Rasmussen: One In Five Americans Still Not In On Joke


On the other hand, 79 percent of Americans believe in the terrible secret of space.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that a vast majority of Americans believe the U.S. government does not "derive its just powers from the consent of the governed," as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence:

[J]ust 21% of voters nationwide believe that the federal government enjoys the consent of the governed.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 61% disagree and say the government does not have the necessary consent. Eighteen percent (18%) of voters are not sure.

However, 63% of the Political Class think the government has the consent of the governed, but only six percent (6%) of those with Mainstream views agree.

Seventy-one percent (71%) of all voters now view the federal government as a special interest group, and 70% believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors.

Other notable stuff: The older a respondent is, the less likely he or she is to believe the government enjoys the consent of the people. And 60 percent agree that "neither Republican political leaders nor Democratic political leaders have a good understanding of what is needed today."

If past performance is any indication of future results, this belief will not translate into a 60-percent loss of major-party office holders in the midterm elections, and about 95 percent of voters will in fact pull the handle for either the pusher robots or the shover robots. But at least people seem to be wising up a little bit.