Political Ad of the Year?


I know it's only January, but I don't expect anyone to outdo this:

ProPublica has some background info.

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  1. Is that James Carville in a fat suit and bubba teeth?

    1. Good Morning reason!

      1. Good morning Suki!

  2. Another reason not to live or die in New Orleans.

    1. I remember PJ O’Rourke referred to N.O. in “Parliament of Whores” as a “high-crime drainage ditch.” The Katrina aftermath only confirmed the assessment.

      1. “Raaaaacist!!”

    2. Would they let you in? They do have standards.

      1. I see you are here to play.

    3. Whose funeral is it?

  3. That’s not bad. I like this video better.

    1. Sage, I am GLAD that you have come out.

    2. Would have been funnier if the guy taunted the player without the glass in the way.

      Much funnier.

      1. And this, folks, is how one performs fellatio on a hockey stick.

        (Another sentence I never thought I’d say.)

  4. Hmm, frakenstien is so old school. I’m hoping for one with zombies.

    Zombies are still cool aren’t they?

    1. no, today it’s vampires.
      get on the trolley.

      1. Wolfman comes out in three weeks. We’ll just see.

        1. I don’t see how Wolfman coming out about his sexuality will have any impact on his coolness.

          1. I always thought there was something funny about Michael J. Fox. Do they have a different one now?

        2. Hugh Akston,” Wolfman comes out”? Hell, don’t burst my bubble. Next thing is your going to tell me Neil Patrick Harris is gay.

  5. Holy shit, you elect medical officers?

    1. You elect coroners. Coroners are not necessarily medical officers in some states (see Radley’s depressing Mississippi reporting.)

    2. In Kansas, they vote on science. I think that’s a good system, I should move there and put together a ballot initiative to abolish gravity.

      1. In Kansas, you can abolish gravity. On Jupiter, gravity abolishes you! What a state!

  6. Meh, the time I get either Dr. Minyard or Dr. McKenna working on me, I’m not gonna give a shit which one it is.

    1. No, but you may be giving a cornea and some tissue.

      1. You can pry my cornea from my cold, dead… ah, nevermind

      2. You can iron my shit.

        1. Sage, real men iron their own.

          1. They also do the dishes, make dinner, clean and never bitch. Let me know if you need further instruction.

            1. Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had set their new
              wives straight on their duties.

              The first man had married a woman from Pennsylvania and bragged that he
              had told his wife she was going to do all the dishes and house cleaning
              that needed done at their house. He said that it took a couple days but on
              the third day he came home to a
              clean house and the dishes were all washed and put away.

              The second man had married a woman from West Virginia. He bragged that he
              had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and
              cooking. He told them that the first day he didn’t see any results, but
              the next day it was better. By the third day, his house was clean, the
              dishes were done, and she had a huge dinner on the table.

              The third man had married a Canadian girl. He boasted that he told her his
              house was to be cleaned, dishes washed, the cooking done and laundry
              washed. And this was all her responsibility. He said the first day he
              didn’t see anything and the second day he didn’t see anything but by the
              third day some of the swelling had gone down so he could see a little out
              of his left eye.

              1. Important safety tip: you can make all the “Squaw Work” jokes you want when you’re elbow deep in dish water…

                1. …you can make all the “Squaw Work” jokes you want when you’re elbow deep in dish water…

                  In college (early 90’s), I was talking with a friend and his female co-worker at their office. It was right at the end of their shift, and not having much else to do, she decided to sweep up a bit.

                  I remarked how great it was to see a girl who knew her place. He added “yeah, finish up the woman’s work”. She stated that it was good that she knew we were kidding, or we might have wound up with a broomstick enema.

            2. What’s today’s Troll Tip of the Day?

              1. The troll tip of the day is that sage is an easy mark.

                1. all those boys think it’s fun and games until someone loses an eye

                  1. If someone loses an eye it is Bush’s fault.

                  2. You damn kids stay off my thread.

                    1. Long trolley ride this morning?

                  3. Then it’s fencing.

                  4. That’s when it gets good

  7. That is…um…harsh.

  8. From THA

    The spot portraying Minyard as a Frankensteinian crazy was paid for by Dwight McKenna, M.D., a convicted tax evader who’s running against Minyard. It’s airing on local TV.

    So he makes geat ads and deprives the state of resources for our repression! How could anyone not vote for the guy?

    1. I should

      a) learn that H and F are not the same letters
      b) how to close tags

      1. I would vote for him for being a tax evader alone.

        Refusing to pay your taxes is the truest form of patriotism.

        1. No, it’s not. At least, not automagically. Refusing to pay your taxes *as a tax protest*, and being willing to suffer the armed wrath of the state, to make your point? That’s patriotic.

          Evading taxes because you’re forgetful, or greedy, or just a dumbass is another thing entirely. Since we don’t know the reasons here, allow me to point out that should the good Doctor be forgetful, or greedy, or a dumbass, these would be reasons to vote against, and not for, him.

          1. Since we don’t know the reasons here, allow me to point out that should the good Doctor be forgetful, or greedy, or a dumbass, these would be reasons to vote against, and not for, him.

            I think it’s pretty safe to rule out “forgetful” when you’re going over 6 digits.

          2. Give me a break! Next you’re gonna tell me that dissent is not the highest form of patriotism!

        2. So that is why you are such a big supporter of Obama appointees?

          1. Hey, it is Bush’s fault there are so many tax evaders in my administration. I inherited this mess. I inherited all of the people I appointed to positions of power in my administration. If I am cleaning up a mess with a mop don’t tell me “Hey, that is a tax evader mop.”

            1. It is undeniably true that their tax evasion took place before their appointment by Obama, and probably during Bush’s time.

              So why weren’t you protesting against them then, YOU HYPOCRITE!!!!11!!!!11111

        3. I am the truest form of patriotism.

        4. If everyone was a tax evader, how would you and your military-industrial complex contractor friends get paid?

          Maybe the former Armour Group, Blackwater, Triple Canopy, etc. could solicit donations.

          1. By harvesting your organs and selling them on the black market, duh!

  9. Oh cool! Captain Spaulding is getting some work again!

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    1. I can’t wait until they are in DSW!

      Hey automatic ad bots, where are the shoe ads in the margins?

      1. Since we are on the subject of shoes, I wonder if the spambot sells any of these?

        1. Too weird even for my blood.

        2. Finally figured out the talon boots. If you don’t stay on your toes the heel will poke the bottom of your foot.

          1. I never understood people who value fashion more than comfort. That shoe does not look at all comfortable.

    2. That coroner candidate is a shoe-in to win the election.

      1. Is that kind of thing how you get your kicks?

        1. There should be a DSW on route 66.

      2. yeah, but he’ll have to sell his sole to do it

        1. I prefer lobster tails with hot butter.

          1. should have said lobster tales for word play. It would have killed 2 birds with one reply:
            A) been fun for a thread
            B) given old man Fist of Etiquette something to do.

            1. You couldn’t have just said something like “Dr. Minyard is gonna get the boot on election day” or “ads like this are starting us down a slipper-y slope”?

              1. Spike heels are dangerous on slippery slopes.

    3. I have it on good authority that Dr Minyard’s mother wears army boots.

  11. In a Disused Graveyard

    The living come with grassy tread
    To read the gravestones on the hill;
    The graveyard draws the living still,
    But never anymore the dead.
    The verses in it say and say:
    “The ones who living come today
    To read the stones and go away
    Tomorrow dead will come to stay.”
    So sure of death the marbles rhyme,
    Yet can’t help marking all the time
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    What is it men are shrinking from?
    It would be easy to be clever
    And tell the stones: Men hate to die
    And have stopped dying now forever.
    I think they would believe the lie.

    1. I am dying to know if you can recite these poems by heart?

    2. I… want… the… STONES…

      1. Dead Flowers

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  12. No way dude, is this guy for Cant be!


    1. Whoa. Your electronic brain just took a crap through a keyboard.

  13. That’s it. I’m not voting for the evil guy who steals body parts. This commercial has swayed my opinion.

  14. This is obviously a fake ad.

    There is no message at the end “I’m Dr. McKenna, and I approve this message.”

  15. There is no message at the end “I’m Dr. McKenna, and I approve this message.”

    NO that ad is very real. I have talked to people ibn New Orleans that have seen it on tv

    1. sorry you didn’t get the joke.

      did I have to put in smilies?


  16. For heaven’s sake it is Louisiana. I remember in college in 1983, there was a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s race between Harry Lee and Sal Lentini. Lee was a Chinese-American. I recall the use of the General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing the Vietcong photograph to describe Harry Lee. It was pretty shocking in how the mud was tossed in that election.

  17. An ad like this comes along and totally restores my faith in the political process. Politicians who put up the pretense of niceness toward their opponents are not worthy of anyone’s vote. I think the last time I witnessed a national politician speaking authentically to his opponent was when Lloyd Benson slammed Dan Quayle comparing himself to JFK.

    1. What I never got is why Quayle would want to compare himself to a pussy-hound socialist whose biggest accomplishment in office was to bring our country to the brink of nuclear war.

      JFK was one of the worst presidents ever. While he didn’t deserve to die, why people mention him as a holy force to be worshiped eludes me.

      1. Then again, Quayle was a moron. Forget me first sentence.

  18. Beautiful ad. It is hard to know which of these gentlemen to vote for. I’d probably go with the tax evader too just because it’s so much in vogue and it has attracted such good appointees to the Obama administration.

  19. Until the very end, I thought it was an ad for ObamaKare.

    1. Mr. Dooley says:

      Igor 2 WINS hands down!!!

  20. RCTL|1.30.10 @ 9:38PM|#

    Another reason not to live or die in New Orleans.

    About a decade back my uncle calls his brother (not my dad, but another brother). He can’t get a hold of him, so he goes to his house. There is no one home. He starts to ask around, and finally after several more days he finds out from the local EMS that they pulled a body out at his brothers house, and took it to the coroners. The body was listed as a John Doe, even though he died at his residence, a nice middle class six figure home of a former NASA employee btw, yet no one in the bureaucracy bothered to try to contact a relative.

    For the bodies of John Does, they keep them wrapped in body bags, and bury them together. My uncle being a retired cop, and a criminology professor had enough pull to get the bodies dug up.

    At this point the bodies are bloated, and the skins are in the state of decomposing into an oily mush so identifying is not an easy task. However, my deceased uncle was missing the tip of his left pinky, and with that marker Uncle D was able to finally sort his body from the others.

    So, whatever you do, for the love of God, do not die in New Orleans.

  21. I hate to say this but that is why you you need a sharpie in an emergency situation. I might add in certain places you may need to add this ain’t a tattoo.

  22. omg, after that last comment..sounds horrendous…I think the ad is funny as hell and definitely memorable, certainly from a distance…

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  24. Another reason NOT to travel to New Orleans if you need a pinky finger transplant. Surely there are much more reputable cities who have a “better selection” of whole and complete John Does for your transplant!!!! Like maybe Chicago????

    Mr. Dooley says “God save us all!!!!!!”

  25. See what the Supreme Court has wrought, you extremist neo-con wingnuts?!

  26. Carly Fiorina is trying, with the evil psychedelic cybernetic sheep ad against Tom Campbell.

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