35 years ago in reason


"One fact is certain: once a compulsory medical system is established, even if bankrupt or totally unsatisfactory, it is never abolished. Always, means will be found to perpetuate the system, even if the means negate the purpose of the ends; and, in such circumstances, when conflicts arise between political objectives and financial realities invariably the doctor becomes the first victim."

'"Thomas G. Boland, "Compulsory Medicine: Past, Present, Future"

"Control and regulation have become ends in themselves. We have developed sort of a Pavlovian response to every problem: pass a law and regulate or control it. The trouble is that we start a chain reaction that we cannot control when we meddle with the production and price of energy."

'"R.W. Johnson, "The Energy Crisis and How to Solve It"

"A recent national poll conducted by opinion analyst Pat Caddell showed that 69 percent of Americans believe their government consistently lies to them'"as compared with 35 percent who held this belief in 1972." 

'"Manuel S. Klausner, "Publisher's Notes"

                                                                                                                                                                                             '"May 1975