Reason Morning Links: Gun Law Laxen, Public Option Dies Another Death, Europe Targets Google


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  1. Trying again, since the spam filter didn’t like the first one. See Obama giving royalty its due:

    Obama orders at Burger King

  2. The span filter hates me.

    See Obama order a burger at someplace I won’t name in the hopes the f’ing spam filter stops blocking me.…..981602.jpg

  3. That Zombie better come back.

    1. Is the public option a zombie?

      I see it as more of a Jean Grey: destined to die and to come back forever/as long as there’s a market for it, might possibly usher in the apocalypse (not to be confused with Apocalypse), etc.

      1. It is more like a ingenue that needs to be redefined as an elegant lady. Obama will not have a second term without a healthcare bill and he knows it.

        1. He won’t have a second term I>with a healthcare bill, either.

          1. Crap. With. Danged fingers.

            1. Pro L, just like you cannot control your fingers, you cannot control the future.

              1. That’s what you think.

                1. Good news then. I’ll send you my list of things I want to happen and let me know if you can change the past too.

                  1. I already have. I averted the nuclear war that happened in 1982.

  4. I hate your f’ing spam filter. That’s all I have to say this morning. Hopefully, THAT will get thru said filter.

    Yet the anon bot gets thru every time.

    1. I’m blocking you too

    2. Who do you think put them on to the lobster girl foto? I earn my keep around here. Wow! LOL


      1. They’re evolving! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY’RE EVOLVING!

    3. I guess someone else will have to post the pic of Obama bowing to the Burger King.

      1. When Skynet’s plan comes together, I’ve requested that my shiny cyborg body be made in the King’s image. Stupid human: “Oh look. He’s bringing us some delicious hamburgers.” Me: LOL


        1. On a tangential note, I imagine that our robot overlords will not actually slaughter us, but will tempt us into becoming robots ourselves with offers of long life, backups, and built-in orgasmatrons.

  5. [Steny Hoyer said] “I believe the public option does, in fact, provide for — and CBO scores it as — saving money. And to that extent I think it’s a good thing. But I think that it is obviously an item that the president has decided — he was for the public option, as well — is not something that perhaps the Senate can buy.”

    Come on, Steny.

    You’re style-swiping the president’s eloquence and transparency.

  6. How is it that this (good news?) didn’t make the morning links?

    CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. ? A plan to dismiss the entire faculty and staff of the only public high school in this small city just west of the Massachusetts border was approved Tuesday night at an emotional public meeting of the school board. The board voted 5 to 2 to accept a plan proposed by Schools Superintendent Frances Gallo to fire the approximately 100 faculty and staff members at the chronically underperforming Central Falls High School on the last day of this school year in June.

    1. I doubt that will stick but I hope it does. That would be awesome to see. Good or bad.

    2. They did a piece about this on our local news this morning. The reaction was about what you’d expect: wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, etc.

    3. That news is more than a week old. I posted about it a while back. I was also surprised that it was never made into its own entry, since it’s pretty awesome.

  7. “The public option: dead again.”

    Yep. And it will come back again too. It’s now like the Jason Voorhees of idiotic legislation.

    1. Someone will invariably make the mistake of digging up the public option and stabbing it in the heart with a cast iron rod during a thunderstorm.

      1. Part 6 is probably number 3 on my list. Though part 3 gives it a run from time to time.

        1. I have a perverse affection for New Blood. And my best friend and I watched Jason X in a deserted theater on opening weekend. Which was oddly hilarious.

          1. The Final Chapter is my favorite. It’s also one of my top five favorite movies of all time.

            New Blood is number 2. Jason (Kane Hodder) was so much more brutal and vicious in that one. The sleeping bag and hand through the back/neck snap are two of my favorite movies kills ever. I like that they revisted the sleeping bag one in Jason X with the two cyber counselors when they’re trying to slow him down near the end.

            1. Kane Hodder- I Think Patrick Swayze Is Sexy.

              (Not necessarily my taste in music, but I saw them with an ex & seeing the tight t-shirted, chubby frontman mince around the stage was worth the price of admission.)

              1. Swayze was not much of an actor, but he was in a movie which contains the single great and most confusing line in movie history. So he gets props.

                “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.”

                1. Roadhouse is worthy of a Christmas song, but Sug, admit that you’re more of a Dirty Dancing man at heart.

                  1. Ugh. The only thing good about that monstrosity is Lenny Briscoe.

                    1. Nobody puts SugarFree in a corner.

                    2. Damn straight.

                    3. yes, i think so..


                2. That doesn’t sound confusing.

          2. “Pass the popcorn would ya”

            *da da da da cha cha cha cha*

            “Who’s there?”

            *da da da da cha cha cha cha*

            *a scuffle in the projection room, and the film scews off the screen*

            “We’d better investigate”

            *Movie going teens murdered*

  8. U.S. agents have been wary of operating inside Mexican command centers for fear they would be targeted for execution ….

    But those attitudes are changing amid strong support from Washington

    Thanks to that $1.4B aid package, I’m fuckin’ invincible!

  9. An armed society is a polite society.

  10. U.S. intelligence agents to help fight Mexico’s drug war.

    You mean more?

  11. On the gun laws story:

    “The Montana law is being challenged in federal court, and the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has sent a letter to Tennessee and Montana gun dealers stating that federal law supersedes the state measure.”

    The hell it does. Then agan, I don’t expect lackwitted wanna-be jackboots and control freaks to understand States Rights and the Constitution.

    1. Kyle, you know just because a letter “states” something does not make it so. I expect the gun dealers to understand
      States Rights and the Constitution.

      Unfortunately, I also expect such challenges to heat up considerably.

      1. I agree that the challenges will ratchet up.

        I think what bugs me about the letter is that it stinks of authoritarian audacity.

        1. Duh. It’s from BATFE. What, they were going to be conciliatory and polite?

  12. U.S. intelligence agents to help fight Mexico’s drug war.

    Great idea! What could possibly go wrong?

  13. I find it hard to believe that toll collectors in New Jersey could be so rude. Those complaints seem to be mostly contrived. Except for the rage expressed at those wishing to pay in pennies. How hard is it to figure out? U.S. CURRENCY ONLY!

    1. Anti-Union conspiracy?

    2. Buy a fast pass. Only an idiot or a foreigner who doesn’t know any better would ever drive through New Jersey without a fast pass.

    3. My favorite is the passive-aggressive collector who does not pre-configure common change.

      “Let’s see. The toll is $2, and you gave me a $5 bill. I know I have some $1 bills around here somewhere. Oh, here they are, in *this* drawer. 1, 2, 3. Please move along.”

      1. Well, maybe some days the toll is $2.17, other days its $2.04.

        1. Nice car you got there. Be a shame if somethin’ happened to it.

      2. I’m rather partial to the collector who was busy on his cell phone ordering a pizza with extra pepperoni.

  14. a plan proposed by Schools Superintendent Frances Gallo to fire the approximately 100 faculty and staff members at the chronically underperforming Central Falls High School on the last day of this school year in June.

    And they thought the teachers “underperformed” last year.

  15. States loosening gun laws since Obama moved into the White House.

    Well, that explains the recent uptick of the streets running red with the blood of the innocents.

  16. The NYT article on guns puts too much emphasis on Obama. The conflict over gun laws at the state level predates Obama and will go on after he leaves. In Virginia, we’re no doubt getting help from the anti-Obama backlash, but the laws in question are things we’ve been working on for a long time.

    1. The NYT article on guns puts too much emphasis on Obama. The conflict over gun laws at the state level predates Obama and will go on after he leaves.

      QFT. Go here to see fairly convincing evidence of the correctness of EES’s comment.

  17. “Obama to Businesses. Hire More People!”

    Some one needs to dig up that video of that Jimmy Durante (I think) video for the NRA telling rich people to hire more limo drivers.

  18. When will Americans stand up to the gun lobby and weapons industry with their propaganda about ‘freedom’, and demand real liberty – from the appalling statistics of gun-related deaths in the USA ?

    When, oh when?


    1. I manage to achieve my freedom from appalling statistics by willful ignorance.

    2. There wouldn’t be many gun related deaths if people would just become fatter. Butter on everything!

    3. Look here ProL…You did not get permission to use my poor format and quasi random clich?s in your posts. I expect a payment or I will have the EU file some sort of antitrust suit against you.

      damn libertarians

      1. Meant ot aim that at P Brooks…I can’t read.

        IT’S BACON!

        1. I can’t type either!!! I give…carry on without me today.


  19. How long will it be until the first Predator Drone strike inside Mexico?

    It’s for the children, you know.

    1. A long time. Unless the drug gang violence really spreads to the US, never. If it really did and we had the kind of death tolls in El Paso that they have in Juarez, we probably would start seeing drone strikes, which explains why the drug gangs choose to settle their differences south of the border.

      1. You know, where this drone business will go is a big question. No reason we can’t have remotely piloted drones that hover, as opposed to darting around. That could be useful on the border. Arm it with nonlethal weapons, and I could easily see it employed in border control and in the Whore on Drugs.

        1. And except for the WoD part, I don’t necessarily object to employing such means, unless true AI is used in place of the remote pilot. Then I get all creeped out.

      2. At what point did the War ond Drugs nuke the shark? I’m sorry, jump the fridge?

        1. When the federal government got involved.

      3. A strike by a drone on US soil would be problematic.

        The military can’t strike in the US unless it’s war. The drug war isn’t really a war. The CIA shouldn’t be able to period, but who knows after the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. Law enforcent shouldn’t have drones that carry air to ground missiles. That would be some serious militarization.

        If you do see a drone strike it will be south of the border, but I don’t think it’s likely.

        1. Why can’t the cops operate their own drones?

          1. For observation they can. But strike drones that fire air to ground missiles they shouldn’t. How many LEOs have a need for that?

          2. “” Law enforcent shouldn’t have drones that carry air to ground missiles. That would be some serious militarization.””

            Do you disagree with that?

            1. Well, I did say “Arm it with nonlethal weapons” above.

              1. And I didn’t say anything about non-leathal use in mine.

                I was commenting on John’s post about drone strikes.

                Feel free to blame it on threaded comments.

                1. Oh, I will.

                  As for me, I think nonlethal robot cops are a great idea. Maybe they won’t shoot first and ask questions later.

                  1. I’ve heard that before.

        2. Posse Comitatus is a law, so it can be changed anytime Congress feels uppitty. If it’s for the children, why wouldn’t they?

          Of course, DoJ has already admitted their theory that under the AUMF the executive can order military strikes anywhere, on anybody. So, declare drug traffickers terrorists and covered under AUMF and it’s on.

          1. “”Posse Comitatus is a law, so it can be changed anytime Congress feels uppitty.””

            They could.

            “”So, declare drug traffickers terrorists and covered under AUMF and it’s on.””

            I doubt we would escalate the drug war to point where we are dropping bombs, or shooting air to ground missiles on peoples houses.

            The war on terror could be a different story. It’s a war so the the government could make the argument that the war on terror justifies taking such actions. In that case it should be a military drone.

          2. I am a believer that if air to surface missiles started killing innocents here in the U.S., the citizenry will get pissed.

            1. Depends on your definition of innocents. Personally, I’d be pissed.

            2. The citizenry don’t seem to care when cops bust in doors and shoot innocents. I’m not seeing a lot of outrage because the CIA gave the go ahead to blow some missionaries out of the sky. Joe Q. Public is supposed to give a shit if death rains down from the sky? Why? Because it happens in his neighborhood? Just like those no-knock SWAT raids he doesn’t care about?

  20. Virginia is also considering a measure adopted in Montana and Tennessee that declares that firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress. The measure is primarily a challenge to Congress’s power to regulate commerce among the states.

    Wait just a minute all you uppety states: The commerce clause gives the feds the right to regulate EVERYTHING!

    1. That’s right, and don’t you forget it!

  21. Public attitude towards labor unions in America has fallen to an all-time low.

    The government employees are expending their good will with their bloated salaries, pensions, guaranteed jobs, and early retirement.

    1. I’m sure most of them are quite comfortable with the trade.

  22. Hey guys, don’t forget about me!

    1. If the gun laws get lighter, guess I won’t have to run around with just my airsoft guns anymore…

    2. I probably won’t have to run around with my fake airsoft pistols anymore soon…

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