was a huge Chicago baseball fan but can barely remember any White Sox players from my youth. Michael Jordan shouldn’t count because he never made it to the majors. Bo Jackson was on the Sox, right?

        1. Not a Sox fan, but it’s hard for me to come up with any Sox household names from the 80’s – the only 80’s players that came to mind were Fisk, Seaver, and Luzinski finishing up their careers. Hard to believe Big Frank didn’t spring to a South Sider’s mind though.

          1. It is pretty hard to believe that people apparently can’t even remember Frank Thomas any more. The guy was arguably the best hitter in baseball for a period of eight years.

      3. “redline”. that’d be the Howard/95th, right?


        Scotty Pods

  25. At least his pants crease is nice!


    From someone who cares far more about that incredible Barcelona-Arsenal game today: What is the meaning/relevance of the above quoted line? What do I not know about “stepping on a baseline”?

    1. It’s a silly little baseball superstition taken to absurdity by the goofy Turk Wendell. My only problem with it is the game hadn’t started yet and he was messing up the hard work of the grounds crew. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not sure the game you mention was all that incredible, though. Messi is, of course, but anyone paying attention already knew that.

      1. Well, I was watching at work with the TV in the corner, and all I know is that every time I glanced up Messi was scoring a goal. So it looked pretty incredible from my vantage point…

        I had no idea that “not stepping on the baseline” was some sort of baseball superstition. And neither did the mighty Google, either, at least with all the search-term permutations I tried. In fact, the only thing I found was a reference to Wade Boggs, who superstitiously stepped ON the baseline before every game. So Welch’s joke seems a little, um, off-base.

        1. Try Googling “stepping on foul line” and “superstition.”

          1. I sure hope the superstition holds true in this case. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

          2. Superstition and baseball are like hot dogs and mustard. Sure, you can have a hot dog with ketchup. If you want to lose.

    2. Well first off there is no “baseline” on a baseball diamond, only a foul line. The baseline is on a basketball court. That was the strangest thing about the quote to me, is he obviously isn’t a big baseball fan since he doesn’t know the terminology.

      1. There is a baseline in baseball. It’s not necessarily drawn in chalk, but it is used to describe the direct line between two bases. Also, when listening to announcers, they frequently call the line between 3rd/1st and home the 3rd/1st base line. E.g. “Kemp hit a sharp ground ball hit down the third base line for a double.” I’m surprised a big baseball fan would have never heard that terminology before.

        1. I stand corrected, there is a baseline. I guess I’ve always considered the line between the bases the “base path” as in “you can’t run out of the base path”. I’ve always called the white chalk line extending from home plate to left & right fields the foul line.

          Guess I’ve just never put that much thought into the terminology.

      2. MLB Rules….._terms.pdf

        Now, I’ll grant you that most people don’t know the difference between the baseline and the basepath.

  27. He likes the White Sox? That’s racist!

  28. I like the big hurt, frank thomas, because I think if any unlicensed unmarked vans try to help dying people in the streets then we need to put the Big Hurt on those mofos

    1. I remember him! The Big William Hurt!

  29. He is just a regular bullshitter. Imagine if Glenn Beck interviewed this guy. As long as he politely asks tough questions the president can’t answer he will cheerfully change the subject.

    On its face this video is a complete waste of a little bit more than a minute. But it shows you that all though this president may affirm his knowledge on many subjects, he very well might not know jack shit about whatever entitlement he is attempting to sell us.

    1. We need to speak about your handle.

      1. Don’t. It makes this more fun

        1. What’s up, fellas?

    2. He was editor of the Harvard Law Review, not Sports Illustrated. Give him a break.

      1. But could he name his favorite editors when he was a kid?

      2. He also taught Constitutional Law and we know he knows jack and shit about that.

      3. As I recall, he obtained that distinguished position without ever having written a published paper. I believe that was the only time this was allowed to occur. I suppose he had some other qualities that made up for a lack of scholarship.

  30. whenever I think which actor in a movie looked most like an actual baseball player, the answer is Charlie Sheen. Sheen looks like he’s played some baseball before.


    What about Kurt Russell?

    1. Has Russell ever played a ballplayer in a movie? I know he played in the minors. Looks like (IE, google says) Sheen actually was offered a few college baseball scholarships, but decided to go into the family business instead.

      1. Don’t forger Chuck the “Rifleman” Connors. He played for the Celtics.

        1. I prefer Chuck “Rifleman” Person

    2. Babe Ruth starred in at least one silent film; see Headin’ Home. (Not that he can act.) Ruth also has a cameo as himself in Harold Lloyd’s Speedy.

      1. He also appeared as himself in a movie you may have heard of called The Pride of the Yankees. Got his hat eaten by Gary Cooper. Yucks all around.

  31. You’d think he’d be able to at least tell a quick White Sox joke, e.g.:

    Wrigley Field – the world’s largest outdoor gay bar.

    1. Jim Edmonds doesn’t, er, “play center field” there anymore.

    2. Cellular Field … world’s biggest shopping mall with a baseball diamond inside.

  32. If I was supreme overlord I would do everything I could to avoid going to a baseball game, including taking an innocent life. But if I did go, and they asked me the same question, I would answer honestly: “You know, I’m not a big fan of baseball, and wouldn’t know too many players if they walked up to me and introduced themselves. It’s not for me.”

    1. But then your response would get parsed and dissected and deconstructed to insane extremes, with all sorts of stupid armchair sociology applied to it, viewed as symbolic of your “lack of connection to the common man” etc., despite the fact that nobody, common man or otherwise, really cares anymore about baseball, which hasn’t been America’s Pastime? in like four decades.

  33. Has Russell ever played a ballplayer in a movie?


    1. baseball? He played me. Thank you very much.

  34. Nooooooo he was an A’s fan?! FML. How can I wear the green and gold now.

    1. Become a Packer fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. “Raaaaacist!!”

  36. Couldn’t he have gone with the Rothian: I’ve been a fan of baseball since Bud Selig juiced the league.

    1. The more I think about it, maybe the best (joke) response would’ve been “Steve Dahl“.

  37. To be fair, the announcers asked him who his favorite White Sox players were growing up. Since he did not grow up anywhere near Chicago, Obama’s mistake was his initial instinct to try and fake his way through that, digging a deeper hole by saying he was more familiar with the Cubs, then going for a saving throw by admitting he followed the A’s when young.

    What’s telling is that his first thought was to try to con his way out.

    1. “To be fair, the announcers asked him who his favorite White Sox players were growing up.”

      Because Obama bullshittedly described himself as “a South Side kid”.

      1. I stand corrected, his first mistake was trying to blow smoke up the White Sox fans nether regions by suggesting he was always one of them.

        1. We’re born liars!

  38. ROTFL, that opening pitch I saw from him earlier today was the most childish pitch I ever seen in my life. My 9 year old throws better then that and he is left handed too!


    1. Fuck you, KKK-bot. Go organize your cyber-lynchings somewhere else.

  39. My 9 year old throws better then that and he is left handed too!

    If you’re not right-handed, you’re wrong-handed.

  40. At least Obama actually threw it far enough to get to the plate. Bouncing it is worse.

  41. Obama = retarded cunt.

  42. Raaaaaaaaaaacist!!!!

  43. Well I’m 65 years old and I never could pitch worth a damn. But if I was the President I’d get coaching or claim that I was maimed by the first lady and couldn’t pitch and send the Vice President out.

    1. You think Biden could pitch any better? He’d probably hit the ump.

      1. Wasn’t there a poll some years ago comparing sports participation among Republicans and Democrats? If I’m not mistaken there were two sports Democrats had a slight edge in and they were basketball and poker. It was poker that made it stick in my mind, it’s a game, just never thought of it as a sport. It was that and that Republicans were more likely to be surfers.

        It was bad enough seeing the image of Kerry windsurfing in his French swim panties, not sure I could I could handle seeing Cheney hanging ten freeballing in a thong without becoming permanently scarred.

  44. I retract my earlier comments suggesting Obama would have made a good sportscaster.

  45. Wow That is pathetic. I am embarrassed that this is the man who runs this nation. I sure hope there isn’t a baseball game at Camp David. We will show other countries that our our leader throws while wearing a purse.

  46. Atheists,


    you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

    and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

    but you LOST…


    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism…



    atheists deny their own life element…



  47. Tomorrow’s headlines better read “Obama misses wide left” or I’ll be highly pissed.

    1. Better yet “Obama traded to the Reds after menstruating all over the mound”.

  48. And the American doucheouisie bought it.

    Doucheouisie is my new favorite word of the month. Y’all force me to change the rankings on that list constantly. Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank ya, just came up with it while making that comment.

  49. Why do people act all shocked when a politician gets caught lying? Lies on a politician are like fleas on a dog. The difference being that some dogs don’t have fleas.

  50. Best line I’ve heard: It’s not his athletic ability, it’s his attitude…he expected that he could just let go of the ball, and the earth would rotate the catcher to it.

  51. At least the cameraman didn’t move the lens as the ball crossed the plate this time. Transparency at last!

  52. Here’s a black southpaw who can teach Commander in Chief how to pitch (and dress).

  53. I was deeply offended by this, both as a conservative libertarian but as a Chicago Cubs fan as well.

    It is plainly obvious to anyone who knows anything about baseball and/or politics that Obama is just pandering to this populist image of him as the “working class saviour” from the south side of Chicago.

    Besides, anytime I’ve been to Wrigley (which is not often enough because I don’t live in Chicago(thankfully)) I have not seen anyone sipping on wine as he president claims. It’s all Old Style, Bud and soda. Besides, the day games are because the Chicago city gov’t (Daley is a Sox fan) won’t let them play that many night games. Being from the Chicago machine, Barry should know that.

    Then again, after showing such glaring ignorance and unfounded hostility towards the Cubs, maybe the Prez is a Sox fan after all.

  54. He’s been overcompensating for his lack of “genuineness” ever since Bobby Rush beat him when he ran for Congress.

  55. I can’t believe that this thread is still going. OK, how about Larry Doby. The first black player in the American League? I know he was with the Indians first, and foremost. But pick somebody, anybody! Shoeless Joe, whatever. This guy is a poser. Which granted may be synonymous with politician

  56. Hey, Zimmerman called for a change-up pitch-out! Where’s the love?

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