Live, From CNN in Atlanta, it's…Reason?


Are you ready for The Nightly Weigel?

Media thinker Jay Rosen, who Tim Cavanaugh recently described in these pages as the man perpetratin' "the most flexible, biting and truthful work of media criticism being done today," has issued a memo on "What CNN Should Do With Itself in Prime-Time." It's a pretty good list of five proposed shows, including "Fact Check," and "Thunder on the Right. A news show hosted by an extremely well informed, free-thinking and rational liberal that mostly covers the conservative movement and Republican coalition… and where the majority of the guests (but not all) are right leaning. The television equivalent of the reporting Dave Wiegel does."

Regardless of what you think of Rosen's proposals, we can all agree that this one's ace:

11 pm.: Liberty or death: World's first news program from a libertarian perspective, with all the unpredictablity and mix-it-up moxie that libertarians at their best provide. Co-produced with Reason magazine.

I'd hit that!

Of course, there are some galdarned libertarian news programs on the telly, including Stossel (who is often mis-labeled as a conservative), Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch With the Judge, and Red Eye W/ Greg Gutfeld, all of which feature copious Reason representatage. You also see some decidedly Reason-flavored material on cartoon kiddie shows now and then.

But if there's a through-line in Rosen's disparate ideas, it's something that fits snugly into our worldview: We don't accept your premise. What if the question is wrong, and the answer absolutely positively cannot be found using Donna Brazile or Bill Kristol? Translating that concept on television, with an eye toward verification rather than uni-directional proselytizing or conspiracy, might be something worth watching. Then again … do you people even watch any news or commentary shows? If so, please list in the comments. If not, please design the news program of your (non-sexual) dreams.

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  1. I occasionally watch the News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS.

    Lately, I’ve kind of soured on anything PBS or NPR related, though.

    1. Me too. I remember when The News Hour didn’t have such an obvious liberal slant. I blame Jim Lehrer.

  2. That would be freakin’ sweet

  3. Hell yes give Wiegel a CNN show. Empty chairs in airports don’t get lied to enough.

    1. I would LOVE a Dave Weigel show, CNN or anywhere else, and would watch it!

    2. Boom.

  4. CNN should fire every on-air personality and scrap every show.

    They should hire hot Indian chicks with British accents and have them READ THE DAMN NEWS.

    CNN should be Headline News, but with more depth. Sort of like CNN International, which is the channel they show to countries where they think the audience isn’t retarded like in the US.

    No talk shows, no giant panels of party hacks pretending to be political analysts, no stupid electronic devices for John King to show off. Get rid of it all.

    CNN was most successful when they REPORTED THE NEWS 24 hours a day.

    1. I’d hit that!

    2. So many Indian chicks but there’s only one Daljit Dhaliwal.

      1. *google images explodes with queries*

        1. I’d hit that!

      2. Yes there is only one Daljit Dhaliwal, but the good lord has also blessed us with Reshma Shetty. She is everything that is right with the world.
        I DVR Red Eye nightly and never miss an episode of Stossel.

        1. FAP FAP FAP

    3. Fluffy is getting some support for this proposal from within the Reason office.

      Seriously, I really did prefer it when CNN was the AP of global TV news.

      1. For whatever reason there is no audience for left liberal news and analysis outside of a couple large media markets. Doing straight news without the talking heads and the left/right b.s. would work well.

        …and hot chicks of diverse nationalities would appeal to a broader, pun intended, audience.

        1. Keep the British accents though.

        2. Better idea, straight new … delivered by a bunch of Buddist monks who have taken an oath to truthfulness and lack of prejudige.

      2. I used to watch HLN and CNN constantly back in the 80’s and early 90’s. One or the other was always on in my house. I once met Bernie Shaw and thought I was going to die from the excitement.

        Now, you couldn’t get me to watch either of those channels even if you were sticking hot, electrified knitting needles into my temples. Abominations, all.

        1. Dude, don’t even get me STARTED about Lynn Vaughn….

          1. I’ll be in my bunk.

            1. Gah. Ignore that! I was thinking of Lynn Russell.

            2. You people are…just pathetic. “I had CNN on 24/7”? What the fuck is wrong with you? Couldn’t you just get baked and go for a walk?

              1. You’re presuming that having CNN on 24/7 and being baked are mutually exclusive.

                1. Enjoying being baked and having CNN on are mutually exclusive.

                  1. Well, yeah, *now* it is.

              2. Epi, haven’t you figured out by now an absurd percentage of the regulars here are hardcore media junkies?

    4. I used to watch Headline News when it was actually “Headline News.”

      1. I watch it while I’m getting ready for work, but only because Robin Meade is the only hot chick on the news at 4:15am.

        1. Squawk Box has a hottie or two on it.

    5. CNN should be Headline News

      Have you seen what has happened to the once-proud HLN? It’s now a women’s gossip and outrage channel, commandeered at night by angry lesbians and insane former prosecutors with God complexes. And Larry King.

      1. Well, then they should “Let Headline News be Headline News.”

      2. Even when Headline News was really about news headlines, without all the editorial and celebrity-centered bullshit, one of the lead anchors was Lynne Russell.

        1. I still miss Headline Sports. To this day, like one of Pavlov’s mutts, I expect to hear the theme music at :20 or :50.

        2. Don’t go hatin’ on my Lynn, or we’ll be a feudin’.

          1. My point was that they used attractive women to deliver even the hard news.

            1. OK then. [puts muzzle loading musket away and spits tobacco juice]

      3. The old CNN Headline was great – so many of the women readers were so obviously _human_ rather than androids or mannequins, it made it more meaningful. (And most of ’em were hawt, natch.) I also remember the days before CNNH when there was a headline news show out of New England somewhere that had an 18-minute cycle (“Give us 18 minues, we’ll give you the world.”) They had the best coverage of _any_ operation I remember.

        Can’t stand any flavor of CNN on TV anymore, though.

    6. The problem with news shows with hot Indian chick anchors?

      Not enough dancing.

    7. Now we have the internet what is the point of CNN? To provide breaking news with less alacrity and diversity than a zillion websites?

      BTW, I watched some CNN international recently and it was incredibly retarded. I recoiled from my hotel tv in horror.

      I hate CNN.

      1. I saw that channel while in Malaysia. They brought on a psychic to see whether the Hong Kong transfer would go smoothly, without violence.

        1. Awesome. They had bad “rock” music synced with headlines and title sequences and just complete idiots on the german one.

    8. They’ve already created the perfect news program: Naked News. (NSFW)-ish. It features hot (and mostly) foreign chicks who strip while reading the news. CNN should just create their own version and make it totally cl-assy.

    9. You mean 24 hour BBC news?

      1. The BBC? It goes out of its way to portray America as a large Alabama.

        1. Clearly, they’ve never been to Alabama in that case.

          1. England’s having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it’s no longer Cary Grant, but is some fat chav in a track suit yelling at TV in a pub.

    10. CNN should be Headline News, but with more depth.

      The problem is that the Internet has rendered 24 hour straight news TV reporting more or less obsolete. Not quite to the extent of the daily printed newspaper, but almost.

    11. CNN should be Headline News, but with more depth. Sort of like CNN International, which is the channel they show to countries where they think the audience isn’t retarded like in the US.

      Wasn’t that the one they used to appease dictators and despots in places like Cuba?

  5. news program from a libertarian perspective, with all the unpredictablity and mix-it-up moxie that libertarians at their best provide.

    I hardly ever watch it, but I caught a little bit of “Morning Joe” this morning; Pat Toomay was on, and you should have heard the horrified hyperventilating when he said the government should have let GM and AIG fail. I don’t know much about Toomay, but that impressed me.

    It might be fun to have a bit of that on a regular basis.

    *I’m pretty sure Toomay, who is apparently running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, is not the same guy who played for the Cowboys (unless he lost about 127 lbs since his playing days).

    1. The guy running for the Senate in Pennsylvania is Pat Toomey, so, no, he is not the same guy who played for the Cowboys (and the Bills, the Bucs and the Raiders).

      That would be Pat Toomay

  6. What if the question is wrong, and the answer absolutely positively cannot be found using Donna Brazile or Bill Kristol?

    That’s the right question. Mainstream network and cable news shows, featuring the same pundits repeating, like parrots, the same talking points over and over again, have become utterly without worth. It’s so predictable it could very well be scripted and nobody would be the wiser. Their hosts and producers seem to have all the curiosity and flexibility of milch cows. It’s journalism’s version of bad community theater. The same set of actors move from venue to venue and recite their well-memorized, dismal lines.

    1. That’s what made Gillespie’s appearance on Stossel so awesome when he basically yelled at the woman who wanted to control everyone’s food choices. She looked shocked and it was great.

      1. Forcing people out of their comfort zones makes great TV, but sadly it almost never happens on “news” shows. It’s like the host and guests are sleepwalking.

      2. Yeah, but at least Stossel is on board with the menace of dihydrogen monoxide.

        1. It’s what?

        2. If we tax it, people will consume less of it.

          1. I propose a 25% tax on MSNBC.

            1. Uh, 25% of nothing is still nothing.

              1. Knuckle-dragging, slack jawed, racist, bigoted homophobe!

                How dare you present ME with facts?

  7. You also see some decidedly Reason-flavored material on cartoon kiddie shows now and then.

    See also the Animaniacs movie, Wakko’s Wish, which has a surprisingly anti-tax, pro-business message. I wouldn’t let my six-year-old watch South Park quite yet, but i am totally down with her love for the Animaniacs.

    1. I’ll second that with a “Helllooooooo Nurse!”

    2. Pinky and the Brain rules, yo.

    3. The Animaniacs are still around? Well, fuck me sideways and call me Steve Smith. I loved that shit when I was a kid.

      I’ve been DYING to do a Good Idea/Bad Idea segment for years now. Glad to see the support is there.

  8. Of course, there are some galdarned libertarian news programs on the telly…

    And there’s the most libertarian show on TV: The Price is Right. Unabashed greedy consumerism, subversive libertarian host.

    1. I saw a Taz-mania episode with a tax collector named Wesley Mouch.

      1. I would complain about the screwed up joke name, but I liked the way that one worked out.

      2. However, that was supposed to be in response to Xeones, not Mike.

    2. Where’s the love for Penn and Teller: Bullshit?

      1. Right here, sir.

  9. please design the news program of your (non-sexual) dreams

    Sigh. Well there goes my “Lobster Girl Report” idea…

    1. Sideboob is an untapped network goldmine.

  10. I like how on Bloomberg TV the ticker continues to run through commercials. That’s the type of hardcore information bombardment is how we’ll distinguish ourselves.

    Anyone remember Bill Hicks’s idea for the show “Let’s Hunt And Kill Billy Ray Cyrus?” Simmilar: “Let’s Hunt And Kill Roland Martin.”

  11. “Your post (#1638702) has been marked as spam by a third-party spam filter. If this is a mistake, please email

  12. I come to for all of my news.

    1. There’s your Show. Just hold up the latest copy of Reason to the camera and flip through it.

  13. do you people even watch any news or commentary shows?

    No. I resolved long ago to vastly reduce the daily requirement of stupid in my life.

  14. I want to be on “Let’s hunt and kill Bill Kristol”! And then we can do Krauthammer.

    1. And then we can do Krauthammer.

      That’s not terribly sporting. Just saying.

      1. He can be flexible.

      2. What if Mark Zupan did the huntin? That dude strikes me as sympathetic to the cause.

  15. Libertarians and Richard Quest. Quest apparently popped into this dimension when the Larger Hadron Collider(tm) in another universe was mis-calibrated. He is a hyper-caffeinated Monty Python character on mushrooms — except WE are the ones on mushrooms.

    1. That dude? He was caught in Central Park jackin’ it while high.

  16. Nice to see Dave Weigel called out as a liberal. Very astute, Mr. Rosen.

    1. Would’t a Weigel program be better suited for the LOGO channel?

  17. Wouldn’t a show featuring Weigel be better suited for the LOGO channel?

  18. Would’t a Weigel program be better suited for the LOGO channel?

  19. I watch zero TV news, although I will say it’s a crime that Napolitano’s show is web-only. If we could get Gillespie and crew hanging out, passing around a bong and bitching about healthcare I might tune in.

    1. Napolitano subbed for Beck yesterday.
      For one blessed hour it was a crazy-free zone.

  20. I record Stossel (but hate the studio audience. Makes it feel cheesy) and Red Eye, but can’t always get through an entire epsidode of Red Eye – too chaotic.

    Beck if I need a good laugh…or cry.

    There are just far better sources for news online than on TV.

    1. The audience makes it feel cheesy because there’s like a total of four people in the audience. College class rooms have bigger capacity than his studio.

      1. Allan Havey used to have an “audience of one” on “Night After Night” and it was _anything_ but cheesy. I still think a huge mistake was made when Conan o’Brien (sp? who cares) was chosen for the late-night gig over Allan.

  21. You know what i really enjoy? NOT watching news/commentary shows.

    1. This. So much this.

    2. I have purposefully had neither cable, nor a working antenna, for nearly ten years now. You may have no idea how utterly banal it all appears once you’ve been away from it for an extended period.

      I turned it on for awhile in my hotel room when I was on a business trip a couple months ago; I felt like I was reading a bad combination of Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and People, but with moving pictures. Once my intelligence had been sufficiently insulted, I turned it off, grabbed the book I’d brought, and went outside to find a nice place to read.

      I’d sincerely recommend dumping cable/TV to anyone. You can get any show that’s actually any good on DVD, and you can get all the news you want on the web.

      1. I’ve been considering this for quite some time. The reason I haven’t jumped off the cliff yet is simple: ESPN. I’m a confessed SportsCenter/PTI/Whatever Is On addict.

        But with stuff like MLB.TV, even that will be effectively obsolete soon enough. And yeah, with Netflix and Hulu and everything else, there is very little need for broadcast TV these days.

      2. Well, there’s the live sports (although as much as possible I listen to Monday Night Football on the radio), and TCM shows a lot of movies that aren’t on DVD. And they’ve got Raquel Welch on tonight guest programming with Robert Osborne. 🙂

        1. I couldn’t care less about sports, but you do mention the one thing that I still do miss: TCM. That’s not enough for me to let that box invade my life again though.

      3. We dumped TV for the Internet and DVDs, too. Still, I’ll renew my cable if Fluffy ever starts up his news channel.

        1. Oh, and some iTunes TV and Hulu.

      4. I’d sincerely recommend dumping cable/TV to anyone.

        Two months and counting.

        Live sporting events are all I really want to watch(and so far, I’m doing fine), plus a handful of other shows that I can get online or wait for DVD.

        So far, no withdrawal.

      5. An admitted media junkie I look for the news I want to read via the web. TV is for the rest of the dumbed down society; less power to them! You can find a wealth of interesting, and sometimes obscure news on Twitter these days.

        1. One more tidbit, blogs are a great source of up to date news bits along with personal commentaries.

          All things considered, the news, no matter who reports it, is going to slant in one direction or another so, pick you side wisely.

  22. I’ll agree to guest star, but I want to be shot in a darkened room and have my voice masked like a federal witness for the mob. Or be an animated head, like The Sovereign. If I could get that, I’d be a regular.

    “Pay no attention to the handsome and ageless rockstar hiding behind the couch.”

    1. So you’re actually David Bowie? Kick ass.

      1. Of course David Bowie posts here. Everyone knows that. Only he isn’t SugarFree. SugarFree is, of course, Liquid Paper King, Mike Nesmith.

        1. I am, sadly, neither thin nor a Duke.

          1. Man, there’s always some dude filmed in shadow with his voice masked on “Gangland”.

          2. So you are Michael Nesmith! I knew it!

          3. But are you afraid of Americans?

    2. I’ll be a guest contributor. If you like, you can keep me in a cage on the side of the stage, and if any guests say anything too stupid, I’ll heave some poop at them. Just never invite fucking Vanneman onto the show.

      1. They could invite him, but that’s the night you “figure out” how to open your unlocked cage.

        Actually, Ferel Boy would be a nice co-host. You sniffs guests, pee on people you don’t like and the host can always go with “What the matter with you? Even Feral Boy can figure that one out.” The camera pans to you wearing classes and a pocket protector, then you walk over, put a “Dunce” cap on their head and scream 15 seconds of semi-coherent obscenity in their face.

        1. So, it’ll be just like Mad Money with Jim Cramer, only more tasteful.

      2. No, no, no. Vanneman would be a great guest for an episode where we discussed the merits of Battlefield Earth, and then did shots until someone passed out.

        1. I’d comment but I have to rush off to work on my book entitled “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”.

      3. Either way, Cannibal Corpse is going to be the house band. That is non-fucking-negotiable.

        1. Fine, but that means I expect you to dress like Kamandi. Even if we have to buy you a quality blond wig.

          1. Why don’t we all wear fine blond wigs? At the end of each show, we can all do some synchronized headbanging, and then grope some audience members or something.

            1. Uh, no… I’m going to be dressed as OMAC for every show.

              “Wow! OMAC’s really let himself go!”

        2. I vote for Anal Cunt instead. The name is so offensive, and on the inevitable abortion episode they could play “You’re pregnant so I kicked you in the stomach”.

  23. I want to be on “Let’s hunt and kill Bill Kristol”! And then we can do Krauthammer.

    Now, that’s just not fair to Krauthammer. He’s just not as nimble as Kristol.

    Seriously though, if you want ratings, start with Execrable Klein and Ariana Hufflepuff. I’d watch pay-per-view for that.

  24. CNN should just be floor-to-ceiling news crawls. No human anywhere in sight.

      1. Since no one gave me the plus one, I should say, “Ouch.”

    1. They have that: it’s called the internet.

      (It also has porn.)

  25. representatage? Did you just make that up?

      1. Tatatage. I just made that up.

  26. Libertarianism would be a better place for political journalists to live than liberalism. Strong skepticism about government statements and actions and an extreme unwillingness to get in bed with politicians could only help improve the quality of the news.

    The crap going on now is some of the worst in my lifetime. While I think there are plenty of news sources that are reasonably fact-oriented, too many allow their politics to slant virtually everything.

    I heard an interview on NPR a couple of days ago about the proposed consumer protection agency for financial services. Right from the beginning, the interviewer characterized the whole effort as “reform”, without an instant of questioning whether it was necessary or possibly even harmful. The worst part was when she took the devil’s advocate position and asked why more regulation and government involvement weren’t being pursued. ‘Cause, you know, the opposite of statism is more statism. There was only one statement about whether this might be overregulation, but it was presented clearly to set up a negative response, not to challenge the government. Here’s an excerpt:

    KELLY: Did any of the points that the Chamber of Commerce and banks more broadly are making, do any of those points resonate with you, though? I mean, there’s real concern about overregulation. Do you see any room for middle ground with the progress you’re making?

    Dept. Sec. WOLIN: Mary Louise, we’ve been working with a whole range of market participants and others through this entire process. The reform proposals that the president laid out reflect an awful lot of input from the business community, from the financial services community, as well as consumer groups, to make sure that we get this balance right.

    And we do think that it’s important to have a strong system of rules in place. If we don’t have that, we run the risk that we go through the kinds of experiences that we’ve just been through, which are not good for anyone, including business or the financial community.

    KELLY: All right. Well, let me play devil’s advocate for a minute here and ask are the reforms that you are pushing, do they go far enough? If you, you know, as you say, we’ve been through this terrible crisis over the last year and a half. Why not go farther? Why not break up the big banks, for example?

    Dept. Sec. WOLIN: Well, we think we’ve put forward a set of proposals that are very strong, very tough, closing down loopholes, making sure that big banks aren’t too big to fail. And the legislation that we proposed includes important measures that allow for regulators to break up banks if they think they’re too risky, that make sure that banks don’t engage in the kinds of activities that are the riskiest so that we make sure that our financial system as a whole is well protected from the kinds of trouble that we’ve all just been through.

    1. The phrase Libertarian seems to be like holding up a hand in idiots’ faces. I really like that. Don’t take it away by letting them play with it. I mean, where can you find a word that shuts up brainless conservatives AND liberals, all in one fell swoop. Hey, WAIT a minute! REASON/libertarianism on mainstream TV??? Happy April Fool’s Day! ahahahahahah!!

      1. Oh, crap, I forgot what day it is.

  27. What if the question is wrong

    Exactly. I cannot begin to guess how many times I have wanted to see a “guest expert” arise from his/her chair, slap the host across the face, and ask, in a weary/disappointed parental sigh, “What the fuck is WRONG with you?”

    Or at least laugh out loud, and refuse to answer.


    In fact, there should be a regular segment, introduced by Major Kong, at the controls of his B-52, saying, “I’ve been to one World’s Fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a pair of earphones.”

    (Which is, in my estimation, the single greatest line of dialogue ever uttered on film.)

  28. McLaughlin Group. Frequently awesome. And Andrew WK did a snappy number based on an episode.

    Buchanan accused McLaughlin of being a libertarian during 2008’s xmas special (or was that the end of year McLaughlin Group Awards?).

    The next man on the moon will be chinese!

    1. I wanna see Nick on that show. I think it’d kick ass.

  29. That’s not terribly sporting.

    Sporting, schmorting; I hate that fucking guy.

  30. Matt!?!?! Sleeping with the enemy!

    Let’s hope the folks at Fox Business are watching and book you there instead.

  31. Look at me! I’m angry about cable news! Grrrr.

  32. First? What about Stossel?

  33. I’d watch the show and be happy to see Matt Welch on TV.

    If I started to think the official “libertarian” show on CNN was actually just another attempt to hijack a anti-government mentality and make it pro-federal reserve, pro-war, pro-official story, pro-corporate welfare, false-flag terror doesn’t exist….then I’d dislike the show after a while…but I’d still watch it and hope you didn’t 100% attack the Rothbardians.

    My ideal show would actually have 1 Reasonoid, 1 good Rothbardian and 1 guest CFR/democrat/republican guy on each show. The mainstream guy could explain why they defend some action or law that relates to each story and then the two libertarians would have a chance to explain why the guy was wrong and how the real problem stemmed from some government intervention in the first place.

    1. I was flipping through the AM radio the other day and caught Matt on the Jerry Doyle show.

      Of course, I was totally geeked out, not because Matt was on the radio, but because he was talking to Mr. Garibaldi.

      1. I’ve been meaning to check out Garibaldi’s…er…I mean Jerry Doyle’s, show. For some reason, unlike most actors, I tend to imagine that Jerry is fairly identical to Mr. Geribaldi. If so, he’s show must rock.

        1. I’ve caught it in bits and pieces over the years. Basically, he’s a solid Republican that seems to have the inevitable logic of libertarianism slowly dawning on him.

    2. Jacob Hornberger and Nick Gillespie.
      “Bumper and the Jacket.”

  34. Sounds pretty reasonable to me dude, I like it.


    1. Where’s my shit, man? You took my money, right? So where’s my shit?

  35. 11 pm.: Liberty or death: World’s first news program from a libertarian perspective, with all the unpredictablity and mix-it-up moxie that libertarians at their best provide. Co-produced with Reason magazine.

    You mean follow what two other people have already done (one on Fox and one on FBN) and one Judge is trying to do on network TV?

    The model is already out there, the potential was recognized a while ago, and as with most things lately it wasn’t realized by CNN.

  36. I did have a clever comment about the already-in-existence perfect news program, N*ked News. But spam filter had other ideas. You can google search it if you like, but it’s NSFW.

  37. Watch the news? What for? Although, if there was a reason show on, I might be convinced to give it a shot.

  38. So many Indian chicks but there’s only one Daljit Dhaliwal.

    I assume that she’s now looking for a new job.

    That said, if you have access to MHz Worldview programming, you can still see newscasts from ANI.

    1. Hey look, a creepy comment (the only comment):

      If the show ends, please, please someone else pick up Daljit Dhaliwal. I love her anchoring. Her speech is SO refined.

  39. The thing about libertarian televangelism (and libertarian politics in general) is that the type of person who doesn’t believe in telling others what to do is, typically, not going to try to get on tv in order to tell others not to tell others what to do.

    1. Maybe so, but you know what libertarians love to do, and are better at than anybody else … snark! And snark would make great TV!

  40. Q: But is America intellectually prepared for Libertarianism?
    A: It is doubtful, as reality cruelly reminds us daily.

  41. A Penn & Teller: Bullshit! type show could go over decent. I personally enjoy P&T and don’t want them to change; however, you probably wouldn’t sit down and watch it with your grandparents or younger children (unless your grandparents are kick ass) even though they are the ones that probably need to see the show the most.

    1. My family has lost all respect for me, so I don’t mind. You’d be surprised at how free you are when you have nothing left to lose.

  42. What if the question is wrong

    The question is always wrong. These newsreaders are almost without exception horrible interviewers. Interviews generally consist of the newsreader spewing out hacky talking points and asking the guest to agree. For a changeup, they will spew out some strawman, and ask the guest to disagree.

    1. True. The hosts are so fixated on their own scripts and the clock that they allow their guests to get away with outlandish whoppers without ever challenging them. In this regard television “journalism” has utterly abdicated its responsibilities to the citizenry. In fact, they have become accomplices in the larger crime.

      1. Like the guy who interviewed the militia studying chick. Once she didn’t agree with his pre-determined POV, he kept asking the question in barely different ways and fortunately she didn’t bite. Normal humans usually defeat morons and this was no exception.

        1. Yup. Defy their script and the bimbos and himbos are utterly clueless. Thank goodness there’s a commercial break every six minutes. Hey Tamron, how’s that breast augmentation working out? Good?

  43. 1st Part – BBC-style world news in brief.
    2nd Part – CNN-style national news in brief
    3rd Part – Political news featuring commentary.
    4th Part – Discussions on recent political hot-button issues featuring guests.
    5th Part – Expert guest, possibly with a book, comes on, discusses issue throughly. Always leans towards libertarian ideals.
    6th Part – Ask audience, random topics.

    Above was sort of a half-hearted attempt at a programming schedule. Each part can be extremely long or extremely short. This is just stuff to keep in mind.

    General Hints:
    -Bring on major conservative heroes like Krauthammer and Kristol, but don’t ask them about foreign policy issues, only issues they will agree with libertarians on. This will attract the conservative audience.
    -Bring on people who are self-described liberals, and get to agree on civil rights issues and such. Bringing a balance of left-right politics will give access to a broader audience, while making valid points. Just avoid Michael Moore and such.
    -Have frequent guests from such venues as Skeptic Magazine, debunking left-wing myths on 9/11, corporate Illuminati, etc.
    -Make the discussions extensive, and use economists and scientists to support whatever you are trying to get across. They are much more credible than pundits.
    -Reason editors – Hosts? Co-hosts? Writers? Anything, as long as they can get major input. These guys will save America.
    -Make sure you get Stossel involved in the production. He has some knowledge on what it’s like to run a program of this sort.

    1. -Bring on major conservative heroes…
      -Bring on people who are self-described liberals…

      …then kill them in overly-complex, Bond-villian fashion while laughing evilly.

      1. Sharks with frickin….you get the idea.

  44. Shazam’s suggestions sound horrible….only bring Kristol on if you are going to confront him on his unlibertarian stances.

    Why debunk Illuminati…who the fuck cares about the Illuminati?

    If you want to have something on 9/11 then let Ray Mcgovern the 27 year CIA veteran talk about why we are in Iraq. Ray McGovern on 9/11 Commission

  45. I watch Stossel religiously.
    I watch Tuesday’s O’Reilly.
    I watched Maddow during the election, she’s unwatchable for me now though.
    I watch Wednesday’s Glenn Beck, cuz he’s entertaining, but I couldn’t handle 5 hours per week.

  46. Jeff|4.1.10 @ 10:37AM|#

    I occasionally watch the News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS.

    Lately, I’ve kind of soured on anything PBS or NPR related, though.

    Same here. I still watch the first ten minutes or so before I hit the limit. The NewHour has taken a noticeable bad turn of late. For twenty years I found it to be innocuous even back in the day when they tried to sell David Gergen to us as a representative figure of those not in the left of center establishment, now almost every thing they do annoys me and is just too much work to disentangle the fallacious assumptions at play among the bluster of beltway insiders to even bother.

    wylie|4.1.10 @ 11:19AM|#

    So you’re actually David Bowie? Kick ass.

    Looking for the best version of The Man Who Sold The World which sure as Hell isn’t Nirvana’s, Lulu with Bowie on the sax doing a swanky burlesque kind of rift is what you seek.

  47. -Bring on major conservative heroes…
    -Bring on people who are self-described liberals…

    …then kill them in overly-complex, Bond-villian fashion while laughing evilly.

    Preferably in such a way that the audience gets spattered with blood, bone fragments, and brain matter.

    1. That would look too much like a Gallagher event.

  48. Stossel is always worth watching. Better on 20/20. But, the best Stossel was when The Jacket gave MiMi a beatdown. Welch is too cordial to be on television worth watching. The Judge is great when he does Beck’s show. Beck’s become a fucking evangelist. Better when he had guests. FBN has decent stuff: Happy Hour, Varney. The IQ squared stuff is pretty good on Bloomberg. I like Tapper ok when he does This Week. The rest are worthless.
    A show with some extensive debate and actual facts would be nice. Most things with useful info are on the Net. Seems to be headed that way. How about a show called “Reason Beatdown” with Nick and Radley. Welch could produce, and, of course, you’d have to have Dalmia on daily!

    1. I got a fond spot for Tapper too. Though I mostly just read his blog than watch the news shows.

    2. Beck’s become a fucking evangelist.

      So I’m not the only one who gets a Gene Scott vibe whenever that blackboard wanders into the shot?

      1. Wasn’t that the old dude who had a late night show in the 80’s who wore a leather jacket and Jerry Garcia locks who set in a lounge chair and read from scripture and various historical and apologist type works?

      2. Now there is a hot chick who tends to wear a black trench coat with an evangelical late night show named Melissa Scott. Related?

        1. His ex-porn-star widow. If you can believe it.

          1. Holy shit. I’m going to suspend some serious work I need to have finished by Friday afternoon for the next few hours to investigate this matter.

  49. A show where Chad, Forrest, Tony and ChiTom
    can pontificate endlessly about ‘how the Tea Party types are always quoting dead white men and what that really means (guess!), free speech for me but not for the rationales, the proper way to hug a tree on the first date, and how Reason being sponsored by voluntary donations makes it a hypocritical advocate for free markets (fuck me if I can figure that one out either).’

    Not that I would ever watch something so gruesome, but at least they would have less time to be annoying here.

    1. for me but not for the rationales

      for me but not for thee rationales

      1. Let me sum up an entire season of that show:

        Everybody knows that mankind is inexorably divided into two classes: the more-rational and the less-rational. As the latter group is inherently dangerous, even to themselves, they can be afforded no absolute rights of action and must instead be eternally shepherded by the former. The more-rational group does society a great service by following its own best interest, and (forcibly, where necessary) dragging the less-rational group along, since, as the more-rational, its interest is by definition, more rational, and is therefore in the best interest of society at large. It is irrational for a member of the less-rational group to argue with this state of affairs, as his argument is bound to be, again by definition, less rational.

        The sooner people understand this, the sooner they can begin to live their lives correctly; that is to say, as we would have them live.

      2. You forgot the part where they lock the theater doors and set the nirtate film aflame.

        *That*, I’d watch.

  50. Reading the whore article. I’d have to say that CNN’s deline in ratings is not because they have a view from nowhere, and people prefer ideologically tinted news. But rather that CNN’s reporters have unacknowledge biases, and people would rather watch someone who knows and admits to being biased then people who lie and pretend they aren’t.

    1. er whole article

      1. Mrrrowww!

  51. Reading the whore article


  52. Can’t they reanimate the corpse/skeleton of William F. Buckley? Now THAT would be a show worth watching.

    1. I can’t believe he’s dead man and we’re left with the awful crotchfruit of his as remains of his legacy.

  53. where’s the love for libertarian Bill Maher’s HBO show?

    1. This is the best April Fool’s Day joke yet…Maher is a libertarian.

      Oh wait. You’re serious.

      1. No, fool, but Maher is. He’s from the “Statists who want to smoke weed” school.

        1. Maher is a collectivist first and foremost, albeit with some slight anti-authoritarian leanings. For a select few issues.

          Abhorrent scum, IMHO.

  54. yeah I’d watch that but it certainly wouldn’t be the first or only libertarian news show. as said above, Stossel and Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano beat them to it. but I wouldn’t classify Red Eye as libertarian.

  55. I like the idea of bringing people on who have some libertarian ideas and getting them to talk about those. Its about building coalitions, people, not about casting out the unclean.

    1. [Points finger at R C Dean (in the manner of Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and makes a loud, inhuman screeching sound.]

    2. We tried that. He went on and on about the Civil War.

      1. You know, I read a lot of history. The Civil War wasn’t really all that civil.

  56. Folks, I’d watch anything you put on. In fact, you ARE part of my newsfeed. I get on Facebook to catch news from my interesting friends and organizations. You are one.

    I was just thinking about how lame NPR has become and how they long ago became unworthy of my donations. Were Reason to do a radio news program I would freely and happily pay and donate as much as I could afford to in support.

  57. PLEASE no crawl or news ticker! And I just mention one of my favorites from public tv: Glen Eye-ful.

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