Reason Saves Cleveland, Cleveland's Kucinich Saves America


While Reason is busy saving Cleveland, the city's native son, resident moonbat, and former mayor Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) is doing his part to save America.

Kucinich says he refuses to vote for any of the current iterations of the healthcare reform bill, calling himself "a firm no." Kucinich, of course, opposes the bill from the left, lamenting the lack of a public option or protection for state level single payer plans.

At a speech in Ohio today, President Barack Obama put the thumbscrews on the cute little commie from Cleveland:

Rolling up his shirtsleeves, Obama began his speech with a little public arm-twisting, calling out a few of the local notables assembled; and way up at the top of his list was Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D), in whose district Obama was speaking. Just in case it wasn't clear why the congressman, who has criticized Obama from the left on issues such as Afghanistan, got such special mention, it was obvious seconds after Obama mentioned Kucinich's name. Someone in the crowd screamed, "Vote yes!" The president responded with just a hint of guile, "Did you hear that, Dennis?"

Like Nader before him, Kucinich continues the proud tradition of Democratic spoilers from the left. Like Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch, I'm skeptical about the possibility of a functioning liberaltarianism, but this is a short-term left-libertarian alliance worth getting behind!