Watch Reason's Matt Welch, "Class War" Author Steven Greenhut, Rep. Paul Ryan and More on John Stossel's "Road to Serfdom" Special on Fox Business Channel Tonight at 8 pm and 11 pm EDT.


Tonight at 8 pm and 11 pm John Stossel will devote an hour to exploring whether F.A. Hayek's famous warning about welfare states leading down a "road to serfdom" is finally coming true in modern America. Among the guests are rising-star Republican Rep. (and Ayn Rand fan) Paul Ryan (who is interrogated about his support for TARP, among other things); Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch, Steven Greenhut, author of Reason's great "Class War" cover story in the February issue, and other libertarian notables. Some ReasonTV videos will be excerpted as well.

Check your local listings, set your Tivos to record, and tell a friend!

Stossel wrote about ol' Serfdom Road earlier here today.