Republicans and Health Care Policy


Health care? Wha…?

Yesterday, I noted that, when it comes to Medicare, Republicans have boxed themselves into a corner by legitimizing and stoking public fear about cuts to the program. Specifically, I mentioned an op-ed by Newt Gingrinch and John Goodman offering "Ten GOP Health Ideas For Obama," which included "Don't cut Medicare" as one of its proposals. Over at the Cato Institute's blog, health policy analyst Michael Cannon offers a detailed fisk of the piece. His post is worth reading in full, but the gist is this: There are things to like about Gingrich and Goodman's proposals, but if this is the best Republicans can do on health care, they've got a long way to go. Given the GOP's middling-at-best recent history on the issue, this is hardly a surprise, but for those of us who'd prefer a serious free market alternative to endless expansions of our current broken system, it's still disappointing. 

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  1. Given the GOP’s middling-at-best recent history on the issue, this is hardly a surprise, but for those of us who’d prefer a serious free market alternative to endless expansions of our current broken system, it’s still disappointing.

    Get used to it.

  2. My favorite new litmus test for any candidate is that they should say point blank they would (at the very least) not keep extending medicare rates.

  3. I’ve said it before–adopt Cato’s recommendations.

  4. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a Republican “solution” to the healthcare mess. It’s useful as an issue to attack the Democrats, nothing more. If they had any ideas at all they could have implemented them during 00-06 when they essentially ran washington. They didn’t even TRY as I recall.

    1. This is why we need run-off elections. This would enable more libertarians to vote for an actual libertarian in the general election and then use their percentage as leverage in the run-off. Hey, guys, want us to vote for you in the run-off? Commit now to do X and we will think about it.

    2. Libertylover, I agree that neither party has an interest in serious HCR but I can’t help think any slight reform could be a catalyst for positive changes.

  5. For all of the Republican opposition to Obamacare and the Republican nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, this is very disappointing. If Republicans are serious about rediscovering their Reaganite roots, they might do a bit of good by listing to the man.

    Ronald Reagan speaking about socialized medicine (ca. 1961):


    A very libertarian monologue wrt to medicine. I highly suggest everyone gove the gipper a listen here. It speaks to every libertarian’s heart, at least this ones.

  6. Personally, I dont think they have a clue dude, not at all!


  7. John Goodman explained this over 15 yrs. ago as a strategy like that of Geo. Wash. Goodman pointed out that Washington lost battles and retreated for years, avoiding large engagements with the enemy, until they were finally worn out. The idea is that just holding the line on Medicare would be a victory against those who want substantially more, and that victories like that will eventually wear them out.

  8. While health is wealth most of our people no good health and it is the reality that they have no wealth to keep health well. To keep good health we also need wealth. Health is wealth? Not always that!

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