Massachusetts Treasurer: Fiscal Catastrophe Ahead If U.S. Passes Health Care Overhaul


RomneyCare is probably not a very good model for federal health care reform:

[Massachusetts] Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill – a former Democrat running as an independent for governor – said the local [health care] plan enacted in 2006 has succeeded only because of huge subsidies and favorable regulatory changes from the federal government.

"Who, exactly, is going to bail out the federal government if this plan goes national?" he asked.

Cahill made his remarks after Gov. Deval L. Patrick, a Democrat, accused him and Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker of being silent amid the state and national health care debates.

Cahill cited quotations in which he has called for the state to abandon its plan, and for the federal government not to match it.

He also gave reporters a copy of a recent state ledger sheet, showing the state's Medicaid program ballooning from $7.5 billion to a projected $9.2 billion since the plan was adopted. Meanwhile, of the 407,000 newly insured, only 32 percent paid for private insurance wholly by themselves.

Read the whole thing.

I took at look at the Bay State's health care related budgetary troubles here and provided an overview of state health reform follies here.

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  1. Surprise!


  2. Cahill is gonna be out of a job real quick at this pace. If not then a pariah among government employees.

  3. And then people act like Romney is a serious person. He should be absolutely disqualified from higher office for his involvement in that debacle.

    1. +1

      Everytime I think I might be able to make myself like him, I just think of this crap, and the fact that he is proud of it.

      1. i don’t disagree with you guys (i’m not itching to support this guy, BUT I WILL if it comes to it thanks to the Joker), but what was romney supposed to do? i have no recollection of the period (i was in cambridge during jane swift’s reign) but wasn’t romney getting pressured from his legislature to pass the state plan? (maybe i’m wrong).. personally i’d respect him more if he just said, to be honest, it was a crappy experiment and i shouldn’t have done it. but that would require..ya know..accountability.

    2. Romney could easily score points by saying: Look, we tried an experiment in one of the most liberal states in the union (lots of public support) and it failed. Massachusetts volunteered itself as a model of what NOT to do.

  4. Timothy P. Cahill, you are responsible for hundreds of people dying every day!

  5. No alt-text?

    1. Maybe the “Fudge” sign somehow qualifies.

      1. Caption contest: “Hot dang! I love hot fudge!”

        1. At least he’s not opening a trojan

  6. Good lord, that is the second most terrifying picture of a Mormon i’ve seen all day.

    1. Romneycare comes with free celebrity prostate exams.

  7. After seeing that picture, Mitt certainly has my vote! Tee hee!

  8. “Who, exactly, is going to bail out the federal government if this plan goes national?” he asked.

    No problem, our good friend “Barbasol” Ben Bernanke will just print up a bunch more greenbacks and everything will be fine! Oh wait, he said a few weeks back he’s not going to do that, so we’ll be screwed.

    Any politician in either party who tells you that you can cover everybody and lower costs at the same time without cutting any services or implementing some kind of rationing system is either stupid or a liar.

    And unlike most politicians, Mitt Romney was a successful businessman, so he definitely isn’t stupid. I guess that kind of narrows down the choices, doesn’t it.

    1. Mitt Romney was a successful businessman in the way GWB was a successful businessman, which is to say not at all. Their wealth, connections, and educations are directly related to and because of their fathers. Neither began a business from zero with their own hard-earned capital and built it into something. Let’s not forget that George Romney (Mitt’s father) was the President and CEO of American Motors. If not for this, Mitt would be stocking cans at the local 7-11.

      1. as I recall, Mitt’s real claim to fame prior to the Mass Governatorship was heading the Salt Lake winter Olympics.

        1. what about bain capital?

    2. Any politician in either party … is either stupid or a liar.

      Don’t forget the large number who are BOTH!

  9. I still remember doing the math on the Massachusetts program, and for the amount of people uninsured that they were proposing to insure it would have been cheaper to essentially just buy everyone that was uninsured private health care insurance then the disastrous mandate/tax increase boondoggle they ended up with.

    And as with any government-run health care program, it is already well beyond the initial cost estimates by several billion dollars, premiums in Massachusetts are among the highest in the nation, and the program has raised health care costs across the board from provider to supplier.

    This is what we have to look forward to with Obamacare.


    1. it would have been cheaper to essentially just buy everyone that was uninsured private health care insurance then the disastrous mandate/tax increase boondoggle they ended up with.

      Ummm, no. If you give away free coverage to anyone who is uninsured, expect a lot of people to * unexpectedly * lose their coverage all of a sudden.

      1. It was a hypothetical argument for the reasons you stated. Of course it wasn’t a plausible plan. But it is telling to show that the private sector would’ve been a cheaper option.

      2. One benefit of employer-provided insurance, I guess.

  10. “Who, exactly, is going to bail out the federal government if this plan goes national?”

    We’ll just print more money. It’s magic.

  11. It is increasingly hard to see how we’re going to avoid intentional and high inflation with all the bills coming due.

    1. I think that to sometimes. But inflation requires demand. And how do you have any demand when you have high unemployment and everyone afraid to invest or take any risk because of the uncertainty?

      1. no it doesnt require demand… the phillips curve is only int he short run…

        remeber what friedman said… “inflation is everywhere and always a monetary phenomena”

        hence stagflation and the german hyperinflation despite having high unemployment rates.

      2. I think that to sometimes. But inflation requires demand.

        Actually, it doesn’t. What it requires is an oversupply of money relative to demand. And/or (for hyperinflation) a loss of confidence in the currency.

  12. If everybody in New York and California is so gosh darned sure that the government should be running health care, why don’t they just do it in their own state and leave us red state barbarians to our selves?

    1. Because they need the red state barbarians to help pay for it, natch.

      1. That, and the need to control everybody and everything. Because dammit, they know better than we do.

  13. Romney is the Republican Clinton/Edwards type – a slick slimey phony without a sincere bone in his body.

    1. Nothing says down-home sincerity like a Mormon moving to New England for his political career.

  14. Positive news for fat smokers healthy people are more of a burden on the state. The tobacco prohibition may end as a money saving measure once the government controls the healthcare system.

    1. Money can’t buy the satisfaction of forcing another human being to meet your ideal of improvement.

  15. I’m posting this in two different health care threads because of how mind blowingly ridiculous it is.

    Prepare to feast your eyes on the grand-prize winner for most complete bullshit statement uttered so far by Obama during the health care debate.

    Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise When Healthcare Is Passed.

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