30 years ago in reason


"The most important step toward avoiding war'"and all the assaults on our freedom that go with it'"is to remove the underlying excuse for it: our extreme dependence on oil imports. And as we've made clear many times in these pages, that can most readily be done by massive, immediate decontrol of all energy pricing and the opening of federal lands to large-scale exploration and production."

'"Robert W. Poole, "War for Oil?"

"Catching thieves and murderers is far more dangerous and difficult than  entrapping citizens who are likely to abide by clearly stated laws and, believing themselves to be law-abiding, are unlikely to resist confiscation or arrest with violence."

'"John D. Lewis Jr., "American Gestapo"

"In the case of minimum-wage laws, the only effect has been to make young, unskilled workers less attractive to employers, leading to an increase in unemployment among young blacks and hence to a worsening of the economic and social structure within the poorer areas of the major cities."

'"Stuart M. Butler, "Salvaging Our Cities"                                                                                                '"April 1980