Rush Limbaugh vs. Glenn Beck!


The Grand Poo-bah of conservative broadcasting gives the performance-artist upstart a what-for in response to Beck's trashing of Republicans at CPAC. Excerpt:

Frum Frum Frum Frum!

The point at this stage is to support the conservatives in and outside public office.  I certainly would not have ignored the other team on the field, the Democrats.  They're the only reason we're in this mess.  The Democrat Party is the only reason we are threatened with the things we're threatened with.  The Democrat Party. Solely. They own it. […]

But to each his own.  There are motivations for people who do what they do — and I, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, I think I know what's going on and why various people are doing what they're doing and taking positions that they're taking.

America's Mr. Angry Pants

But the best way to insure that Obama succeeds is to think that we need a third party. All the momentum that we've got going right now is just going to hit a brick wall if a third party starts, particularly on the basis that there's "no difference between the two parties." …

"One year after the inauguration of Barack Obama there is a conservative ascendancy within the Republican Party, and it needs to be encouraged, not beaten down.  It needs to be inspired.  We need to thank them and join them."

Link via The Corner.

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