In All Fairness, the Councilman Does Have a Point


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  1. Either that is some awesome sarcasm aimed at his political opponents whose idea this was, or he’s the dumbest fucking man on the planet. I’m guessing the latter.

  2. I think someone should ask Obama in a press conference what his plans are to protect us from the looming scourge of vampirism. It would be fun just to throw him off his stride.

    1. Already addressed in the Senate version of the Health Care Reform bill:

      Page 987, Sec. 36, subsection 16: Vampirism

      Health Insurance companies CANNOT descriminate against vampirism as a pre-existing condition. However, since vampires live forever, a reasonable co-pay for treatment shall not be denied. (emphasis mine)

      1. Pfft. They only live forever if they’re not being hunted by Hugh Jackman.

        The REAL controversy is whether or not Medicaid should cover cost associated with “alternative” treatments for vampirism– like homeopathic blood transfusions and reflexology. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are ambivalent about the homeopathy (depending on concentration), but mainstream conservatives are taking firm stands against any alternative treatments.

        1. They’re illegal aliens – all seeking in by means of coffins from Transylvania. They can’t possibly have all the right paperwork because gubermint offices are only open 9 to 5.

  3. Isn’t there a vampire movie coming out? I smell guerilla marketing.

    1. I just smell stupid.

  4. Well, have there been any vampire attacks since the plants were installed?

  5. The councilman lives in Bon Temps? I thought the banner said Lawndale.

    1. hahaha

      good times!

    2. Is that a suburb of Sunnydale?

  6. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since it is almost pitch perfect rendition of Lisa Simpson’s tiger repellent rock.
    I tried to find out whether he was involved in the original decision, but could not find anything but recent comments.
    As far as what to do.. garlic festival?

    1. That scene was exactly what I first thought of too.

  7. There’s free fresh garlic growing in the median, and these assholes are complaining about it instead of eating it. What a bunch of assholes.

    1. I’m with you on that. +1

      They should turn it into a “community garden”.

  8. A: Clearly a case of Old man sarcasm at its best, come on people thing of your grandpa’s! my grandpa delivers the same utterly straight faced sarcasm…its like wine it gets more refined with age.

    B. seriously just use it as free garlic, Italian food every night!

  9. what are you!?

    1. I’m a waitress!!

  10. FWIW, it’s not actually garlic. It’s Society Garlic.

  11. FWIW, it’s not actually garlic. It’s Society Garlic.

  12. A reporter was interviewing a farmer and asked him what he grew. The farmer replied, “Buckwheat and radishes.”

    The reporter asked if he made money on those crops and the farmer replied, “I do well on the buckwheat, but the radishes are losers. Always have been since I was knee high.”

    “Then why do you grow radishes?” the reporter asked. “Ya gotta grow radishes to keep the wolverines off your land,” the farmer stated incredulously.

    “Is your land overrun by Wolverines?,” the reporter asked. “Have you ever seen a wolverine around here?,” the farmer retorted. “No,” the reporter answered. “Neither have I,” the farmer answered. “Those radishes are really working.”

  13. Yeah, Vampires aren’t too wild about Domino’s new pizza recipe, either.

  14. I can’t be bothered to look it up, but I recall when I first saw this story that the garlic in the median was some kind of F.U. by the city council to some particular person or group that wanted something else planted. the garlic stinks and annoys the constituents, and that’s how the council wants it to be. or something like that.

  15. And yet, I’d still take him as my rep over Donna Edwards.

  16. It’s not garlic, it’s garlic chives. Big difference. The councilman is not a gardener but is a pretender. No different from the others that seek political office, based on their expansive knowledge and quest for power. He speaks with the authority of Keynes.

    1. What a fool. Garlic chives do nothing to deter vampires, and everyone knows it.

    2. What a maroon. He thought that garlic chives would keep away vampires. Idiot.

      1. Beat ya.

  17. The plant in question is Society Garlic or Tulbaghia violacea. It has a strong smell when bruised or if you get it wet. When it is dry it still smells but not as strongly. It is a very hardy plant. Personally, I love it but not everyone does.

    1. I accede to skr

  18. For those who may be wondering, yes, KTLA did recently bring back its primary ’80s/’90s logo.

  19. Do people not get sarcasm anymore?

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