Democrats Claim Leaked Health Care Messaging Memo Is A Hoax


Earlier today, Politico posted a leaked Democratic messaging memo, since removed, that seems to admit what I've noted previously: that Democrats plan to pass a "doc fix" (an expensive, unfunded change in doctors' Medicare reimbursements) later in the year, that the fix will wipe out reform's alleged deficit reductions, that the deal is being used to buy doctor support, and that party members and staffers are under orders not talk about this because it would undercut their message that health reform is fiscally responsible.

If Democrats were actually caught admitting all of this, it would likely be pretty damaging. Democrats, however, are claiming the memo is a GOP hoax.

I can't verify whether or not it's a genuine Democratic memo, but the fact that neither the Politico item nor the memo itself identify an author or source is somewhat suspicious. Politico is attempting to verify the veracity of the document now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's never confirmed either way—or if it is, but not until long after the larger legislative debate is settled.

Update: Post has been edited for clarification.