Virginia Postrel, Weekly Standard Cover Girl


I find the word "the" resting on my head annoying

OK. Strictly speaking, the face on the cover is Grace Kelly. But the guts are pure Postrel.

Former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postrel takes up the question of glamour in a dead tree feature today after laying down a strong blogging base on the same subject. Some highlights:

As critics who denounce movies that "glamorize violence" or "glamorize smoking" understand, glamour is much more than style. It is a potent tool of persuasion, a form of nonverbal rhetoric that heightens and focuses desire, particularly the longing for transformation (an ideal self) and escape (in a new setting). Glamour is all about hope and change. It lifts us out of everyday experience and makes our desires seem attainable. Depending on the audience, that feeling may provide momentary pleasure or life-altering inspiration….

Glamour can, of course, sell evening gowns, vacation packages, and luxury kitchens. But it can also promote moon shots and "green jobs," urban renewal schemes and military action. (The "glamour of battle" long preceded the glamour of Hollywood.) Californians once found freeways glamorous; today they thrill to promises of high-speed rail. "Terror is glamour," said Salman Rushdie in a 2006 interview, identifying the inspiration of jihadi terrorists. New Soviet Man was a glamorous concept. So is the American Dream.

Glamour, in short, is serious stuff. It can alter life plans, even change history.

Postrel wrote about Obama's glamour in our election feature "Is There Any Hope for This Man?"

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  1. Great! I see that they have put Virginia’s article on line. This enables me to maintain my perfect record of never having paid money for a copy of The Weekly Standard. It’s a matter of principle! Well, plus I’m cheap

  2. The Weekly Standard has gone downhill since Postrel was on the cover.

    1. +1 sir, +1

    2. Dammit, now I’ll have to buy a subscription so I can cancel it.

    3. I have to say that I am a real fan of Grace Kelly. She has always been one of the women I admired the most for beauty and natural confined in one. Anyway we should take into account that style alone does not account for glamor. There are many things that we need to take into consideration when we speak about glamor in my opinion. And what Katherine said, about that it can change history, as a matter of fact is true after all!

  3. the face on the cover is Grace Kelly. But the guts are pure Postrel.

    Of course, those guts are shy one kidney…

  4. Virginia Postrel was tall and had graying blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her legs were very long, which was accentuated by her slenderness. Friends would tell her how she could be a model, although she already was one as well as an actress, but, at Reason Magazine, no one knew about her “celebrity”…just another writer. Her breasts were small, firm and round – like little teacups, as her ex boyfriend would compare them to. Working on the other side of the country, he was far from her mind. The couple agreed to break off the relationship and date others.

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    1. Gee, I bet you’ll have lots of time to work on your “art” when the healthcare thing finally goes through, just like our beloved Nancy P. with the luscious hips and the wooden hammer said would happen.

    2. wow, almost clever

  5. Honestly, good editors of reason, what is your logic behind failing to ban, or at least delete, the uncouth and disgusting individual above? I am at a loss.

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  7. I have to say that I am a real fan of Grace Kelly. She has always been one of the women I admired the most for beauty and natural confined in one. Anyway we should take into account that style alone does not account for glamor. There are many things that we need to take into consideration

  8. Excellent post

    I have to say that I am a real fan of Grace Kelly

  9. I have bookmarked you! Looking forward to more soon

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