Reason Morning Links: Chilean Earthquake Aftermath, Newspapers Continue Slow Demise, White House Pushes New Health Care Strategy


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    1. “We really dug deep into the stuff that you kids are talking about these days, from abstinence, to spiked Root Beer, to Tron.”

      Excellent. That site is great.

    2. Good Morning reason!

      Good morning JL!

    3. Johnny, I guess we can blame fatherlessness on somebody else…..let me think….ahhh…fathers…male…nope it’s a man’s fault

      1. Most of the time it is the father’s fault, true.

        1. The argument isn’t that men never do wrong, it’s that the media only identifies them as ‘men’ when they do wrong, but identifies them by some gender-neutral term when they do right.

          1. Yeah, I actually appreciated the main thesis of the video.

            1. Women do work on roads and do work in sanitation here (has anyone seen the tv show Undercover Boss?). I was surprised that was not the case in England. The fact that men die earlier has nothing to do with ‘misandry’. Married men live longer than their single counterparts.

              1. That’s because if you live as a single man for too long you automagically become an alcoholic. True story.

              2. Married men don’t live longer.
                It just seems longer

                1. It will seem a lot longer when you don’t get fucked:-)

  1. Perhaps because I haven’t been paying attention, but the CBS/CNN thing is a real surprise.

    And on the wings, I find it odd that last night’s Squidbillies was the one where Dan Halen produced the already cooked and sauced living chicken with multiple wings, bowels that spew forth blue cheese and beer, and celery stalk legs. It’s like a sign that the answer to the shortage is right in front of our faces.

    1. yes, but it caused tumours, although there was a warning that it could, so i guess it was the sheirrifs fault, caveat emptor

  2. The CBS/CNN link leads to the same Health Care story from the Washington Post BTW.

    1. Someone SugarFreed a link.

    2. Everything CBS/CNN is the same old story.

  3. The great chicken wing panic of 2010.

    Oh great, will there be L.A.-style riots in the streets?

  4. What does it say about us when we care more about wings than earthquakes and government and media fuckups? I think it means we have our priorities in order. At our core, food still rules.

    1. Hey, did you hear what I ordered? I’m gonna be farting blood!

      1. Carl, you are one of my idols in life.

  5. Our lovely and delightful Speaker of the House promised to “drain the swamp”, but apparently she has neither the ways nor the means to discpline Charlie Rangel, one of the most hideous swamp creatures of them all.

  6. Bro-etry: Because no boring feminist poetry that completely misses the point has ever been written, ever.

    1. Bukowski was a bro-et before it was cool.

    2. Whoa…I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone miss the point as hard as that Jezebel author did. But it fits with the theory that if one ever loses any sense of humor about oneself, one will become blind to one’s own flaws because then the truth becomes too painful.

      1. Bukowski’s the man. That was awesome.

      2. The comments were some kind of bizarre quantum echo chamber, with self-awareness just always out of reach inside the event horizon of a naked singularity of smug.

        1. Yup, this is what defensiveness gets people. And it’s a weird thought…are they saying his points were wrong because the source of criticism was a male, or are they saying the (stereotypical) female is perfect and blameless, (un)like the stereotypical male?

          1. I think they were saying that change is a one-way street and any attempt to correct the mapping error is a result of insecure misogyny.

            1. That’s what I was afraid of. I thought women and men were both flawed, but clearly that is insecure misogyny on my part. I should be ashamed for daring to criticize any stereotypical female behavior after I perpetuated all those centuries of gender inequality.

          2. The Art-P.O.G.|,”are they saying his points were wrong because the source of criticism was a male, or are they saying the (stereotypical) female is perfect and blameless, (un)like the stereotypical male?” Single huh?

            1. Oh…and the worst part is I am single. I just figured most women would just never admit to being wrong, I didn’t think they actually believed they were never wrong.

              1. Nothing sexier than a man who looks right at you and says “I KNOW you are right and I am wrong”

                1. I’ve got to work on my lying.

                  1. But seriously, doesn’t this mean that most women have just a little bit of a sadistic streak? Kinky.

                    1. No wonder you are single.

                    2. C’mon, that was a low blow. Seriously, some women appreciate my sense of “humor”, I’m sure.

                    3. But seriously, doesn’t this mean that most women have just a little bit of a sadistic streak? Kinky.


                    4. Oh, now I see what “come on” did. Clever. That was really good.

                    5. No it isn’t sadism. It is wanting to be loved unconditionally and yes most women are kinky.

    3. I wonder what upset her more, the audacity to speak what was written or its accuracy?

      And her harping on the demands of “society” are just annoying. Heaven forbid a man actually find his partner physically attractive. And then there’s this…

      “Translation: ladies, please lower your standards and date “nice guys” like me. Otherwise, you’re just going to suffer. And you deserve it!”

      It amazes me how unaware some people can be.

      1. “Translation: ladies, please lower your standards and date “nice guys” like me. Otherwise, you’re just going to suffer. And you deserve it!”

        The thing about this statement is that there’s no need to actually say it. You just have to allow it to happen.

        Saying this aloud is like running to socialists and saying, “If you do this, you will fuck your country up!” Why bother? Just allow the rational nature of the universe to work itself out on them.

    4. I really don’t understand how you can read that blithering idiocy every day. You are truly the manliest among us for enduring.

      I’m afraid that if I tried, my self-defence mechanisms would kick in and I’d just starting punching myself in the head to make it stop.

      1. JW, you can’t forget to laugh or you’ll be miserable reading that stuff.

        1. Oh, I can laugh, but only after the crying stops.

      2. You are truly the manliest among us for enduring.

        I will walk through that fire. For you. For the funny.

        1. I admire your dedication to the lulz, SF.

          1. Oh, we all do. Even the proprietors of Jezebel and Feministing probably appreciate the subtle spike in their hits that SugarFree generates.

    5. Sorry, my post missed the point as much as the Jezebel writer did. I just didn’t want to read it, so I posted blind.

      Having admitted that, women really need to deal with the fact that the whole “I need to be size zero!” is a female (and gay male) standard of beauty. Most guys I know want women who look like women, not 12 year old boys. Yes, there is a point where too much is too much – 200 lbs. on a 5’4″ frame, for example. But I don’t know any guys who cruise ana sites, other than a few demented Ann Coulter fans.

      1. Right on. And I’m sure we all forgive you for blind posting because you linked to Bukowski.

      2. And I’m sure that you’ve tried telling that many times to different women and a good portion of those, it not a significant majority of them, have fallen on dear ears, right?

        1. Forgive my above post. I shouldn’t try to post when I’m tired.

          What I meant was something more like…

          “I’m willing to bet that you’ve said the same thing to many women but it’s basically fallen on deaf ears, right?”

        2. I actually have said it to a few women. The vast majority denied it. One or two had the courage to own up to it.

          1. Jennifer Carpenter still looks good, though.

            1. I’m back and forth with her. Sometimes I think she’s hot, other times, not so much.

              1. True. I think she could stand to gain about 15 lbs. But I guess Michael C. Hall is mashing regardless.

              2. They should remember that Laetitia Casta (NSFW!!!) was a supermodel. And for those of you at work, I assure you she is no waif.

                1. Carpenter’s body is fine, but her face–more specifically that scrunched up things she does in lieu of really acting–is a boner killer for me.

                  She is badly miscast from the book, by the way. Deb was embarrassingly hot and stacked.

                  1. I find Carpenter’s weird face-acting endearing, but to each his own.

                  2. but her face–more specifically that scrunched up things she does in lieu of really acting–is a boner killer for me.

                    There’s nothing wrong with that, asshole.

                    1. Shut up, you eyeless freak!

                2. Oh, my. To have such full breasts at such low body fat is truly a genetic gift. I know the gay males who are so prevalent in the world of high fashion have little use for large boobies or a more normal build, but I’m glad Casta succeeded as a supermodel.

                  Somebody did make a great point about comparing the builds of the women in porn geared toward heterosexual men to the typical build of a supermodel, and it is revealing. Bad implants in porn notwithstanding.

                  1. Exactly Art. How prevalent is the big booty theme in todays porn? It’s huge and I love it.

                    Or hell, let’s look at one of the first woman role models young boys can be exposed to: Wonder Woman. WW sure isn’t some dainty little thing.

                  2. that she purchased.

                  1. And now that I have contributed to the MALE GAZE (and how!), I’m sure I’m doomed to hell forever.

                    I can live with that…

      3. Well, if you’re a fat guy, you can tolerate a fat woman.

        The problem is if you’re a thin or in shape guy. Then a fat woman’s body mass starts to approach your own, and if I wanted to sleep with an equally-sized body mass I’d just go gay.

        1. Fluffy, that’s just funny. I don’t care who you are.

        2. A vagina should not be a steep gravity well.

        3. True. But if you like thin bodies with small asses and no boobs, gay is probably the way to go as well.

          1. I don’t know, Milla Jovovich looks pretty good to me. Some women can look great with unlikely body types.

            1. I like her to. But I would like her more if she gained 10 lbs.

          2. Gee thanks.

            1. Ha ha, I’ll assume this sarcasm is directed towards me and say “you’re welcome?”

              1. I was replying to John’s comment. I apologize for not being born with genes for a big booty and big tits.

      4. (e.g., Lindsey Vonn)


        1. Mancuso is hotter.

      5. Having admitted that, women really need to deal with the fact that the whole “I need to be size zero!” is a female (and gay male) standard of beauty.

        The thing about that — women know that that is not true. They know they received a greater deal of attention when they were skinny than whenever they gained weight. You can say it to you are blue in the face that you like the heavier endowed women or curvier women, but women who have struggled with their weight all of their lives know when they were being chased and when they were being ignored. Ultimately, it is kind of a condescending pat on the head to pretend otherwise.

        1. Chased by a “certain kind of guy” maybe. Hmm…

          1. Well, maybe I’m the stereotypical Latin wearing bright paisley green shirts open to the navel and tight white denim jeans who yells, ‘hey, baby, you lookin’ fine’ to every waif who passes by, but I doubt if I count towards a significant degree of the Gaussian spread on those averages going back well past my life time.

  7. All I can say is I will believe it when and if I ever see it.


  8. I will believe it when I see it.


    1. Anonymity bot is from Missouri.

  9. The Democrats may really be crazy enough to pass Obamacare via reconciliation. If that is the case, people need to start thinking about what the effects will be and what to do about it. First, I think everyone beyond the real delusional Left thinks it will lead to a complete electoral disaster for the Democrats in November. If they do it, I wouldn’t be shocked if every single Democratic Senator up for re-election either retires or loses. I am serious. Barbara Boxer is currently considered to be only a “leaning Democrat” race. And that is before they pass it through reconciliation. If Boxer can’t win, what chance do people like Lincoln or Landreau have?

    Even if the Democrats get killed, I think they figure they can play defense through the veto and the filibuster and tell the country too bad so sad, you are getting Obamacare whether you like it or not. And then they figure Obamacare will become like every other entitlement and just a fact of life and “untouchable” and they win even if they have to spend some time in the wilderness. That seems to be the conventional wisdom. But I am not so sure that is true.

    It is true that things like medicare and medicaide have over the years grown to monstrous proportions and become untouchable. But unlike Obmacare, those programs really were popular when they were past. Goldwater was certainly right in voting against them. But don’t kid yourself into thinking he was anything but the leader of a small Casandra like minority. Since the majority of the country supported medicare and medicaide, they tend to blame their failures on other factors and to over look the problems with the programs. That is the natural tendency of everyone. No one wants to admit that they supported a dumb idea. So, instead people say “yeah medicare and medicaide didn’t solve our health care issues but it wasn’t those programs fault”. Obamacare doesn’t enjoy that kind of support. And for that reason, people are going to be all too willing to blame every health care problem fair or not on Obamacare. That is going to make it an entirely different political animal than medicare and medicaide. In fact, since it is being passed by sleazy methods with no support from the minority party and over the objection of every poll on the subject, Obamacare will give the Democrats ownership and responsibility for the entire health care system. Health care will no longer be a winning issue for any Democrat. Instead, it will be a club that is used by their opponents to pin them for the blame for every horror imaginable. I don’t see how the measure ever gets popular.

    Moreover, Obamacare is not like medicare and medicaide. Those were basically public service programs. People got benefits from those programs. Only later did the regulation and control come. In contrast, Obamacare is mostly regulation, control and mandates. For the average person, there isn’t really any benefit. There is just a mandate from the government that they have to buy insurance. No one will be getting a monthly check thanks to Obamacare. A few people who can’t afford insurance will. But the great mass of middle class won’t be getting anything but higher insurance premiums. For this reason also, I don’t see it getting more popular or engendering the kind of dependent docile behavior that Liberals so desperately want from voters. Instead, it is just going to piss people off. And every year it is in effect it will piss them off more.

    I really don’t think that things are going to work out quite the way the hard left and the hysterical “oh my God the Democrats are going to turn the population into socialist zombies” right think it will.

    1. Here’s what sucks. Spending one trillion dollars to insure 30 million people mean it’s going to cost $33,333/person. That is so fucked up.

    2. What does this have to do with Laetitia Casta?

  10. “As expensive as wings are, they cannot carry the entire bird…”

    Oh, the humanity.

  11. We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change
    by Al Gore

    It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

    1. Fuck human civilization as we know it. Adapt or die.

      I try my best with everyone but there’s something about Al Gore that brings out a very near blind rage in me. In my mind he’s like the perfect figure head for idiotic, disingenuous, human behavior. One of those people that if they told me the sky is blue, I’d look to make sure before I believed them.

      1. Agree.

        But it’s good to see that enough snow has finally melted away so that Punxatawney Al could finally pop up out of his gopher hole. This can only mean one thing: spring is right around the corner!

  12. Sometimes, Two Minutes just isn’t enough Hate.: Jezebel confronts a female TEA Party member.

    daradoodle 02/28/10
    I wish that people understood that what makes me a socialist is not that I voted for Obama (whose politics have very little to do with mine) or that I would really like for abortions to remain legal (the reason I voted for him anyways) but that I want to fucking destroy capitalism.


    LilSpitfire 02/27/10
    What these people don’t realize is if we socialized certain industries the money would always stay in America and be used by Americans.


    Erda 02/27/10
    Of course there’s nothing “oppressive” about socialism.

    1. “I want to fucking destroy capitalism.” As she lives fat, dumb and happy off the wealth created by capitalism. Stupid fucking bitch.

    2. “I want to fucking destroy capitalism.” As she lives fat, dumb and happy off the wealth created by capitalism. Stupid fucking bitch.

      1. Worth repeating . . .

      2. So good it was worth saying twice!

      3. There are some people who really need to be told to move to North Korea.

        She’d probably be unhappy there, too, because there are a few agricultural markets(!). It’s horrible the things people will do to keep from starving to death.

        1. Yeah, I bet the NORKS and the Cubans don’t get much “locally grown, organic” produce. And I seriously doubt the powers that be will be too impressed when she lectures them on the carbon footprint of her daily rice ration.

    3. TheTruffle 02/28/10

      “I will not allow corrupt socialists and communists to infect this country without a hard, hard fight.”

      Is that a new euphemism for “uppity Negroes”?

      Presented without comment.

      1. Fuck her (I’m assuming) for being stupid. And fuck her with a broken bottle for not having the balls to write “uppity niggers” when that’s what she actually meant.

        Weak and stupid. They go together well.

      2. Does she write for The Root?

        1. And, whoa…

          Cimorene 02/27/10

          This woman is a fucking idiot. “Some days I’m very Randian. I feel like there shouldn’t be any of those programs, that it should all be charitable organizations”

          Yeah, I remember when the world was like this. I believe it was called the fucking middle ages, and people died needlessly all the time because only those with support systems already in place (via family, home, church) got to have support systems. Shock me shock me shock me.

          Jesus christ what is wrong with these people? They’re so fucking conservative that they want to go back to old school values, old school like the 15th century. What’s next, burning witches at the stake? Expelling the Jews from Europe? Enslaving Northern Africans and Native Americans? Drawing and quartering people who steal bread or shoot deer in the king’s forest?

          For fuck’s sake.

          1. We really are doomed. How do you even start a conversation with a person who writes something like that? Her ignorance is so multifaceted and complete that I don’t see how you even have a conversation with her. When you have completely re-written history into a black and white cartoon of “witch burning life before the 1960s” and “enlighten progressiveness” since, you really can’t even be reasoned with.

          2. For fuck’s sake indeed.


          3. If she truly “remember[s] a world like this…the fucking middle ages”, then she is one old bitch.

            Just sayin

            1. Why should all those immortals from the Highlander films be male?

              1. Remember, there was Highlander: The Raven and Duncan’s wife in Endgame.

                1. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t see either of those.

                  1. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have missed all of them except about an hour of the first one.

                    1. The Kurgan (Clancy Brown) is classic in the first one. I also enjoyed the performances of Lambert, Connery and Roxanne Hart. And the Queen soundtrack.

                    2. The montage of his woman growing old as he didn’t was too much for me. I cried like a wee lass and decided I couldn’t take any more.

                      Seriously though, Craig Ferguson got it right when he described Connery’s acting in the scene with the rowboat. That I couldn’t take.

    4. I wouldn’t trust these bitches to taked care of my dogs.

    5. I frequent Jezebel for their fashion articles, but my god I can’t stand their politics. I get migraines from it.

      1. God forbid people actually participate in charitable activities voluntarily. If the harpies at Jezebel had their way we’d be forced at gun point to wipe other peoples’ butts for them.

        1. I agree. Several posters there are quite reasonable, but just as many spend time so far off into the fever swamps that I don’t even know what to say.

  13. Ckicken wings suck. Pour all the hot sauce you want, give them a once clever name, no matter. Too much work for too little meat.

    The plus side is that more chickens will be raised because of the profit to be made from idiots that eat the damned things, lowering the price of legs, breasts and thighs. Pet food manufacturers will celebrate the extra hearts and livers on the market as well.

    1. I kinda like the boneless wings. I like my chicken coated and quick to eat.

    2. J sub D likes them meaty.

    3. Wings rule because of the bone to meat ratio. Boneless wings are good but they lack the depth of flavor and many attemt to make up for that with more salt.

      I am however all for more thighs. I LOVE chicken thighs.

      1. The little piece of butt meat in the back portion of the thigh is the finest eating in the history of the universe. I love me some yard bird. fried. thighs only please. the rest of the chicken is for philistines and warren.

        1. bb, that meat is called The Oyster.

          1. I’m gonna start calling you wifey. You know Everything .

            1. Just trying to help. What if you were at one of your fancy Mississippi parties and you brought up “chicken butt meat” and some haranguing gang of food snobs laughed at you? Am I just supposed to leave you to the cruel vicissitudes of those bastards?

              1. Am I just supposed to leave you to the cruel vicissitudes of those bastards?

                To be honest, that does seem more your style.

          2. The Oyster, the muscle on the outside of the thigh that’s kind of “S” shaped, and that little muscle that’s right under the top flesh of the thigh that gets wider and flatter as it gets near the bone joint are some of my favorite eats on the planet.

      2. Fine use for the thigh…

        Filipino Barbecue Skewers

  14. In reaction to those tea baggin radicals of the Tea Party – let’s introduce the Coffee Party.

    They appear to be somekind of ‘fellate the ruling class’ group.

    1. Wow, I thought most of the media already spent their time fellating the ruling class. I didn’t realize they also needed a “grassroots movement” to fellate the ruling class.

      1. At least I didn’t double post this.

    2. Wow, I thought most of the media already spent their time fellating the ruling class. I didn’t realize they also needed a “grassroots movement” to fellate the ruling class.

      1. So good it was worth saying twice!

  15. Alabama tries to outdo Mississippi in tactics of omnipotent judges.

    1. “She was basically saying that the trooper is not telling the truth. I tell folks all of the time that if you come in here and try to lie to get out of this, whether it is a ticket or a misdemeanor, I don’t take kindly to that,” Steensland said.

      No policeman has ever lied. Ever.

      1. No policeman has ever lied. Ever.

        Tulpa is a judge?!? Oh, fuck.

        1. A judge who moonlights as a bus driver. Or maybe a bus driver who moonlights as a judge. Either way, it makes for great TV.

          1. Even though I like Tulpa and will stick up for him, this is just wrong/funny.

        2. Is that true? Tulpa is actually a judge?

          1. Beat’s me. But he does want to give the police the benefit of the doubt as a default. Which is something that is absurd given the amount of malfeasance Radley Balko alone has amassed.

            1. Balko had only good cop stories? Would giving the benefit of doubt be ok?

    2. The breathtaking ignorance of that man is just astounding. But sadly, having once practiced in state court, he is typical. Most state court judges don’t have the comprehension skills to read a legal brief on a dog bite case. This guy is certainly living down to their reputation.

  16. The Democrats may really be crazy enough to pass Obamacare via reconciliation

    My understanding is that the significant pieces of the plan cannot be passed via reconciliation.

    1. That is what I thought to. But Pelosi seems to be saying that they can do it.

  17. Chileans learn a valuable lesson: looting is awesome.

  18. I swear I’ve had this dream. No, really… I’m not kidding.

    Painting, but medium NSFW

    1. I don’t recall historical accounts of Hitler being that kinky.

      1. He was a documented donkey-fucker.

        By the way… google “Hitler Porn” at your own risk.

        1. I love that sketch! I’m too squeamish to Google “Hitler Porn”, though. Does anyone really want to see a nightvision Eva Braun sex tape?

    2. The best part is that it says MAN IS A SHIT FACKTORY.

    3. That Mickey is without doubt one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. The fact that it’s Mickey’s head on a pygmy dwarf body is what’s doing it.

      1. That painting definitely succeeds at being discomfiting.

    4. I swear I’ve had this dream.

      You should probably seek professional help.

      1. I am beyond their mental fumblings.

        1. Yeah, the psychologists just end up fucked up, too, if they try to help SugarFree.

        2. You and Tom Cruise, right?

          1. Well, Tom Cruise repressed his gayness until it drove him to both Scientology and a quaint sort of lunacy. I think SugarFree is just a Szasz fan.

            1. I think SugarFree is just a Szasz fan.

              Not really. No one who’s ever worked in a public library would think that mental illness is a myth.

            2. Tom Cruise: So, you think you can cure me?

              Auditor: Our method never fails.

              Tom Cruise shoves twenty grand in cash across the table.

              Auditor: Are you sure you are ready?

              Cruise: I’m ready.

              Auditor: Don’t think about dicks.

              Cruise: What?

              Auditors: Stop thinking about dicks.

              Cruise: Is that your secret!

              Auditor: Try it. End dick thought now.

              Cruise: Okay. Okay. I’ll shut my eyes.

              Auditor: Vaginas! You see vaginas. Embrace the moist darkness that you fear the most.

              Cruise: My God! My God! Now I know the truth. I almost strangled to death on my umbilical cord. I almost died in childbirth. That is why I fear vaginas. That is why I’m gay!

              Auditor: That is why you WERE gay.

              Cruise: I’m cured!

          2. Art has the truth of it. I’m like a black hole they all tumble into.

    5. I didn’t know Mickey was hung. Someone should have told Stella that she didn’t have to go all the way to Jamaica to get her groove back.

  19. Remember when liberals chided Bush for being a recovering alcoholic?

    Apparently doctors have not only told Obama that he should quit smoking, they have also “recommended that he moderate his alcohol intake.”

    Granted, I’m not the genius that Obama is, but that recommendation makes it sound to me like our President might be drinking too much.

    1. I’ll be honest. I think I’d feel a little better if a president’s vices and/or foibles are ‘up-front’. Hopefully, BHO’s drinking/smoking are the biggest ‘demons’ in his personal life. A fella can dream, at least.

      1. “Yes, General… I am masturbating into an American flag again. Do you want me to use you next time?”

        1. Oh, man, SugarFree, did you come up with that? It is brilliant.

          1. It’s the insane President from Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. Seriously good read.

            1. Oh, I’ve got to read that now.

              1. Yes, yes you do. That series is one of my favorites and Spider Jerusalem is one of my favorite characters of all time.

    2. If, and it’s a big if, I was pushing the same policies as Obama I’d be drunk all the time. At least I’d have an excuse that way.

  20. My question on Obama’s smoking is this:

    Where exactly does he go where it is legal for him to smoke? Smoking isn’t allowed in federal buildings, after all. Does he really step outside (more than 25 feet from a doorway, per GSA rules), or is this just another one of the rules that’s only for the little people?

  21. If I am reading some of you guys correctly:

    The greater a guy’s interest is in fat women, the greater his heterosexuality.

    The more a guy prefers waifs the more he is sublimating his gayness?

    It has been a while since I’ve studied formal math, but I would have to open up Keynes’ General Theory to find a more fucked up equation than that.

  22. GTFOI, my gaydar went off on the first post that I ever read from you.

    1. You have a gaydar? What are you, stuck in a B level 90’s sitcom?

      1. Genetic condition. My 9yr old daughter once left a meeting with the new headmaster and announced ” did anyone else notice he was gay?”

        1. Well, isn’t your little fuck trophy a chip off the old block.

          Did she inherit your cowardliness too? Waited until he was out of the room to talk shit about him, so I’ll take that as a yes.

          1. We don’t consider it talking shit and we are gay friendly. My kids can’t believe that gays are not allowed to marry. It was an innocent remark!

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