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Save The Week: Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey, March 15-19


Click above to watch Drew introduce the series that just might save his hometown. And yours.

Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey is an original Reason.tv documentary series that will air during the week of March 15-19.

Featuring sitcom legend, Price Is Right host, and proud Clevelander Drew Carey, each 10-minute episode investigates and analyzes the problems that turned Cleveland from the nation's sixth-largest city in 1950 into today's "Mistake On The Lake."

Like all too many American cities, Cleveland seems locked into a death spiral, shedding people, jobs, and dreams like nobody's business. When it comes to education, business climate, redevelopment, and more, Clevelanders have come to expect the worse. Is a renaissance possible? Of course it is, but only if the city's leaders and residents are willing to learn from other cities such as Houston, Chicago, Oakland, and Indianapolis. And only if they're willing to try new approaches to old problems.

Reason.tv's Nick Gillespie narrates and talks with educators, elected officials, businesspeople, policy experts, and residents from all walks of life. Stay tuned for a documentary series that maps a route back to prosperity and growth not just for Cleveland but for other once-great American cities.

Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey is written and produced by Paul Feine; camera and editing by Roger Richards and Alex Manning.

For a full episode guide and release schedule—and video of Drew talking about how what's wrong with Cleveland can be helped by Adam Smith's invisible hand—go here.

And look for an announcement about a very special episode of Fox Business Channel's Stossel featuring Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie talking about urban decline—and urban renewal done right.

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  1. Drew Saves Cleveland needs to take a pay cut and move his show there or shut up.

  2. They could always set the Cuyahoga River on fire again as a tourist attraction.

    1. And maybe some of the city leaders can talk George Lucas in to filming a sequel to Howard the Duck.

    2. I thought their city was gone.


        Drew, if we all march to Akron and burn down Crissy Hynde’s fruity vegan restaurant, will that help save Cleveland?

        1. Wrong. Ohio has Columbus. That’s about the only functional city, right?

          1. It is a sad day if the only functional city in the state is the capital.

          2. It’s the only city in Ohio with an MLS franchise. I think that makes it the only civilized city as well.

          3. Calling Comeblowus functional is about as far as you can go.

            1. Yes, I was careful in my choice of adjectives.

          4. Shouldn’t that be The Columbus? Also, my most hated ex-gf was from The Columbus. I don’t care if they’ve got Victoria’s Secret, fuck you, Columbus.

        2. Akron!

          Cuyahoga Falls!

          How much snow did we acquire in the last week and a half that I’ve been gone?

          1. You don’t even want to know, man.

  3. Cleveland did experience a so-called renaissance in the 90’s under the tutelage of Mayor Mike White … but then again, so did a number of other large cities, as the 90’s was largely a decade of prosperity and tax windfalls. Now it seems that it was merely a pause (pleasant as it was)in the slow and seemingly inevitable decay of a once proud and prosperous city. For shame …

  4. There’s already a long discussion on this from yesterday.

    I’ll also point out, I’ve always heard Cleveland being called the “mistake by the lake”, not “on the lake”.

    1. The Mistake On The Lake is what happens at Put-in Bay. Stupid fat chicks…

      1. lawl! Yeah, one to many fatties in PIB. Thats why I change it up here and there and go to KI so I can just make the same mistake but with an elderly woman.

  5. Now here is a guy that is clearly just WAY too full of himself.


  6. They need to learn from Oakland? As in, California Oakland?

    Is this a typo?

    1. If you’re not sure what to do, figure out what not to do, and see what’s left.

  7. I know that it is a depressed area and all that, but Cleveland has a lot going for it compared to some places I have lived in. If nothing else, many of the people there are quite cool and have a sense of humor.

    I lived in Norfolk VA for a couple of years. I’d rather live in Cleveland than live there again. Norfolk is the only place where I actually get angry when I remember it.

    1. We HAVE to have a sense of humor. Especially in Akron, which is like Cleveland’s little brother.

  8. Norfolk is the only place where I actually get angry when I remember it.

    I live in Norfolk, and yeah, i can see that.

    1. I lived on Ocean view for a couple of months, then moved to 5 corners for a while, both were wince-worthy.

      I did live in Ghent for a bit, which wasn’t too bad. Still, an overall bad experience.

  9. Uh, its now the middle of the week (Wednesday).

    When are these episodes coming out??? We should be up to Episode #4 today, and we haven’t seen Episodes #1, 2, or 3 yet.

    1. This is advance advertising. The releases are scheduled for March, not February.

      1. *faceslap*

        Yesh. Its been a hard couple of weeks for me. I totally missed the month, and figured it was coming out THIS week.

      2. what year again?

  10. My memory of Cleveland is being stuck in Terminal Tower after a Rolling Stones concert thirty years go, and a bunch of black guys approach me and pull out…a joint. We all got high :-). My other memories where of restaurants that wouldn’t take Canadian money (and no banks open, if you could find one), and almost falling through a manhole cover on a very high overpass (the guy I ended up hanging out with caught me before I plunged to my death). Was a fun-filled weekend.

    1. Did the black guy say, “excuse me while I whip this out”?

  11. Can’t have a “save Cleveland” effort without promoting tourism.

    So here’s a hastily made tourism video.

    1. Come see the only NFL city never to have hosted or played in a Super Bowl.

      1. Who gives a shit what cities have hosted the Super Bowl? Everyone knows you suck too, Detroit.

        1. Here’s the second video. Watch for the shout out to Detroit! Fun times!

          Going Number 2

          1. THAT’s the one I was looking for! Thanks, Maverick!

  12. Screw the Midwest–come on out to Texas, y’all! (Unless you’re Californian)

    1. From California you go east until you smell it and south until you step in it.

  13. I did live in Ghent for a bit, which wasn’t too bad.

    Ghent’s pretty cool. I lived there for a while but now live up in Colonial Place, in one of the few houses that hasn’t spent most of the winter underneath the Lafayette River. Ocean View is getting better, despite the occasional dead body or pile of medical waste washing ashore.

  14. Norfolk is the only place where I actually get angry when I remember it.

    Norfolk High School cheer:

    “We don’t drink and we don’t smoke! Norfolk! Norfolk!

    featuring Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie talking about urban decline?and urban renewal done right.

    Gillespie’s jacket and Carey’s glasses together on the same stage. For the love of God man, don’t let them touch. Who knows what unholy libertarian horror might pass thru that rip in the space time continuum.

  15. Beware the Ides of March.

  16. Shouldn’t there be a countdown clock in the bottom right corner?

  17. I like the Cleveland area. Cleveland? Not so much.

    But then, I came here from Michigan….and Cleveland definitely sucks way less when Detroit is the benchmark.

    1. Huh, one of my (detroit area) colleagues visited cleveland a few months ago and said Detroit was 1000 times better than Cleveland. He absolutley hated it.

  18. I’ve always liked Cleveland- at least you can get decent deli. Of course, I live in Cincinnati…

    1. Tell LaRosa’s to hurry its ass up and open some franchises up here. I miss me some Cincy pizza.

      1. Penn Station has been Cincinnati’s best recent contribution to Civilization.

    2. I once drove from near Columbus to Cincinnati to find the statue in the opening credits of WKRP in Cincinnati.

      1. You frighten me…and yet I’m strangely drawn to you, to know better this creature who would drive so far for such a dork-a-riffic reason. Are we kindred spirits? Are we polar opposites?

        I’m terrified to know…and yet I will not sleep until I do know.

    3. You guys can keep your fuckin’ “chili”, that’s for sure.

      1. You’re a retard. Cincinnati chili is great.

        1. Is that where they put it on spaghetti? I don’t need any starch interfering with and diluting my chili, than-you.

        2. You’re retarded if you call runny beef sauce “chili”.

          1. It’s awesome. You are a fool. IT HAS CHOCOLATE IN IT FAGGOT

  19. Hey, the “post the Drew Carey/Cleveland thing again” bot is back. You guys at reason.com might want to check this out…the bot keeps posting the same thing over, and over, and over.

    Even the comments are the same. Weird!

    Anon bot is more entertaining.

  20. Drew Cary?
    Cancel my subscription.

  21. I feel like a battered wife with this h&r post, I keep thinking things wil be different, but no. Drew Carey continues to beat the shit out of me with a rust bowl city.

    capitol l, COME ON DOWN!!!… and make my dinner bitch.

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