Going Rand (Paul)


Well this is surprising. According to the website LouisvilleMojo, Sarah Palin will endorse Rand Paul's Senate bid this weekend. I'm still skeptical—Paul's campaign manager is vague, saying that he is "waiting" for an endorsement—but then again, I never would have guessed that Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann would become such good chums:

As Republican US Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul approaches his biggest campaign event yet—a Saturday rally at the Fairgrounds that will feature Paul onstage with his dad, former Presidential candidate and US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul—the big news is an upcoming endorsement from 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

David Adams, Paul's campaign manager, said he would announce the endorsement "as soon as we get it."

"I would categorize that one as 'worth waiting for'," he said. "I'm waiting as patiently as I can."

Paul was in Louisville last night addressing a small crowd of about 50 University of Louisville College Republicans. The U of L students had invited Paul and his primary opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, for what would have been the first debate of the campaign.

Full article here.

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  1. What, no way to fit Climategate and the ape cartoon into this post? Be creative, Moynihan.

  2. Maybe a little Lobster Girl so that later when I Rand My Paul I’m thinkin’ about somethin?

  3. That’s be a nice endorsement to boost his campaign.

  4. Sounds like something Palin would do, crawl out of the shadows and try to hitch herself to a rising movement in the GOP.

  5. Yeah, cause Palin’s spent a shit ton of time in the shadows, doin’ book tours and Fox every fuggin’ segment. Yeah, she needs some help.

    1. I know you, you’re Kareem Abdul Jabaar!

      1. I’m sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I’m the co-pilot.

      2. You know, I always thought that Lew
        Alcindor was a cool sounding name.
        The Kareem Abdul part sounds cool, but Jabaar just doesn’t work. Sounds like a Star Wars character.

  6. That’s a great endorsement. Rand Paul is a spectacular candidate, and Sarah Palin is a huge star. She’ll bring much-needed attention to a rising star in the GOP who is still not widely known, and should be. Kudos to Mrs. Palin and best of luck to Rand Paul.

  7. I think you’re the greatest, but my dad says you don’t work hard enough on defense. And he says that lots of times, you don’t even run down court. And that you don’t really try… except during the playoffs.

    1. The hell I don’t. LISTEN KID. I’ve been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I’m out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

    2. Joey, have you ever been in a…a Turkish prison?

      1. (Is it wrong of me that stumbling into read this nostalgic exchange before 7am on my way out the door to work is likely going to be the highlight that puts a smile on my face all day? What does that say about my life, and my job? Jeez.)

  8. I find this very confusing. I have to like Rand Paul, of course, because of his pedigree, but Palin is a little too off the farm with her religious nonsense.

    1. yeah and they fact that she pretty much was McCain’s running mate..

    2. What religious nonsense? Seriously. Everyone always puts her in the same lot as Pat Buchanan. But they never provide any links or quotes to back it up. She seems to be about as religious as Obama in that she attends church for political purposes as much as anything. I really don’t see any evidence that she is some crazy religious nut.

      1. John – witches. Witches. Sorry, if you think there are witches (I mean the broomstick kind, not the granola wiccans who run naked in the woods). in this day and age, you are a nut. Perhaps she doesn’t believe that, but she went to a church whose leader believed it.

        1. BO went to a church for 20 years where the pastor thinks a lot worse than that. As far the witch story goes, she once received a blessing from a guy at a church where she went that combats “witches” in Africa. That hardly means she believes in witches. What was she supposed to do? Start a conversation with the guy right there? Or just smile and nod her head until he left? I am sorry but you are grasping for straws on that one.

          And for what it is worth, Andrew Sullivan was peddling a story last fall that she named her children after witches and that meant she was into or believed in witchcraft or something. It is hard to keep all of the nutty shit that is put out about her.

          1. And you mention Obama because you know I’m such a fan of him and Rev. Wright? Maybe I should respect Palin more, because she’s less politician-y, and didn’t immediately throw her witch doctor under a bus like Obama did his racist rev. But her church still invited a preacher whose mission in life is to be a “witch-hunter”, and she attended more than one service with this idiot. If she believes in witches, let her say so, if not, she should damn well say that, and add that she was just being polite.

            1. Also, who mentioned Andrew Sullivan? That guy is the douchebag you think Greenwald is.

            2. God only knows the kinds of kooks that have shown up at some of the churches I have been to. It comes with the territory. And if she had gone to the guy’s church for 20 years and called him her “religious mentor” like Obama did with Wright, I would agree with you. But she didn’t, so I don’t see it as a big deal.

        2. BakedPenquin lying on his death bed — sudden tremors, and fear. Is he ready to get right with God? Hell no, but even worse than facing eternity he realizes what he missed because of his devout life of atheism — handling snakes! Eyes twitching from strychnine laced moonshine! Barefoot and pregnant teen-aged wives taught to serve his every whim with total obedience! And the greatest joy of all, that straight rational living denied to him — Witch hunting! Witch hunting, brotha, witch hunting!

          1. Barefoot and pregnant teen-aged wives and 89 years left! Not bad BP, Not bad!

      2. It just occurred to me that the fact that I like Pat Buchanan more than Sarah Palin may be a bad sign.

        1. Pat Buchanan is a nasty anti-Semitic, anti-American Catholic religious nut. If you like Pat better than anyone other than maybe Osama Bin Ladin and people who have sex with their mothers, it is definitely a bad sign.

          1. Well, I had sex with your mother. How’s that?

            1. Daddy always said she had bad taste in men.

            2. uhh, his mother is dead

              1. i should have gone with jerkstore, ya, jerkstore

          2. John,

            I have read and listened to Pat for years, and I have yet to see or read anything that would lead me to believe he is anti-semitic. What he is NOT is pro-Israel – maybe that is what you really mean.

            And, being anti-war is NOT being anti-American.

            1. Never mind that he spent the 80’s defending nazis from being extradited to be put on trial for his crimes, or convincing Reagan to visit an SS grave – its gotta be the Israel thing.

              No one who is anti-Israel also happens to be anti-semitic.

              1. Never mind that he spent the 80’s defending nazis from being extradited to be put on trial for his crimes,

                Linkey link, please?

        2. I like ’em both. I even voted for Pat in the 1992 GOP Primary.

      3. Haven’t you ever seen those youtube videos of her? *grumble grumble* Gonna make me find ’em now:

        This is the most famous one.

    3. but Palin is a little too off the farm with her religious nonsense.

      Linkey link?

  9. Good for Palin. She is a huge player. She brings a lot of money and a lot of publicity to a candidate. If she is willing to throw her weight behind real small government candidates like Paul, she can do a lot of good.

    It is got to kill the Reason staff to admit it. But this is a very good thing.

    1. and i can see alaska from my front door

    2. i also killed the bridge to nowhere

    3. Did I tell you, I’m a real maverick?

    4. Do you mind if I call you Joe?

    5. and we gotta reign in Freddie and Fannie

    6. i read all sorts of newspapers, we have newspapers in alaska ya know

    7. don’t forget about joe sixpack

    8. ill get back to ya on that

      1. sarah, shut the hell up

  10. http://althouse.blogspot.com/2…..-lame.html

    If there is a bigger douche on the planet than Glenn Greenwald, I haven’t seen him. Alito is outrageously flamboyant and political for daring to mouth disagreement in te pretense of the One. What a fuckhead.

    1. I disagree with you here, too. Greenwald is wrong in this instance, but he is one of the few liberals who is not a water carrier, and he has called out Obama on his broken promises on torture, Guantanamo, transparency, medical marijuana.

      1. What is he doing here if not carrying water? One need only imagine the kind of hissy fit he would have thrown if Bush had ever called out the Supreme Court over the Hamden case during one of his State of the Union Addresses. But Obama does it, and it is Alito who is wrong for mouthing something. Don’t say he doesn’t carry water, when the link shows him doing exactly that.

      2. Also don’t forget Greenwald’s little sock puppeting escapade. It is not that he is a mindless partisan. You are right. He does occasionally criticize Obama. It is that he is such a dishonest petty little bitch.

    2. Oh, come on. He’s not even close to a certain AIDSy Englishman who daily disgraces the honorable art of wearing a beard.

      1. But Sullivan is so insane that it is really not fair to compare him to anyone else. Sullivan is literally on the level of the homeless guy who lives in the dumpster behind the 7-11.

      2. Fuck me, now I had to go over there and see what that pigfucker said.

        And I share Sleeper’s deep dismay at the myopic, callow crowd in this capital city, more obsessed with passing instant phony judgments on political fortunes than with addressing with seriousness the vast challenges this struggling and ailing and now fast-declining republic faces.
        I’ve lived in Washington for twenty years. I saw in Obama the real hope that something constructive could emerge from the corruption and decline of the recent past. I saw last night the civil tone that marks a responsible politics, rather than the glib cynicism and mock heroism that has marked us in much of the new millennium.

        I can’t come up with something nasty enough to say to that. John, you’re good at that shit; care to try?

        1. Sure Warty. This from the same guy who used to call himself an “Eagle” when he was supporting the war on terror and Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Now he talks about Obama’s “responsible politics” rather than the “glib cynicism” of the previous decade. What glib cynicism? You mean like Sullivan was cock sucking Bush after the gay community ran him out of town and he had no audience? You mean that cynicism? Or maybe the cynicism of a guy who made his entire reputation playing schoolmarm to the gay community sanctimoniously preaching to them about how they needed to live their lives and embrace only monogamous sex only to be later found running personal ads for anonymous bareback anal sex. You mean that cynicism of the last decade Andy? You mindless pathetic little fuck.

      3. Another:

        What we saw last night was a president, defending his campaign pledges, against a Washington that has abandoned almost any pretense of tackling any of the actual problems faced by this country, in favor of talk radio grandstanding, FNC propaganda, Democratic cowardice, and Republican cynicism. And in his eight years of destroying this country’s fiscal balance, moral standing and national security, it takes a man of Rove’s deep cynicism to stand up and lambaste the one man prepared to do something.


      4. the honorable art of wearing a beard.

        The what?

        I have a beard at the moment, because I haven’t shaved in a couple of weeks. There’s no “art” to it.


        1. Your beard may not have art, but it certainly has honor.

        2. People occasionally ask me, are you growing a beard? And I answer “I’m always growing a beard. At some times I shave it off every day.”

  11. Well this is surprising.


    “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Third most libertarian Republican known to voters may endorse second-most!”

    1. I never would have guessed that Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann would become such good chums:

      WTF Moynahan? She’s a personable hot chick who shares at least 85% of Dr Paul’s political views.

      I don’t understand why cosmotarians don’t “get” that we are all out there on the far right.

      1. Because they are out there on the far left instead?

  12. The Airplane thread above is a classic. Too bad it occurred at 11:30 eastern.

    1. Sarah Palin is just a younger, dumber Pat Buchanan with slightly bigger tits.

  13. Oh, that’s…disappointing. But if it helps Rand Paul get the crucial votes he needs to get elected, it’s good.


    1. Why is it disappointing? Are you sad you have less reason to hate the woman?

        1. Fair enough. I got to admit, part of me gets a little pissed when Obama occasionally does something I agree with.

          1. Also, where the fuck did the idea that she’s anything approaching a libertarian come in? (Other than perhaps Donderrrrooooooooo). She’s admittedly a social conservative, she had roads to nowhere, public ice rinks, blah blah blah. She is not a fiscal conservative, unless she’s had a road to Damascus conversion recently. I see her as a much better looking and somewhat more palatable Mike Huckabee.

            1. She is for jury nullification. I guess that’s something.

              1. Jury nullification,associations with “fringe” political parties of a minarchist bent such as the Alaska Independence Party, the Libertarian Party…

                It’s like everything they know about sarah they learned from their liberal friends…

            2. +1

              Keep this and let Warty have the other one, undivided, thus avoiding one of the mysteries of existence. Far be it for us to ask the tough questions, to be posted on YouTube later.

          2. I don’t really even understand why I dislike Sarah Palin. Sure she’s an idiot, but I like lots of idiots. And all the people I hate despise her, so I should like her.

            I think it must be because she comes off so half-educated that I’m embarrassed to be closer to her than to her enemies. Kind of like Glenn Beck.

              1. That was for both of you.

                1. This raises an interesting question. Are internet points atomic, or are they divisible into halves, fourths, etc? Because clearly we can’t share a quantized +1. I shall ponder this.

                  1. Well, even if they were atomic, you could still potentially divide them. But you’d probably want to do it on a sucky site like HuufPo or Lil’GreenFootballs in case point fission occurs and you blow up the Internets.

            1. Warty – you nailed what I haven’t been able to put my finger on for the last year – thank you!

              BTW – she is extremely milfy

              1. Gilfy, technically.

            2. I can’t figure out why I like her. She’s an idiot, and I hate most idiots. I think her basic instincts are in the 70% right range, and all the right people hate her. If she’d get 4 or 5 years worth of book learnin under her belt she might actually be worth a crap.

    2. Mrs. Palin can endorse whoever she likes. Rand Paul would look disrespectful of someone that has not done anything to hurt him if he decided not to accept her endorsement. “Libertarianism” is not supposed to be some sort of exclusive club.

  14. Nick G is kickin’ ass on Stossel!

    1. really!!!!!!! kicking ass!!!!!!

  15. Setting everything else aside, Rand Paul is solidly in the lead in Kentucky at this time, and he has massive Tea Party cred. Could it just be cynical political calculation on Palin’s part in an attempt to legitimize herself with that movement? She is (or was?) the featured speaker at their national convention, after all. Endorsing a winner is always easy, and if it gets more people to believe she’s the face of the Tea Party, well bully for her. What would really blow my mind would be if she endorsed Peter Schiff.

  16. Unless Rand has a far different foreign policy ideology than his dad, this is hard to believe. For she’s landed squarely in the neocon camp.

  17. facepalm. palin is a retard to me.

    1. cause I’m a hockey mom?

    2. All of ’em, and any of ’em newspapers

    3. in what respect charlie?

    4. i stop Putin from rear’in his ugly head

    5. cause they’re our next door neighbors

  18. Screw Rand Paul. The Jacket and Stache in 12′

    That my friend, is a verbal and logical beat down.

    I’m betting she’s still rehashing that ass handing before she falls asleep.

    1. My wife looked at me a lil’ funny when I stood up and yelled, “Preach it brother!” and started clapping.

      1. I suspect the food police hang out at donut shops like all policemen do.

    2. Nick, if you’re reading this, I admire your patience with that Meme Roth bitch. I don’t suffer fascists gladly.


    3. What an obnoxious little twat.

    4. “Let’s finally recognize obesity as abuse?abuse of our children, abuse of ourselves?and together take action against it.”
      -MeMe Roth
      National Action Against Obesity

    5. At the risk of being sexist, that is the definition of a “boil yo’ bunny bitch.”

      She has more issues than Marvel.

    6. You obviously didn’t get the gist of her argument, and it bears repeating….

      THE CHILDREN!!!!

      I wonder if she was a fat kid?

  19. I really don’t get why in the world Grayson won’t debate Rand Paul. When you’re eating your opponent’s dust, you need the debate far more than the front-runner does. Maybe he knows that Rand would destroy him, and he’d rather lose the primary with 20% of the votes than 3%.


  20. No one has pointed out how sad it is that we’re losing a good eye doctor to DC.

    1. sounds like part of a Jackson Browne song.

  21. Like Palin or not (I don’t think I trust her) if you like Rand Paul this is very good news. Getting her endorsement in a GOP primary in a state like Kentucky is pure win.

  22. Obama should have her as a running-mate next time around. Think about it: An over-educated nitwit and an under-educated nitwit might average out to good leadership. It’s worth a try.

    1. Or cancel eachother out leading to no leadership…except they aren’t co-presidents. Remember what John Adams learned first, the vice-Prez does practically nothing. At least Joe Biden can look forward to the SOTU address where he gets to share the background with the extremely photogenic NanPel.

      1. Ironically, That’s the one thing Palin got right – she knew that the veep was actually supposed to be a legislator.

  23. Sarah Palin is the Obama of the right, a blank slate for them to project their hopes and fears on. A vacuous political creature who barely takes enough stands to signify to the various Republican fractions to appeal.

    The libertarian Republicans on the board defend her, the libertarians and anarcho-capitalists detest her. Is this some weird coincidence?

    Palin and a handful of other issues, all social, are where the Venn diagram circles of libertarianism and libertarian Republicanism do not, and–in the strictest sense–should never, overlap. Without that crescent on the edge, the difference collapses.

    I am not a Republican. I am a libertarian. If I wanted to be a Republican, I’d go be one.

    1. Technically, Ive been a republican since fall of 2007 (registered GOP when I moved so I could vote for Paul in the ’08 primary).

      But, yeah, I agree with you. However, that registration does give me a chance to vote for Paul2 in the primary this year.

      1. That’s about the only thing I’ve had a regret about being a registered a Libertarian in Kentucky. But… no jury duty is a fine recompense.

        1. I got jury duty before I registered GOP. Then again, when I registered LP, I dont think I was ever taken out of the D book.

          1. The Wife just thinks it’s all in my mind, but I’m a prime candidate for jury duty otherwise. Own property, vote regularly, have a job. Everyone around me keeps getting called and I don’t. There seems to only that one difference.

            (You might be right though, I have always been registered as a Libertarian since I made this my permanent address.)

    2. I had a really smart ass response here. Then I decided that I didn’t want to end up in a literary Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank three way and will simply say, Great post SF!

      1. It’s OK, you still got one coming from the other day…

      2. Please feel free to be a smartass.

        1. Oh, I will, I am broken that way.

          The Republicans want to be a “big tent”, but not THAT big.

          Isn’t one of the Republican platforms that SugarFree would never join? I was hesitant because I disagree with some of their other positions but that one was a deal maker. 😀

          1. I completely concede that Republican don’t want me. I don’t, on a very fundamental level, believe the same things they do. They might pander for my vote, even occasionally make a very good obstructionist case for it like Mark Brown, but I’m not one of them. They will not act in my interests all or even most of the time. Most Republicans unfamiliar with the full spectrum of libertarian ideology would run screaming from me. I just wished they would stop complaining when I run screaming from them.

            1. I was obviously kidding. There isn’t a politician alive that wouldn’t take the vote of Charles Manson, much less our own, only slightly twisted SF.

              Most Republicans unfamiliar with the full spectrum of libertarian ideology would run screaming from me.

              Are you certain that it is your politics and not, oh, I don’t know, some of your writing? I certainly feel safer with the big internet between us.

              1. I think they only really run away when I wear my Warty t-shirt.

    3. I’ve never been able to not vote for a libertarian in a general election because I’m registered GOP.

      If that ever changes I might change registration.

  24. Glenn: Which Rand do you admire most?
    Sarah: All of them!


  25. Preach it Anon-Bot.

    Anon Akabar!!

    1. I left off The Holy Link.


  26. David Adams, Paul’s campaign manager, said he would announce the endorsement “as soon as we get it.”

    Sarah’s waiting for the check to clear.

  27. Glenn: I had a dream about you last night.
    Sarah: Was it moist? ‘Cuz The Todd will have to kick your ass.


  28. I think a libertarian senator would annoy the GOP much more than the Dems. Sad or Funny?

    1. Funny – because unlike in the House, you cant really just ignore a Senator. Between the rules and the smaller numbers, Senators are much more powerful.

      1. Agreed, that’s one of the reasons they hated Goldwater, a libertarian Senator attacking the Religious Right with the letter R behind his name. This time unfortunately for them, they’re gonna have one who opposes them on civil liberties, foreign Policy, and the Fed.

  29. Anybody know anything about the Kentucky LP? Would they consider endorsing Paul? Should they? Would the added exposure be worth sitting out the Senate race themselves?

    1. The last KYLP member I saw in a debate on KET (state-level PBS) got sucked into delivering a rant about getting rid of stoplights for what seemed like ever.

      1. Hey – What year was that? It wasn’t 2006 or 2008.

        We’re actually doing pretty good here in Kentucky at the moment.

        To my knowledge, there will be no endorsements of federal candidates outside of our own party. FEC regulations limit us and we’ll spend what little we can get away with on our own candidates for office.

        We currently do not have a candidate for US Senate. Federal law prevents us from recruiting one, and Kentucky ballot access measures make getting on the ballot a painful experience for US Senate.

        Ken Moellman
        Chairman, LPKY

  30. Ah. The blue-skin wing of the LP.

  31. Antiwar Radio’s Scott Horton interviewed Rand Paul on his show last year. He doesn’t seem to be as consistently anti-war as his father.

  32. I like Sarah Palin and Pat Buchanan. There are a lot worse things in this world than Anti-Semitism, big government for example.


    I may not be a believer, but I would certainly be more than happy to have a fundamentalist Christian agenda thrust upon me than pay higher taxes to a Democratic administration. It’s a no-brainer.

    People all bring up the ‘Nazi’ thing but really Hitler was a much better leader in a free market economic sense than Obama, or even Ronald Reagan so why should we only criticize him for his anti-semitism?

      1. I don’t know if that’s right about the Nazi economic system, but I think it’s time we stopped being so concerned about anti-semitism. I wish people would sometimes mention the Anti-Americanism that a majority of Jews propagate with their tacit support of liberal causes.

        1. Of course, the daily kos kids hate the jews because of their tacit support of conservative or libertarian causes.

          Thats the funny thing about anti-semitism.

    1. I dunno – the murder of 12 million or so people sure seems like big government to me.

      I guess I actually care about anti-semitism and mass murder – I guess i’m just crazy like that.

      1. The murder of 12 million people sounds like big government to you? You must be an imbecile. The two have nothing to do with each other. This forum used to be for people who understood libertarianism and difficult concepts. Now it has become a haven for anti-semites and idiots who don’t understand the difference between murder and big government. Both sides are equally imbecilic. This thread makes me despair. I don’t know who is stupider- ‘meh’ or ‘Jason’.

        1. Good point, I have seen some stupid posters on here, but ‘meh’ takes the cake!

          Murdering 12 million people is big government? I know a few Holocaust survivors who would happily slap you in the face for trivializing their grief like that.

          Clearly ‘meh’ is the real Nazi.

          1. I agree with meh. The Jews are scumsucking pigs.

          2. I also know a few holocaust survivors, and I think they would take far more issue with someone advocating taking the right to vote away from blacks and jews than they would on someone arguing against that.

            And they certainly would take issue with you calling me a nazi. Talk about trivializing grief…

        2. Yes, the government murdering 12 million or so people is one form of big government.

          1. I don’t agree with the posts calling you a nazi, meh, but calling the murder of 12 million people ‘big government’ is just plain stupid.

            1. Yeah, this ‘meh’ character seems so chaotic and confused I suspect he’s posting in tandem with ‘Cal’ in order to make those who disagree sound like morons.

              1. Agreed, ‘meh’ and ‘Jason’ are clearly the idiots here- a racist and a retard…they should open up a restaurant!

  33. Too true, Jews and blacks consistently vote for liberal Democrats, whereas whites are much more varied in their political opinions. It really could be reasonably argued that neither group should be allowed to vote as they cannot be trusted to view it with impatoality. After all, what is having a vote if it is not impartial?

    1. So the only people who should be able to vote are those who vote for the candidates you want?

      That is kinda funny coming from a follower, no doubt of Ayn Rand or Murray Rothbard or Milton Freidman.

    2. Well, yes I suppose there could be an argument against allowing Jewish people and blacks the right to vote. But, one couldn’t call him or herself a libertarian, or for that matter a conservative anymore by arguing this position. I could also make the same argument for Evangelicals, and say since they continually vote for Republicans that they should not be allowed to vote. I mean whens the last time they voted Democrat? Carter? In any case since they can’t be impartial they cannot be trusted with the right to vote.

      These are all counterproductive arguements, and the idea that we should consider them, makes us look like liberals. Liberals who are forever trapped in an endless cycle of identity politics. So lets not play that game. And really as a black guy from Queens who voted for Bob Barr last year, take my advice you’re not winning any converts with that arguement.

      1. So, your concept ends up with a socialist government with control over every aspect of our lives whereas mine offers the individual more freedom…and I can’t call myself a libertarian? I don’t believe the mentally ill should be allowed to vote either.

        It is obvious that you are unable to be impartial in this as well, fearing as you no doubt will, your loss of vote, if you were white, I’m sure you would have no such objections.

        1. New Idea –

          Only Cal Meade should be able to vote. Then we will *no doubt* wind up with the libertarian utopia he dreams of.

  34. impatoality=impartiality


  35. And you can’t argue that Evangelicqals vote republican based on impartiality, they do so because the Repiuublican party best represents their interests. God, you liberals disguising yourself as libertarians are stupid!

    1. As are you KKK’ers trying to pretend to be libertarians.

  36. Um….okay? First off who are you to argue that Democrats don’t best represent the interests of Blacks, and Jewish community? They for vote for the Dems because they believe that party represents their best interests. Just like evangelicals vote for the GOP, because they believe that Party best represents their interests.

    “God, you liberals disguising yourself as libertarians are stupid!”

    First off I’m not a liberal. Next, I’m not the guy argueing that we should take away the right to vote from whole groups of people. If anyone is pretending to be a libertarian, I’d say that would be you.

  37. What is libertarian about allowing people to vote in socialists? I suppose that means the government of France or Sweden is more libertarian than that of the US in your opinion…don’t be absurd, believe me, the libertarian party doesn’t need your kind, it’s about individual rights, not black power…

    1. And the libertarian party can do without your kind as well. It is about individual rights, not white power.

      1. What so you have against white people? That’s just as racist as being Anti-black, you know.

    2. Real slow for you, cunt(yeah I’m name calling, so what).

      Fuck… You… And… The.. Horse… You.. Rode… In… On

      Oh yeah, Have a nice day! , shit stain 🙂

      1. For cal,not meh, damn thread.

  38. Wow…

    If you believe in liberty, than yes you believe in the right vote for everyone not just people who agree with you. No, this isn’t about, “black power”, this is about individuals rights. And for you to say that I don’t have the right to vote because of the color of my skin. Well that tells me that debating you is a waste of time. Have a good day…

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