Open Thread: Is Your Town Pro-Business? Anti-Business? Let Us Count The Ways


Today's episode of Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey is titled "Taking Care of Business

" and details the various ways in which The Mistake on The Lake makes it tougher than tough to start and operate businesses within the city's limits.

Well, what about the dump you call home? Is your burg pro-business or anti-business? Do lower taxes and less regulation really help entrepreneurs and established business folks? Or is that special pleading by moneyed interests? Consider this an open thread on what makes for a vibrant local economy and, the argument goes, a vibrant place to live. Extra credit for detailed, profanity-free experiences ripped from the playgrounds of your mind.

And set your Tivos to stun for tomorrow's episode of Stossel on Fox Business. It features Drew Carey, Dennis Kucinich, your humble narrator, and a cast of dozens talking about what went wrong in Cleveland and other once-great American cities.

Here's John Stossel hisself talking up the show: