Listen to Matt Welch Debate Harold Meyerson About Unions on KCRW's "Politics of Culture" Program Today at 2:30 California Time


On one side, me, on the other side, one of the most pro-labor opinion journalists in the business, the self-described "Democratic socialist" Harold Meyerson (read Reason on Meyerson here). The segment, lasting a half-hour, is called "Labor Love–Lost?" You can listen live, I think, at this link.

UPDATE: Listen (and read more union-related links) here.

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  1. Destroy him. Burn his home and salt the earth.

    1. Hope he doesn’t live in New York…that salt’ll get you a ticket.

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Dammit! Too late. Podcast link ASAP, ‘k?

  4. Harold said, “Private employees violate labor laws with impunity” which is one of the reasons there are
    so few unions in the private sector.
    Did he give an example? NO.
    Did Matt ask him for any? NO.
    A waste of time the whole show.

  5. Ugh my ears. You directed me to KCRW and now I’m listening to a bunch of medical students whine about their student loan rates.

    I’ve got a great solution: Don’t go to medical school dipshits.


    Here is the link.

    Matt, and anyone else who wants to embed the media player on your own blog, here is the embed code:

    <object width=”424″ height=”268″><param name=”movie”><embed src=”” width=”424″ height=”268″></embed></object>

  7. Oh Matt you should have said this was going to be on KCRW. KCRW live programming can be streamed over iTunes radio, in the Ecclectic tab. I can never make browser pluggin media players work, sadly not even KCRW’s.

    The music programming hosted (usually) by Jason Bently from 9-noon Pacific time is excellent.

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