If You Go Carrying Pictures of Dachau, You Ain't Gonna Make It With Anyone Anyhow


Last week Daily Kos editor Markos Moulitsas told readers that he was "putting the finishing touches on my new book, American Taliban, which catalogues the ways in which modern-day conservatives share the same agenda as radical Jihadists in the Islamic  world." But the liberal Dinish D'Souza (whose sinister claims about the left's "responsibility" for 9/11 are summarized and rebutted here by George Mason law professor Peter Berkowitz) found himself "making certain claims about Republicans that I didn't know if they could be backed up." Working backwards, Moulitsas set out to prove, via a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll, that self-identified Republicans have much in common with the makeup-wearing, women-beating acolytes of Mullah Omar.

The poll's results obviously do not confirm Moulitsas's rather extreme judgment of rank-and-file Republicans, but are nevertheless alarming. After a quick read of the questions and methodology (areas in which I possess no expertise), I was skeptical. Andrew Therriault, a doctoral candidate at New York University, raises a number of smart objections to the survey here, though this paragraph mirrors my initial reaction:

Every opinion question is binary (yes/no, favor/oppose, etc.) with an option for "not sure". Looking at the percentage of "not sure" responses, almost every question has double-digits in this category, and many have 20-30% or more. This is a much greater incidence than for most survey questions (though data is scarce when it comes to questions comparable to these in tone), and suggests that there is a wide range when it comes to the strength and certainty of respondents' opinions. So of the 63% who think Obama is a socialist, for example, it's unlikely that all of those respondents think he's the reincarnation of V.I. Lenin. More likely, a handful really believe that, some more think he's socialist in the European, democratic-socialist sense, others have heard their friends say it and think it might be true, a few more don't really know but are guessing (not wanting to admit to the interviewer that they don't know), and a bunch have no idea what a socialist is in the first place but know that it's evil and so Obama must be one. By only allowing for binary answers, this poll ignores the complexities and uncertainties of public opinion, and force responses into categories which sound much more extreme than they might otherwise be.

NYU professor Joshua Tucker is also skeptical, and raises an interesting point about how Republicans included in the sample were screened:

If we assume that extreme 5% of voters on either the left or the right have some pretty crazy ideas, then this alone can play a big role in coloring how "crazy" a given sample of Republicans (or Democrats) looks in a poll. To give a simple example, if somehow we restrict the Republican in our sample to only the farthest right 10% of voters (e.g., "strong" republicans) , then 50% of our sample of Republicans will look crazy, just on the basis of the 5% of crazies we've assumed to be out there. However, if we include as Republicans the farthest right 40% of voters (e.g., include strong Republicans, weak Republicans, and Republican leaners), then the 5% of crazies end up only making 12.5% of all Republicans look crazy. So by stopping at the initial probe of "Politically, do you consider yourself to be a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or of another party?" and not asking any follow up questions, the poll was setting itself up to probably get a more conservative sample of Republicans than if it followed the practice of, for example, the American National Election Study, and followed that question up by asking "Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party?"

Hole after hole can be poked in the Kos survey, but regardless there is, in some quarters, an emerging theme that right-wing extremism has gone mainstream. Today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Kurt Andersen, Joe Scarborough, and John Heileman denounced the "poison," the "mob," the "freakshow" that is the Tea Party movement, and urged the masses to return to the political center. Andersen opined that "Fox News and the blogsphere" (what, no MSNBC?) are whipping the great unwashed and uneducated masses into an extremist frenzy. It is, one presumes, the responsibility of Andersen and the staff of New York magazine to guide these proto-fascists back to semi-responsible politics…by calling them freaks.

But there is a nugget of truth in the Tea Party denunciations. I have previously written of my experience at the big September 12 Tea Party confab in D.C., where I met a handful of nutters and a whole lot of reasonable folks worried about ever-expanding deficits. But the leadership of last week's Tea Party convention in Nashville, for instance, thought it wise to invite Joseph Farah, the lunatic editor of the lunatic website WorldNetDaily, who received a hearty ovation for denying that President Obama was an American citizen. Nor did they blache at schedualing a morning seminar entitled "Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America." Between such madness, a pastor named Rick Scarbourgh, author of a delightful little volume called Liberalism Kills Kids, led the assembled in prayer. And of course, nativist conservative Tom Tancredo wondered whether Obama voters could speak English or "even spell the word vote."

Tip to the Tea Party conventioneers: If you don't want the "mainstream media" to mock you, stop making it so damn easy. Because if you go carrying pictures of Dachau, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow.

NEXT: A Day No PIGS Would Die

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  1. After the Honduras episode, is there really a difference between our administration and the Chavista dictators? They sure acted similer regarding the constitutional removal of Zelaya. And I don’t see much difference in fiscal policy either.

    1. Right — and George H W Bush was just like Hitler, since he too favored a unified Germany.

      1. I don’t think so, Tulpa. Evidence shows Bush 41 was very worried about a unified Germany. I think I read that here, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

    2. Yes, a slight difference. Maobama is slower to nationalize industry and taking longer to take over the media. On the latter, he only has FNN “opposing” him a little, plus a few blogs that really oppose him.

      Um, is His Excellency or his fanbase pushing any silencing of opposition? I think so.

      1. OT: DC Beltway Snowmageddon report

        Sticking with my estimate of 150,000 dead by Friday in another thread from yesterday that I am too lazy busy trying to survive to find and link to. Posted it in the blog.

        Heard of a spotting of a derelict freighter on Jefferson Davis highway. Watch out for the dogs if you board her to find medicine and other supplies.

        Was going to burn my copy of the Tax Code for heat, but mine is at IRS.Gov and Thomas, so I just turned up the thermostat to 80F.

        Heard an ambulance on George Washington Parkway near Reagan National Airport using the anti-zombie tone siren, so there must be zombies about. I will estimate them at 75,000 as of this dispatch, that number sure to triple by the next devistating snowflake on Monday.

        Question for the group: Do zombies count as dead even if they are undead? I want to be accurate in my figures.

        Rumours have it that thousands in Georgetown are dying of dehydration due to a bottled water shortage. The Cosmotarian community may perish.

        Ice Station Tagliaferro signing off as I find a bar that is open to snag a zombie decoy*.

        *Find a drunk stupid chick for when the zombies get into your high-rise, send her out to get the paper or coffee and the zombies chase her and stay away from your place.

        1. I’m more worried about the Super Mutants and Ghouls roaming the streets.

          Zombies? Feh. One shot to the head! Now a Deathclaw, *that’s* a credible opponent.

          1. I only havbe a couple boxes of shells. Good thing zombies don’t read. Still decoy hunting.

        2. The snow is the rest of America’s revenge for the snow job Washington,DC. has been laying on us all these years. Enjoy. 😉


            They cleared the White snow but did nothing about the Black ice.

            I need to find a side street to spin the truck around on instead of the main one. The snow/fun Nazis are too efficient. They are known for that.

    3. This should be taken about as seriously as people who thought Bush was Hitler and was going to cancel elections and become a dictator.

  2. I get it, its like that song by the Beatles: Revolution.

    1. Without the pop perfection.

  3. Latin dictators are Marxoid, wingnuts!

  4. The economist did a similar post looking at what I believe to be the same poll by Research 2000


    Sightly different take on the thing, but similar conclusions. He puts more onus on the role of the media in making these ‘issues’ (read: non-issues) popular, and on the failure of GOP leadership to tamp down on the lunatic fringe in its own party.

    I am reminded of Breitbart taking issue with the Birther injection in the tea party conference, and I think he was right to try and kick some sense into people. I think its important to disown the wackos straight away rather than carry them along simply to have as big a tent as possible.

    1. That’s a good point. If the media can paint Rs as radicals, then radicals will join them. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. Plus, the more that radicals become involved in the movement, the more that non-radical small-government conservatives and libertarians stay the hell away from the teabaggers. And thus the circle of life continues.

    2. I am reminded of Breitbart taking issue with the Birther injection in the tea party conference, and I think he was right to try and kick some sense into people.

      Remember, Weigel delivered that news. Consider the source and adjust.

      1. Adjust? Who cares. If I was there I would have had the same reaction. How about we make decisions based on simple facts rather than shoot the messanger offhand

      2. Oh, that’s right. ‘Cause Weigel’s a Democratic shill in Crazyland.

        1. Amazing powers of precognition you have.

  5. Yes, we understand – that which threatens to undermine the largely bipartisan Establishment consensus, particularly on foreign policy, is dangerous.

    1. The tea parties don’t threaten to undermine the Establishment consensus on foreign policy. Listen to the speeches, it’s standard neocon stuff.

      1. The friendly to neutral association with Ron Paul and various non-interventionists is enough to scare the foreign policy crowd.

  6. Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Kurt Andersen, Joe Scarborough, and John Heileman denounced the “poison,” the “mob,” the “freakshow” that is the Tea Party movement, and urged the masses to return to the political center.

    “Please, return back to being the compliant, meek sheeple that us the governing elites love!”

    1. And I love it how leftists will attend a “peace” demonstration organized by ANSWER and support domestic policies trumpeted by ACORN and the SEIU, but when a bunch of citizens get together in favor of lower taxes and smaller government, suddenly those people are the extremists….

      1. The Tea Party types are extremists because they DON’T actually support smaller government. They just want the big government we do have to come down harder on people they don’t like.

        While there was a serious libertarian streak to them at first, it’s long gone. The Tea Party “movement” has completed its co-opting by that coalition of birchers, bible-thumpers & narrow-minded hypocrites (try asking the people at those events what specifically they would cut if they want to balance the budget without raising taxes. I’ll give you a hint: not enough to balance the budget, & especially not empire “defense” spending).

        I prefer NO government myself, btw.

  7. Yes, he CAN be all four.

    1. Well, off the top of my head Gamal Abdul Nasser and Hafez Assad were at least three of those four things each.

      1. Arafat was all four. Was Saddam Hussein too? I am thinking yes.

        1. With all due respect, neither of those two men were peaceniks (unless the opinions of some has-been Nordic legislators count).

          1. Are you making the assumption that peacenicks are actually on the side of peace? They are NOT anti-war, they are on the other side.

            I will concede that the peace sign might mean smelly hippy to some, in that case it would not apply as they were not hippies.

            1. Yes, everyone who claims to be anti-war is really just “on the other side”. You are so full of shit.

            2. The request posited by the poster insinuates one cannot be a Muslim, a Nazi, a Communist and a Peacenik at the same time. My contention is that you CAN be all four – there’s nothing to stop a muslim nazi-commie from being a peacenik, is there???

            3. Actually, the origin of that symbol is in the anti-nuke movement. It represents the letters “N” and “D” in semaphore.

        2. I think it’s abundantly clear that winning the Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t make you a peacenik. To the oncsternation of the Nobel Committee, I am sure.

  8. Talk to me about image problems when the Tea Partyists start spewing gibberish half as insane as Kos, Alan Grayson, or MSNBC prime time.

    1. Yeah, I was far more concerned to hear a statistic somewhere during the Bush years that about one in eight Republicans were 9/11 Truthers. (For Democrats, it was more like one in three, as I recall.) And I was thinking, “Yeah, well it’s nice that they’re a pretty small minority in the G.O.P., but damn, even that many!?”

      Crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories were a whole lot more potentially destructive to the nation than anything we’re hearing from even certifiable lunatics about the Birth Certificate issue now. I mean, at worst, if birthers have their way, 0bama would have to show us his long form or be thrown out of office, neither of which would be particularly bad for us. Also, Farah is a doubter, not an out-and-out denier: WND recently published a link to American Thinker’s own theory that 0bama is a citizen, but possibly born to different parents under different circumstances from the ones given in his autobiography.

      Of course, if that’s all it is, he really ought to come clean and release the long form and lay the matter to rest. It might be a bit embarrassing, but a fellow is hardly to blame for anything his parents do. On the other hand, given how much 0bama lies about everything, I suppose we can hardly expect him to tell the truth even about relatively trivial things like this either.

      1. Bloody post system! I thought I’d entered that link correctly: http://www.americanthinker.com…..igins.html

      2. I have no idea if there’s anything to all that or not, but I predict Obama will release nothing, to keep his extreme opponents in a froth and make all of them look wacky by association.

  9. liberal Dinish D’Souza

    You might want to inform Dinish D’Souza of this.

    1. Also, isn’t his name Dinesh D’Souza?

    2. Same reaction – believe you are both correct…yes

    3. If Dinesh D’Souza is a liberal, Matt Welch is a Republican strategist.

      1. Kos is the liberal Dinesh D’Souza.

        1. Those two are truly a self contained special olympics race of retards

      2. No kidding. I liked his CSPAN presentation where he recalled a discussion with college students about the differences between (I think) “Western attitudes” and the rest of the world. He asked what is a charisteristic of “Western thought” and a student said “repressed sexuality.” Dinesh’s response was “Not in my experience, but okay” and he wrote it on the board on the “West” side.

        The rest unfolded like “a joke in slow motion” according to Dinesh.

        Michael, might want to put ‘Liberal’ in sarcastic quotes, or fix the typo if that is what you were meaning.

    4. That sentence was confusing until I read it a second time.

      1. Yeah, really bad sentence.

        The phrase “the liberal Dinesh D’Souza” is problematic enough on its own; it’s not clear that it’s a stand-in for “Kos.” But it’s exacerbated by the parenthetical that follows (“whose sinister claims”), because now we’re talking about the ACTUAL Dinesh D’Souza, rather than the person the description just purported to identify.

        And yeah, “Dinesh” is misspelled.

  10. Kind of OT, but Rand Paul’s campaign just made Special Report. What is the Reason tea party skeptic going to say when he wins in KY? Will they tout his libertarian foundation or will they look for newsletters?

    1. Rand Paul is endorsed by Sarah Palin.More of the same GOP only with extra-theocracy.

      1. Funny, the GOP leaders are all supporting Paul’s opponent. And that whole Federalism thing cuts against the theocracy. I do suppose you could point to any policy victory the religious right has had on the national stage in the past 100 years?

        1. Chris, I am really hoping that Reason Comenters was being sarcastic.

          1. When has that ever happened?

          2. Oh, a sarcasm detector… That’s a REAL useful invention.

            1. They seem to not work around here much. Almost makes one think that Libertarians are a serious sort, until you real all of the comments.

      2. Sarah Palin will endorse anyone that Sarah Palin thinks will make her more popular.

  11. (what, no MSNBC?)

    But MSNBC is the voice of….

    No, that’s not it.

    I’ll have to consider this more carefully. With beer.

    1. The voice of Microsoft.


  12. Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Kurt Andersen, Joe Scarborough, and John Heileman denounced the “poison,” the “mob,” the “freakshow” that is the Tea Party movement, and urged the masses to return to the political center.

    Wake me up when they tell ED! to shut his foaming yap.

  13. Has anyone here ever been to a libertarian gathering? It ain’t purdy neither. Actually a lot of the same kooks.

    You don’t understand a movement by examining the extremes.

    1. What I want to know is who has the better costumes?

      1. That is the best crafter costume I have seen outside of an Aname convention.

    2. Stick with Cosmotarian gatherings. Even the grungies have pressed flannel.

  14. When you attack a movement because of marginal extremists in it, all you do is make it more extreme; the sane are the first to leave. This is what kills change.

  15. Dude, that’s not a picture of Dachau – that was my frat last Sunday AM after the GNARLY party Saturday night! Whooooooaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Oh, is that offensive? Sorry

    1. Who would be more pissed with the Hitler/obama picture? Hitler or Obama?

    2. too soon?

  16. Tom Tancredo wondered whether Obama voters could speak English or “even spell the word vote.”

    That’s not fair to Tancredo. He was saying that about the people who voted for the Obama the Socialist, not that Obama couldn’t spell the word vote.

    1. Shit, I misread Moynihan’s comment the first time.


    2. Does Obama say the word vote any better than he says the word Corpsman?

  17. Crafting psychometric instruments is part of my job. Flatting polytomous constructs into dichotomous items is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Then you do this, any positive response above “slightly” gets conflated into the “yes” response, while only the “absolutely no-way-in-hell” response gets conflated down.

    For example, if you want to show that a group is over-confident, you ask them if they are confident they can complete a set of tasks, but give them a yes/no response format. Then ask them to complete a sample and then grade their performance on a rubric they hadn’t seen.

  18. The poll’s results obviously do not confirm Moulitsas’s rather extreme judgment of rank-and-file Republicans, but are nevertheless alarming.

    That is possibly the most poorly-worded poll I have ever seen. Between the compound questions and the double negatives it is incoherent. Does Moulitsas really want his name associated with such amateurism? It looks like it was written by 3rd graders. Sample question:

    Do you want more tater tots with your school lunch or not?

    1. Not sure.

      1. Napoleon, give me some of your tots!

  19. Do you believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama?

    Yes 53
    No 14
    Not Sure 33
    Uh, this isn’t “extremism”. 47% of Republicans think Obama might be either equally or more qualified to be President as the most recent GOP VP nominee, while 53% think he isn’t as qualified.

    1. It is extremist if the questioner presupposes that the right answer is that Obama is obviously more qualified. But if that’s the case that says more about the questioner than the people being questioned.

      1. A Polar Bear is more qualified than Obama and Palin has them in her back yard.

        1. A polar bear is white! RACIST!!!

          1. I must have been blinded by Snowmageddon.

            No, I wasn’t. Color me racist polar bear preferrer!

        2. Lefties really do think Obama is so obviously more qualified than Palin, mostly because he went to a fancy school 30 years ago.

  20. in a world where a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, obama can be a mullahcommiehitlermanson

  21. You say that on Morning Joe I “opined that ‘Fox News and the blogsphere’ (what, no MSNBC?) are whipping the great unwashed and uneducated masses into an extremist frenzy.” In fact, in another, earlier moment on the show I also blamed MSNBC — as I did in the New York piece I was on the show talking about. http://nymag.com/news/politics/63662/ But of course, Beck and Hannity are far more consequential rabble-rousers than Olbermann, for reasons I discuss in the piece.

  22. Looks like the extremists are right here. The President has already been called a socialist, a mullahcommiehiterlmason, and a Chavista dictator. One would hope a magazine with the title “Reason” would have just that, but all we seem to get is hyperbole.

    1. I resent that remark, you socialist, pig, bastard, retard.

    2. DRINK!!

      …a use for threaded comments!

      DRINK again!!

    3. Hyperbole by those who thought he was Jesus Christ, CEO put him into office so, wait . . .


      Ah! The sarcasm detector is working again. My bad, carry on. Good stuff.

      1. That irony was so thick I almost took it at face value, too.

      2. You assume you know my views on Barak Obama without even asking. This is called “hubris”.

  23. DRINK!

  24. Between such madness, a pastor named Rick Scarbourgh, author of a delightful little volume called Liberalism Kills Kids, led the assembled in prayer.

    I think you’re being way too charitable when it comes to his remarks in Nashville.

  25. “[The book] catalogues the ways in which modern-day conservatives share the same agenda as radical Jihadists in the Islamic world.”

    1) Probably a rather slim volume.

    2) Will Michael Moore be doing the film?

  26. I went to Dachau by myself. One of the more stupid decisions I’ve made in my life.

    Emotional death-spiral that was.

  27. Pathetic. Really just pathetic.

    Also, in a way, cheering. Cheering that some Americans have it so good and are so free that they can see the current president as anything like Chavez, let alone Hitler or Stalin.

    But so very sad that so many Americans can be so ignorant, unbalanced or partisan that they can see the current president as anything like Chavez, let alone Hitler or Stalin.

    1. Change like to but and you are spot on.

      1. Saying it doesn’t make it so.

        If you really think Obama anything like Chavez let alone Hitler or Stalin you are as mad as a hatter.

        Obama might be (or want to be) a sort of American Clem Attlee but that’s about as far left and dictorial as he gets which isn’t very far.

    2. It shows the greater historical and civic knowledge of the right. The only historic figure the left saw Bush as was Hitler.

      1. No.

        It shows that both the left and the right are led by people who will lie about history for political gain.

        It also shows that both the left and right are chock full of people who are so grossly ignorant of what Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union really were that they’ll fall for their side’s lies.

  28. But so very sad that so many Americans can be so ignorant, unbalanced or partisan that they can see the current president as anything like Chavez, let alone Hitler or Stalin.

    Yeah, well Americans are very competent at projecting onto politicians all the good or bad that exists in their own souls. The Repubs did it in 2000, the Dems in 2008 – with corresponding counter-projections from the opposition.

    1. I don’t care what Obama, Hillary and ACORN told you. You can’t vote here.

    2. Remind me – which Republican trait was projected onto that bloated crap-monger Al Gore in 2000? Tipper’s PMRC and her husband’s campaign in the senate on related issues seems to make him a good poster child for authoritarian social control. And he lies like a motherfucker, which is a trait shared with Republicans, not one projected upon him for political purposes.

  29. Did some lefty blog link here, because the retard floodgates seemed to have opened.

    1. We’re not the stupid ones, Enyap. You are. You ask if some lefty blog linked here — yet you’re responding to a post about a Daily Kos poll? And you wonder why more liberals than usual might be posting? How brainless! No wonder Obama inherited such a mess …

    2. We’re not the stupid ones here, Enyap! You ask if some lefty blog linked here … yet you’re responding to a post about a Daily Kos poll. So brainless! No wonder Obama inherited such a mess.

      1. What the devil are you talking about, Enyap?

  30. That picture looks like Andr? Benjamin as the keyboard player in the “Hey Ya!” video.

      1. Damn you’re on a roll. (Dogwhistle boy in there)

  31. This place wasn’t so retarded when Postrel was here.

    Yes, I ordered two drinks.

    1. Two drinks + inhale.

    1. Ted Giesel? Is that you?

  32. I’d like to see some metrics on how often John/Suki/whatever the fuck it is posts. I swear it’s got to be pushing 20-25% of posts. It’s like a not funny or surreal Anonymity Bot on steroids.

    1. Bullshit Warty. You “two” post 69x more than either of us.

      1. Suki, I’ve told you this before: spastic, schizophrenic, attention-whore posters with horrible senses of humor and zero taste are not allowed to address me. Or Warty. Especially if you have a blog.

        1. That’s me out too, then 🙁

          1. I don’t see any blog in your handle. So you’re clear.

  33. Oooh! Why don’t have your people meet my people at 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039 at dawn.

    Fuck you and your addressing rules. See above.

  34. the John Tagliaferro side has actually gotten better. the “Suki” side, on the other hand, is inane drivel (and blogwhores its crappy, crappy “book”).

    1. I agree. As long as “John” isn’t mentioning his “girlfriend” in every post, it’s not so annoying.

  35. So, there’s only a “nugget” of truth in the characterization of the ‘baggers as paranoid lunatics, but the description of the Nashville event shows that this nugget is really a boulder. Check.

  36. Wait a minute. I also am an expert in polling and statistical analysis (Masters degree and professional experience in policy), and your “criticisms” are applicable to public opinion polling generally. (This is why academic studies tend to use their own research methods when dealing with complex ideas.) But many, if not most, polls for public consumption use over simplified, binary or trinary responses. Moreover, the self-identification question is a staple of public opinion polling. I didn’t hear this criticism when the GOP was crowing about how there were so many more conservatives than liberals, even though THAT was a “self identify” question without a follow up. Your criticisms are valid, but you need to apply them to polling more generally, not just to particular polls when it suits you.

  37. The reasons MSNBC was not mentioned in that context are 1) they don’t seem to have anything to do with the tea party phenomenon and 2) I don’t think anyone would accuse that network of promoting left wing causes, say…Code Pink for instance.

  38. Please remember Mr. Moynihan, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…pretty good evidence it’s a duck! (p.s. “Liberal” Dinish D’Souza? Are you kidding me? The same “liberal” who frequently debates Sam Harris?)

    1. Liberals don’t debate each other? Religious liberals don’t debate atheist liberals on matters of philosophy? Wow, you guys don’t get much dialogue going amongst yourself. Must be a bit of, shall we say, lockstep?

      1. The liberal Dinesh that is a fixture on National Review?

  39. Whatta bunch of effing retards. Obama hung out with Rethugs at his fancy college because he LIKED them. He and Saint Reagan would have gotten along wonderfully. Goldwater would be such a RINO today that he would make Specter and Crist look like Birchers.

    Wingers have more history/civic knowledge? It may be true; just more building material for their endless jack-off rationalizing for disliking brown folk and failing to do anything worthwhile whenever they have a momentary chance to lead anything.

    The American wheel grinds slow but fine- by the time November rolls around, “tea party” will be a prejorative. Everyone always underestimates the power of the powers-that-be…..

    1. Disliking brown people? Yes, the powers-that-be certainly like that meme. Hopefully it will be used so much (hasn’t it already?) that the edges will wear off that nasty canard.

      Please call more of those you dislike ‘racist’ – it can only help deflate the racial grievance community which is good for everybody.

  40. One other thing, inviting crackpots to speak isn’t the best way to show your group is not…’extreme’, shall we say? But having it on video that the entire crowd cheered these speeches and cheered wildly at talk of secession kind of proves the theory. It is what the CROWD did that proves the point.

  41. The “make up your mind” graphic is intellectually lazy, and downright foolish because Obama could indeed share policy preferences with any and all of the 4 ideologies. Pacificism yields a benign (malignant?) neglect empowering totalitarianism (the first three). And the eco-hippy movement shows its own green totalitarian tendencies.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if you’re going to cast stones at simplistic political views, don’t illustrate your story with one that’s just as bad.

  42. The point of the poll is that it asked things that have certain answers, and then found significant numbers of Republicans believed opposite of reality.


    Do you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, or not?

    Yes 42
    No 36
    Not Sure 22

    36% of Republicans are sure of a falsehood, and 22% aren’t sure if the sky is blue.

    Do you believe ACORN stole the 2008 election?

    Yes 21
    No 24
    Not Sure 55

    Again 21% are positive in their false beliefs, with 55% not sure.

    You can’t spin these numbers in a positive fashion. I’m not sure why Reason is trying.

  43. I would say the nutters are the people who think its A-OK for total taxes in the USA to exceed 50% of income (after taking into account local & state taxes). As of 2009 federal spending reached a record high 37% (don’t recall source).

    If you aren’t in a tea-party group or interested in participating, I’d say you are a very extreme radical nutter.

    The tea-party movement is CONSERVATIVE… the very definition of non-radical. The idea tea-party protesters are nutters is total propaganda by sicko tax-lovers who’s ideal tax rate is 100%… they want the government to totally own your ass as a slave, no questions asked.

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