Attn, Ohio Reasonoids! Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul Taping Freedomwatch in Columbus Tonight!


Fox News Freedom Watch host Judge Andrew Napolitano and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) are doing a road show tonight in the Buckeye State:

Live Taping of Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, followed by a speech by Ron Paul.
(Feat. Special Musical Guest Jordan Page)

When: Monday, March 8th.
Time: 7pm
Where: Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
Cost: FREE and open to the public

More details here.

The Judge's Reason archive is here.

Reason on Ron Paul here.

The Judge rocks the house at Reason in DC, a 2007 event:

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  1. I’ll watch just to see if Paul says anything nuttier than what he said to Bernanke a couple of weeks ago.

    I feel guilty though. Kinda like goin’ to see Evel Knievel ’cause you want to see him crash.

    1. Nuttier is the right way to put it.

  2. Well dog my cats. Maybe I’ll make it over there.

  3. Alas, but for Operation Enduring Freedom, I would be there. The Newport seems um…an interesting venue, however.

  4. No kidding. The Newport is great as a concert venue for over-lubricated college students, but for a serious political show? And a non-lefty one to boot!

    I have fond memories of seeing Mr. Bungle play a two set show there back in the early aughts in support of their California album. Patton was, as always, legendary.

    1. Was there ever a band stranger than Mr. Bungle? Maybe The Residents?

      1. Don’t know them.

        The Bungle show was awesome just for watching Patton alone. He played something like 30 different, distinct instruments, electronic and real throughout the show in addition to vocalizing. Looked like a hyperactive 6-year-old on crack, except with exceptional musical skill.

        It was the only live show where I had a genuinely hard time distinguishing the album sound and quirks from the live show. They recreate every weird thing they toss into their recorded work, and then add some on top.

        When they went old school and did some of the heavier ones from Mr. Bungle, though, it was like they were possessed by some really good death metal band. They brought the heavy.

        1. Why will no one appreciate my work?

        2. That is impressive. I didn’t realize Patton was a multi-instrumentalist. I didn’t even know he did more than sing.

          I do have to admit that they were too inaccessible for me, though.

          1. Patton basically did the various miscellaneous stuff, of which there was a lot, especially on Disco Volante songs. I’m not completely sure, but I think Patton ended up writing a lot of their stuff, or at least having a large part in the insanity.

            Some of Faith No More’s more recent and less known stuff (King for a Day, Album of the Year) started trending decidedly Bungle-like.

  5. Semi offtopic: I saw dr. Paul the other day at the hardware store, and I can’t believe how old and worn down he’s looking lately

  6. Too bad Im just now finding this out. I’d have enjoyed going. Pretty sure last time I was at Newport was for Bad Company. Was surprised to see a lot of younger folks there. Fun time.

  7. The place holds 1700, and there couldn’t have been fewer than 1500 there. Between a third and a half were students, and this was during the crunch-time last week of OSU’s quarter.

    The place was energetic, Napolitano kissed Paul on the forehead (to huge cheers), “End the Fed” got chanted, signs were waved, and some guy was passing out slips of paper telling us about his “new, libertarian” alternative to craigslist (he calls it murray’s list).

  8. Will this be on Promo West Live?

  9. Very good post. I will have to stop back more often.

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