Obama Decries Divisive Rhetoric, Says Healing Can Happen if Opponents Stop Being Such Effing D-bags


President Barack Obama was in Florida yesterday, talking up his bullet-train-to-the-future initiative. He's now calling for good feelings all around:

"Nothing that human beings do will be perfect," Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, said as he capped a town hall at the University of Tampa, where he was received with boisterous support.

"But we shouldn't sort of assume that the other side is either heartless or doesn't care about sick people or is some socialist/communist who's trying to take over the health care system," the president said. "We start getting into these caricatures. They're so damaging."

Just how far to go in working with Republicans has been an evolving calculation for the White House. Obama ended up muscling through a giant economic stimulus plan with little help from the opposition party and was poised to do the same on major health care legislation until Democrats lost the super-majority they need—60 votes—to overcome delays in the Senate.

Obama takes responsibility, but not blame.

He still casts Republicans as a party of "no" and calls that their political strategy."I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems," Obama said. And then he added: "I don't want an attitude 'If Obama loses, then we win.' I mean, that can't be a platform. … All of us should be rooting for each other."

More here. I think it's fully appropriate that Obama use Biden as a prop to underscore the fallibility of human efforts. Especially when talking about bogus train boondoggles, given that Biden is an Amtrak devotee (even appearing as the cover boy on this month's Amtrak mag).

It's wunnerful, too, that Obama is now calling for a new spirit of fellowship, though it's a bit disconcerting that he only came around to this POV once his super-duper-majority in the Senate hit the skids. And that he can't go longer than a short newspaper story without calling out his legislative foes.

As Year 2 of the Obama era gets underway, take a couple of minutes to revisit Reason.tv's Hopes and Fears for an Obama Presidency:

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  1. Republicans will stop being d-bags when gophers stop pestering Carl Spackler.

  2. Wow, that actually makes sense when you think about it.


    1. Ha, pass me a leg man.

      1. Sorry, I’m an ass man.

    2. Anon Akabar!!

  3. “I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems.”

    Translation: “I want them to agree with me and accept our programs unequivocally.”

    1. Translation: “I want to make sure they are right there with us to take the fall.”

      1. Translation: “If things go wrong, I will blame Republicans and say, ‘They made me do it!'”

    2. translation: “If you are going to complain about the problems, then you have to help with the fixes, and take the risk of failure. you can’t just complain – any idiot can complain. YOU (the GOP) were elected to help LEAD. Leaders do not complain they DO.”

      1. translation:
        “you can’t just complain about the problem even though you have no say in the matter and have been locked out of the discussion and are expected to nod agreement when you don’t agree and your opinion is not wanted or asked for, you need to work hard to get the people who locked you out and ignore you out of office so that you can have a say in the matter and take responsibility for the outcome.” Works both ways. Thanks.

        1. My thinking exactly!

      2. It’s a good thing that you made it to gop headquarters, Pat. You androgynous bastard!

    3. translation: “After you Rep Boehner” (did I mention the cliff?)…

  4. …and at the end Gillespie nails the future when he predicts that Obama continues Bush’s failed policies of expanding government overseas and domestically. Not that that is really much of a prediction.. Sort of a universal law like gravity or the Detroit Lions sucking.

    1. …or Brett Farve retiring…

      1. Who is she?*

        *Beloved’s favorite quarterback joke.

  5. Nothing that human beings do will be perfect…

    I, on the other hand…you’re welcome.

  6. The really impressive thing about this is the fact that The Jacket is willing to look at a magazine about Amtrak. He suffers for us, you know.

    1. Current Amtrak Tampa to Orlando. ’bout an hour, $20 bucks.

      Super fast train – ’bout an hour, $50 bucks.

      And then you need a rental to get anywhere from the station…

      Good idea in Europe. In America we drive or fly, thanks.

      1. I seem to recall the last fast train this Country implemented that ran from DC to Boston. the wonderful liberdals in sthe Northeast made them slow down the train between NYC and Boston …”just in case there is someone on the track”….so what if the train was designed for that purpose at the cost of 100 bzillion dollars…Idiots

        1. They also slowed the trains down so they would have to hire more railroad union workers.

  7. At the risk of being called a d-bag, I’d say the “Fears” have it.

  8. How the hell does a high speed rail shitburger count as freezing spending?

    1. Vrooom!

    2. It’s flash freezing.

    3. Because if we call it “stimulus” then it doesn’t count.

      1. NO, they are on to us about “stimulus” so now we have to call it a jobs program otherwise it counts.

        (PS, what the f… was the stimulus designed to do if not create jobs which was given as the sole reason de etre for it?)

    4. One of the high speed trains will connect Minneapolis and Chicago, about 400 miles apart. You can fly Southwest from Minneapolis to Chicago for $49.00. Why take a train?

      1. But, but–this isn’t just any train. It’s a bullet train!

      2. To avoid the obligatory body cavity search? Then again, you could do that by just driving, and get there faster to boot.

        1. haha, like there won’t be TSA security at the train stations too?

          1. Of course there won’t be. Not until after some moron stuffs his underwear with explosives and blows the first one up.

            After that, body cavity searches for all, but before the terrorists have proven something to be a target by actually blowing it up, why worry about how obvious of a target it is?

      3. Because that’s how our master will create jobs. Chaining us together and putting us all to work buildin us a railroad. I’m studying Oh Brother Where Art Thou for escape tips.

        1. … ‘Obama, Where Art Thou?’

          *sings ‘Man of Constant Sorrows’*

    5. It’s a UNION construction job.
      They freeze out non-union subs – results: no spending on non-union subs.

      freeze and non spending – Obamaspeak

  9. I think Obama will get some compromises from the GOP the day he stops calling disagreements with him heresy.

    1. No, he just needs to buy them off. Like always.

      1. Traditionalist!

          1. Are you not men?

            1. Joe Biden.
              He wears a hat.
              He has a job.
              He brings home the bacon.



            3. “Are you not men?”
              No, we are Devo

    2. Wait, they’re not heresy?

    3. please, provide examples. i would love to know what you’re referring to.

    4. What for? He’s got a majority stiched.

  10. Nothing that human beings do will be perfect,” Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, said…


    Did you see when Obama gave Biden his coat? That was uncomfortable.

    His speeches are really painful if you get hit by all of his rhetorical artifices. They’re like dog whistles – some people don’t hear them. But I do and it freaking hurts. So stop it already.

    1. Did you see when Obama gave Biden his coat?

      Ha ha. “Hang this up, cracker. And here, get yourself something special. (flips a quarter on the ground near him).”

      1. It’s only fair. Obama’s coat would be in the way when getting Bill and Hillery’s coffee.

    2. So, Biden is good for something.

      1. Not sure. Did he hang up the coat or piss on it?

        1. I think he held it in his lap. He’s a very solid wife. A real keeper.

      2. Man, I was wrong! I always thought that Biden was “The Potted Plant”…HE’S THE “COAT RACK”!!! Geeeez, the man has no self respect, I would have dropped the coat to the floor and walked of the stage….”get yourself another lackie, jackass!”

    3. “His speeches are really painful if you get hit by all of his rhetorical artifices. They’re like dog whistles – some people don’t hear them. But I do and it freaking hurts. So stop it already.”

      I was starting to think that I was the only one who could hear them.

      1. Honestly I think it’s his strategy. Load them up with so many obviously glaring contradictions that reporters can’t possibly call them all out so they wind up ignoring them completely.

        1. please explain. we need your enlightenment.

  11. These is a clear mile of difference between “not perfect” and “complete suck.” At least start walking away from complete suck and the conversation might commence.

    1. Obama’s been working the “complete suck” angle from day one, so he’ll need to start sprinting away to even make a dent in that. And frankly, I don’t see that happening.

      1. Or maybe take a cab.

        He’s probably a shitty tipper. “Hey Biden, get that will ya?”

        1. Well, Biden does have his coat. Probably his wallet it is there.

        2. “Oh shit, I don’t have any cash on me.” WINK WINK

  12. “I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems,” Obama said.

    Translation: Why can’t Republicans become Democrats?
    They’re taking all the fun out of being a deity.

    1. He doesn’t want them to become Democrats. He just wants them to be Republicans who agree with him 95% of the time and can quibble about the other 5%. It’d be like one of those European countries where government alternates between the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats arguing about whether the top marginal tax rate should be 60% or 59%, while agreeing that touchy issues (immigration, who actually pays for health care, the overall role of the state in the economy etc.) are off limits.

      1. Didn’t you notice how Obama’s switched the dem’s talking points from, “they (the Europeans and other foreigners we should be acknowledging when making decisions) hate us, because we are a warmongering country run by autocrats,” to “they hate us, because we are a backwoods country that doesn’t give the government the power it needs to be progressive enough!” This is Orwellian. It’s like watching the “war” between OCeana, East Asia, and Eurasia in which yesterday’s enemy is today’s good friend. Yesterday: Government bad, evil, untrustworthy, autocratic. Today: Government good, friendly, just trying to get things done, etc.

  13. Fellowship = followsheep

  14. It’s a weird form of bipartisanship that amounts to stamping your foot and crying “Why won’t anyone compromise with me” when people don’t completely go along with what you want.

    1. I work in a preschool; we hear a lot of “Jack won’t share!” when the situation is that Jack has the train that Max or Lucas or Jake wants. I consider the speaker, remind Max or Lucas or Jake of what “share” actually means (again), and grin behind my hand. Because it’s kind of cute when a preschooler does it.

  15. On the other hand, as a FL resident, I kind of enjoy knowing that Gov. PermaTan’s senate bid is going to get run over by the bullet train.

    1. Charlie Hamiltonian Crist?

      1. Ol’ Tan Dick.

        1. That’s Future Former Governor Ol’ Tan Dick. Show some respect, man. Senator Rubio may hire him for advice on tanning and tanning products, after all.

  16. Also, the Death Row girl keeps giving me come hither looks from the ad banners.

  17. Will the bullet train become 2012’s Bridge to Nowhere?

    1. How come the lefty animal lovers haven’t kiboshed this sumbitch because it’s surely gonna kill some endangered species along the way…at high speeds, of course.

      1. Yeah, but it will be spectacular.

        “Did you see the way that one splattered on the windscreen, Bob? It’s almost abstract art.”

      2. They’re waiting til it’s half-way built and then they’ll an injuction to prevent damage to the natural habitat of gator testicle ticks or somesuch.

    2. I was for it before I was against it.

      1. That is because she reads “all of them.”

    3. Well yeah, didn’t you read above? One train is to Chicago. Talk about nowhere.

      1. has to be a New Yorker or a southerner. right?

  18. Bullet train. I live here, and damned if I can tell why we need it.

  19. “Here” being Tampa.

    1. How will you get to Disney World for your daily excursions otherwise?

      Either that or they need a rapid evacuation system for when the Pirates of the Caribbean automatons do start eating the tourists.

      1. that danger passed when 478 Johnny Depp automatons were added.

      2. I-4 isn’t as bad as it used to be. Disney’s only like an hour from my house, and I live on the northwest side of Tampa.

  20. “I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems,”

    Seriously? What will you rage against then?

    I get sooo sick of the Team Blue/Red bullshit insomuch that they both need each other as much as the other (let’s call it symbiotic parasitism). The whole feigned outrage gets a bit too much to take after about a nanosecond.

    1. You’re just a partisan non-partisan!

      I still don’t understand joe’s concept of that, but there you have it.

  21. “I, Nancy, and Harry have managed to completely disgust the country and flip sentiment back around in just one year, so I’m begging you to please go down the shitter with us, you republicans.”

    Is he serious? Good luck with that, buddy.

  22. Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden

    What’s Biden up to, that the Presidential Suit is afraid to let the Veep out of his sight?

    1. He gets lost a lot.

      You can’t see it, but the wrist leash they have on him is just out of frame.

      1. They tried the twinkie-tied-to-a-stick trick, but when Barney Frank tackled him they decided to let Biden tag along. For safety.

        1. yea, but Barney didn’t know it was a twinkie, he thought it was something else.

  23. Isn’t Biden supposed to be in a different place than Obama unless they’re at a secure location?

    I can’t believe Nancy hasn’t whacked the two of them simultaneously yet.

    1. She already gets the perks thanks to Denny, servants and drinks too.

      The House is where the real power lies.

  24. Whenever anybody tries to tell me “we” need passenger rail service (high speed or otherwise) out here, I tell them it would be cheaper to just buy everybody in Montana a new pickup truck and give them a thousand gallons of gas.

    That usually silences them.

  25. Obama is continuing to do what he has always done – spout a lot of rhetoric designed to fool people into thinking he is something other than what he actually is – a hard core leftist who is doing everything he can to jam the country to the left as far as he can.

    All his jabber about “doing what works” and bipartisanship is just part of the mask to try and make him look like a pragmatist and centrist to fool as many people as possible into NOT opposing his real agenda.

  26. Its well known, if you ask anybody with strong political views, that their opponents are all “effing d-bags” and undoubtedly, make up the all important schwing vote and majority of voters. If only BO had courted the effing D-bags, his plan for immortality would have passed.

    1. If only BO had courted the effing D-bags, his plan for immortality would have passed.

      He put as many as he could fit into his cabinet. What more was he supposed to do?

      1. Heh

  27. Let’s say you drive from your Mom’s house in Kissimmee to the J.P. Biden Transportation Center and Deli in Orlando, hop on a train, and step out in downtown Tampa some minutes later.

    Now what?

    1. Obviously you rent a car so you can get to where you want to go in Tampa. Wait…

      1. If the train doesn’t take you to the beaches, it ain’t going to get used.

    2. You go to Starbucks!!

      1. Tampa Theatre is nice. And there’s always Busch Gardens. For the younger crowd, there’s Ybor City.

        All of these things are miles apart, of course.

  28. “Nothing that human beings do will be perfect,”

    Why do I get the feeling that the word “you” was edited out of that statement?

    1. Seriously that was the smartest and funniest comment I’ve ever seen posted anywhere.

    2. hahaha awesome!!

    3. Sacrilege. How dare you! Have you no shame? Noone speaks ill of our wonderful glorious infallible commander in chief.

  29. The real problem is the Civil war going on between the “Traditional” Democrats and the “Progrssive” Democrats. The House and Senate have enough Democrats to pass any bill they want with no Republican support. Why are Democrats having to “buy off” votes from thier own party?

    1. dems and progs aren’t the same. progs are a virus in both dem and repub parties that need to be erradicated. obama is prog and the two parties know prog’s are out to destroy the country via usurping our constitution (or byany means necessary). radicals.

      1. I watch Glenn Beck too.

    2. Because the whole party is not flower power.

      Obama is off staring at his reflection in the water while the other progs wilt away in fiscal responsibility.

  30. “Nothing that human beings do will be perfect”

    We are all sinners! Now Hallelujah and pass the health care!

    1. … and all your money in the collection plate because Father POTUS knows best.

  31. Why the hell isn’t anyone else talking about Obama’s bullet trains?

    Maybe if you give speeches a s long as El Duce’s no one can hear that you want bullet trains so you can get them to run on time…

  32. Of course he doesn’t get it. The attitude is not “if Obama loses, then we win.” The attitude is “if Obama fails to implement the policies he’s outlined, America wins.”

    1. Exactly!!!

  33. Treatment Obama gets from Republicans and the media is appalling. Bush never faced the level of obstructionism that Obama does. There is no doubt in my mind why. Because the Republicans can’t stand that a black man is in charge. If Obama were white, health care reform would have already passed. And, look at the reaction to the State of the Union. Obama has been described time and time again as “angry.” Everyone knows that “angry” is code for “angry black man.” Bush never had to deal with that kind of abuse and ridicule.

    1. +10 for funniest post on the topic.

    2. Barry? That you, man?

    3. So, when my brother in law who happens to be black gets mad (actually he never does, by far the calmest person in the entire family) or my black neices get mad I am not allowed to mention that they are angry otherwise I am a racist and really acusing them of being some stereotypical ‘angry black man’? Dude, you are letting legitimate concerns about prejudice against blacks completely criple your ability to observe the world – you’ve become racist yourself trying to defend against racism. Real racism is a horrible thing, but you are making it worse with your paranoid delusions and calling racist like this.

      As for Bush being ridiculed, um, you are insane. Bush was widely ridiculed in the media starting with his moronic pronounciation of the word ‘nucular’ to his ‘mission accomplished’ landing to … I know, I was one of the ones ridiculing him because he, like Obama, deserved it.

      1. Look, Let’s stop this stupid interpretation of the”mission accomplished” banner. I was in the Navy ( Engineering Officer of a ship), when a ship gets deployed it has a mission(a purpose for that ship being send out in the first place). When the ship returns home, it can proudly display a banner that its mission, the reason it was send out, was accomplished. They achieved the requirements it was send out, period. That is all. The MSM interpreted it as the US mission in Irag was accomplished to ridicule president Bush.

        Also on the “nucular” word, I have a Physic degree and very few people( other that scientist) pronounce the word correctly. Nobody criticized JFK for dropping the “R”‘s in some words and placing the “R” in word that don’t have one. Yes, you are right, I lived in the Boston area for 7 years,the neighbors thought my kids,me and wife had “cute little “r” accents”.

        1. Thank you for your service to our country, Joe Nesuno and for your correct analysis of the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

          I’ve posted the truth of the story, with sources, around the web for years. Those who have no interest in the truth continue using the enemedia model to denigrate President Bush. It is disgusting — and 7 years later it has grown very, very old.

          Who cares how anyone pronounces nuclear? My goodness, some act like he shot their dog over it.

          Thanks again for your service and your post.

    4. too funny.

      the guy is as anti american as can get. you want healthcare past in the face of overwhealming opposition? why? because he’s black? ha ha!

      you are racist.

    5. I agree Vinny. Poor King Baby. If only he were whiter. That black skin just blinds the right of all reason. mmm mmm mmm

    6. “If Obama were white, health care reform would have already passed.”

      I suggest you look back at the Clinton administration. I recall there was a health care takeover attempt then that didn’t fly. Are the Clintons black and I didn’t know it? Or are you just jerking a knee because you can’t deal with the fact that someone has a reasoned argument and you don’t?

      1. So what happens when youre half white -or is it half black?

      2. So what happens when youre half white -or black or…

        1. “So what happens when youre half white -or black or…”

          …or 43.75% arab or…

      3. So what happens when youre half white -or black or…

    7. “There is no doubt in my mind”

      Nor much of anything else, apparently.

    8. “Bush never had to deal with that kind of abuse and ridicule.”

      ROTFLMAO! Did you sleep through 2001-2008 or did you change your meds?

    9. Whoa, Vinnie! Now, as I recall Bush was fully excoriated (look it up…pays to increase your word power) by the press. Literally labeled as an “idiot”, despite having read books at a rate of sixty-two a year (you don’t do that, now, do you?)

      You are the one bringing up race. That is interesting. People who hang with conservatives will agree the subject never, ever comes up. It is not of interest. Unless you are a liberal. Note that Chris Matthews just demonstrated that pretty well a day or so ago.

      Stick to the facts. Bush DID have to deal with this level of abuse and ridicule, however, he chose to do his dealing by simply moving on with his job. This guy seems primarily to be in campaign and politicking mode, despite his having failed during his first year. Sounds learned and smart, looks good, does not learn, may not be very knowledgeable at all, or perhaps he would understand that FDR prolonged the Great Depression.

  34. I meant Il Duce-

    Yo Vinny!

    Look up your term for today-

    Super Majority.

  35. great to see obama take the house republicans to school today. completely exposed their hollow agenda.

    1. They were under the bus. That may not qualify for a ride to school.

  36. “great to see obama take the house republicans to school today. completely exposed their hollow agenda.”

    Mabye on planet unicorn.

    Meanwhile back here on earth, Obama was engaged in the same old BS – trying to food peple that he’s a centrist pragmatist.

    I heard a sound bite of him talking where he told the GOP that he wasn’t an ideologue and he would have loved to have found a cheaper equivalent to his stimulus package that worked as well but that he just couldn’t find any reputable economists who could come up with one.

    Yeah – it’s just by the sheerest coincidence that “what works” just happnes to be 100% in sync with liberal redistibutionist ideology and pays off a bunch of the Democrats traditional consitituency groups.

    It’s total crap. Obama is no authority on who is and isn’t a “reputable” economist and no authority on what works.

    In fact he’s pretty much the opposite of that, since he’s bought in to Keynesean economic theory which has never worked anywhere on earth.

    1. The republicans in Congress should no longer even dignify his absurd lies and shenanigans by meeting with him. Just let him destroy himself, and duck and cover from the wreckage.

      1. Amen.

        Obama’s in actor mode right now.

        But he won’t win an ‘Oscar’ and save his Democrat majorities this time.

        1. Isn’t Oscar his dog’s name?

      2. Why was the camera always on him? Could it be that he only agreed to the meeting if the camera was constantly on him, and did not show the teleprompter either?

  37. Bullet Train to Nowhere-fornia. This is not re-building infrastructure in any way, it’s creating it from thin air. That stupid thing doesn’t have any right-of-ways for a corridor yet, and all that land looks ripe for a super-gigantic Kelo theft. Talk about redistibutionist, the only jobs created will be Railroad Workers Union jobs using printed-up money – another sop to the patronage system that Keyneseans flout.

    1. But… but… there’s this multiplier! Right?

      1. There is a multiplier.. when consumers, investors and the world actually have confidence that our government will be able to pay back the massive debt they are accumulating. Once you start to think the debt is the biggest problem (it is) then adding more debt through ‘stimulus’ has offsetting effects – the increase in cash (times a multiplier) and a massive decrease in the overall multiplier due to decreased consumer and investor confidence. But the rub is that the decrease in the multiplier isn’t just on the stimulus money, it’s on all money in the economy. So the net effect is a lift from the funds from the stimulus times a new, lower multiplier than was in effect before minus the decrease in the multiplier times the previous money supply.

    2. How much longer are we going to pay for the havoc his borderline personality disorder is wrecking on our country with INSANE ideas like a bullet train in Florida?

    3. Yes, and please note the land taken in Kelo still remains undeveloped…just sitting there, doubtlessly making the people who used to have homes there feel….well, a lot like a rape victim.

  38. Thank you, Messiah, for telling us Republicans what is wrong with us. Nothing happened in 2009 that can be laid at your door, of course! What a jerk.

  39. I wonder who changes his diaper at night? I think he shit himself on Jan 19th when he realized he wasn’t the God he thought he was.

  40. >>> All of us should be rooting for each other

    Yeah, I mean look at all the cheering the Democrats did for “Chimpy McBushitler” for eight years. Some Democrats even accused him (along with a few prominent celebrities) of engineering 9-11.

    So, yeah. Republicans should go back and count up all of the times Barack Obama cheerfully backed the Republican agenda in the name of bipartisanship and return the favor in the exact amount: zero.

  41. I am so tired of Obama’s whining. Given that he had extremely high political capital when he was inaugurated, and BOTH Houses of Congress, he has still been ineffectual, dishonest and unprincipled, and somehow, it’s always someone else’s fault. The scolding and condescension is really old. He’s got quite a thin skin and only seems to “thrive” when he is being worshiped.

    1. he’s a sniveling little priveledged brat who thinks it’s annoying that anyone would question him on anything. you’d think at least he might be concerned about americans, but that’s pretty much the least of his concerns.

    2. You don’t seem to realize just how obstructionist the GOP is. In the upcoming elections, we must provide the Dems with a minimum of 75 senators to make sure the country will be governed effectively.

    3. What is nice here, is actually that some freshman Congressman came up with a new way of saying “you lie!”. He pointed out the SPECIFICS of the campaign promise to reveal the inner workings, specifically of any new medical plan, via C-SPAN. Once underway, no special reveal was done. Obama uses lame, “dog ate it” excuse of “logistics too difficult”. So now anyone who is not partisan (i.e. tens of millions of independents) can see how he lies and how he smoooths over the way once the lie is found out. Does anybody else think this guy has been doing this all the way through high school, college, university, first job, second job…etc. We have all met some “BS” artist. Alarm bells going off yet, Dems?

  42. p.s. Great Hopes & Fears clips by the staff. Unfortunately, your fears seem to have been realized, and not many hopes.

  43. President “Leon” (see video) anyone?


  44. The arrogance and dishonesty coming from Obama is incredible. Obama doesn’t want to work with the Republicans. He wants the Republicans to do what he wants them to do. In any event Obama’s prolems isn’t really the Republicans. Its his own party that has their hands out for trillions in corruption. The Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and the unbelievable $60 billion union payoff. Obama’s other problem is the American people, and he’s not listening because he thinks they are stupid!

    1. Has any other President besides Obama felt the need to campaign in other Countries for the Office of the Presidency of the United States of AMERICA?

      Obama is a lying thieving smug arrogant b***h. That is what he have for a President. Thank the criminal democrat party of perpetual fraud for this historic deception and farce hoisted upon the AMERICAN people.

      85% of felons vote democrat. They proudly made this claim not long ago. therefor I claim today’s party of democrats belong in prison, not in positions of power.

  45. “I’m not an ideologue”

    I just reject everything the opposition party says out of hand because it doesn’t comport with my pre-established world view.

  46. The Liberal Courtiers

    Senator “Lord North” Reid holds a rather dubious distinction of being the Leader of the Senator who well may be forced out of office by the citizen of Nevada which to say the least is a vote of non confidence. He has no path for conciliation with the Republicans not the American citizens or the those of his state. He like the King are swayed by their selfish courtiers, who oppose any type of financial reforms.

    Our borrowing limit has been reached yet Senator “Lord North” Reid and the King continue on a path of destruction. The American public by a wide margin (65% Rasmussen Poll) have lost confidence and believe this current ruling class of Democrat Liberal Courtiers is most definitely on the wrong path and direction to protect our nation from financial ruin.

    No change will come until the November 2010 election because the Liberal Courtiers are a very strong influence on the ideolog King and Senator “Lord North” Reid. The Liberal Courtiers encourage them to disregard all things being American…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  47. All I can think of is the movie starring Danny Devito,”Throw Momma from the Train”and equate it to BHO- “Throw Obomma from the Train”

    1. Oooh, I think it’s illegal to say that.

  48. Prediction: Health care is rammed through reconciliation. It will occur within the next month so that Dems have time to fix their campaigns or shortly before the elections when they realized they will get an ass whooping. Either way Pelosi, Reid, and Charmian Maobama have wy to much invested and favors owed for health car enot to pass……..Filthy thieving Democrats

  49. Does Obama include Nancy Pelosi in those he is scolding??



    1. Who else would?

    2. Sorry, I thought ya said “Panties”.

  50. At that meeting Obama revealed that he has been aware of Republican proposals to improve health care reform. That would mean that when he was making all those hyper-partisan comments about Republicans being obstructionists with no plan of their own, he new that was untrue.

    The truth would be that the President simply ignored those suggestions completely, and then pretended that he didn’t know they existed.

  51. worth repeating! hilarious.

    FormerTusconan|1.29.10 @ 2:49PM|# said:

    “Nothing that human beings do will be perfect,”

    Why do I get the feeling that the word “you” was edited out of that statement?

    FormerTusconan wins the prize!

  52. The good news is that Mr. Obama spoke at a GOP retreat the GOP proved to be common cockroaches flushed down the Great and Patriotic American known as President Obama.

  53. The good news is that Mr. Obama spoke at a GOP retreat the GOP proved to be common cockroaches flushed down the Great and Patriotic American known as President Obama.

  54. The good news is that Mr. Obama spoke at a GOP retreat the GOP proved to be common cockroaches flushed down the Great and Patriotic American known as President Obama.

    1. It was nice of you to post this three times, but it still makes no sense.

      1. Commas have a useful purpose.

        Periods? Not sure.

    2. Orca Orca Orca, hiccup,

  55. Whatever happened to the President’s “Get out of the way” rhetoric? I thought his political message to the Republicans was “You caused the problems, so shut up and get out of the way.” Of course, now that he needs their votes, it’s all about “Let’s work together!”

    1. Nahh. He just wants to use lubricant now.

  56. You people are great, all of you. Thinkers, poets and humorists with a point. I’ve read every word.

  57. “Ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?”

    If we aren’t careful, we’re all prey. Regardless of who’s in power.

  58. Barack Obama is a psychopath narcissist, and he shares their talent for chameleon-like behavior. One minute, viciously attacking anyone who disagrees with his marxist agenda. The next, scolding people who object to his liberal fascist tactics. No one who values freedom should ever cooperate with Obama. With any psychopath narcissist, the only protection you have is to get away from them as quickly as possible, and keep them away. Obama should be exiled to Elba , or some similar remote unreachable desert, along with some of his enablers and fellow psychopaths (Rahm Emanuel, Ayers, etc.)

    1. You’re obviously paying attention to his actions rather than his words.

      No wonder Obama feels he hasn’t talked enough about his agenda and no wonder he thinks you’re stupid.

  59. “Obama Decries Divisive Rhetoric, Says Healing Can Happen if Opponents Stop Being Such Effing D-bags”

    In other words: the floggings will continue until commity is restored.

  60. “Obama’s Message Not Getting Through – Charles Blow, New York Times”

    We are wearing protection.

  61. Didn’t anyone watch the “monorail” episode of the Simpsons?

    It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about high speed rail.

  62. “You people are great, all of you. Thinkers, poets and humorists with a point. I’ve read every word.
    reply to this ”

    Yes but did you watch the 30 second video that sums up Obama in a nutshell?

    A picture can speak a thousand words but the following 30 second video is an speaks an entire volume of encyclopedias worth. 🙂


    President Leon?

    1. You are correct. This DOES pretty much sum it all up. Of course it is also right to mention that Leon does not have to commit a “high crime or misdemeanor” before being brought before the legislature and impeached, then removed.

      Keep an eye peeled for our POTUS’s, high crime and/or misdemeanor. (Clinton’s was lying under oath)

      Meanwhile go team, 2010.

  63. Most comments on stories on websites like CNN.com or FoxNews.com are by idiots and quickly spiral into stupid name-calling. You people are pretty clever. I enjoyed reading through all of them.

  64. When he was loitering in the Illinois Senate, Pres. B+ voted four times to support infanticide. I will not join him on his trip to Hell.

  65. “I don’t want an attitude ‘If Obama loses, then we win.’ I mean, that can’t be a platform. … All of us should be rooting for each other.
    I was going to make a comment that is sounds like Obama is angling for a participation trophy, until I realized he already received the Nobel.

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  67. I mean, that can’t be a platform. … All of us should be rooting for each other.

  68. I mean, that can’t be a platform. … All of us should be rooting for each other.

  69. You’ll need your tin foil to keep your prozac in

  70. You’ll need your tin foil to keep your prozac in

  71. You’ll need your tin foil to keep your prozac in

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