Will the Next Dutch PM Be a "Hate Criminal"?


I have previously expressed unease with strident critics of Islam like Geert Wilders, the shock-haired Dutch MP who claims that "moderate Islam does not exist" and once compared the Koran to Mein Kampf. But the Dutch authorities and the fundamentalist imams with whom he does battle insist on presenting Wilders as a deeply sympathetic character…by attempting to criminalize his views. The takeaway for the average Dutch voter is that because Wilders is a man of heterodox, but non-violent, views he should be subject either to prosecution (say the tolerant, liberal politicians and columnists) or decapitation (say some of his extremist critics). 

And last month, the country of Spinoza, legalized hash, and window-dwelling prostitutes, decided to prosecute Wilders for being a "hate criminal" and making a short film that Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said served "no purpose other than to offend." (Can one by buy Cannibal Holocaust in the Netherlands?) For good measure, the British government decided that Wilders was a horribly dangerous alien and blocked his entry into the United Kingdom last year (while defending former London Mayor Ken Livingstone's hug-in with Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a glorious step towards interfaith tolerance and electing George Galloway to parliament). 

So has the anti-Wilders campaign paid off? As the Dutch government collapsed—the first European government to do so because of its military commitments in Afghanistan—Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV), made impressive gains at the polls. The Telegraph reports:

Municipal results announced on Thursday put his party in first place in Almere, a region near Amsterdam and second in The Hague, one the country's largest cities and the seat of the Dutch government. 

If repeated in national elections on June 9, the Freedom Party could win 27 out of 150 seats, becoming the largest single party and putting him in line to become prime minister and form a new government….

The Guardian adds:

Wilders' Freedom party currently has nine of 150 parliamentary seats, but he came second in last year's European Parliament elections and an opinion poll at the weekend put him neck-and-neck for an election victory.

"We can have excellent results in the next few months and it can only change the Netherlands for the better," Wilders told Reuters.

According to the weekend poll, Balkenende's Christian democrats would take 26 to Wilders' 24 seats in parliament. The fourth fall of a Balkenende government in eight years suggests he could be replaced as Christian democrat leader.

"It is embarrassing," said the NRC Handelsblad newspaper. "There is good reason to doubt [Balkenende's] qualities as a leader."

More detailed election results here. I discussed the Dutch health care system here.

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  1. I they can outlaw the man, can’t they outlaw the party, and eventually the thought?

  2. Isn’t George Galloway the MP who pretended to lick cream out of Rula Lenska’s cupped hands as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother?

  3. If repeated in national elections on June 9, the Freedom Party could win 27 out of 150 seats, becoming the largest single party and putting him in line to become prime minister and form a new government….

    Will mainstream Dutch parties cooperate with the Freedom Party to form a government? If not, then winning even 49% of the seats won’t be enough.

    1. Will mainstream Dutch parties cooperate with the Freedom Party to form a government? If not, then winning even 49% of the seats won’t be enough.

      The VVD leader has said that he’s open to cooperating with Wilders’ PVV, Rita Verdonk’s movement, and the liberaltarianish Democrats 66. Not sure if that’ll happen, though.

  4. Apropos of nothing, I wonder what Dutch Nazis would be like?

    1. Nazi dikes? Pretty sure that ground’s been covered.

    2. No need to wonder.

      http://www.ssrelics.net/PROPAGANDA ASSETS/ss-posters/DUTCH SS POSTER.jpg

    3. Very much the same, except they’d probably be a lot more mellow.

    4. think “Hitler on Ice”

  5. “…moderate Islam does not exist” and once compared the Koran to Mein Kampf.”

    Some people like to think that beliefs exist separately from the people who believe them. I guess it makes them sleep easier at night.

    The Nazis weren’t evil because of what they believed–they were evil because of what they did. …and individual nazis can’t dodge responsibility for what they did and pin it on their beliefs any more than they can blame their commanding officers.

    Terrorists aren’t evil for what they believe either–they’re evil for what they did and continue to do. …and as long as their are moderate Muslims, who do not do as the terrorists do, there will be a moderate Islam. It’s unreasonable to hold individuals responsible for something they don’t do.

  6. Nice shout-out to Cannibal Holocaust, Moynihan. Very different from Cannibal Apocalypse, of course. Some would say better, including Ruggero Deodato. But the latter stars John Saxon, and you just don’t get much better than that.

    1. Aha. Saxon was in (awesome Argento flick) Tenebre around the same time.

      1. I still don’t know Argento got that Doberman to do the stuff it did. That was just nuts.

        1. Yeah the super dog stuff was cool. And chasing her into the killers lair … 🙂

          Then there’s the issue of Eva Robins.

          1. Of course.

            1. The question is, have you seen Mascara?

              1. I don’t think I have. Good?

                1. Dunno, isn’t available on DVD apparently. Probably in the bad-good category. It has Charlotte Rampling though …

                  1. What’s better than John Saxon? Nothing, that’s what.

                    1. Speaking of John Saxon, behold this insult.

                    2. Matt Frewer is on that list, yet Jeffrey Combs isn’t? Wha???

                    3. I found the list not entirely adequate as well.

                    4. I think having an Oscar (see: Chris Cooper) should also disqualify an actor from that list.

    2. But is it better than Cannibal The Musical?

  7. The VVD isn’t Wilder’s Freedom Party. The VVD is Wilder’s ex-party, that he left, the People’s_Party_for_Freedom_and_Democracy, the more traditional liberal/libertarian Dutch party, considered somewhat more economically libertarian than the other Dutch libertarianish party, the liberaltarian Democrats 66.

    Wilders’ Party for Freedom is abbreviated PVV in Dutch.

    Rita Verdonk also is a former VVDer, having left to form the Proud of the Netherlands after she lost a leadership race in the VVD.

    1. Some people also call the VVD the conservative party, though they call themselves liberal, meaning in the Continental sense of libertarian. They’re probably more at home with the welfare state than any on the American Right, but they’re not the CDA (Christian Democrats).

    2. Who leads the DVDA Party? That’s right.

    3. The one time I went to Netherlands I ended up with a VVD, so it makes sense.

      1. From Nazi dikes?

  8. Geert ftw. He’s the only one who actually says what Dutch people are thinking deep down when they get accosted by Moroccans.


    the video prior to the music starting is from a game show in holland where the answer is supposed to be “antisocial” and instead the girl says “allochton” which is pretty much what they refer to moroccans, turks, etc. as.

    1. What is difference between the Chinese government flooding Tibet with unwanted immigrants, displacing the native population and undermining their influence and society, and Enlightened Cosmopolitans flooding western nations with unwanted immigrants, displacing the native populations and undermining their influence and society?

      None – other than at least the Chinese government has the decency not to pretend it’s anything but a naked act of aggression against the native population.

      1. I guess being conquered and annexed by an external power doesn’t count for much anymore.

        1. Apparently, being involuntarily colonized doesn’t either.

      2. “None – other than at least the Chinese government has the decency not to pretend it’s anything but a naked act of aggression against the native population.” No difference and decency are not the words that comes to mind.


        1. There is no difference! Americans don’t want to be colonized by Mexico and Europeans don’t want to be colonized by Muslims any more than the Tibetans and Mongolians want to be colonized by the Chinese. In all cases, it’s being facilitated by governments ignoring the interests of the native populations.

          And the Mongolians, at least, are responding not so differently from Europeans and Americans. As well they should.

          And “decent” is relative – at least while the Chinese are fucking over the Tibetans and Mongolians, they aren’t claiming it’s out of Enlightenment, Tolerance and Freedom.

          1. How are Mexicans fucking over the Americans? It’s our government that gives them benefits.

      3. Ohh, I know!

        One is State Policy, the other is individual human action.


  9. A peculiar thing about Holland is that it does not have directly electable leaders. The prime minister is actually appointed by the Queen (formally), as are provincial governors, the heads of police and city mayors.

    1. A peculiar thing about Hollandparliamentary democracy is that it does not have directly electable leaders.


      1. Yeah, it’s not peculiar. Pretty much by definition, a Prime Minister is not directly elected, but formally appointed by the monarch (in a constitutional monarchy) or the President (in a parliamentary republic) for heading the most powerful party/coalition.

        As for heads of police, I think America is just about the only country on Earth (except maybe Switzerland?) where law enforcement heads, prosecutors, and even judges are popularly elected.

  10. served “no purpose other than to offend.”

    As far as I’m concerned that’s a description of “American Idol.”

  11. Wilders is a hero and should be Prime Minister of Holland.

    If you Rh?mites did not despise Jews and the Jewish state so much, you would watch Fitna and learn something.

    In case you Rh?mites think you’ll live well under your Muslim buddies — consider this: San FRancisco Muslims shoot gay man in the face.

    If you think your desire to see Israel and all its Jews murdered will endear the homosexual perverts amongst you to the Muslims — you Rh?mites are mistaken.

    Listen to me. I am your true friend in this.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

    1. Hey UnderSchmuck, how many times have you seen Yentl? Like, 20, or is it more in the hundreds?

    2. Rh?mites

      As flattered as I am with that description, you give us a bad boy reputation that is hardly deserved, underzog, you silver tonged devil.

      1. Alan:

        I, too, am wondering what a “Rh?mite” is. I’ve heard of Ernst R?hm, but never anybody named Rh?m.

  12. Jerry, that’s also how it works in my home country of Australia. The leader of the winning party in a parliamentary election is sworn in by the Governor General (the Queen’s rep). The same for many of the Commonwealth countries, like Canada, Britain, NZ etc. I believe that some of the Nordic countries have a similar setup.

  13. OK, Moynihan, I’m giving you props for the Cannibal Holocaust reference.

  14. About the notion of a “hate criminal”

  15. So a while back I was reading about how well the BNP – that’s the flat-out racist far right British party — has been performing in the polls, and all the pearl clutching and handwringing it’s occasioned from Labor and Tories and Lib Dems and, of course, the Guardian and the Independent. How terrible that so many Brits are racists, aren’t working class white people simply horrible, etc. etc.

    And someone in the press said that if, indeed, the BNP pick up seats in the upcoming general election, their success can be blamed squarely on Labor.

    Why? Because for the past 10 years or so, every time a white British citizen, or a group of them, has protested anything – ANYTHING – regarding immigration, or terrorism, or Muslim extremism, or various UK government ministers’ enthusiastic (literal) embraces of the vilest and most radical Islamists – every time a British citizen has questioned or criticized this stuff, they’ve been called racist.

    Every time something like this happens, and people protest it, the cops call them racist.

    And to borrow a line from The Incredibles, when everyone’s a racist, no one is. People think, “hmm, they’re calling me a racist just because I don’t think illegal immigrants should be allowed to squat in a family’s home. I know I’m no racist. Shit, the BNP probably aren’t racist either.”

    The BNP are racist, of course. That’s what’s so funny. The bien pesants have cried racism so often no one believes them anymore.

    I know, the story’s in the Daily Mail. But it’s completely believable. This is a country that spends millions to keep a toddler’s murderers safe, comfortable, entertained and in spending money.

    I’m sure this is only semi-coherent and way too long but fuck it. I’m on painkillers.

    1. I don’t blame the Brits a bit. Labour is doing the same thing to Britain the Chinese are doing to Tibet and Mongolia – and the same thing our enlightened Cosmopolitans are trying to do to us.

      And, of course, Americans aren’t taking it sitting down either. We’re getting our own BNP. Listen to the whinging when the native population start retaliating by the only means at their disposal.

      1. Uh, people from other places paying rent to live near you is entirely different from the government subsidizing the rent of people from different places to live near you, forbidding your language be spoken in schools, etc. The comparison is ludicrous.

        1. Shit, I left my failed liberal troll name on.

    2. Stubby:

      I was under the impression that the BNP’s economics were decidedly Old Labour; ie. leftist.

      1. Yep. That’s what’s so delightful. The lefties hate the BNP because they’re racist – even tho their politics are staunchly, righteously anti-capitalist and orthodox leftist. Middle class and working class voters who in decades past were Labour’s natural constituiency are being (arguably – I don’t know that anyone’s done serious analysis of it) peeled off by the BNP. Labor is losing voters to racist populists as a result of Labor’s actions and the whinging and posturing and hectoring of Labor-affiliated groups and media.

        Does that make sense? I’m not on drugs anymore but for some reason I’m still having trouble articulating what I’m getting at here.

  16. I understand the idea that one’s hate for Islam can reach the point of lunacy. But until those lunatics do something like fly plains into buildings, kill girls for the audacity of going to school, or issue fatwas to authors they find heretical, I think they should be left alone.

  17. This is a great piece. Very thought provoking. I like the sort of ending that leaves it opn to personal input. Makes it work for just about everyone I think. Nicely done! I’ll subscribe.

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  19. See?!? If smoking weed wasn’t tolerated in The Netherlands, they wouldn’t be so stupid! What? Oh, they were trying to smoke a Gouda? Never mind……

  20. …Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said served “no purpose other than to offend.”

    I thought that was what techno was for.

  21. So, MNG, if Wilders’ party wins and imposes stringent restrictions on Muslims, will that be A-OK because it represents the democratic will of the people?

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