The Obligatory Oscar Nominees for 2010 Post


Will those weird aliens from Avatar be saying hello to…Oscar? While George Clooney was Up in the Air, did he spy a little golden man among the stars named…Oscar? Sandra Bullock just might be blindsided…by Oscar! Ooof, The Hurt Locker may be hurting…for Oscar! The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (or one of the Olsen twins) may have driven its star to an accidental death, but that doesn't mean the flick's art direction isn't worthy of picking up a hitchhiker who looks a lot like…Oscar!

Whole list here. Please start bitching and moaning in earnest and in record-setting numbers. I'll start: In 2008, this Shark in Venice should have gotten bitten…by Oscar!

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  1. Christopher Waltz should win Supporting Actor hands down.

  2. Well, the retards can feel a little better now that they have a biopic nominated for best picture and actress.

    1. nah, Best Special Effects

    2. Best screenplay.

  3. There are ten Best Picture nominees? Apparently now it's as easy to get into that category as it is to make the NHL playoffs.

    1. Which reminds me why I hate the Academy Awards in the first place. This awesome piece of cinematic genius never got a nod.

    2. Actually, it's worse than that. It's now as easy as making the playoffs in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

        1. OMG, I know! Wasn't the Muscles from Brussels AWESOME???

  4. I want to protest the lack of young attractive women anyone would actually want to see naked nominated for Best Actress. When will the oppression stop.
    There are no "serious roles" for hot chicks anymore.

    1. I haven't seen any of those pictures.I need to download the Tarrantino movie and see if it is any good.

      1. Iglorious Basterds is awesome!
        Avatar on the other hand was misserably bad, I was significantly bored throughout the entire thing (yes I saw it in 3d).


        1. 3D visuals do not make up for 1D characters

          not my words

        2. Avatar was GREAT. What's the matter? Cry in it two or three times?

          It was an awesome love story.

          1. It was an awesome love story.

            That's just the sort of thing that a man would think a woman would say.

    2. What is wrong with Sandra Bullock? Did you see that movie? She still has a very good body.

      1. No
        Sandra Bullock may still be attractive but she isn't young.Look at those other nominated hags and some funny-looking young lady I've never seen naked pictures heard of.

        1. But how many young hot chicks can actually act? It is not like Scarlett Johanson, Katie Holmes, Kristen Dunst or Natalie Portman to name four exactly have a good track record. Spiderman was a good movie and all, but it is not like any one of a thousand hot chicks with a nice girl next door look couldn't have played Dunst's part.

          1. Hot chicks with a girl next door look should not be playing Mary Jane!!!!! Hmph.

            ::retreats back to comic book canon cave::

    3. Hollywood can't compete when it comes to eye candy in the era of net.pr0n. Plus, a lot of the hot talent is probably being drawn to the porn industry, which pays cashy money right away and requires having sex with fewer guys to get ahead in.

  5. DO

    1. A glitzy yet shallow fundraiser for millionaires disguised as a celebration of achievement with obligatory leftist platitudes and idiotic interpretive dances doesn't interest you? Tea-bagger!

  6. This is the most boring Oscar list evar. The only remotely interesting nod is District 9.

    1. It was a pretty bad year for film. Really was any good? Up in the Air is just George Clooney playing the same part he always does only this time going around firing people. Avatar is just liberal tripe with a completely incoherent plot. The Hurt Locker is notable only for being the first Iraq War movie that anyone bothered to pay to watch. I can't think of one movie this year that anyone will remember, although I hear the Tolstoy movie is pretty good.

      1. I don't think that many people paid to watch The Hurt Locker.

        1. They missed out then. It's a damn good film.

      2. Yeah, it seems like every time I felt like going to a movie there was nothing I actually wanted to see.

        Hey, how was your Seattle weekend?

        1. It was great. Went to the Pike Market. Bought some stuff to bring home to my wife. Had some great smoked salmon, went to Ray's Boathouse for dinner. And generally goofed off the entire day. It was great. My kind of day. I love just screwing around in a strange city.

          1. Glad to hear it! Ha, I was at Pike Place on Saturday too. There goes the neighborhood.

          2. Did you smoke "salmon" with Episiarch at the Lucky Lady? I like to think that you did.

            1. It was rather funny to see the peep show places in the middle of tourist town.

              1. It's a stark reminder of Seattle's true essence.

                Great place to visit, though I'd recommend the summer. The various nearby mountains and volcanoes are all great fun, too.

          3. "Ray's Boathouse"

            I read that as Ray's Bathhouse and immediately thought, WFT, John?

            1. LOL. I am in Seattle not San Fran.

              1. But John, Seattle is well known for having tons of ferries.

      3. Up. You need to grow up and start watching some serious kid's movies. Pixar rules.

        1. I tend to agree.

          1. Up, Ratatouille, Incredibles are outstanding. The rest of the catalog is merely excellent (except for a couple of solid "good" movie).

            1. I thought Monsters, Inc was pretty decent. Not The Incredibles, of course, which is the Pixar pinnacle.

              1. Off the top of my head, Monster, Inc was the weakest in the catalog. But it still stands head and shoulders over 90% of the mainstream movies made since its release.

                1. They do solid work, probably more so than any other studio. The focus on good stories is their principal virtue.

                  1. They're the best story tellers in the business today.

                    1. Like Zoetrope once was, alas.

                    2. Finding Nemo: Best Original Screenplay
                      The Incredibles: Best Original Screenplay
                      Ratatouille: Best Original Screenplay
                      WALL-E: Best Original Screenplay

                      Saturday morning cartoons, they ain't.

                2. No, Cars is weaker.

      4. Sorry, I liked Avatar, it was fun/enteraining, which is the whole reason I go to see movies.

        Also, I don't think protecting "your" planet etc, from others is really liberal.

        Finally, it sure will be remembered at least until the next Cameron film because it grossed 2b

        1. There is a sense of "property rights" in it. The land does belong to the smurfs. But I think that message is entirely accidental. I gaurentee you that Cameron only views it as the Smurf's land in a collective sense. Not like any individual smurf can ever own his own piece of pandora.

          More than that, it reduces the otherwis facinating topic of the class of civiliations to cliche. The smurfs are perfect and noble and the humans and their technology are evil. No smurf ever looks at the technology and thinks "damn I am tired of living out in the woods, that looks pretty cool" like what really happens when aboriginal cultures clash with modern ones. The smurfs never seem to have any faults or internal conflicts or evils. All of the smurf's problems are the result of the evil human beings and their technology. And no human ever thinks, "hey maybe we could buy this stuff" (not to mention that there are alledgedly floating mountains of the stuff on the planet, yet the humans go to war with the smurfs anyway). It is a stupid incoherent mess of a movie.

          1. The smurfs were probably thinking "Why don't these guys have usb ports and organic mass storage devices?" I would think that transhumanists are very jealous of the smurfs.

            1. I liked Avatar, but I must say...

              Unobtanium? Really James Cameron? What, "This Shit is Rare"-ithium was already taken?

              1. Same thought. Guess he had to top "molecular acid" from Alien. Or would that be bottom?

                I really liked it, especially the romance.

              2. "Unobtainium" is a word used even in serious materials science to refer to an impossibly useful substance. It also appears in a LOT of sci-fi as an in-joke, The Core being one recent example.

  7. I'm rooting for "Up".

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by that movie. I'm usually not OMG PIXAR, but it was really sweet.

  8. What is wrong with Sandra Bullock?

    She's a lumpy rectangle.

    1. ?,why do I have the impression you look nothing like this but more like one of these Man Cartoons

  9. Moon is missing from the list. Duncan Jones, David Bowie's son, channeled Heinlein for the story. I could see it fitting in with Heinlein's "The Black Pits of Luna" story collection. It's the best science fiction I've seen since Primer.

    1. Moon was a pretty limited movie, but Rockwell should've gotten a best actor nom.

      1. What do you mean by limited? I thought the story was fairly original and did a good job of showing the characters emotions and different states of mind. Also the musical score really set the tone of the movie.

        1. It was quite original and interesting but there wasn't much to the plot beyond the initial ideas, so it was rather drawn out - hence limited for a feature film. Good setup but didn't go very far with it.

          Character development and acting was pretty good.

          1. It was a bit drawn out, but nowhere near "There will be blood."

            I've always thought of good science fiction as a character's struggle through a technology being extrapolated into the future. In this case, it's cloning. I think that's why the shortness of the plot did not bother me much.

            Also, Mr. Jones seems to have two more movies planned. Moon could just be the base story for the world. Then again, after the Matrix trilogy, I never get my hopes up about sequels.

            1. "There will be blood."

              My god did that film suck.

      2. Agreed. He should have been nominated.

    2. Moon was the second best movie released last year and it's a shame it wasn't nominated for anything.

      1. 100% agree. I would actually sasy it was the best movie released last year.

        But even if you disagree that it's one of the best films, it's a crying shame that Rockwell did not get any recognition for his performance. His ability to take the same character and show them as almost completely different people with different personalities was stunning. I can't remember the last time someone was able to pull this off so well.

        Which is probably why Hollywood hated it.


    1. Is that actually any good? In the previews it kind of looks like a lame remake of Alien Nation.

      1. Nah, it's pretty good. I think the director was going for more of a Verhoven feel.

        Very watchable movie.

        1. It was a satisfying mix of interesting ideas and good action pacing. The oh-noes-evil-corporation stuff was pretty minimal, but it would have been better without it.

      2. I was so impressed with District 9.

        It and Basterds are the best two movies I've seen all year. I loved UP!, I loved Zombieland...but those two are my favorites. They are completely different but oh-so-good.

        1. At least it got a nomination. IN 2008, I loved Grand Tarino and Mongol. Neither one of them got a nomination. The Acadamy are such philistines.

          1. I saw Grand Tarino and thought it unbeleivable how quickly Clint went from "Get off my lawn" to actively engaged neighbor.

            1. Yeah. But you have to make some allowances for drama. It would have been a pretty shitty movie if it had been all about Clint torturing his neighbors.

              What I liked about it was how it flipped the immigrant experience on its head. It was the immigrants who represented American values and Clint's snot assed kids and grand kids who had walked away from those values.

              I thought that was very clever. And the movie very powerful.

              1. I really did like the film. The ending took me by surprise.

          2. Mongol was nominated for Foreign Film in 2007, its year of eligibility.

            1. Should have won. That movie kicked ass.

        2. 'District 9' and 'Inglourious Basterds' were most good. Most good indeed.

          1. I still have to see "Avatar" and "Zombieland", though (cut me some slack, I've been overseas).

            1. Zombieland has its moments, but overall it's quite thin. It's only 81 minutes.

            2. APOG, Avatar is AWESOME!

        3. I totally agree. District 9 combines killer production design with really strong character development. The aliens are drone-like but interesting, and the baby alien brought tears to my eyes. I just found the whole thing hugely affecting and can't recommend it enough (not a fanboy either, so don't worry).

          Avatar was immersive and intoxicating, but its story and characters were dull. Loved the movie; it's just not the best, and I doubt Academy voters will want to stoke Cameron's insufferable ego any further.

          If you haven't seen District 9, give it a shot.

          1. Also liked District 9 and Basterds. Neither were what I expected, which is high praise from me.

      3. The action was more fun than Avatar. And the message, while a bit cliched, at least felt like someone was paying attention to issues in the present instead of fighting the hopeless wars of two centuries ago.

      4. The Navi in Avatar look totally amateur compared to the prawn in District 9. The prawn are the most believable rendering of aliens I've seen. The Navi just look smurfy and shitty.

  11. Is that fat hairy dude on the list again for best "documentary?"

    1. Belushi? He's dead, alas.

  12. I heard "The Messenger" was good, but haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet. Has anyone here seen it?

    1. For some reason everything I hear about this movie is, "Woody Harrelson is amazing and Samantha Morton is amazing and Ben Foster is amazing and the story and screenplay are amazing... but the movie kind of sucks."

      But I don't really know.

  13. Um, Avatar? You mean Ferngully 2 is nominated for best pic? I guess if BHO can get the Nobel anything goes now.

  14. Ye gods, a moment of irrelevance. How often is the "best" anything the best? Hell, the "Best Actor/Actress" should really be called the "Best Character/Political Statement."

  15. I'll be direct. Anything other than Avatar's special effects was utter shite and should be lumped in with Michael Bay's garbage.

    1. Avatar should win for anything involving cinimatography and special effects. No doubt. But it should never have been nominated for anything relating to acting, writing or overall film quality. It only got nominated because it is a liberal revenge fantasy. Change the politics of the movie and it wouldn't even have gotten the special effects and cinimitography nominations it deserved.

  16. I'm just going to put this out there. I thought District Nine was terrible. No explanations, tons of plot holes and no resolution. It was total crap. That being said, I am not surprised it got nominated for best picture.

    1. I thought it was good, but not nearly as good as the accolades would suggest. I guess some people are so hungry for decent sci-fi that District 9 seemed better than it is?

      1. I liked D9. It had a nice combination of sci-fi and character story. It was an atypical movie for the genre.

      2. District 9 was actually a story about racism and apartheid with some lightweight bashing of evil corporations. The prawns and the space weapons were window dressing.

        Overall, it was a fine movie.

        1. kinnath, racism and apartheid in South Africa? Are you sure or are you fucking kidding me? Next your going to tell me the Godfather was about the mafia.

  17. The Obligatory Oscar Nominees for 2010 Post

    I would have figured that it would be more "obligatory" to have a post concerning the Razzie nominations. (Ms. Bullock is up for one of those as well this year.)

    1. The Razzies go after the easy targets and are pretty worthless. How much guts does it take to go after "All About Steve" or "Transformers 2?"

  18. That Shark In Venice trailer was great. That's the kind of movie I'd write after a long opium-smoking session with Anonymity Bot. I'd also mortgage my house so I could afford to pay whichever Baldwin brother that was.

    1. Dammit man, the Doobie Brothers broke up! Shit!

    2. They should have gotten Samuel L Jackson for the lead. "I am so sick of these motherfuckin' sharks in Venice!"

      1. Hell, they'd have had to give Sam Jack a hairpiece like Tom Hanks in The DaVinci Code.

        Hey, I got an idea for Oscar Bait. David Icke biopic. But I play with Charlie Kaufman-type literary devices and have real, real hip soundtrack.

        1. Directed by Spike Jonze

  19. It should also be noted that the Prometheus Award Hall of Fame nominations are also out.

  20. I'm surprised how many Oscar noms Up in the Air received. I mean, I liked it. It was good. But I don't think it was Oscar material.

    I was thinking it would deserve Best Screenplay but then I found out it was adapted from a book, so I don't think that anymore. Really, I don't think Adapted Screenplay should be a category. Give filmmakers some incentive to do something new and original. I swear, we're quickly approaching a year in which every mainstream movie release will be 1. based on a book/comic/game/other media, 2. based on a true story, or 3. a remake of another movie.

    1. Yeah. I didn't think it was that good either. Yeah. Clooney is good looking and charming. We got it. You can get buy with "cool charming and good looking" as the man driver of the movie if the movie provides some kind of glamorous escapism like Cary Grant as the glamrous theif living in Monaco in To Catch A Thief. But this movie was totally unglamourous. It was like a squel to Oceans 13 where the Clooney character goes broke, loses Julia Roberts and goes into a boring corporate life.

      1. It was like a squel to Oceans 13 where the Clooney character goes broke, loses Julia Roberts and goes into a boring corporate life.
        reply to this

        Actually, this sounds sort of appealing to me. LOL

        1. For about twenty minutes maybe.

  21. I just read that Keith Olberman once made Suzy Kobler cry. Suzy is the cutest woman on television. What a bastard. That Joe Nameth wanted to kiss her and Olberman made her cry says all you need to know about their respective characters.

    "But Kolber's road to the top hasn't been without controversy. She endured some chuckling from critics after reports surfaced that she cried because of the treatment she received from her then co-anchor Keith Olbermann. Olbermann later publicly apologized for his behavior in an online column."

  22. I enjoyed Hurt Locker, but then again I also think that a bad war movie is better than a good a totally awesome and excellent in every way chick flick.(What would you expect from a guy whose is named GoNavy) Then again, I have no reference on how realistic Hurt Locker is. I am willing to forgive stupid, if entertaining, plots, but I want the details to be accurate. Because I know a lot about the real thing, I usually don't enjoy submarine movies because the details are just so inaccurate. Das Boot is an excellent sub movie, everything else pretty much sucks.

    1. Visually, "Hurt Locker" is actually pretty damn realistic, but yeah, there are a lot of technical inaccuracies including tactics that just make no sense. Still, some of those tactics advance the plot.

    2. So DAs Boat is not realistic? I have never been on a submarine and have no idea. Why is it so bad out of curiousity?

      1. I could be wrong, but I think he was saying that Das Boot is the only realistic submarine movie.

        1. Yeah. I misunderstood him. I thought he was saying it was an excellent movie despite being wrong. Instead he was saying is an excellent movie and all other sub movies suck.

          1. It's pretty much unbeatable. I just rewatched it. Awesome awesomeness.

    3. The Balance of Terror was the best submarine themed TV episode.

      1. Agreed.

      2. The episode also serves as a fine PSA on the dangers of huffing phaser coolent.

        1. Unless you're coolly Vulcan.

          1. Do not mock the sad death of Robert Tomlinson!

            1. Query: How long before Kirk nailed his widow?

              1. That night. Time heals all wounds, but a little James T. gets the job done right away.

                1. There's gotta be a song for that.

                  The idea that Spock would nail any crewmember in any possible timeline before Kirk is, well, it's impossible. I mean violating-the-laws-of-physics impossible.

                2. He was going to get prima nocta anyway.

    4. I know a few Navy guys who said Down Periscope was the most realistic sub film they'd seen.

  23. All I can say is, It's been a terrible year for movies.

  24. District 9 was a very pleasant surprise. It's really quite good. Is it up for best foreign?

    1. The plot made absolutely no sense. How and why would a bunch of aliens travel light years to come to earth only to be relegated to a refuge camp and behave as if they have no intelligence what so ever. And why is it that only two of them seem to understand their own technology or have any desire to improve their situation. The worst part is that it doesn't even take much to answer these questions. The writers were just lazy and decided it was more important to show how evil those multinationals are instead of actually explaining anything about the universe they were trying to create.

      1. The Prawns lived in a rigid caste system and all of the intelligent upper caste were killed off by the undetermined disease that struck the ship. All that were left were the relatively stupid workers bred primarily for menial labor requiring brute strength.

        This was all explained in the first few minutes.

        1. Hey, thanks for the spoiler warning. Luckily I only skim over your posts anyway for fear there's a link to Roseanne Barr's colonoscopy video buried in there somewhere.

      2. The writers did explain it-all but one of the aliens were the equivalent of drones. They act stupid because they are stupid. While there were some plot holes in the movie, that wasn't one of them.

        1. Two lines said in passing don't really count as an explanation to me. There are so many more interesting things they could have explored by just adding a bit more back story.

          1. Back story is overrated. I wouldn't have wanted more exposition of this point. It's not Animal Planet, it's an allegory on racism with plenty of Ludicrous Gibs.

  25. Avatar - Awesome movie; enjoyed the entire show. However, my enjoyment was limited to the visuals only - in the story and character portrayal Cameron outlucased Lucas. I can see Oscars for best effects and best score; the movie shouldn't have been even nominated for the rest.

    Inglorious Basterds - Again, enjoyed it a lot in the movie theater, but everything in there was so over the top that anything other than the well-deserved supporting male shouldn't be even considered.

    Coraline - I really hope it beats UP. I enjoyed it much more...

    A few disappointing omissions:

    Sherlock Holmes - I expected a best male lead nomination; Robert Downey Jr. carries the movie.

    The Road - I expected nominations at least for best male support for the actor who plays the son, best cinematography and an Oscar win for best adapted screenplay. It wasn't nominated anywhere...

    1. Coraline was beautiful. But the story telling is just a hair behind Up in my opinion.

      I haven't seen Fantastic Mr Fox yet, but that appears to be the one that could topple Pixar from winning every Best Animated Picture they were nominated for.

      1. Pixar lost in 2006 (Happy Feet beat Cars) and 2001 (Shrek beat Monsters, Inc.). In other words, they're 4-2.

        1. Oops, sorry.

        2. Wikiepedia uses "bold" to differentiate between nominated and won. So I misread what I read 😉

        3. UGH, Happy Feet. That was such a horrible, terrible, awful, shitfest of a movie.

      2. I was a little disappointed with Fantastic Mr Fox. I love Anderson's movies and the actors he works with, but in this case the voiceovers overwhelmed the animation to a degree where closing my eyes and just listening in seemed to be a better option.

    2. My favorite flick this year was 'Synecdoche, New York'. It's another total mind-fuck from Charlie Kaufmann, and on top of that it's also a profound commentary on the human condition.

    3. Downey was great but the movie was not superb. The portrayal of Irene Adler was unsophisticated and Jude Law looked distracted.

      1. Sherlock Holmes sucked balls.

        Oh, baby, what I SO want from a Sherlock Holmes film is to see Holmes outwit his enemies by using his awesome boxing powers. Lots of Kung Fu. That's what we *really* think of when we think "Sherlock Holmes".

        1. Hazel, don't take this as an insult but some days you write like a man.

  26. District 9 should win.

    Sharlto Copley should have been nominated and win for Best Actor. Superb job in that film.

  27. Holy shit. They are really dumbing down the Oscars, eh?

    Ten Nominees? Avatar?
    It's the fucking People's Choice Awards. This is like Academy version of Time giving 'Person of the Year' to 'You'.

    1. Actually, I could see Hitler winning Best Actor this year for his vast number of appearances on the Internet.

      1. And when he doesn't win, he should give a good performance again. Or at least give a good one when he find out that (insert movie or actor here) didn't win the Oscar.

      2. Bruno Ganz was robbed

  28. How is avatar nominated for anything other than special effects?

    It was a borefest after you got .over the special effects. Bad writing, predictable and bland plot, ok acting but there was not much they could do with their shitty and at moments childish lines.

    1. M-O-N-E-Y.

      1. The Oscars?????$ give gullible suckers what they want.

  29. Now I know why I spend my movie money on online poker.

  30. Gayest forum ever.

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