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Reason Writers on the Tube: Tim Cavanaugh Talks Greece's Financial Crisis on Fox Business' Cavuto


On March 9, 2010, Reason's Tim Cavanaugh discussed Greece's financial problems on Fox Business' Cavuto.

Approximately 5 minutes.

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  1. Depite that the country is heading towards FUBAR if they arent there already I like Greece for the fact they dont take crap from abusive cops.

  2. Wow. Had to “dumb it down” after, what, 30 seconds? Inflate the currency? What’s that?

    Doomed. We are all doomed.

  3. I watched the other day; “disappointing” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Is Cavuto completely retarded? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wearing Barney the Dinosaur pajamas under his suit.

  4. Tim, you look like a POW. You glanced to the right so many times that I looked for a evidence of a gun to your head. Wth, is it with all the rocking? Have your fix before you go on tv next time.

  5. After all these years, proof that Mr. Cavanaugh is an actual human and not some sort of mad literary construct from out of Nick Gillespie’s head.

    1. Haha

  6. The suit is definitely causing me some distress as I have always pictured Tim as a casual dresser. Maybe he was wearing flip flops out of the frame.

    1. What he means by casual dress is naked with flip-flops. I am not sure if he imagines you just having had a MANicure or your nails done together at the spa.

  7. He must have made threats because people are laid-off everyday and the cops are not showing up at their residences. The guy would have had to say he was a danger to himself or others to have been put on a mental heath hold. It could be his co-workers had a legitimate fear but personally, I’d take a vacation that week.

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