Nanny of The Month, March 2010

Congrats to salt-banning NY state Rep. Felix Ortiz!




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  1. UH?? Was this post too salty?

  2. Um, the video is missing. Is this an april fools gag?

  3. Really I thought we decided nannys are actually much better than anything related to governments. I’ve partied with nannies from Australia. Nannies are cute chicks that like little kids and want to travel …most of them don’t even do discipline…that is pretty much the parents jobs unless you have some super nanny

    We are talking about banning fucking Salt! That is some evil shit or sub-moron level retardedness at a minimum.
    Think:beating skinny indian guys on the skulls with clubs.

    Isn’t there some evil general on Star Wars with a English accent that we could use as the model for this award?

  4. Article removed by the State of New York for your safety.

  5. Salt is needed to prepare a YouTube video?

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