Reason Saves Cleveland

Reason Saves Cleveland, Cleveland's Kucinich Saves America


kucinich and wife, in happier days

While Reason is busy saving Cleveland, the city's native son, resident moonbat, and former mayor Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) is doing his part to save America.

Kucinich says he refuses to vote for any of the current iterations of the healthcare reform bill, calling himself "a firm no." Kucinich, of course, opposes the bill from the left, lamenting the lack of a public option or protection for state level single payer plans.

At a speech in Ohio today, President Barack Obama put the thumbscrews on the cute little commie from Cleveland:

Rolling up his shirtsleeves, Obama began his speech with a little public arm-twisting, calling out a few of the local notables assembled; and way up at the top of his list was Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D), in whose district Obama was speaking. Just in case it wasn't clear why the congressman, who has criticized Obama from the left on issues such as Afghanistan, got such special mention, it was obvious seconds after Obama mentioned Kucinich's name. Someone in the crowd screamed, "Vote yes!" The president responded with just a hint of guile, "Did you hear that, Dennis?"

Like Nader before him, Kucinich continues the proud tradition of Democratic spoilers from the left. Like Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch, I'm skeptical about the possibility of a functioning liberaltarianism, but this is a short-term left-libertarian alliance worth getting behind!

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  1. In a press conference on Capitol Hill today, Rep. David Dreier (R., Calif.), ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, said the word around the House is that Democrats are still about 10 votes away from securing the 216 they will need to pass changes to the health-care bill. Dreier added that that number might be moving in the wrong direction for Democrats.

    “You are hearing that people are peeling off,” he said.

    They are ten short. Hang in there Denny baby!!

  2. And before anyone else says it, his wife is smoking hot. WTF?

    1. John, she’s really just an alien in human form.

      1. Either that or DARPA has finally perfected robot prostitutes and Congress is getting the prototype models.

    2. She’s English. That must explain something.

    3. Yes, she is a rather firey haired siren, isn’t she?

      He’s rich and powerful…nuff said.

      If he was of a different socioeconomic class, I seriously doubt she would have ever given him the time of day.

      1. He’s rich and powerful

        As befits a tribune of the lumpenproletariat.

    4. Now you understand why posing as a leftist in college appeals to so many dudes.

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          Being of Irish descent I have an affinity for the redheads, and you are right. There are other genes connected to the redheaded ones, some good, most not. They are very passionate, but as you say, bat-shit crazy.

          And the green chick in the last Star Trek movie is burning hot.

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          4. Your email proclaims a title that you seem not to deserve, sugartits.

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          6. I expect a head-shaking post from Radley on why this is why there aren’t more libertarian women. Such pigs, we are. Especially Epi.

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          8. Why do only fat women ever refer to themselves as “empress”? Or do you all guy by Zaftig now? Or maybe Rubenesque? Or was that just in the 90s?

        4. All True. And still I love them so!!

    6. As someone speculated here some months ago, that guy must be swinging some massive pipe.

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  3. I think progressives(like Dennis Kucinich) and libertarians should really work together on ending in the wars and corporatism. We shouldn’t see progressives as the enemies, but rather allies.

    1. How many progressives actually care about “corporatism”? Or for that matter how many of them care about wars started by their own side?

      Good luck with that. Hope it works out for you.

      1. John, believe it or not, there are a lot of liberals out there who are sincerely anti war. I really don’t see why you have such a hard time accepting this.

        1. Because I don’t see any marches on the whitehouse or significant anti-war demonstrations now that Obama is in office. This is in direct contrast to when Bush was in office. Did the wars end? Also, I have yet to see one Democrat held accountable for continuing these wars even though Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2006.

          Other than Cindy Sheenan, I don’t think there is one sincere anti-war person on the left. Not one. They are anti-war as a means to power and that is it.

          1. A lot of people won’t go to marches no matter what. In fact I will go out on a limb and say that most people of any political persuasion will never go to a protest march of any kind.

            If you are talking about national level politicians, I will agree with you, but there are a lot of people on the left (some I know, some I just hear rumors of) who are pissed at the Obama administration for continuing the Bush policies that he said or hinted that he would stop.

            1. When they actually do something to show their anger other than sniff, I will believe you. If they really believe the wars are that bad, ending them should be more important than whatever domestic policy pony Obama has promised to buy them. Is health care more important than the lives of soldiers and innocent Afghans?

            2. A lot of people won’t go to marches no matter what. In fact I will go out on a limb and say that most people of any political persuasion will never go to a protest march of any kind.

              They turned out against Bush, though, didn’t they? Face it, Zeb: John is right. No leftard is truly against war when a Democrat is in office.

              Besides, real pacifism is evil and nothing but evil. Wars can be liberating or oppressive depending on who’s fighting them and for what purpose (e.g. Hitler warring on Europe: bad; Allies warring on Hitler: good). Pacifism, however, has never liberated anyone and is always treasonous: it has never prevented a single war of aggression, and is always the first to sell people out to their oppressors in return for a fraudulent promise of peace (e.g. Neville Chamberlain selling out Poland and Czechoslovakia to Hitler).

              Cindy Sheehan’s genuine pacifism and the thoroughly unmerited good opinion it has earned her from our enemedia in the past is all the more grounds for her damnation. Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have liberated people from evil. She has been doing her worst to deliver those people back into evil’s clutches. Can there be more poetic justice than that a publicity whore who advocated that we abandon others to oppression is now herself abandoned?

              1. Where were the Tea Parties when Bush was in office?

                I actually consider myself farther right than left, I’m just saying that there’s hypocrisy on both sides. Which is why there’s nothing wrong about the libertarian fight making strange bedfellows.

              2. Yeah, everyone know LBJ, LBJ, how many did you kill today comes from conservatives!

          2. ironically cindy sheehan is both sincerely anti-war, and using it as a means to power.

          3. Maybe there are no marches because (1) we are withdrawing from Iraq and (2) there are few people against Afghanistan.

            That, and the people who might march against Afghanistan like Obama better than Bush. (You really ought to get over that, although I do find it amusing when you whine, “It’s not fair!”)

            1. Actually, there are no marches because (1) Bush won in Iraq, so our treasonous enemedia had to stop covering it to keep him from looking good and (2) leftards are only anti-war when a Republican is President.

              That, and as you’ve all but admitted, John is in fact right: your leftard buddies only pretended to oppose those wars because it gave them an excuse to bash Bush. (One of my few consolations in watching that empty-headed Zero Boy of yours wreck our country has been seeing all the rubes who actually believed anything he said gradually coming to their senses and then crying “We wuz robbed!”)

              1. I was unaware that “winning the war” meant “helping Nuri al Maliki and the Dawa Party.”

                Thanks for the update on our war aims.

    2. Progressives want to force people to purchase health insurance and nationalize failing companies. They love corporatism just as much as the GOP.

      1. No, they want a single-payer system. Some, like Kucinich, would rather kill healthcare reform totally if it doesn’t pass their purity test, others would rather see it pass, to be reformed later.

        1. Toadster, just…shut the fuck up today. I have no patience for your sub par sockpuppetry on a Monday.

        2. The so called health care reform act is an abomination from both progressive and libertarian points of view. The current bill is crony capitalism at its finest — it is nothing more than a collection of payouts to major health industries with a pretty ribbon on it to placate the left-leaning democratic voters.

    3. I can’t see any chance of “progressives” being useful allies of any import. Despite public association with some social liberties issues like gay rights and abortion rights, “progressive” is really just a cover word for “totalitarian socialist regime”. They hold confiscation of all wealth as the primary objective, so good luck with your petty little freedoms when all of your economic power is removed.

      Sadly, I think the bulk of the Democrat party is comprised of socially liberal and fiscally moderate to conservative people, while the bulk of the republican party is peopled by fiscally conservative and socially moderate people – splitting the vote for liberty. Too bad third parties are impossible in the USA. A true liberty oriented agenda should be able to attract at least 20% of the vote, which would mean the ultimate power in congress. (siding with one or the other big party as the situation demands) While I’m at it, I think I’ll daydream about flying to Mars.

      1. “progressive” is really just a cover word for “totalitarian socialist regime”

        Yes, we spent all those decades being vocally, directly, and by definition opposed to totalitarianism just to cover our real agenda.

        1. No, you spent decades covering up and minimizing the crimes of the worst totalitarian states in history. Every progressive swims in the blood of Communism Tony.

          1. Examples? Your butt buddy neocons are the masters of propping up dictators in order to spread the good word of corporatism. I know of no liberals who apologized for totalitarian regimes because they liked their economics. Liberals are historically opposed to communism, which, as you should know, is not the same thing as socialism or the welfare state.

            1. Tony liberals spent the entire era of the Soviet Union covering up and equating communism with the west. Ever hear of Walter Duranty? Ever hear of Noam Chomsky? Ever hear of Bruce Cummings? Jesus, ever notice the kid gloves Democrats treat Castro with?

              No you don’t know any of that stuff. But for your enlightenment, Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize in the 1930s covering up the crimes of Stalin in the New York Times. Chomsky spent the entire decades of the 70s and 80 denying that Khmer Rouge engaged in any mass killings. Cummings is a Korea “expert” who made his entire career claiming the South started the Korean war and the North Korea was an enlightened and fair regime unfairly schemered by the West.

              That is just three examples. There are thousands.

            2. Your Progressive Margaret Sanger wanted to breed out minorities.

              1. You still do.

        2. This isn’t health care reform, but also note that the Dems are the one pushing for a mandate that would reward private insurers while the Repubs oppose such a mandate. Obviously it’s a clear example of the Repubs being in bed with the insurance companies.

          The left suffers from a lack of nuanced thinking. There are problems with both health care and health insurance. Health care suffers from increased costs due to the federal mandate to cover all emergency room visits, and the ability to charge monopoly level prices due to third-party payment. Health insurance suffers from high costs due to state-level mandates of unnecessary coverage and prohibition on interstate purchases. Mandates are especially a problem as they convert health insurance from it’s proper function of protecting against a highly improbably, but highly expensive, illness, into paying for nearly all the medical costs of the insured.

          Our system is often bashed as terrible compared to others by using longevity, infant mortality, and a whole host of other statistics that overwhelmingly affected by other factors besides health care. A true measure of the quality of inputs into the system (doctors, technology, nurses, facilities).

        3. The health care reform which progressives are trying to pass which has as it’s major feature coercing evryone into buying healthcare. The progressives who are against it are so because it does not coerce everyone into dealing with a single source. And you can say that progressives are not totalitarian by definition?! Can you at least not fly false colors?

    4. How can one be allies with an ideology that is diametrically opposed to one’s own? I can take some satisfaction that Kucinich is blocking a bill that I disagree with, but that is where it ends. His reasons are anti-Libertarian.

    5. We shouldn’t see progressives as the enemies, but rather allies.

      Can’t we do both?

      1. No, but we can always take over the country and kill them all off later once their much-ballyhooed Revolution is over. That’s what the Islamofascists did to their former Communist allies in Iran…

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                      Come to think of it, aren’t you the guy who thinks Mad TV is funny? You are worse than Hitler.

                    3. At least MadTV used to be able to make fun of Kenny Rogers properly.

                    4. Warty did you not see the skit of the fat chick claiming sexual harrassment? That is some eye squirts hilarity there.

                      Of course, I’m too hip to watch it any other way than Youtube clips retro 2007 style.

                    5. No, I most certainly did not see an SNL skit, sir. Sir, I’ll thank you to take your accusations elsewhere, sir.

                    6. It was a MADTV sketch. You can accuse me of a lot of things and be right but SNL watcher, NEVER!!!

                    7. By the way, the way some of you guys and Welch were going after Hipsters last Friday, my Leather Tuscadero shirt was feeling some serious heat.


          2. Hippie mum asked me if she should rent The Hangover and I said ‘yes’ for no other reason than to not have to think of another recommendation. After I did so, I remembered Zachafuckhisname getting a blowjob at the end, and I really didn’t want hippie mum bringing this up later so I told her she should punch the movie off before the pictures at the end started with the rolling credits because they included some still shots of scat involving a goat spraying shit that would melt her eyeballs.

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    3. No, promo for the sappy happy ending of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

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              1. The important point of dbcooper’s statement is “Hollywood eye candy”. For an average girl, she’s smokin’ but compared to Fake Tits Hollywood McGee she’s alright.

      2. Wikipedia reports she is dating a poet. WTF? They still make poets? I thought that line had been decommissioned years ago.

        1. You’re a poet, you just don’t know it.


          I’m really not well today.

        2. If Pelosi gets this bill passed, I’m going to become a professional poet. I just wish Hillary could have gotten it done back when I was still a struggling musician…I’d probably be rich and famous by now.

        3. Decker’s gotta work his way through the hipster line first. Poets are way down the priority list.

  5. I gotta admit, i’m kind of going to miss Kucinich when he has to go back to Alpha Centauri.

    1. Dennis is from Alpha Ceti 5.


      1. That’s Ceti Alpha 5, douche.

      2. Ceti Alpha, not Aplha Ceti. Fuck, I hate Mondays.

      3. That is right. Don’t misspell Tony’s home planet. And Kucinichi will never die. He will just go home.

        1. To the planet Zeist.

          1. The planet Zeist does not exist in any decent universe.

    2. Note: Poochie died on his way back to his home planet.

  6. Someone asked Dennis how the honeymoon went. He said the sex was great, but there was no one to talk to during the act.

  7. How much longer can it be before Obama sends an enraged, naked Rahm Emanuel to wave his ball bag in poor Dennis’ face?


    2. Mac: You put your balls in my mouth while I was sleeping?

      Dennis: Yeah, man, twice.

      Mac: That’s rape.

      Dennis: Yeah, I know.

      Mac: That is borderline rape!

      1. But it explains my strange dream about kiwi fruit.

    3. Fuck that. I’m not into candyass pseudo-faggotry to get my point across – I just wanna have my goons bust some fuckin’ non-complying kneecaps.

      THAT is what Obama pays me to do – well, pays me to subcontract to do, I should say. My hands are blood-free.

  8. LOL. Obama is now resorting to throwing monkey poo at his own congress-critters.

    1. YOU ARE NEIL!!!! That was Neilism as its purist. Admit it EES!

      1. Neil who? Is it somebody cool? I’ll fess up to it if there’s something in it for me.

  9. “Someone in the crowd screamed, “Vote yes!” ”

    No way he was a plant.

    Right? RIGHT???

    1. …he was just looking to get his stick tickled.

  10. I got $20 bucks that says whoever yelled “Vote yes” was a plant, a setup, a shill.

    1. You owe me $20 – I am the “voice in the crowd”

  11. Kucinich is opposing this because it isn’t “left” enough for his tastes.

    God, do socialists suck.

    1. *SLURP!!!*

  12. As someone who actually lives in Kucinich’s district… it’s frightening how he’s actually come down on the correct side of things (for the completely wrong reason…) over the past year…

    Then there’s his little missives sent to everyone about how he’s saving the union jobs to make me remember why I should dislike him.


    1. Nate Silver has a chart up about how Kucinich’s voting, taken at face value, rates to the right of everyone in Congress except for 22 Republicans. (Of course he’s opposing the Dems’ agenda from the left). This is why I think he’s useless. Standing on principle is one thing, not understanding that doing so accomplishes nothing in a legislative body if you don’t have the votes is just stupidity.

      1. that is right Tony. The last thing you need is anyone with any principles or morality.

        1. I am firmly on record as being against “principles” that don’t lead to action but only give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside your head.

          That’s why I think most libertarians are insufferable egotists.

          1. So when one’s principles argue that certain actions will cause more problems than solve, one should ignore the principles and rush to the action? Because there is some sort of virtue in sheepish action?

            1. The putsch for health care isn’t about the poor… it’s about the feeling of power the Dems will have if they ram it through. They could give a shit about the masses – the masses are just the means to gain said power.

          2. Of course, Tony, it might be that he understands legislative bodies better than you do. It might be that he has a more realistic grasp of the odds that Congress will “fix” this bill after it is signed into law. He may realise, better than you do, how unlikely it is that a large government program can be substantially changed once it is cemented in place. A bill that doesn’t meet his principles is not acceptable simply because his party passed it; maybe he knows that. And you don’t.

            1. Taking what one feels inside one’s head outside of the equation, Kucinich’s voting record is one of the most right-wing in Congress.

              He doesn’t understand that legislation means compromise. If you don’t couple your principles with a legislative pathway to achieve them, then they mean nothing. Dennis Kucinich feeling good about himself helps nobody.

              1. He doesn’t understand that legislation means compromise. If you don’t couple your principles with a legislative pathway to achieve them, then they mean nothing. Dennis Kucinich feeling good about himself helps nobody.

                This is incorrect. The very issue we are discussing shows that Kucinich’s principled stand does help people, although not how he wishes. It is irrational to believe that the only way to act is by compromise.

                Hindering action of government IS an action.

              2. “If you don’t couple your principles with a legislative pathway to achieve them, then they mean nothing.”

                Did you really fucking say that?

          3. then why the fuck are you here you turd fucking sandwich? Doesn’t posting here just make you a meta-insufferable egotist? Or are you really just like a Juanita and I’m a dumbass?

      2. Is it a sandwich or a donkey turd? Well, it’s on a plate, isn’t it?

  13. It is hard to hate on the Kucinich. I really like the guy, in spite of his destructive leftward bent.

    Most liberals live to deny that conspiracies exit while desperately seeking membership in them.

    Kucinich is not only the kind of nutter who believes in them, but he also wants no part of them. Hence, the exact opposite of your typical Tony.

    1. Seriously, Tony’s post wasn’t up before I wrote that. Epi is probably right about him being a puppet here to give us easy validation.

  14. Man, is Dennis a lucky man! Wow.

    I hope he keeps to his principals, but just like the way he caved on abortion when it became politically untenable, I fear he’ll cave on this, too.

  15. What is it with Obama calling out people in the audience who are bound by protocol not to respond? Is he afraid of a fair fight or something?

    1. When there is some point of personal contention in the home, with your brother, mother, significant other, etc. — well, you know how it always seems like a good idea for someone to inappropriately blurt out the nature of the conflict in a public situation? The speaker’s objective is generally to over-simplify and frame the situation to his advantage, and in doing so, to dismissively embarrass his opponents, who are in no position to sufficiently argue their side at the moment. It’s a crude psychological strong-arm tactic which, when employed in polite company, only undermines the credibility of the perpetrator, since it serves to reveal his or her deep-seated immaturity and inability or unwillingness to engage in reasonable conflict resolution.

      So that’s your president: immature, inflexible, socially awkward, and fundamentally manipulative.

  16. There should be more members of Congress who have as much backbone as “The Kuce.” I greatly admire anyone who will stick to his guns and not cave under pressure. “Did you hear that, Obama ?”

    1. Et tu, Il Kuce?

  17. Well this article can be deleted. Kuce kaved.

  18. Here’s the best part — he caved for no payola! Nada!

  19. Progressives want to force people to purchase health insurance and nationalize failing companies. They love corporatism just as much as the GOP steroids for sale

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